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Very Poor Work With Dangerous Results
Posted by Burnedturtle on 12/30/2009
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- When I brought my 1999 Saturn in to get a new alternator, my brother and I observed that for all but 45 minutes, the car sat with no one working on it but was charged for 2.9 hours of labor at $90.00 per hour. When I went to pick the car up, the service representative told me the turn signal wouldn't cancel correctly, but was otherwise ready to go. This was strange since it worked on the way there. When we started back to my sister's house, the car had a very bad miss that jerked the car so bad I immediately returned to Saturn of Riverside and the service representative went with us and could see the miss and the turn signals not working. He commented that it was like "having a heart attack in the hospital". He said the mechanic had tested the turn signal switch and found it was faulty but that they did not stock or repair the switches and could do nothing. The ride back to my sister's house was scarry without a turn signal switch and the bad miss jerked the car badly. When my brother checked the plastic housing around the steering wheel, he found it was loose and when tightened up, the turn signals worked - so they had lied about testing the switch. Later, we found that the terrible miss was caused by a small fuel return line being disconnected. I was surprised that the mechanic would act so careless and cost me so much money. Never again will I trust Saturn with repairing my car.

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Posted by Starlord on 2009-12-30:
Whether your car was jumped on immediately or sat for a while makes no difference. when the service writer writes up the work order, they use a flat rate manual. This is a big book that shows every repair procedure and lists how long an expert mechanic is expected to do the repair in. That is what you are charged, regardless of how long it actually takes. Mechanics are expected to do the repair in less time than shown in the book. I agree the mechanic who worked on the car dropped the ball, but I would demand a refund, as he messed up badly.
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Great Service
Posted by Jack414 on 10/05/2009
MESQUITE, TEXAS -- WOW! I am very impressed with the outstanding service that I received at Saturn of Mesquite. Over the weekend I noticed that my Service light came on. First thing Monday morning I called to see what I needed to do. I spoke to Romney and he was able to get me in first thing. I was prepared to wait to have my car looked over, but was offered a ride to work while they took a look, called with reason for service and they were able to fix and have it ready for me by the time I was finished working. They even offered to come pick me up. I was able to get a ride so I declined the offer. After work I went to get my car and I have not had any problems since. Most dealers I have worked with in the past have been very rude, could not get me in and service my car within the same day.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-05:
I hope you are really, really enjoying it, since you won't be getting it for much longer.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-10-05:
I loved my Saturn. It's sad to see them go, they were the best car GM made.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-10-05:
I had a Saturn when they first came out and another one after that. They were both great cars. I wish they were able to make a go of it! Their service department ruled!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-05:
Saturn, was never profitable for GM. The Cars to me were mediocre at best.
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Posted by Hombrejackson2000 on 09/29/2009
I purchased a large Saturn SUV and was prevented from taking possession of the vehicle on the sales lot. Sorry all paperwork was taken from me at the time. I want my moneys returned or a like vehicle under the same terms replaced. It was in National City and was previously reported.
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Posted by Skye on 2009-09-29:
What reason did they give you, for not allowing you to take your SUV, that you just purchased??

And why did you let them take away the paperwork. Something is very fishy here.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-30:
There has to be more to the story...
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Saturn Customer Service and our vehicle experience
Posted by Frank51 on 09/11/2009
OHIO -- My wife and I planned a family vacation for our family. It took over a year to schedule and coordinate for all of the members of the family to schedule vacation at the same time. We leased a new 2002 Saturn. By the time the family all got together for the vacation fom Ohio to Northen Michigan the Saturn had 15,000 miles on it.
The vehicle stopped on us in an intersection in Spaulding Mi. We pushed the vehicle off to the side of the road. It was 9:30 PM. We called the number in our Saturn owners manual. At 11:30 PM a wrecker showed up to retrieve our vehicle. The closest Saturn Dealer was located in Green Bay Wisconsin
over 100 miles away. The vehicle was towed to Green Bay. We found lodging for the night. Then the next morning we paid for transpotation to Green Bay for the family.
At the dealership in Green Bay I was told by a service manager that they had run our vehicle for several hours and could not duplicate the problem. Just as they were bringing the vehicle out to us it stalled. It was good that it happened while we were still at the dealership and not back out on the road. The problem turned out to be some sort of module, of which they didn't have in stock. They had to obtain the part from another dealership. By this time we had all lost a whole day of our four day vacation. By the time the car was ready we checked into a hotel for the evening. The next morning we headed back home from our ruined vacation. Four people each lost over a day of a vacation a year in tthe planning. When we got back to Dayton Ohio we spoke to the dealeship about our problem and our expenses to no avail. So I called the Saturn Customer Service number. It was a waste of time. They offered me $90.00 towards my expenses. I told them to shove it up their butts. We were out of $702.00 dollars. I got no satisfaction. To make a long story short we turned in the vehicle at the end of the lease instead of buying it like we planned. We will never lease or buy another SATURN vehicle. When I see the Saturn commercial where they say "We have done right by people from the beginning " it makes me want to vomit!!!

