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Head gasket repair
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WARMINISTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased on line a $69.95 (plus shipping) a bottle of chemical to fix a blown head gasket. I spoke with Jim and he felt certain it would work, regardless the product was guaranteed. Steel Seal shipped promptly, I followed directions completely and the product did not work. I called them and Jim gave me a tech man
named Craig and we went through what happened. He said I could try again and they would ship a free order or they would refund my money. Since I had no minor results, I asked for a refund. They promptly returned my money and I had a check in about three days. I called and thanked them and would recommend anyone to try their product. Hopefully it would work, but if not they stand behind it and their word. Thanks, Jim and Craig and all at Steel Seal of Warminster, PA.18974
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Anonymous on 08/03/2006:
I sold a pretty decent car of mine to a guy for a song once, because I knew it had a blown head gasket and over 100k on it. He turns around, puts some sort of stop-leak in the radiator, seals it and sells it for a big profit at a used car lot. I was aggrivated initially, but learnd the "repair" only held temporarily, leaving the dealership in the "lurch" to repair it. I guess it's a stretch to believe anything coming out of a tube is going to fix a blown engine for very long. (tr)
Anonymous on 08/03/2006:
Frenchie, sounds like you got a quality retailer there, It's a shame the product did not work. You may want to try a product by Moroso called Ceramic engine seal. I have used this product in race engines to everyday engines with great success and got turned on to this by a local engine builder. If it does not seal it nothing will!!!! You can get it at most high performance shops, Summitt Racing, or Jeg's for about $12.00. Of course there is no money back guarantee though, but if money is tight it might be worth a shot. Good Luck
Frenchie on 08/04/2006:
dealerdirect--thanks for the info. I might try as I have nothing to lose at $12.00 a whack. Maybe you can give me a little more info. This is a 92 Chry 5th Ave, New Yorker.
6 cyl. At the front, middle cyl, when the head meets the block, there is a gasket failure and when car runs, there is a putt-putt because of the exhaust leak. You can feel the gap with something like a putty knife. It leaks out
only a miniscule amout of water (if you put a piece of card board in front of it you will see a little moisture)
I will see if I can find a high operformance shop. Thanks again and the best to you. The car runs so good otherwise,
and I am getting to old to work on replacing heads.
Anonymous on 08/04/2006:
Frenchie make sure you check the oil, if it looks like chocolate milk you need to flush the engine oil because the head gasket is leaking internally. If the leak is as minor as you say, and it is leaking externally, the Moroso sealant should work. Good Luck
jayfinn on 11/05/2007:
moroso 35500 engine engine sealer works great my 01 Subaru impreza was fixed just fine worth $14.00 all day long
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