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Another BAD transmission
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GEORGIA -- I purchased my Vue in 2004, brand new with only 25 miles on it was a 2003. Having all my regular repair and maintenance checks done at the Saturn retailer, I was very surprise to have the news that my transmission went out. We have 90,000 mile on it and $4,000 still to pay on the car. When I talked to the staff at Saturn the gave me a cost of $6,400.

The car is not even valued at $6,000. I just everyone to know how fast your car can be gone. If you have a Saturn Vue 2003 trade it in before you have this huge problem.
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PittsburghMom on 04/11/2008:
I just posted this on another site as well, but thought the more people who know the better... My husband and I also had problems with our 2003 Vue. We were lucky enough to unload it on a dealer in the area as a trade in last fall, but when we were at our wits end with the vehicle, I had contacted Saturn and gotten a zone rep involved to formally voice my complaint. While this didn't do much in the end, it did register me as an owner with an issue. I'd encourage you to do the same if you still have the vehicle and are continuing to have problems. Additionally, I began doing research and found a law firm which has now filed a class action suit against Saturn for this problem. If you want more information on the suit, I'd recommend that you contact Ron Hoover at Lakin Law Firm. He's been very helpful thus far and is in the process of gathering customer information for a possible settlement. He can be reached at Good luck!
mstatedog on 07/01/2008:
My 2003 Saturn Vue broke down on the interstate at 88,000 miles with no previous warning. Saturn of VA Beach tells me it's the transmission, and cost of replacing it will run $6000 plus labor. I took it to AAMCO, who gave an estimate just over $4000. After researching Saturn on the web, I now see nothing but problems with transmissions. Saturn was completely unhelpful and refused to acknowledge that they had sold me a lemon. Horrible experience, I will never buy Saturn or GM vehicles again. Did I mention this piece of crap has had 4 recalls serviced since 2003?
Devvie on 03/25/2009:
I too lost my transmission at 60,000mi. 2004 Saturn Vue. My dealership was great. And very honest. They told me themselves that these transmissions were bad. Saturn even extended the warranty on these transmissions. They also informed me that even on the rebuilt transmission they are "unpredictable". My work was covered so had it done. However, I thought about trading this in....unfortunately due the non stop tranny problems? The vehicle's value has hit bottom. I owe more on it than its worth. Saturn head office told me they would do something for me. But haven't heard back from them. I will say the boys at the dealership in Albany, NY were top notch. Now if Saturn would make their cars that way? We would be all set.
Tee on 01/16/2013:
I used to own a 2003 Saturn Vue with only 5 miles on it. The transmission went out at 59,000 miles and I taken it to Saturn and the cost was $6,400 to repair it.There was was no guarantee that it wouldn't go out again. I couldn't even trade this Vue in to no dealership in Houston. I owed about $1,500 on my Vue. Saturn was crazy trying to charge me $6,400 to repair it. Saturn sold me a lemon. They went out of business. Good.
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Saturn Vue 2003 Transmission
Posted by on

2003 Saturn Vue transmission went at 59,000 miles, and now had gone again 59,000 later.

They want $5225.00 to fix it, again!!!!

There are postings all over the internet about problems with the transmission, but of course Saturn has never heard of the problem.

One women even had the nerve to tell my husband that 59,000 was good for a trans!!!!!
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jetdoc on 01/26/2008:
My 2003 VUE is on it's second VTI and now at 108,000 it's leaking and my retailer wants another $1000.00 to fix. Apparently for these transmissions 59,000 miles is about par! I read about a class action lawsuit at PR News Now - regarding VTI. If Saturn can't or won't help me out (People first) this may be the way to go
hockeychicksrule on 03/25/2008:
My husband and I have recently discovered the joys of the VTI transmission on the '03 Vue. In response we have joined the class action suit against Saturn. The law firm representing us is very professional and timely in answering questions. They are easily reachable, and I would recommend anyone struggling with this problem to seriously considering contacting them.
Rich-908 on 12/22/2010:
OMG - I just read your post and 100 others just like it. We too have a 2003 Saturn Vue AWD - it was an "awesome" vehicle - until the transmission had to be replaced at 45,000 miles. But wait - there is more: Now at 94,000 miles it needs to be replaced again. Or how about the oil consumption? While it was still under warranty it started burning 1-2 quarts of oil between 3,000 mile changes. Since it was under warranty - it's covered - right? WRONG As we were told by the Saturn dealership - "oil consumption without a faulty part is not a warranty item." They were kind enough to agree to tear the engine down to verify if there is a broken part - but that would cost $2,000 +. I applaud my decision to by a Toyota Tundra last month - GM can never compete with the product or service of imported vehicles. Lets add one more Vue to the scrap yard - body is in perfect shape - tranny shot!
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2005 Saturn Vue Head gasket repair
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LOMA LINDA, CALIFORNIA -- I have a 2005 Vue. Several months ago I noticed that it was leaking (a few drops) of oil. I took it to Saturn of Ontario and they added dye to the oil and told me drive it another 500 miles because they couldn't tell where the leak was coming from. I work far from home and was not able to get it back into the shop until December. I took it to Firestone (love them) and they said it was leaking from the head gasket and that I should take it to the dealer. I immediately took it to Saturn of Loma Linda and told them what Firestone told me...this was Friday morning at 9:30 am. Friday evening Lynn from Saturn called to say they hadn't gotten to it, but hopefully could on Saturday...or Monday. On Saturday morning Lynn called to say it was in fact the head gasket and they would have to order it and it should be in Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday Lynn called to say that when they took the engine apart they discovered that the bearings were also bad and that they would have to order those, but they were going to overnight them. On Wednesday, I called Saturn at 2:30 pm to find out about my car. The parts had not come in…apparently they didn't think I needed to know this. On Thursday Lynn called to say that the bearings had come in, but they were damaged and they had to be re-order. He offered a 10% discount. On Friday Lynn called again to say that the bearings had arrived undamaged, but only the lower bearings had arrived, not the uppers. They will have to be re-ordered. He offered me a loaner car for the weekend. Saturn has had my car, for a one day repair job, for 8 days. I opened a case with Saturn Corporate because I didn't feel that a car with 52,000 miles on it should need these types of repairs, but they disagreed and offered me $100 in retail store coupons, I declined.

This is my second and last Saturn.
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Anonymous on 01/12/2007:
While you'd hope to get more miles out of an engine than that, you can't hole the manufacturer to blame if it's out of warranty. Did you change the oil are recommended intervals? If you want something with 100k warranty, buy a Hyundai or a Kia.
B-Man on 07/18/2007:
I just wanted you to know I just had my 03 Vue at my mechanic and he said that there is a technical bulletin on several years of the Vue for a cracked or mis manufactured cylinder head. There has never been a recall by GM or Saturn for this problem so I have been told to visit my dealership to have this problem taken care of. In which my mechanic said the repairs could end up being at least $2,000 hopefully I can get a little bit of help from my dealership.
fleecedbygalpinsaturn on 09/04/2007:
Sell the Saturn, and buy something other than a GM. For some reason GM is determined to self-destruct.
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