I read the responses of several readers that read the complaints or experiences that Saturn owners shared on this site. It sounds like they were written by people that probably had a vested interest in Saturn.

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Posted by Rip'n Pissed Rob on 06/04/2009
Let me tell you a little story. I bought a Saturn Sky Redline 16 days ago from this dealership. From the get go my sales person was the most ill-informed and impolite man I have ever dealt with in a sales situation. Being a salesman, I am surprised this guy makes any money gauged from his level of knowledge and customer service. After three days of set backs revolving around securing financing with a payment I would accept it was finally all lined up... or so I thought.

Yesterday (15 days later) I was contacted by the dealership again. The first words out of the man’s mouth was "we made a huge mistake and we need you to come in and sign a new contract (which had payments of $45/mnth more and was amortized over a shorter period of 60 months) or bring the car back.” The difference in monthly payments over the course of the loan totals a little over $3400.

After investigating my contract it states in plain English that they, "seller," have 10 days to inform me of their rescission of this contract should they not find someone to assume the loan. This makes no difference to owner Ken Croft. Needless to say, I am bringing the car back at the end of business today.

Furthermore, when I did buy the car (and was contracted wrong for) I drove off the lot with one key to the vehicle, two un-programmed remotes, and a 1/3 tank of gas!!!! I mentioned my discontent at the above mentioned and was brushed off. At that point in time I had been at the dealership for over 2 hrs and was anxious to leave and never have to come back again.... except to get my remotes programmed which I didn’t know then would take the better half of a day!.... and now to bring the car back I have enjoyed for the last two weeks but now hate!

Boo Saturn of Cerritos, and shame on you Ken for the tone you take with your customers and the way your staff conducts business. If I ever released one of my products to a client of mine and later learned that I needed to take financial hit on it, I wouldn’t dream of contacting that client and asking for more money. That’s just plain old bad business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-04:
What was the original term of the loan? Did they also change your rate?
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Breach of Contract and Failure to Remedy Vehicle
Posted by Sweetwilli on 05/16/2009
FAIRFAX -- It is my strong belief that Saturn of Fairfax breached their contract and did not complete the repairs they claimed to make. Furthermore, they misdiagnosed my vehicle problem, which lead to complete failure of the particular part, even after adding on additional charges and repairs after their initial estimate for which they could not justify. After picking up the vehicle from the station, it broke down less than seven miles away. When I called them to complain I was told it would require additional repairs and towing at my expense. After failure to respond to my phone calls and inquiries, failure to complete the repairs, poor customer service, unexplained fees, I was billed for work that was not completed. In the way that I was mistreated by the original two service agents, their lack of solutions, contradictory statements, and the fact that the car was not fixed, I had no other choice but to have it towed to another service station whose analysis revealed internal damage to the part in question. It was later revealed by a third-party inspection of the parts that they misdiagnosed the problem and that Saturn had actually damaged the vehicle. There is also reason to believe they violated several codes of the local Consumer Protection Act.

I am disappointed in Saturn’s ethical failure and refusal to resolve this matter in a logical and fair manner, even through BBB intervention. No consumer should be held liable for a product or service that was not provided.

Because of Saturn's misdiagnosis, I suffered two weeks without a car and even missed work. Their failure to communicate with me and offer me a solution left me no other choice but to hire someone who could repair the vehicle successfully and quickly. This dispute also resulted in hours of paperwork filing consumer complaints with federal, state, and local business agencies, as well as fighting off their ruthless corporate attorneys.

