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On August 22, 2009 I subscribed to Satellitedirect.TV to be able to "watch over 3,500 HD channels on your computer". Their website promises "24/7 unlimited access" and "instant access", that after downloading their software "you are ready to enjoy over 3,500 channels worldwide".

They claim subscribers can "watch live TV" from "702 USA channels". I charged $49.95 on my VISA to download their software. I followed the user directions, but was almost immediately dissatisfied with the channel access. Very few USA channels were available, let alone the live Major League Baseball game I wished to view.

I have requested a full refund four times and have been basically told "Too bad, so sad". Here it is September 7, 2009 and I have still not received the $49.95 credit to my VISA. Their website states "Satisfaction Guaranteed". Obviously, they mean THEIR satisfaction, not the subscribers'.
Replies is just a scam and bloody rip off
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Do not waste your money on this company.
www.satellite. TV promise unlimited access to 3500 TV channels including the major free Satellite channels.

The Software does not connect,
I tested it on Firefox, Internet Explorer, on my PC and my MAC powerbook. I should have listened to my first impuls which was "this is too good to be true".

US Cable content costs money. Even in the US you pay 100 $ a month for cable. Therefor practically it can´t be cheaper than 100 $ a month.
At least I haven´t found anything yet.

When I reserached on satellitedirect. TV on google, all I found was the same raving "press release" over and over again.

That is because satellitedirect. TV offers an "affiliate program" where people can earn money in a snowball-like system.
They provide blocks of html code including keywords and banners on their website.

The pure fact alone that they provide 10 pages to interested affiliates, but only very little on WHICH damn programs you can actually receive indicates: the product they are selling is just a frame without content.
Shame on you guys!

I am just wondering why no one offers a comprehensive no frills Internet TV solution without huge one time fees and crap.
There is much money to be made,
without having to rip off anybody.
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