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Posted by Rosey red on 09/08/2009
ISELIN, NEW JERSEY -- I had went to Sanford Brown Institute in Iselin, NJ for ultrasound tech. They told me that I had a have credits or b be in the medical field for at least 2 years. I had either or so that told me either take the medical assistant or medical billing and coding class. I choose medical assistant they talk me into medical billing and coding cause in later I found out they didn't have enough people in that course. Anyway I finish medical coding and billing and I can't found a job. I am really upset cause a I am now in financial debt. I am stuck in a dead in job which I hate. It just plain wrong what they did. Why would you talk people into doing other courses and the course you can't find a job in.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-08:
It might take some time to find a job you got your degree in. It's not instantaneous. Just one of those things that you have to put your resume' out there over and over again. Having a degree doesn't mean instant job security.
I hear ya on the debt part... I'm still paying off my school loans. It never seems to go down.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-09-08:
Whoa....not to be bashing, but I sure hope your qualifications on your application or resume were written better that this.
Posted by old fart on 2009-09-08:
Rosey... I sure as heck hope you proofread your resume more thoroughly than you proofread this complaint...
If I were hiring you wouldn't stand a chinaman's chance with this example of spelling and writing...
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-09-08:
I absolutely agree with JKTSHFF1 especially since you want a job in medical billing. Jobs like those, e.g. bookkeeping, require strict attention to detail. When you write something that has several errors in it, it reflects upon you even if only posted on a complaint blog. This is a bad habit and affects being hired.

When we hire a secretary, if there is a mistake in the resume or the cover-letter, we trash that immediately. That person does not care enough to be correct.
Posted by goduke on 2009-09-08:
Schools of all sorts all over the country are currently pumping out graduates even though the job market is tanked. Schools won't shut down just because the job market is tight.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-08:
It's going to be mean but Old Fart IS right.

Ask around - MOST companies will NOT hire you if your resume contains basic English spelling and grammar errors.

I would suggest you seek a professional to help you with the resume. A professional will be able to help you turn out a document that's streamlined to what an HR representative is looking for.

(and by no means do I intend this to be insulting - I have also done this with my resume as well - I just ended up deciding to use my GI bill for college instead of getting a job right away)
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-09-08:
None of these places guarantees job placement. They can help in placing people for the jobs, but they can not guarantee you will get one. It wouldn't have mattered where you went for your training.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-08:
O, no. A good resume won't guarantee you a job.

However, a HORRIBLE resume pretty much seals the "no deal", especially if there's common words misspelled, or poor conjugation.

For example - "I had went" is wrong.
It should be "I had gone".

You can be the most brilliant person in your field, but if you come off sounding like you don't have an education, that's what the company will see.

Basically - you'll have to work twice as hard to get the same recognition as someone who sounds better, even if that other person knows less about the field than you do.

It's cold but it's true.

