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I Agree - Run From SCANA
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have an excellent payment record with Scana on my residential account. I have a small house that is zoned O&I with Atlanta Gas where the last tenant left with 30 months remaining on the lease. To acquire another account, Scana required a credit check, it had to be in a business name with a Fed. ID number. SS number would not suffice. I am the landlord who needs service for the months between tenants and not moving a business into the property. I must have heat in order for the pipes not to freeze. I happened to have three mailings now from other providers offering me lower fixed rates. Upon calling one of those (who obviously knows my credit is good to be on the mailing list) set my account up using my SS number with no credit check. They also offered me a 6 month fixed rate with no early exit penalty. Am I the only landlord out there to need gas service on a rental property who doesn't have a business?
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Service Turned Off with no Notice
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CARROLLTON, GEORGIA -- My roommate is responsible for paying the natural gas bill with SCANA, and let me just say upfront that, yes, he did not pay it. As such, I completely understand the fact that they turned the service off, and there was a fee to reconnect it, but I think the entire way the situation was handled was the worst customer service I've ever seen, and I work for an airline.

The bill comes due on the 10th of each month. We live in an upstairs, south facing apartment in Georgia, and the only thing that uses natural gas is our heat. Our bill for February was $22, which he didn't pay. The bill for March was $26, and when it wasn't paid on the 12th, they shut our service off, and the reconnection fee was $80, almost twice the past due amount.

Now granted, the statements which are emailed (paperless billing), which he didn't open clearly stated the account was past due, though it didn't indicate our service was about to disconnected. My question is this: shouldn't a natural gas company be required by law, or common decency since its a necessity, to notify someone before they disconnect service? There was never an email sent along with his statement, or in his statement. They never called him to notify him. Since we live in apartment, the man had to walk up the stairs to leave the notice on our door and didn't even knock, because we were both home. We could have answered and paid the bill at the last minute. Since its an apartment complex, we have no choice of providers, so it's like they know they can do whatever they want.

I completely think it's my roommate fault; I just can't believe they disconnected our service with no notification, in winter (granted a winter in Georgia), for $40. Anyone see my point?
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Anonymous on 03/20/2008:
Contact the Georgia Public Service Commission. They are your state's governing agency for public utility companies. You can search the web for contact information.
You can file a complaint or simply ask them what type of notification is required before shut off. They should know all the applicable statutes and laws.
Anonymous on 03/20/2008:
If your boyfriend had looked at the bills, it would have said there that the bill is past due. That is the only notification that you would get. If they had to call people for past due balances, they would probably need a whole separate call center just to deal with that! I just don't see companies doing that anytime soon.
madconsumer on 03/20/2008:
I bet you did get a notice, it is just your roommate tossed it out in the trash bin. he had no concern over the payment at all.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/20/2008:
I'm sure they didn't knock on your door because the service man didn't want a confrontation over cutting off your service.
Ponie on 03/20/2008:
What kind of cheese would you like to go with your whine? If you didn't pay your rent on the apartment for two months, do you suppose this type complaint would prevent the marshalls from evicting you? Don't blame your carelessness on the gas company.
Crown Jules on 03/20/2008:
When you signed up for service, there might have been some wording stating that you would be disconnected if the bill went unpaid for a certain amount of time. They apparently didn't disconnect you after the February bill went unpaid so when the next one wasn't paid they were probably well within their rights to do what they did. As for the guy who posted the disconnect notice on your door, he may not be authorized to accept payments.

Consider this a lesson learned and either get a more responsible roommate or put the bills in your name.
Anonymous on 03/20/2008:
It's hard to determine the larger problem...the disconnect or the roommate. I'd call the gas company and ask for a copy of the disconnect notice. But, as you are not responsible for the bill, they may not give it to you. "IF" your roommie is being 100% honest with you, the roommie will be thrilled to request the copy to prove their honesty. I think it highly likely the roommate didn't pay the bill, ignored the disconnect notice, expected you to pay 50% of the reconnect fee, and is pleading innocence with crossed fingers. Good luck!
wgaguy1984 on 03/21/2008:
Good advice from everyone but Ponie, who is kind of bitter, and it wasn't MY carelessness. Like I said, not arguing the fee or disconnect just the lack of notification, and as Crown suggested, read the contract and it plainly states if two months go unpaid, it'll be disconnected. My apologies to SCANA.