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Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-05-16:
what was wrong with your car?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-16:
Most saturn dealers are going to get cand.
Posted by helpfullhand on 2009-08-21:
penske bought saturn so they will only close if the dealership decides to close
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Conned by Saturn of Marietta
Posted by Connedbysaturn on 01/15/2009
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Learn from our mistakes with this dealer. We purchased a Saturn Aura from this dealer about 15 months ago. After looking over the paperwork again it is clear we have been conned out of close to $2,000 due to their sleazy financing practices. We were double-charge their documentation fee on two different pieces of paperwork ( it was on the vehicle order form in calculating the total vehicle price used on the sales contract and then added again to the bottom of the retail contract), figures on the total price do not add up between the vehicle order form total and the starting figure of the sales price on the sales contract. We went in with an employee discount and were offered our choice between the employee discount or a low interest rate & opted for the interest rate. The employee discount was put back into the purchase price as a 'payment paid' on our behalf and applied to our financing total (item H of the sales contract). We went into the dealer exhausted after a transatlantic move to the US 3 days prior and after 2 hard days of going to car dealership after car dealership and did not review our documentation carefully enough. The finance guy held all documentation until everything was signed and then gave us our copies - if you go here, get it all in front of you at once and check the figures between the sales contract and the vehicle order form (what we should have done more carefully from the start).

We did ask questions and were given lengthy answers that, at the time, seemed to make sense (sort-of) but looking back over everything with a refreshed mental state, do not. Buyer beware with these guys - we certainly won't make the same mistakes again and will not give this dealer our repeat business.
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Saturn Customer "Service"
Posted by Not one more saturn on 12/08/2008
FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA -- Here's my Saturn experience. If this deters just one person from getting involved with the company, it will have been worth it.

A letter I wrote to the Saturn corporation, outlining my issue:

December 21, 2006

David Stoddard
710 W. Channing Ave.
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Ms. (name withheld, per forum's instructions)
Saturn Corporation
100 Saturn Parkway
MD371999 S24
Spring HIll, TN 37174

Dear [snip],

Thank you very much for accepting my letter. I received your name and address from (withheld), who’s the Manager for Saturn Customer Service for my area. I’d like to relate to you a series of experiences I had recently with my 2003 VUE. As a result, I am expecting reimbursement of expenses totaling $256.22

It all started over the summer, when I noticed that the key cylinder of my VUE was beginning to malfunction. The key would fall out while I drove, and occasionally the VUE wouldn’t start because the key refused to turn in the cylinder. I didn’t think much of it at the time, only adding it to the list of body malfunctions that had plagued the VUE since I bought it (mysteriously cracked mirror and windshield, dents caused when closing the hatch, windshield wipers flying off into traffic (during a snowstorm!), hood release lever repeated breaking, tires and wheel bearings worn out at 45000 miles, among other headaches). I thought, “Why, it’s nearly 4 years old, I should expect these things!”

Before beginning a long trip in October, I thought I’d be proactive and have the key cylinder replaced, to avoid any problems while traveling. Since my local dealership is an hour away in Fargo ND, I had the cylinder installed by my regular mechanic at College Way Auto here in Fergus Falls, MN. Saturn of Fargo prepared the cylinder and shipped it to College Way Auto, who installed it on October 20. I embarked on my trip with a song in my heart and smile on my lips and new key cylinder in my VUE.

Everything was going very well until I was preparing to leave the parking lot of the Blytheville, AR Days Inn at approximately 5:15 in the morning of November 2. The key wouldn’t turn.

Nothing like looking down the barrel of a 550 mile drive with of car that won’t start because of a faulty part.

While calling around to the auto parts emporia in Blytheville, I was told by each that Saturn doesn’t supply such new parts to stores, and that I’d either have to get the part at a dealer, or have it shipped to them, which might take a few days. I had an urgent schedule to keep in Wisconsin and Illinois, so I opted to get the tow to my nearest Saturn Dealer. I called the customer service number as listed in my owner’s manual, and was told that the nearest dealers were in Little Rock, Memphis, or Jackson, TN. I opted for Jackson, I told the customer service representative, because although it was southeast of Blytheville, it was closest to the northerly direction I was heading. The representative said that maybe I could drive over my local repair shop and they could tell me where to get it fixed. I reminded her that, while that was a great idea and the thought had occurred to me, it would be impossible because my car wasn’t starting and that was why I was on the phone with her.

