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Most Fraudulent Business EVER
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CHILLICOTHE, OHIO -- I previously did business with this company back around 1999 to 2001 when I had a boutique in Illinois. Back then, my customer service and products were wonderful!!! I have since relocated to California, when going through old boxes I came across a handful of my old "Bun in the Jar" candles. To my surprise these candles smelt like they were brand-new; even better, burnt the same way!

I contacted the company via email explaining the above, and indicated that I was opening a new retail boutique here in CA in just under 3 weeks from then. When I didn't hear back, I called and left a voice mail message; I almost immediately received a return call from Chuck the owner (I later realized a "response phone call" was a rarity!).

He explained that "their server was down" but would be happy to take an order by phone. He further explained that they didn't take credit cards, I found this to be odd in this day and age. (But, I did remember when I had done business with them in the past they did only accept COD. But, that was normal back then and thought they were still a "mom and pop" business.) He explained that he would have to wait for the check to clear before starting with my order.

I then explained the urgency for my order to be here in time for my Grand Opening, so I agreed to send a certified bank check for $501.00 (plus the $5.00 fee to get the CBC), as well as overnight the check (another $18.95) to guarantee that the order could be processed, and received back to me in time for my opening. Chuck was quick to call me the next day (which I would later find out is only the case when trying to GET money!!!) to let me know that the check was not at his P.O. Box when he checked it that morning (I did find out that it was there later that afternoon).

This when the games began...two weeks later, nothing. I then began making daily phone calls (twice a day). After a full 6 days of calling, I began threatening legal action. Another week went by of fruitless attempts of any response to the dozens and dozens of phone messages I left. During my fourth week of messages, I then explained that at this point I didn't want my products, that I refused to do business with a company like this. I also informed them that I had a 10:15 appointment two days later with my attorney, and was contacting the BBB.

FINALLY, this prompted a return phone call, of course with a lame excuse about his mother being sick, and his employees running out of lids for the candles. I indicated that though I was sympathetic to his situation (trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, IF he was telling the truth), I would just like to have my money returned. This is when he informed me that my shipment had actually already been shipped two days earlier.

At this point, I felt helpless and just decided I would wait and see what happened. Remember, in the back of my mind I'm still in awe of the presentation, the wonderful aroma, and the 12-year longevity of a few unused candles that used to generate BIG sales for me.

Well, 6 days later they finally arrived. They had actually been shipped the day AFTER we spoke (NOT two days before as he lied about - thank goodness I've kept the tracking information from the box!). The candles are NOT at all what they used to be. The smell is nowhere near the quality, the Butter Pecan has ZERO scent! They are no longer the "Original Bun in the Jar" candle (with what I'm certain my attorney will find out is not a real trademark as they indicate on their website!!!).

They are actually just simply candle wax poured in a plain mason jar (NOT the jars that are pictured in website, like I received a decade ago), not "rolled" into the jar by their "skilled workers that took years to learn this craft". The colors are not the same, they do not have any of the "toppings" on tops that are detailed and shown on their website, etc.

Needless to say that my million and one phone calls of complaints on their voice mail have left fruitless results. I am now stuck with tons of candles and bun melts that I would never put on my showroom floor. However, I have decided to hire an attorney and go after them.

Because I sent a certified bank check I can't simply stop payment, but I do have their bank information. I do have all of the tracking information from my shipment, which should assist in tracking him down personally, and I have made sure to take copies of all their website. In addition, I'm in the process of finding other companies that have dealt with them (through various web searches, etc).

One way or another I plan to put a stop to this deceptive man's way of taking advantage of other small business owners. The ONLY good thing that has resulted from this is that I've decided to try to "experiment" with making these on my own...mine are 100% better, 100% soy, and are burning about 60 hours! Now, I can make and sell my own product! If you've fallen victim to this company, please feel free to contact me directly at **; the more of us that can band together, the more effective we may be.

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CHILLICOTHE, OHIO -- Ordered candles by telephone after responding to website found via Google search. Was told the order + shipping would be $254.80. I sent a check that day (10/24/11) for that amount to address on their website (P.O. Box 281, Chillicothe, OH 45601). I was told it would be 2-3 weeks but by late November still no candles and no correspondence from Scentual Candle.

I called and was told UPS lost the shipment and couldn't find it. In spite of many, many calls with messages left on answering machine, never received any further word of shipment, never received candles, never got money back. I have filed complaint with BBB and they did not respond to that and filed complaint with FTC this date (1/11/12). Would like to see their website ( removed from Google searches, at least until this action is resolved.

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