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Not built to last... but built to extort...
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- No more than two months ago I bought a Maxtor "OneTouch 4 Plus" 750 GB external hard drive to store digital photographs I was taking on-location for my business. Yesterday, the drive failed to power-up - even though the power supply is passing the correct voltage to the drive connector.

While that's bad enough, the real problem is that while completely covered under warranty, I'm going to be charged by Seagates's Data Recovery subsidiary to recover the files and data I stored on the drive. The failure of the drive is not a problem that stems from MY files being stored on the drive - it is a problem that stems from THEIR faulty hardware. Why, after only two months, should I have to pay another 'extra' cost on this drive?

People will say, "Back up your files" and they'd be right only... how can you back up files when you can't turn the drive on to access them??? Calling Seagate's "Customer Service" for "help" puts you in-touch with someone in an Asia-Pacific area who can barely speak English. They don't know the first thing about the product they are representing and they read from a prepared script, unable to answer unique and direct questions, or think outside the box to offer any real solutions.

This Seagate and Conner Peripherals defines as, "Customer Service." What about the personal and professional inconvenience I must now experience having to box up and ship this drive back to Seagate? Once out of my hands will there be any guarantee that my data will actually be removed? All I'll have to go on is the word of someone... from the Asia-Pacific area. That's real comforting don't you think?

Seagate and Conner Peripherals is making a TON of money - especially employing workers outside this country - you'd think they'd care a bit more about their customers who buy their products instead of the bonuses and retirement packages and salaries they give each other for the profits they make on our backs. If I could have read the warranty information sealed inside the hard drive box when I purchased the drive, and could have seen that the 5-year warranty (which is used to market the drive) DIDN'T cover data recovery due to faulty hardware or workmanship, I'd never have made the purchase.

Now I'm on a mission to dissuade EVERYONE from buying a Maxtor or Seagate product because it's obvious the company isn't farsighted enough to provide a fair policy of action for these cases - in short, they just don't care about the consumer. Business practices like these are what's made this country of ours so "respected" and successful in the world.

FreeAgent 250 gig USB drive
By -

WEST LAFAYETTE, INDIANA -- At just under 90 bucks, this is a great addition for your home office. Extremely simple to install. It does what it's supposed to do. You should be up and going within 30 seconds! Requires a free USB port, preferably high speed, and AC power for a wall wart. Good for backing up your system, storing music and photos. Also handy for moving large amounts of data between machines. These also come in larger capacity units. Who can ever have too much disk storage available?

Hard Drive Failure
By -

LAKEBAY, WISCONSIN -- I had a Seagate external (portable) hard drive as my data backup. This Seagate drive only lasted 1 year. My Dell PC hard drive is still working after 3 years. The Seagate technical support was no help and said that hard drives just fail sometimes. I just bought a Hitachi portable HD as a replacement, since I won't buy Seagate or Maxtor drives anymore. Buyers beware!!!

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