I proceeded to call the 24 hour towing service in Blytheville, and was told that they wouldn’t be open for another 3 hours, and to call back then. Apparently, in Arkansas, “open 24 hours” doesn’t necessarily mean “in a row.”

After changing all my plans for the day, and preparing for the idea that it may take more than a few extra hours to get to Wisconsin, I checked back into my room and waited to call the tow truck. I eventually caught up with the towing service, who recommended just going up to the Saturn Dealer in Cape Girardeau, MO, only 100 miles straight north, and right on my route to Wisconsin. Funny, I said, Saturn didn’t mention anything about a dealer in Cape Girardeau. Things were looking up! The guys from the towing service needed to take the VUE out of gear to get it up onto the flatbed tow truck, and proceeded to disconnect the cable that connects the shifter to the transmission. That’s fine, I thought. I’d been sitting there for nearly 5 hours waiting for this moment, and whatever they needed to do to expedite this process was greatly appreciated.

A hundred miles later I was safely ensconced in the spacious waiting room at Saturn of Cape Girardeau, MO, talking music and cars with the the sales staff there.

Later that afternoon, a member of the repair staff brought out the key cylinder to show me the damage. That person explained that the key cylinder had been crimped in such a way that the tumbler wouldn’t tumble, and so the key wouldn’t turn. They’d be happy to replace (a) the key cylinder, as well as fixing (b) a broken horn switch, and (c) the hood release lever, which had snapped off in my hand for the umpteenth time. I opted for the key cylinder only, as I can live without a horn and I’m already used to yanking on the cable to open the hood.

So, let’s recap. here’s what it’s cost me so far:

Proactively replacing the key cylinder $263.11
Towing Service to re-repair key cylinder $360.52
Re-repair cylinder $219.22

$842.85, so far, of which $579.74 should have been unnecessary.

I was on my way back north at 5:30 that evening, and luckily I’d saved that day for travel only (no work), so I didn’t have to cancel anything because of my predicament. The rest of my tour was uneventful, transportation-wise, but the story doesn’t end there.

Upon returning to my home in Western Minnesota, on November 5, I went immediately to my regular auto repair place, College Way Auto. They asked how the tour was, and I told them that it went pretty well, and then placed the defectively crimped cylinder on the counter. “Oh, hey....Oh......Uh oh.”

“Yeah,” I responded. “According to the Saturn dealer in Cape Girardeau, it was crimped wrong, and as a result I got stranded.”

“Let us take care of it. We’ll make a call and let you know.”

They called back within a few hours to say that Saturn of Fargo denied any knowledge of the cylinder, and that it was College Way’s fault for crimping it wrong, and that they hadn’t crimped it, and they’d be willing to throw in $40 if it would make me feel any better. (that’s less than 7% of the unnecessary billing). This got under College Way’s skin a little, as you might imagine, as they didn’t even have a crimping machine, and they had to represent Saturn’s lies to their customer. They offered to keep trying, and to do anything I’d need to rectify the situation.

Upon returning home from College Way auto, I called the Saturn Dealer in Fargo, and let them know that I didn’t appreciate their misrepresenting their own role in my ongoing problem. They said that they’d sure get to the bottom of it and that they’d have the service manager call me back just as soon as he could. No call yet as of December 21. I’m still waiting.

I then called the dealership in Cape Girardeau to let them know that I was having difficulties. The manager there gave me a little information about those key cylinders. He told me that many of them are no good. His dealership replaces so many of them that they must keep a large supply on hand simply to keep up with the number of them that must be replaced. He mentioned that any dealer that tells you that they don’t replace a bunch of these key cylinders is a liar. hmmm. We seem to be developing a pattern over at that Fargo dealership!

The story doesn’t end there. On November 2, I was picking my daughter up after her busy day in the third grade. While I was turning around, the car simply fell out of gear. All of the tension went out of the shifter, and the vehicle was then stuck in reverse. The car was stuck in such a way that not only could school buses not move into a safe position to pick up kids, but neither could the teachers exit their parking lot.

