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Poor gas Mileage
By -

OCEANSIDE, NEW YORK -- In January 2006 I purchased a Saturn Vue FWD V-6 after extensive research to buy a car with good gas mileage. I was promised 20 city and 28 highway because it had a proven Honda engine as a result of a joint venture with Honda Motor Co. I immediately began testing the mileage and found it only got about 13 mpg. As part of the 30 day exchange policy offered by Saturn I requested a different car. I was denied because they claimed it took 3-7 thousand miles for a car engine to break in.

I brought the car in at 3000 miles because the mileage had not increased much above the 13 mpg. They tested it and miraculously it got 32 mpg but they had a hand written receipt from the gas station where they filled my car up. I drove the car another 4000 miles but the mileage remained extremely low. I brought it back and this time the dealer got 26 mpg again with a written receipt. I had dozens of calculations with pump generated receipts which calculated an overall 15.5 mpg for city and highway combined.

I brought the car back one more time and this time they calculated 20 mpg with a gas pump receipt with all highway mileage which was still 8 mpg below the promised 28 mpg. Their calculations continued to go down from a high of 32 now down to 20.

I looked the service manager in the face and asked him to teach me how to drive the car so I can get that mileage. He said since they couldn't duplicate my low mileage they couldn't do anything for me, but asked me to have my children drive the car while I was away on vacation to see if it was my driving habits creating the poor gas mileage.

We did this and my daughter got 15.64 mpg all highways and my son got 11.74 mpg with local driving around our town. The end result is I'm SOL according to the dealer. I got an area manager involved and she too told me I'm SOL because they were unable to duplicate my low mileage even though I had dozens of receipts proving the low mileage.

I currently own three GM products in my family but based on my treatment they will be our last. I am telling my kids no more American cars. Detroit is losing another generation of car buyers because they treat their loyal customers like dogs. TOYOTA HERE WE COME.

2005 Saturn Vue Head Gasket Repair
By -

LOMA LINDA, CALIFORNIA -- I have a 2005 Vue. Several months ago I noticed that it was leaking (a few drops) of oil. I took it to Saturn of Ontario and they added dye to the oil and told me drive it another 500 miles because they couldn't tell where the leak was coming from. I work far from home and was not able to get it back into the shop until December. I took it to Firestone (love them) and they said it was leaking from the head gasket and that I should take it to the dealer. I immediately took it to Saturn of Loma Linda and told them what Firestone told me...this was Friday morning at 9:30 am.

Friday evening, ** from Saturn called to say they hadn't gotten to it, but hopefully could on Saturday...or Monday. On Saturday morning ** called to say it was in fact the head gasket and they would have to order it and it should be in Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday, ** called to say that when they took the engine apart they discovered that the bearings were also bad and that they would have to order those, but they were going to overnight them. On Wednesday, I called Saturn at 2:30 pm to find out about my car. The parts had not come in…apparently they didn't think I needed to know this.

On Thursday ** called to say that the bearings had come in, but they were damaged and they had to be re-order. He offered a 10% discount. On Friday ** called again to say that the bearings had arrived undamaged, but only the lower bearings had arrived, not the uppers. They will have to be re-ordered. He offered me a loaner car for the weekend. Saturn has had my car, for a one-day repair job, for 8 days. I opened a case with Saturn Corporate because I didn't feel that a car with 52,000 miles on it should need these types of repairs, but they disagreed and offered me $100 in retail store coupons; I declined. This is my second and last Saturn.

Saturn Vue 2003 Transmission
By -

DO NOT BUY A SATURN!!!!! 2003 Saturn Vue transmission went at 59,000 miles and now had gone again 59,000 later. They want $5225.00 to fix it, again!!!! There are postings all over the internet about problems with the transmission, but of course Saturn has never heard of the problem. One woman even had the nerve to tell my husband that 59,000 was good for a trans!!!!!

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