It is NOT the fault of the school that you cannot find a job. It's just easier to blame them.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-08:
It's to bad you didn't stick to your guns and done Medical Assiting. There is a great need for them in nursing homes.
Posted by momconfused on 2012-06-05:
we have registered our daughter to start here in the fall of 2012. we are having some serious doubts now. we've only read one positive review. they also said she should start in the MA classes first to work up to the ultrasound program. my daughter is freaking out because of the bad feed.would it be better for her to go to a 4 yr school instead? we thought we were doing right by her.. help me out here, does anyone have any good reviews, and any positives on their learning experience???
Posted by joe68 on 2012-06-30:
Dear Momconfused. First off, never believe a word that comes from the mouth of any kind of "student advisor" or whoever it was that you saw in the admissions dept. That person is nothing but a salesperson. Their only goal is to blow sunshine at you so you will sign up. They will distract you with the implication that they are there to help you find the field of study that suites your child best but their only I work as a rep in the medicalools for a friend and sought advice from technicians currently in the field. I was told that the most important factor in getting a job after the schooling is an internship.
Posted by joe68 on 2012-06-30:
Oops. Anyhow, do a Google search regarding the necessary State of N.J. credentialing for the field. Most schools don't get you fully credentialed/qualified as required by the state. Also, know if and how your child can stop the program if they are not happy with it. My experience was with Devry. Just like S.B., incompetent, overpriced etc. When I had enough I found out that leaving the program cost more than I imagined. I had to finish paying for a lot of schooling whether I attended it or not. (Remember, the enrollment agreement you sign is drawn up by THEIR lawers, it's designed to protect their interests not yours). I did about 20% of the program, it cost me over 40% of the full tuition. You pay these schools to provide a service (education). They work for you. Once you enroll and put down a lot of money you hang all of your hopes on that education you are left with little or no leverage and they know it. Have you considered Middlesex C.C? An assoc. degree is about 6K. In this economy there's no need to rush to the job market so the extra time in school isn't much of an issue. County colleges aren't motivated to take your money because they already have most of it... through taxes :) Good luck mom.
Posted by bigredcma on 2013-10-17:
I graduated Sanford-Brown in April of 2012, I wish I would have investigated the school more before signing up. The only thing I got out of going to that school was a huge debt that I can pay because Im still not working, 1 1/2 years later and Im still not working, I send resumes out everyday. I havent heard from the school in about a year and Im so pissed off at them I cant bring myself to call them. Most of the instructors suck, they aren't even teachers, they just work in the medical field. Some of them dont even care if you do the work, they will just give u an A for the class. It was a joke. And the externship, the staff that are in charge of sending you out dont care about u at all. They got me fired from my first externship because I complained to them, they sent me to a site that was teaching me nothing, well I cant say nothing, I learning how to file and walk around in circles and that is not an exaggeration, so I called the school to ask them to find me another site because the one I had couldnt offer me the experience I needed, I never said anything to anyone in the dr.s office cause I was just trying to keep it between the school and myself til they found another site, and I told them I wanted to keep it between us. Well, they turned around and call the dr.s office and told them what I said and the office manager fired me, which meant I failed the externship, my first F, and only grade below a B. I was so upset and mad. And the school blamed me, try to make it look like I was not being cooperative and just complaining and trying to start problems. But in reality, I was fighting to get the experience I needed to go out into the work force and the experience that I put myself into debt for. After a few weeks they did find me another site and what a world of difference, I did everything there and I mean everything, except injections, it was like night and day between the 2 sites, I still have the time sheets for the first week of both sites cause I wanted to prove to those at the school that I wasnt full of shit. But I never did. I just wanted to be rid of them. And as for the Ultrasound program, I heard that after my class graduated that they stopped making people go threw the Medical Assistant program first, so apparently now you can just go right into the Ultrasound program. I heard this from one of the women I went to school with, she wanted the Ultrasound program but the told her she had to go threw Medical Assisting first, funny how after she graduated all the sudden they did away with that. Nobody that was in my class would ever go back or recommend it to anyone and as far as I know, only one is working in the medical field. I wish I would have looked into Middlesex County College, I would have went there and saved myself $8,000.00. It just angers me that I went to school to try and better my life and my kids lives and I only made it worse. And as for the Administrative people, they are nothing but used car salesman and I really liked the guy I dealt with because he told me some stuff that apparently he wasnt suppose to, or so he said, but he did blow a bunch of sunshine up my ass and I fell for it. So here I am, 1 1/2 years out of school and I still havent found a job, in fact, I have only landed 2 interviews this whole time. The majority of places hiring want experience and I dont have any besides my externship and I cant get any because nobody will hire me. Last year the school was suppose to have a job fair but they canceled it and I havent heard anything else about it, honestly, I feel that after a certain amount of time after you have graduated they just dont give a shit about your anymore, well they really dont when your there but once your out, u know longer exist to them. And honestly, for the amount of money they charge you to go to their school, all those certification tests should be included in your tuition. Wish I could sue them for my tuition cost, cause to me, I got ripped off. I could go on about this school for along time but I get very angry talking about them, so I will end this here. Best of luck to all those who still want to apply there, hope you have better luck then alot of people I know.
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