I realized, of course, exactly what had happened. Thinking back to a couple of weeks earleir, the towing company in Blytheville, Arkansas needed to take the car out of gear in order to drag it up onto the flatbed to take me and the VUE to Cape Girardeau, and it had simply been reassembled incorrectly. The result was, however, another tow and repair. I explained my predicament to the folks at College Way Auto, and it turns out I was correct--the linkage from the shifter to the transmission had not been reassembled correctly, and it simply fell apart at the shifter.

Let’s look at some grand totals:

Proactively replacing the key cylinder $263.11
Towing Service to re-repair key cylinder $360.52
Re-repair cylinder $219.22
Towing Service to re-repair shifter $ 65.00
Re-repair shifter $ 32.13

for a grand total of $939.98

of which $676.87 was completely unnecessary. By now in my story, folks at College Way Auto had made several overtures to Saturn of Fargo, including showing them Saturn’s certification that the cause of this trouble was an incorrectly crimped key cylinder of their own doing. My insurance company agreed to take care of all of the towing expenses. Perhaps chagrined at being caught in this duplicity, Saturn of Fargo upped their offer to $155.04.

So now here’s where we are:

Proactively replacing the key cylinder $263.11 (I paid for this)
Towing Service to re-repair key cylinder $360.52 (insurance)
Re-repair cylinder $219.22
Towing Service to re-repair shifter $ 65.00 (insurance)
Re-repair shifter $ 32.13

Which leaves me with $251.35 in unneeded repairs due to Saturn’s negligence. Saturn of Fargo has offered $155.04, which leaves $96.31 unaccounted for.

Now here’s my problem.

I ran this entire story past Alicia, who’s the area Customer Support manager in charge of my area. I told her that I was expecting the entire $251.35 reimbursed. She put me on hold, considered the options, and was moved to offer me $100 of in-store Saturn Credit in addition to Fargo’s offer. Anyone with a modicum of empathy would see the patent absurdity of this offer. I don’t want $100 in oil changes and Saturn key fobs 60 miles away. That will not erase the mistake. What I want is for Saturn to step up and make it so that this farce never happened. I told this to Alicia, and she offered for me to take it or leave it. That’s when I asked for information on her supervisor. She said that she had no supervisor. I assured her that there must be someone she reported to, and she gave me your information.

I’ve been thinking about the Saturn’s reputation as a company dedicated to customer service, and frankly, it hasn’t been the extraordinary and rewarding partnership that benefits me every time I pull out of the driveway, as touted in my owner’s manual. Instead, I wonder what will go wrong next, and in what creative way the buck will be passed. I’ve enclosed copies of all receipts, and I will call your office within the next couple of weeks to follow up.


David Stoddard
Fergus Falls, MN

To follow up, they did eventually send the check, and I laughed as I dropped in into the trash.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2008-12-08:
I'm sorry but you write a little too long for anyone to read through. You have expectations of Saturn doing soemthing for you when you had the work done by an outside company. Anything they offer you should look at as a gift. For them to offer you anything on a 4 yr old car that they did not service seems generous. Take it and run
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-12-09:
All that detail for a faulty key cylinder? And they agreed to reimburse you some of the repair performed by your "regular mechanic"? As Dan said, take the money and run...and I have to add, it sounds like you have way too much time on your hands.
Posted by Plots on 2009-06-19:
You're a good writer. Very entertaining story.

But as a letter...you're just wasting everyone's time complaining about all those other things like the 24-hour tow that isn't open 24 hours. I get that you wanted to fully illustrate the huge number of inconveniences set in motion by Saturn's negligence, but it's all too theatrical.

And did that update indicate that you threw the check away?! That tells me that you weren't really interested in getting your hard-earned money back for a mistake made. You were just looking to stick the screws to someone and lay into a company/workers.
Posted by MRM on 2009-06-19:
This should be a movie inspired by a true story.
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Just Plain Dishonest
Posted by Loismorr1 on 03/14/2008
FISHERS, INDIANA -- I have had my 2001 SL in and out of there for nearly a year for the same problem. I have given them well over $600.00 so far, in several different trips, to fix the same issue.