No cheese, thanks, but I would like some original thought on the side of that cliche you just served up.
blogger3377 on 10/19/2009:
I am in agreement with you wgaguy1984. The problem that I have with SCANNA is that it takes 5 business days inorder for them to reconnect. If I must pay $50.00 dollars to have my services reconnected, I don't want it to take more than two days. Also, I don't have a choice in selecting one of their competitors, since I also live in an apartment. Its about customer service. I will do my part and report them to the Georgia Public Service Commission. I wonder if SCANNA has this commission in their pocket.
NickInAtlanta on 11/11/2011:
Yea- Scana is a trip! My bill was due on October 25th. On November 9th they disconnected me. For a $50 gas bill. No notice. Pay the $50 and the $50 reconnect BEFORE they schedule a reconnect- 5 days out. It is the most difficult utility to not have- beside electric. At least the electric will notify you. Never had the electric off. Its winter, its cold, no hot water, NO HEAT, can't cook. Those are MAJOR inconveniences. You're going to pay them- you have to have GAS. Why spend the money to send someone out to disconnect you when they could just do a courtesy call and get their money?? Absurd it is.
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"You can believe everything you read"
Posted by on
GEORGIA -- Unbelievable... Scana energy cut off my natural gas. I have been a customer for 15 years and I missed last month's payment. I called them, and they told me it would take 1-5 days to re-connect and I would be charged a $60.00 fee. I couldn't believe it. I run a business and I would never treat a customer of mine I had for 15 years that way... what ever. Well now you've heard my story and say "so what". I was so mad I decided to vent by doing something stupid like writing this. So I found this site, and the first review sounded just like mine... exactly like mine. Moral of the story, I hope you are reading this junk, not writing it like me. If you are a customer of Scana, good luck. I had them for 15 years and now I'm showering with cold water for 5 business days. But don't worry, the story has a good outcome. After a long cold shower, I started looking at rates. I was paying 1.09 per therm with Scana. I talked to Georgia Natural Gas and their fixed rate for 1 year was. 699 per therm. You know that old thing every cloud has a sliver something or other. Maybe it's true. If you live in Georgia, check your rates. You don't always get what you pay for.

The people at Scana were very nice on the phone. They must go to a special school to learn how to say "no" and "we're sorry, but that is our policy" in such a friendly tone.

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Weedwhacked on 06/17/2010:
When you miss a payment no company checks to see how long you've been with them. The result, they cut off your service and charge a re-connect fee. Why are you so surprised?
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Lack of customer loyality
Posted by on
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have been a muliple use customer of Scana for many years... Several accounts.. Recently, I went to a billpay through my bank... Of the three accounts, I missed requesting that one of them be paid. I returned from Europe to find my service turned off with an elderly person in my home.
Scana had my email address and my past record but yet did not notify me nor make any concessions. I pleaded with them to get it back on but they were totally insensitive.
As we sat here in the cold for the weekend, my distain for the company grows.. I shall do everything legal to express my hate for them.
I have switched my accounts to a company that is more customer friendly.. Scana you have made an enemy........
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Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
There is no such thing as customer loyalty. I, jaded old thing that I am, no longer expect to even be thanked for shopping someplace.
tnchuck100 on 11/07/2009:
I agree, sherdy. Loyalty is a concept of the past. NO company out there gives a damn one way or the other if you leave them.
wsvoboda on 01/01/2011:
The Best thing you can do is post this to every site possible...It does start to cause them issues....Did you write to the CEO of SCANA? I would. Also, if they are listed on the NYSE ... you can find out board members email addresses and let them know what happened. I did that with an issue I had with Dell computers. Hope this helps! Keep us posted!
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Don't Use Scana!!
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Scana cut off my family's power without notice and left me and my children in the cold. When I called they told me I'd have to go to a service center to pay a late bill and only then would they turn on our heat. After paying, we called them and then they said they wouldn't be able to turn it on for 4 days!!!!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/06/2009:
That is what happens when you don't pay your electric bill.
Ytropious on 11/06/2009:
Ditto that, they don't turn it off unless they have a good reason. You never mention how late your bill was or why it was late in the first place.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Scana Energy is natural gas in Georgia, not electricity. A four day delay in restoring service seems excessive.

Depending on the time of year and the weather I thought they were not allowed to disconnect services related to heating the home. It may be too early in the season for that. Maybe writing the due date of your utilities on a calendar will be helpful in reminding you that its time to send in the payment.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Depends on the temperature and how far behind the bill is. Here in TN they can cut you off anytime when you are late.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
And one would think "children in the cold" would be a good reason to pay your bill on time.
Hugh_Jorgen on 11/07/2009:
Scana is simply a "gas marketer" in Georgia. They have no service techs of their own to actually turn the service on or off. The actual on site service is provided by Georgia Natural Gas.

So it is more likely the delay is coming from the GNG side of the equation - all Scana can do is send instructions to turn the service back on, they don't actually unlock the meter themselves.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
There are federal and state programs that can help with electric and gas bills. Try this link:
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Reconnect Fees When No Bill Even Due!
Posted by on
MACON, GEORGIA -- I inadvertently paid by gas bill for November of 2008 twice. Once on 11/21 and once on 12/16. When I realized my mistake, I called Scana to see if they could back one out. They said no I would have to call my bank and place a stop pay on the second one. I did. On January 8 I come home and find out my gas was disconnected. When I called they said because I had a returned check fee?? I explained the situation and they understood and took the returned check fee off but told me they could do nothing about the reconnect and that I couldn't get my gas restored until the next day. Even though it is supposed to be 32 degrees tonight and we have no heat. They told me I had no choice so I went in to pay the bill that isn't even due until 1/15 on today and it didn't include any reconnect fees so I again called hoping the first caller had made a mistake. They maintained their story and threatened me with more reconnect fees and said I had to go into my account and create a $60 credit before they would make an appointment for someone to turn my gas on.

This just doesn't seem ethical at all but I got absolutely nowhere with reps or supervision. And all of this and you can count on one hand the times I have even been slightly late with my payment!
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User Replies:
lilydarling on 01/09/2009:
You paid the November bill in November, and the January bill is due in January.. when did you pay the December bill?
wood.smoke on 01/10/2009:
In your State, you have two possible sources of help. 1). The Public Service Commission, 2). Attorney General's office.

Get them!
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