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Whatever You Do Don't Take A Job With Satellite Solutions Its A Scam
By -

OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE -- I recently responded to an ad on the Craigslist for a position installing Dish Network satellite dishes. This was a 1099 sub-contractors position that promised after 2 weeks of unpaid training they would get you a tech# from Dish Network and get you work installing satellite dishes. Well they get you the work alright. I worked for 6 weeks of unpaid training only to never get a tech#. They worked me till I couldn't buy my own lunch any longer. And on top of that they had another company (that gave out the work orders) called Updish that sells you on buying installation tool and supplies at a inflated rate that your never going to use because you never get a tech#.

I figured maybe I wasn't good enough to be out of training yet until the last training tech that I rode with I knew a lot more about installing dishes than he did. I knew then that all they wanted was for me to buy the tools and equipment and work for free till I got smart broke or both in my case both. I haven't got a paying job now and I'm left with a bunch of useless satellite installation equipment.

I spent all my savings on trying to get this dish installation job with this company and I'm going to lose my home over this little mistake. Run, don't walk from these company's they want what little money you have left and for you to work for free while there taking it.

It's a scam, preying on the unemployed and their matching job seekers through the door by the dozen so their scam is paying off big for them especially in these times. You take a job here and your done your kids are on the street because they want your last meal. They're going to leave you too broke to go out job hunting again.

Company Response 03/04/2010:

To whom it may concern,
I am writing in response to the complaint filed above by Mr.Herron. Satellite Solutions in no way scammed or mislead any individual as Mr.Herron has stated in his complaint. We regularly post ads on craigslist seeking technicians as we are a growing business in the satellite television industry. Individuals are recruited to be satellite installers for us as a 1099 subcontractor. Individuals who have no previous experience in satellite installations have to be trained before being assigned work orders. Individuals like Mr. Herron are made aware upfront that there is no compensation for training. Individuals who are interested in subcontracting for us have to pass a background check and a drug screen prior to being assigned a tech number. Mr.Herron called our main office a few days prior to filing this complaint inquiring about his tech number. I told him I could get him one in two days max and thats when he stated he had been training for six weeks. I called my FSM and asked him about Mr.Herron's statement and my FSM told me that he had just completed training and it took him a little over two weeks to learn the business. I then told Mr. Herron to fax me any workorders he felt he deserved compensation on since his training had went over two weeks. Mr. Herron faxed in a few work orders and I wrote him a check for them that day. (check #3528) I started processing Mr. Herron's paperwork that day for his tech number when he called back and stated for us to not proceed as he was going to subcontract for another contractor in our area. They are in the same business as we are and he wanted them to process his paperwork so he could subcontract for them. In closing we in no way mislead or scam people in this business as I have been in the satellite industry for 13 years. I have around 60 subcontractors that work for us that can testify that we have never shorted or not payed them for work completed. I can provide many references for this if needed. Finally as I have stated these are subcontractors and are in no way forced to work for us. As a subcontractor it is their right to refuse work or tell us when they are going to work. I find it odd that Mr.Herron would have worked for six weeks without compensation but never called the main office to report it until recently. Thank you.

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