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Showers of Praise

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My friend that asked me to post the Domino's review, also sent me this tidbit. I keep telling him he needs to sign up for this site, but maybe he's just shy. Here is what he has to say about this product: A year or so ago, my wife had our master bath remodeled out with the old, and in with the new, Italian marble tile floor to ceiling.

Really grand, it kind of gives you the feeling of a Roman bath or at least a weekend at Caesars where hopefully you didn't get too drunk winning 800.00 at roulette staying up all night, then lose half of it back guzzling free Jack Daniels tipping the hot waitress too much only to be dragged off to bed by a wife who's irritated you might have insulted some Asian hotel guests whilst trying to give them directions in your best Chinese accent, ah-so.

The shower and tile looked awesome until my water softener went out a month or so ago.“Now the dreaded grunge of hard water stains and soap scum have made their ugly appearance and it's really dragged down the appearance of my little slice of Roman Empire. I'm putting off replacing the water softener until my neighbor the plumber returns from his trip around the world. He said it'd take 80 days. I tried old fashioned 'elbow grease'€ and a scrub brush along with some pretty toxic chemicals to clean up my shower. Why is it we wash-up but also scrub down anyway? Nothing worked, that powdery white soap and water stains just wouldn't budge!

Saw a TV spot for 'Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer' and thought to myself, give that a try. It's likely not going to work but would be neat to see if there really ARE little bubbles with scrub brushes coming out of that can as they are on TV and says you don't have to do anything but watch! Always up for a good show, I bought this can of Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer and headed back to Italy. Like any guy, I didn't read the directions, gave the can a good shake and started spraying.

The stuff comes spritzing out of the can in a mist which initially disappointed me. No little bubbles with brushes for feet but quickly turns into a thick foam that coats everything including you if you're not careful where you're aiming it. I sprayed and sprayed the entire shower including the glass doors which you almost couldn't see through anymore because of the buildup. I stepped out of the shower to the din of what only could be described as bacon frying in my shower. The foam was really making a bubbling sound that if not cleaning was sure putting up a good fight!

I walked away to let the battle rage, coming back a 1/2 hour later wondering who had won! To my delight the Scrubbing Bubbles Foamer had really done a nice job, had cut that crud down from the doors, the walls, the cracks and crevices. The chrome sparkled, the tile gleamed and I'm left with a pleasant scent instead of that toxic chemical smell. I truly couldn't believe it worked so well, and with so little effort on my part. Believe me when I tell somebody. It's the least I can do for them, I mean it.

Would I say this fabulous product for under 5 bucks did a 100% perfect job? No. There were a couple of spots I had to touch up with a brush. But hey, that's okay by me, even if the little guys with brushes for feet didn't show up and do a dance. Great product and good job on a nasty task that nobody wants any part of - which will see me through until Phileas Fogg gets around to helping me replace my water softener.

Annoying TV Commercial
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- Don't know if this should be a complaint about a commercial or a compliment for a response from the company. But, complaints get read sooner, right? So, I'll make it an 'Informative.' S. C. Johnson Co. has a commercial about their new (?) Ziploc bags which has annoyed me since the first time I saw it. A shopper is at a butcher counter and tells the server: “Four pounds of __?__ but only wrap half of it. I'll just throw it out anyway.”

Using the ‘Contact Us' link on their website I told them they need a new advertising agency/department. Why doesn't she just order two pounds to begin with? Or she could do as I do when having excess product on hand or when buying in quantity, use a FoodSaver for storing any extras. Her food will be better stored by using this machine than the Ziploc bags. (I've had steaks stored by this method for almost a year with no loss of flavor/texture.)

I fully expected the email to be ignored. Surprise! I received an answer which was not the usual scripted – blah, blah, blah. It reads in part: “Please know we value your comments and are sharing them with the people responsible for our advertising.” Who knows? Maybe I helped get rid of an annoying commercial. I give kudos to S. C. Johnson for actually reading and responding to an email sent by a nit-picking viewer. Now – if I can just convince some writers/speakers that it's not a *healthy* diet/food/meal, etc. It's healthful.

Not Reliable
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NORTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a countertop from S.C. Floor Covering in Norton in October, 2007. The salesman who sold us the countertop explained the product and the installation procedure. He highly recommended the installers and said that they used them all the time. On October 23, I received a call from S.C. Floor Covering to say that our countertops would be installed on Friday, October 26th between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. We took the day off from work to be there and let the installers in. Needless to say, the installers did not show up on Friday. Because S.C. Floor Covering closes early on Friday, we were unable to get them to help us with the installation.

Only after many calls to the installers, did I arrange for them to come out on Saturday. But, we had missed a day's pay for NO reason. When I spoke with S.C. Floor Covering in Norton, I said that I was surprised to see that they did not reimburse us for the missed days pay. The salesman told me that they do not do that. He also said that they lived up to their contract and delivered the counter. However, NOT on time, when promised. I think that if S.C. Floor Covering were decent they would have taken off the missed day of pay. I would NOT recommend them.

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