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My 2008 Saturn Vue Has Already Had Problems
By -

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- My brand new 2008 Saturn Vue has already been to the dealers service dept seven times & it hasn't even had its first oil change. I took three visits for them to figure out there was a defective tire sensor. Then the vehicle failed to start on three separate occasions. Two of those instances it had to be towed. The latest problem involved corrosion of the right upper strut mount plate. I have no idea why anything would corrode on a brand new vehicle.

The saddest part is that previously I had a perfectly good vehicle. I had a 2005 Buick Rendezvous. I should have purchased it, but instead I leased it. When the lease was up I purchased the Vue. On several occasions I've mentioned to the people in the Saturn service dept that I just want my Rendezvous back.

I just went back to the dealership today. The strut on the other side needs to be fixed. They said there was some sort of regulation that wouldn't allow them to automatically fix the other side the last time they fixed. I'm not sure I believe that, but even if it's true they could have asked me the last time I was there. Now I have to wait for that part to come in & go back to the dealership again. UGH!!

I've spoken to a couple of people at GM recently. They are going to give me a "maintenance package" for all my trouble. It sounds like it will pay for routine items such as oil changes. At least that's something. I still won't buy another Saturn & I still would prefer my 2005 Buick Rendezvous over this 2008 Saturn.

Another BAD transmission
By -

GEORGIA -- I purchased my Vue in 2004, brand new with only 25 miles on it - was a 2003. Having all my regular repair and maintenance checks done at the Saturn retailer, I was very surprise to have the news that my transmission went out. We have 90,000 mile on it and $4,000 still to pay on the car. When I talked to the staff at Saturn, they gave me a cost of $6,400. The car is not even valued at $6,000. I just everyone to know how fast your car can be gone. If you have a Saturn Vue 2003, trade it in before you have this huge problem.

Saturn Vue 2003 Transmission
By -

DO NOT BUY A SATURN!!!!! 2003 Saturn Vue transmission went at 59,000 miles and now had gone again 59,000 later. They want $5225.00 to fix it, again!!!! There are postings all over the internet about problems with the transmission, but of course Saturn has never heard of the problem. One woman even had the nerve to tell my husband that 59,000 was good for a trans!!!!!

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