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DSL employee discount
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MICHIGAN -- SBC DSL: Customer price-$14.95 employee price with employee discount $26.95
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Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
I like this short, (real short) but sweet.
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Did you know that SBC does not hire managers?
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Did you know that SBC does not hire managers? Have you ever tried to escalate a communication or billing issue with one of SBC's customer representatives. Customer Service at SBC is a joke. It is non-existent. When I asked to speak with a manager they told me there was no managers. What a joke! When I began to scream expletives due to my frustration after repeated phone conversations to resolve a transfer of service issue I was told to stop being rude! Can you imagine? First there is no customer service, no manager and then what, no recourse? MCI here I come!
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Aember24 on 08/24/2004:
oh yeah cussing and screaming will get you far Guy ...I mean I understand your frustration and if your unsatisfied with there customer service just simply go elsewhere no need for vulgarities
mad on 08/24/2004:
Jeez Church Lady!!! Don't you have anything else better to do than give your 2 cents to people who curse. Poster: SBC gave me the same
bullsh!t (have fun with this one C.L.). I told them I seriously doubt if SBC would let a bunch of fools run around without supervision. They finally connected me to a supervisor. I figured it was just a way for the person on the other end to cover his/her azz.
Roger&Out on 08/24/2004:
Go anywhere but MCI!! Fradulant company to the core!! They cost honest people a fortune and have got away with it!! SCREW MCI!!
mad on 08/24/2004:
OMG nthebutt; you are the most foul-mouthed person on this site,as well as the rudest. Is there a gene mutation in your family for mulitple personality disorder!!!! Those cells just keep on dividing and growing don't they.
Aember24 on 08/25/2004:
Mad: I was not giving my two cents I was giving my three cents ..and I was not complaining about his cursing ...But screaming and cursing will get you nothing but a migrain and not solve the issue this is all
mad on 08/25/2004:
OK aember, let's call a truce. But if you're offended by bad language, man are you going to hear it on this site lol.
Aember24 on 08/27/2004:
Truce!! :)
dave_bglr on 08/27/2005:
Look I know that screaming and yelling makes you feel big, but come on the person answering the phone:
A) Doesn't work for SBC they work for a contracted company.


B) Have very little power over what they can do.

And btw they do have managers, saying so is just dumb.
jgs316 on 11/01/2005:
Not only do they not have managers, but they don't keep records either. I switched phone companies four years ago. Never missed a payment, paid my last bill, all was good. Four years later, I get a call out of the blue from a collection agency telling me I owe SBC one hundred and some odd dollars. I said there must be some mistake, I haven't had phone service from SBC in over four years, and they said that it was from four years ago. This was the first I had heard of it! I still had the same phone number I had when Iwas with SBC, and the same mailing address. I wasn't hard to find if I really hadn't paid my bill. Of course just a few months prior I went through all my old bills and shredded my old statements, including my old SBC statements thinking I didn't need something from four years ago. When I called they said they show I never paid my bill. I asked if they could look at my last statement and they said they don't keep records that far back, all they can see is the open balance on my account. But if I can show them a copy of my final statement, they'd clear that off for me. FOUR YEARS LATER FOLKS!! Moral of the story, if you ever switch phone companies, get and save a copy of your last bill showing a zero dollar balance FOREVER!!
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Termination fee
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RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- I signed up with SBC DSL when I moved into an apartment - this was the only choice the apartment offered. When I moved out, I was billed $200 by SBC for termination fees. My new neighborhood does not carry SBC so I had no choice but to terminate. This is highway robbery since I had no control over terminating. SBC should accommodate customers who terminate on account of moving and cannot keep their service. I am going to file a complaint with the public utilities commission.
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User Replies:
Aember24 on 09/28/2004:
I agree with this post this company cannot expect you to pay for service that you will not be able to use. Good luck with this one
KramNation on 09/28/2004:
I disagree if you buy the equipment up front then it is a month-to-month charge. However, if you agree to a year’s term they will let you pay it out over the year. When she left early she must pay the $200 equipment fee. It was in the contract and explained to me when I ordered it.
Aember24 on 09/28/2004:
well kram think of it this way if it happened to you and you moved where this "equipment" was not usable would you want to continue paying for the service?
KramNation on 09/28/2004:
She's not paying for the service, she bought the DSL modem. SBC shouldn't have to pay for cause she moved. You know going into it that you have a one year contract and if you leave early you will have to pay the equipment cost. This is the same for cell phones. They will give you a cell phone for free if you agree to the contact. However, if you termanate early you will have to pay for the phone.... This is just a Standard contract. She still has the modem, now all she has to do is pay the monthly cost in here new place.
KramNation on 09/28/2004:
Quote "this was the only choice the apartment offered"
Not true, you always have a standard modem, or not use it. SBC shouldn't loose money because you decided to move. Moving is your choice, not theirs.
I fill for you, but keep the modem and one day soon you will be able to use it, or you can sell it and reclaim some of your money....
If you moved in Richardson again then I can't believe there is no DSL. I would believe all of Richardson has DSL as Garland, North Dallas, and Plano would too.
I graduated from Berkner HS in Richardson...
chris75056_1 on 09/29/2004:
I have to side with Kramnation. A contract was signed and you failed to carry out your end. It's pretty simple. SBC has no control over where their customers decide to move while under this obligation.
Johnny_jamz on 10/01/2004:
well said kramnation!!! It's amazing that people believe it is the company's fault you are moving. they are providing a service you requested and contracted that's their part of the deal. you failed to hold up your end therefore you are responsible for the early termination fee. So sad but you agreed to this in the beginning and can't cry foul now!!
jasminekayla on 11/27/2004:
I used to work at SBC you should have not rvc a term charge. If you move and the service is not available no term charge is applied.
dave_bglr on 08/27/2005:
It clearly states in the SBC DSL contract that
"There is a 1 year term agreement with a 200 dollar early termination fee. If you don't keep your SBC YAHOO! DSL internet for the full length of your term agreement you fill be charged the 200 dollar early termination fee, unless you move to a non-SBC territory and we are unable to provide you with the SBC YAHOO DSL service.
EXILE on 08/27/2005:
Just as another note to Dave's great comment... I currently work for SBC Internet services read your DAMN CONTRACT or is it that hard to do??? we tell you about the termination fee about 30 times before we have you set up plus we mail the damn paperwork to you so you can read it in the privacy of your own home..... WAKE UP AND READ ONCE AND A WHILE LEGAL CONTRACT we told you if you move within a sbc area and we cannot provide you with the dsl service we would waive the term fee but if you move to a non-sbc teritory then you would be bill a $200 term fee...
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