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Microwave Oven
Posted by on
I am using a microwave which my husband purchased in 1978. Have never cooked in it but used to deforst, warm, etc. Everyone looks at it and wonders how it works since it only has one large button, no push buttons. Thought this was an oddity to be that old, and still working.
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BEJ on 10/30/2009:
What is the old saying--If it is not broke do not fix it. I have had my washer & dryer for almost 20 years now--Just the basics--no bells or whistles. It works great and have no plans to buy a new set until these die and cannot be revived!!!
Anonymous on 10/30/2009:
That's how I role too, BEJ.
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Junk television
Posted by on
JACKSON, OHIO -- I have only had this Sony t. v. since December 2006 and the picture tube has already gone out. I have had lots of t. v.s and they have all lasted longer than this. I feel they should do something for me.
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Anonymous on 05/28/2009:
Sorry to say but they will do nothing.
Frenchie on 05/29/2009:
You do not have an accurate post. Was the TV a "Sanyo" as you have in the header or was it a "Sony" as you list in the post? Two entirely different company.

PassingBy if you have reference to Sanyo then you are totally wrong -- they are an excellent company and will do their best to help. I know as I have had dealings with them over 7 years and I don't work for them.
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Posted by on
WISCONSIN -- I bought this for Christmas lens will not go back in no help at all from sanyo
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saj80 on 05/08/2009:
"Lens" is a very broad description; more details are needed, unless I'm missing something in this post.
Soaring Consumer on 05/08/2009:
Apparently he bought a point and shoot camera, the lens on it is stuck outward due to a defect or malfunction, and Sanyo will not honor the manufacturer's warranty.
Frenchie on 05/08/2009:
Read your post -- how can anyone offer any help when you don't specify the problem. Is it a camera? Did you use new batteries? Assuming it is in the warranty time, Sanyo is good about fixing things. Hate to again say it-= when you post on here, please be specific and perhaps some of us can help.

Or be like 75 - 80% who post on here. They just like to gripe about things and post some real stupid responses. What is the point of 3-cents if we can't state a problem and then see if anyone can help. Are yuu talking the zoom lens?
Chaus on 05/09/2009:
This is a digital camera S1070 It worked GREAT for 3months now the lens on the thing will NOT go back in when I turn on the camera I get a message of .....lens error0x2110000 ............. sanyo will NOT fix it or send me where I can send it to be fixed ... any suggestions?
Frenchie on 05/09/2009:
Generally this is a battery problme -- you do not state if you tried new batteries and not alkaline.
I firmly Sanyo will help if you call them, be polite and if you get the wrong person, call again. I have always found Sanyo to be an excellent compay. Did Sanyou specifically say they WOULD NOT FIX or IT COULD NOT BE FIXED? How you word your posta means a lot.. Exactly what did Sanyo tell you to do? Did the camera get wet?
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A DVD is stuck and I can't get it out. What can I do?
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I put a DVD in and now I can't get it out. The on button stays on but the open/close button will not respond nor can I turn off the power button.
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lobo65 on 12/29/2008:
Try unplugging it, and plugging it back in. Many times that will re-set the player, so you will be able to eject the DVD.
Sparticus on 12/29/2008:
Sometimes there is a little pin-hole that can be used to manually eject the disc. Look for something like a small hole around where you insert the disc(s).

What model number do you have?
Anonymous on 12/29/2008:
By following the instruction given by lobo65 you will also need to hold down the eject button while putting the power plug back in. You may have to repeat the procedure a few times. If that doesn't work then there does not seem to be another solution.
GenuineNerd on 12/29/2008:
If the unit is out of warranty, you might want to remove the top cover and manually remove the DVD. Sometimes a DVD or CD will not seat properly in the tray because the drawer was closed before the disc was properly put in. I had to take the top cover off of an old Apex DVD player to remove a DVD that didn't go in properly. However, once I got it out, I had to throw out the DVD because it got badly scratched. Another time I had to remove a DVD drive from a friend's computer, and remove the top cover, to manually remove a stuck CD-Rom. Once I got the disc out and put everything back together, it worked perfectly.
Ruth Jane on 01/29/2009:
I was able to take the DVD apart and I retrieved the disc. The DVD player works on all but the library DVD's that I checked out. Maybe the printing on the disc does something to it or the disc has been handled too many times.
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Direct Connect
Posted by on
GREENWOOD LAKE, NEW YORK -- I have just purchased this cell phone from Nextel. The way it's designed when you press in the walkie talkie button with your thumb your other fingers hit the other side of the phone where the private button is... So you try to talk & it goes into private!!!!
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madconsumer on 07/28/2008:
all the Nextel phones I have seen are this way.
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Charging Adapters Plug In Location
Posted by on
LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- The location for the adapter to charge the unit is located on the side of the phone near the bottom. Right where a person holds the phone.

Also to sit it in a holder of the clamping type is not going to work.

Another problem is the only adapter available for is the clip in type which is very week design wise,and sitting out the side as it does, makes the cords weight to start pulling out. The poke in type are better but coming out of the bottom of the unit. I love the fact katana has no external antenna to pull up,as those I found to be inadequate. Also love the screen size,but find I have no control as to the font size at world poker tour Texas hold 'ems game site. The 3100 series had a larger phone and I could see the opponents name and money as well as their amount of a bet. All I ask is to please consider seriously about the location of the port for charging and the type is limited to only the clip in and not the barrel shaped poke in kind of chargers.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/24/2007:
Jljohnson, I think you lost me on this one.
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