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The Express Lane

While I believe in the concept of the express lane in most walks of life, there are just certain areas that it shouldn't be allowed. Years ago, I worked for the local hospital in our city. I was originally hired as a temp, but soon worked my way into full time employment, and began working through a program of theirs that paid for college nursing classes. I have since changed directions in my career, with no regrets, but I digress.

During my stint, I was in charge of prepping the rooms beforehand for the doctors, assisting the nurses with sedating the patients, monitoring vital signs, etc... We worked in the cardiopulmonary/endoscopy department. Those not familiar with the latter, it is where they use a rather "invasive" scope/camera to inspect and look for polyps, bleeding, etc... It is also where colons are checked. (Funny side note: One of the 4 doctors in this department was aptly named Dr. Colon!)

I often attended the various procedures, and assisted the doctor as needed. LET ME TELL YOU! If I only had the sense back then to videotape these occurrences, I would be a millionaire 10x over from the offers I would've received from Dateline NBC, and such. We had nurses actually put in for department transfers because of the atrocities we witnessed.

On average, the normal procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform correctly. Keep in mind, the patient is sedated, and has no earthly idea how long they are with the doctor. There were four main doctors at the time that performed these procedures, and to their credit, two were absolute true professionals, and gave their patients not only what they paid for, but what they deserved as human beings. The other two are a completely different story. I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you that they would willingly admit to golf tee times, pending personal appointments, etc. and literally perform a 2-3 minute procedure. Absolutely sickening!

The patient, even in a sedated state, would moan considerably at the discomfort. The offending doctors would literally "shove" the scope in, take a 1-2 minute glance around, and say, "That's a wrap"! The nurse and I would actually look at each other, then the clock on the wall, and back at each other again. Just plain sickening! No other way to put it.

I have often carried around a tremendous amount of guilt in life for not having spoke up to administration for such barbaric medical practices. But I personally believe such said doctors should have their licenses suspended or all together revoked, because I would be willing to bet that such hasty inspections resulted in missed symptoms, or a wrong and incorrect diagnosis. These are peoples lives that they're playing with. Somewhere along the line, they lost perspective of their profession.

Off the record

Is is just me, or am I missing something? Perhaps, I am just ignorant of some hidden company policy. I'm not being facetious either, maybe I just don't know, so if any of you do, please feel free to share. But why is it every single time I take my wife to the same hospital, they ask every single piece of information over again, as though it was her first visit there. I took her there on a Wednesday evening. The condition persisted, so we came back on Friday. They asked for her name, address, phone number, previous health conditions, prescribed medications, long-term medical conditions, height, eye color, allergies, etc.

Without going into a lot of detail with respect to her personal privacy, she has a long term medical condition, so we are frequent visitors of the hospital. And yet, each and every time they treat her as though she is walking through the doors for the very first time. One would think in the present day and age, with the computer technology we have, that they would be able to keep databases on each of us. I understand updating the files, but to have to re-enter the info each and every time is aggravating as heck. Any idea as to why they do this?

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