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Strippers steal $400 from party
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- For New Years a few of my friends decided it would be fun to throw a party and hire some strippers for entertainment. we searched online for a site with photos so we could pick out the girls we liked. After calling what appeared to be a private number we were told that the rate was $150/hr per girl and that for every 3 men we had at the party we would have to hire an additional girl. We decided on 2 girls for an hr and set the time for 8pm.

At 9pm the girls finally arrived, and we noticed that neither of them was the girl that we had originally called. No explanation was given to us when we asked where she was. They asked to come into the house to make sure everything was on the up and up and then proceeded to run through all the rules and stuff with us. Then they asked for the money, $50 for every person there, a total of $400. After the money had exchanged hands and been pocketed the girls then informed us that they were in fact not strippers but escorts. They said that they do private shows only and that they would require an additional $300 in tips up front just to perform. They also indicated at that time that sexual favors would be included in the prifate show.

We told them that there had been a mis-understanding and that we had only wanted strippers, not escorts or prostitutes. We were not interested in a private show, nor did anyone at the party have an additional $300 to give them. We apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused and asked for our money back. We were then told that they had a no money back policy and we would have to call the agency to complain. We then asked if we could have at least half of the money back and again we were told no, and then told that if we were not going to provided them with the additional $300 they were going to leave. One of us went to call the service while the rest of us waited. As we were on the phone the girls told us that they were going to go wait in the car. We asked them to wait in the house and they refused. They then ran, not walked, to the car, jumped in and started it and prepared to leave. I ran down and stood behind their car and asked them again for at least half of the money back and they refused. They screamed at me to move and threatened to call the police, even attempting to back over me when I refused. eventually I moved and let them leave thinking that we would be able to settle any problems through the service. The service said they would call the girls and then told us that they were not answering their phones. They also repeated to us that they offer no refunds. Eventually they stopped answering our calls, and we have not received any calls from the service in the days that followed.
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User Replies:
Shakra on 01/02/2007:
"San Diego Escort Agency" Seems to me that you should have paid more attention to the name of the agency.

Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
Were any of you guys wearing shirts that said "Duke LaCrosse"?
Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
What were you thinking?
MRM on 01/02/2007:
After I read this article, I was gettin hot in herrre.
Sparticus on 01/02/2007:
I think this is the risk when dealing with this industry. Most folks won't go to the cops since often the activities they were paying for are bordering on the illegal side. Next time (if there is a next time), only pay half up front... why treat this business transaction any different than other business transactions. Half up front and the other half after services rendered.
Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
Or get your wife to do it and save some money!
Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
Why didn't you just call the cops before they left the premises?
beanbagbritches on 01/02/2007:
Well, I can certainly see that you weren't very experienced at this, but you still get no sympathy from me. This is like paying for marijuana and getting grass clippings from the dealer. What are you going to do, call the cops??
Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
beanbagbritches, Very good point! But 1. I would shot the dealer. 2. They get no sympathy fro me either.
Skye on 01/02/2007:
I think the op of this story is a female. She should have ordered male strippers, but hey to each his own.
Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
Jenn, you were just a sucker, mark, trick....Unsuspecting John, take your pick. Nice work Elite girls!
Jennyjenjen024 on 01/02/2007:
First off your all a bunch of idiots and that is why the world works the way it does. You people need to pull the blind folds off your eyes and get down from your high horses. As for paying more attention to the name of the agency, when you pull up there web site it says that they are strippers, it says San Diego Strippers. It should have said San Diego Prostitues cause that's what they were.
Ponie on 01/02/2007:
That's what you get for contacting a sleazy, cut-rate outfit. If you had any smarts, you'd have called my sister. Sure, she's expensive (charges $2.50/minute), but if you toss in a big tip, she'll bring her mother along at no extra charge!
Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
Ponie. *laughter* JO24, has trouble finding good "wholesome" strippers as well. She/he should limit their "girlshopping" to the street corners where you know what you're getting (most of the time) and it's much cheaper too!
spiderman2 on 01/02/2007:
You really thought you were going to get the girls pictured? Didn't PT Barnum say there was one born every minute?
Anonymous on 01/02/2007:
Ponie, LOL ** Big Laught ** Hey can I have your sisters number? I't not for me, its for PWP and Dr, Jeech they need a girl to look at. Thanks
Slimjim on 01/03/2007:
Been visiting this site for years and can honestly say this is the first complaint I've seen posted about the honesty and integrity of a pair of prostitutes.
Anonymous on 01/03/2007:
lol Slim. Seems as if this complaint should have come from I-da-ho instead of California.
Anonymous on 01/03/2007:
lol.. Slim I guess there is a first for everything!
Shakra on 01/04/2007: paid for a very valuable lesson.
Anonymous on 05/01/2007:
call the police and tell them that they went to your party and stole money from your friends and did not help host the party. Also they do not have to have sex with you they just have to serve drinks and the keep the food warm.
San Diego Escort Agency on 10/02/2010:
Same thing happened to me tonight. I called and they said $150 for the girl mentioned. A different (less attractive) girl arrived at my door, on time at least, and asked for my money and ID up front. She "called in" and then told me to pay her a tip or she would leave. I asked for my money back but she refused and left. The agency called and asked if they could send a different girl over and that she too would require a tip, but obviously no one came. . This place is intended to be a SCAM...stay away unless you really know what you're getting into. Other places have been trouble free in the past. Once again: San Diego Escort Service is a SCAM! Good luck.
jktshff1 on 10/02/2010:
I know this is an old post, but I don't see where it was resolved.
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