An honest shop gave me the bad news that the main computer brain needs to be replaced, and only Saturn dealerships are allowed to make this repair. I took it back to the dealership and told them that, but instead they changed the oil and told me that it was fixed. They even charged me an $85.00 "diagnostic fee" for changing the oil. Needless to say, it is still not fixed, and I can't even get a return phone call.

I have a complaint in with Angie's List and with the BBB, and still no attempt to resolve this issue.

Don't buy a Saturn, and if you've already been sucked in like me, DON'T take it to Saturn of Fishers for service!!
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Posted by Aerocave on 2008-03-14:
I don't think you can blame Saturn as a whole...this sounds like a "cannot duplicate the problem" type of issue...And any dealership, service station, etc is going to charge you a diagnostic fee...Is it the SES light that is on?
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Forgery Of Warranty
Posted by Rodtag on 01/24/2008
MESQUITE, TEXAS -- I purchase a used car from Saturn of Mesquite (SOM), and when a warranty for paint finish and fabric was denied by the warranty company, they sent me the original warranty paperwork from SOM. My wife's signature had been forged. After talking to SOM and demanding to look at my file, I found that the "free" tire warranty given to me had also been added to my contract. This was all slipped by me because the Finance Manager had my wife sign a blank paper with only the words "no trade-in" written on the left of the paper. The file showed that paper now with the list of amounts including the warranties. Get the picture? Fraud, and forgery!!!

Examine your papers and contact me if you have experienced the same. The Mesquite police will not handle, and two government offices will not deal with. Possible suit?
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-24:
Seems at this point, depending upon the year model of the car and the value, you need to contact an attorney. It may not be worth it.
Posted by axhandlebill on 2008-01-24:
"Signed" "a" "blank" "form" ????
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-24:
I recently bought some Saturn body parts from dealers in Texas. I got two fenders from Fort Worth, a quarter-panel from Brownsville and a Mesquite Grill.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-01-24:
Why would anyone sign a blank form. This is just asking for trouble.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-01-25:
RodTag: I am not advocating fraud or forgery...but based off your posting, it appears that you are simply looking for a way to take advantage of the situation. A lawsuit on what? Even if they did sign your wife's name on the contract...who cares? You still have the warranty that you wanted.
Posted by rodtag on 2008-01-25:
Wow, didn't expect those comments. I turned down all warranties. The form wasn't blank. the manager had written in very large print "No Trade-in" accross 2/3rds of the paper. I asked why do we need to sign this, he said it was just to show we did not bring in a trade for the deal. This turned out to be the itemized list of charges for the contract. True, it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I never thought of the possibility that he would run it through the printer after the fact. Also, the two warranties totaled over $1,000, and if they did this to me then they did it to many.
I think if you had your name forged to take a grand from you you might be bent out of shape too.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-25:
Never ever sign a blank form. If anyone asks you to sign anything that has nothing written on it, chances are they are trying to rip you off. By signing that blank paper you have agreed to anything and everything written after the fact. Even though it said No Trade In on the paper, you could have unknowingly given them power of attorney, all because you signed something blank.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-25:
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-01-25:
So you are saying you didn't want the warranties but they added anyway?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-25:
TNS another LOL!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-25:
I TOLD YOU GUYS SHERIFF WAS IN TEXAS! I know that was him on the phone talking with Pirate about those little old ladies beating the living daylights out of that guy!
Posted by rodtag on 2008-01-26:
Yes, Aerocave, I did not want the warranties. The words "no trade in" were written so large they covered 2/3ds of the page. So, It looked like it was the contents of the page. I will know better next time.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-01-26:
Your complaint of fraud and forgery makes more sense now, although not sure if you can do much about it now...
Posted by mydogbozo on 2008-02-04:
If there is in fact forgerty, you might want to obtain an arrest warrant for the finance & inurance manager. This is the individual in the dealerhip responsible your parperwork. See if you can get his full legal name. Call the police if you have to, to get the proper information to obtain a warrant for their arrest. Let this person explain it to the judge. At least you will blemish their record with an arrest for fraud, even if they aren't convicted.
Posted by rodtag on 2008-02-07:
Thanks mydogbozo, but I contacted the mesquite police dept. They interviewed the finance manager, but told me they basically have to see the forgery in a large company like that to prove it was him. They dropped my case.
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