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Shady at best
By -

GLENDALE -- So I made a visit to Sands Chevrolet in Glendale in early October. To get right to the point negotiations were hostile. Granted my credit is no peach the treatment received made me feel like I was incarcerated or some type criminal just because of the way I was talked down to. Making matters worse after I had decided that the situation was pointless and wanted to leave the finance manager wouldn't give me the keys to my vehicle back (they took them to inspect the trade) until he had his chance to try to knock me down a few notches into settling for the deal they put together.

Now about the deal. First of all I had stopped at another dealership previously to do my due diligence in shopping around and pricing things out. I was offered $4200 for my trade however they didn't have the vehicle I was interested in buying which then brought me to Sands. Sands Chevrolet only offered $1000 which was completely ridiculous.

Secondly the down payment they wanted was more than the first dealer had offered on trade. The monthly payment they figured was right at $500 when I kept telling them I wasn't going to spend more than $375 a month. At this point I had been at the dealership for two hours and things were going downhill fast. I told the manager that I just wanted my keys back and I was not going to buy.

Early January rolls around and I get a call from the dealer by a man named Tom **. Tom proceeds to tell me that the management of the dealership has changed and he has looked over my paperwork and says he can make the numbers work and he would like me to come back in. I told him that my previous experience was very unpleasant and I was reluctant to come back. He said "if we can't make the numbers work in your favor I will get your car washed and throw in an oil change". I agreed to come back and try again.

Round two begins. When I arrive the sharks were courteous and the faces were new. My first thoughts were that may be things will be different. Tom is not there but they quickly find another sales person to work with me and the sales manager sits in on the deal as well. No later than 20 minutes into negotiations the same numbers I saw in October appear. I tell them the same thing, "No". This time though the sales manager, Ernest **, takes things even further. He was absolutely persistent in pushing the down payment which was a months wages.

I told him that I cannot only give you $** dollars in 21 days. I would have nothing to pay my bills with. He said "that is not my problem and there is no other way the deal can work". I followed this with "Well I am in no hurry to buy anyway and now must not be a good time just as the first time I was here". He followed with "Why can't you give me $** down." I then reiterated. I am going to end this with Ernest ** was very rude and declined to give me the car wash and oil change I was promised for coming back. Stay away from these people.

Sands Chevrolet Sucks--They Lie!!!
By -

GLENDALE ARIZONA -- I was referred to Sands Chevrolet by Chevy to buy a truck. I built a truck at I was then contact by a salesman via email. Since this salesman quoted me some CRAZY INFLATED PRICE, I emailed him and told him that wasn't the Edmunds pricing, nor even the Tahoe I wanted. I explained the price, color, model. Soon after another email came with a base Chevy truck quote. Again not the model I wanted. I sent this salesman another email stating "again" the truck I wanted. Since he couldn't get it right the 3rd time I was aggravated and explained to him that this would be my last contact and attempt to buy a truck and help him sell a truck.

He returned an email calling me an "***." Great salesman, right? How does a salesman call a potential buyer a name? For what? I was doing his job! A 5 year old can look up inventory, pull the price and email it. I notified the GM, he did nothing. The sales manager called to say he was sorry. I said, "where's my truck?" They still couldn't get it right! They didn't offer me anything even after I was verbally assaulted, slandered, deformed....

Soon after, 4 different people called to try to sell me a truck even after I told them to never contact me again. They still did. Total harassment! I explained to the GM that I would spread the word about how horrible they are as a dealership and that it would affect them. He just didn't seem to care. So to all my fellow Americans in Arizona... DO NOT SHOP AT SANDS CHEVROLET! They don't care about me, you or anyone. They will waste your time and also try to shaft you on the pricing and the interest rates. There are other dealerships to go to just stay away from Sands Chevrolet.

Ripped off my senior parents- DO NOT BUY FROM THEM
By -

GLENDALE ARIZONA -- My senior citizen parents went to get recall work done on their vehicle and my father who is 80 and had dementia was talked into buying a new vehicle instead. They had a 2009 Chevy Colorado with 8500 miles on it in great condition. They owed 17,700 on it still. The salesman told them they would pay it off and in the end they gave them only 12,000. They did not give them the breakdown paperwork after a week.

I called the corporate office and they said they would look into it and even called the sales manager Paul. Paul said they wanted my parent to be happy but refused to take the vehicle back and said they gave them fair market value. I went to their website and fair market value was 16,330-20,420 then add 1850 for low mileage - I told him this and he said it did not matter. They also had listed on the site a 2008 Colorado selling for 18,988 - I told this to him also and he said he was not going to do a thing for them, now they are out at least 5K. They ripped them off and it is a disgrace. They took advantage of them being senior citizens and be warned they will do it to you also.

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