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Sealand Travel/Destinations Unlimited Travel Club Scam
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Product/Service involved:
Travel Club SeaLand Travel

20,000 hotels & motels, up to 65% off
Condos up to 75% off by the day or week with hundreds of thousands of weeks to choose from.
No fee air ticketing
Discount Cruises: up to 50% off
Discount tours, packages and all inclusive's
Up to 50% off on: Amusement theme parks and tourist attractions, golf, skiing, snowboarding, camping
Discounted cars, motor homes
Discounted houseboat rentals
24 hr. worldwide concierge services
Consumer benefits: Restaurant/movie theater/automotive/health beauty, aids discounts.
Weekly newsletter with hundreds of specials: Condos, cruises, hotels, and vacation packages
Commission rebates of 5% to 12%.

Complaint Description:

High pressure sales tactics to mislead us about travel club services. False advertisement.

ON 14 Aug 2009 my wife and I attend an presention in Gulf Shores, Al. We were offered a free vacation to attend.(Received this in the mail). We didn't do any research before we went because we were NOT going to sign up/buy and anything. The presentation (Destinations Unlimited) was for a Travel Club (SeaLand Travel) We ended up joining the club for $8593 paying by credit card. When we got home we found of that Destinations Unlimited and Sealand Travel had many complaints and law suites against them. BB rated F for Destinations Unlimited and D for SeaLand Travel.

The airline tickets, hotel accommodations, gasoline and $300 grocery coupons we were offered to attend a presentation were not free. We would have to pay $100 plus taxes and other fees. We found that the travel restrictions were so onerous that the trips are virtually impossible to schedule.

We were promised travel value for pennies on the dollar and at the lowest prices for travel however, after doing a little research we found out that other customers discovered that they could have booked the same trips for approximately the same prices. The Club promises of significant discounts on cruises, air travel, hotels and condominiums proved no better than competing travel companies' deals.

They have used various names Royal Palm Travel, Bon Voyage, Suncountry, Horizon, Beachcomber, Castaway, Infinite Vacations according to my research.

Missouri Attorney Generals web site has listed 12 complaints against Destinations Unlimited and 2 against SeaLand Travel.

Texas Attorney General has charged Infiniti Vacations for Deceptive Trade Practices

Destinations Unlimited- Gulf Shores, Al. Ph 251-948-5013 No Web

Destinations Unlimited- Denver, CO.
PH 1-886-502-2913

Sealand Travel-Kansas City, MO.

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Anonymous on 10/07/2009:
All of those clubs seem to be scams. Think about this next time. In today's economy why would any airline or cruise give large discounts to anyone. This travel club is not going to buy airline tickets in bulk and hold on to them hoping that someone will buy them (they'd go bankrupt). All they do is book the tickets for you at whatever the fare is at the time of booking. You got scammed.

I work for a company that touts all of what you mentioned but not without many disclaimers and fees that are not disclosed right away. This "fine print" is usually only read by a member after the contract is signed.
JR in Orlando on 10/07/2009:
Its hard to cheat an honest man. You receive an ad in the mail from a company which offers a vacation so that they can try to sell something to you. This promotion costs them something. Despite the fact you have NO intention to buy anything, you take their vacation. Did it ever occur to you that taken this trip might be a little dishonest on your part? Now you complain because you bought - sucker.

I don't know how many people down here try to get something for nothing by taking these vacations and sitting through time share presentations. Then they complain because it took their time or they bought. I would never take one of these, because I am not interested in buying and I don't believe it is fair to take something, when I have no intent to buy.
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Travel Club Scam
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I ran into this group using the name SeaLand Travel. They were working out of an office in the Galleria, but the company headquarters is supposed to be in Missouri.

We were lured in by a slick sales pitch that offered us two free tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. for 90 minutes of our time. It sounded too good to be true and it was. After the presentation, the high-pressure sales begin. You spend $8999.99 today and only $199 every year after that. We said we were not interested and our salesperson excused himself. Then another one took his place and started a new tack. He offered us a deal where we could pick up a membership that had been defaulted on for only $3226. It had all the benefits, but we could get it because we were such wonderful people. When we said no again, we got another sales representative He lowered the price again. We went through more than hour of this with a total of FIVE sales reps explaining to us why we were fools to pass up this great offer. Of course, each one offered us a lower price. These were the same people that had already sold $9000 memberships to other couples in the room. And we were supposed to trust them?!

We finally insisted on leaving and were given our "free" tickets. They were, in fact, highly-restricted travel vouchers that will cost us at least $100 to use.

RUN, don't walk, if contacted by these con artists!
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goduke on 09/01/2009:
Is that the name they are using now? I ran across them in Dallas using something like "Castaway Club" or something like that. "Free trip to Vegas." Pretty much the same story on the sales pitch. Finally got the voucher. Funny, none of the dates I wanted were ever available.
Anonymous on 09/01/2009:
You did a good job resisting. I work for a timeshare company and can tell you this: "If it has anything to do with a timeshare its a scam and/or ripoff."
ebye on 09/26/2009:
When is the last time that you received any "free" gift that you did not have to pay and have restrictions? Don't you remember when Oprah gave away the cars years ago and got bad press because they had to pay the taxes on it and were restricted on the style of vehicle they could pick? Few recognized that she BOUGHT THE CAR but not the taxes. Why would you think you wouldn't have restrictions? You buy something on sale and there are always restrictions - of course ITS ON SALE!!!!!! I get so sick of seeing people post "how they got taken advantage of" when your supposedly educated and intelligent adults. GET A LIFE AND REALIZE IT ALWAYS COSTS SOMETHING!!!! I'm a travel club member and I have saved over $3,000 in accommodations and airfare in less than 10 months! BE EDUCATED BEFORE YOU JUDGE but I guess your parents didn't teach you that!
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We have been scammed!
Posted by on
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- My husband and I received a postcard invitation to attend a seminar about travel discounts and were guaranteed free gas, airline tickets and groceries just for attending...The high pressured sales and unbelievable discounts on travel, espcially to other countries, was very convincing, and I am afraid that we fell for it...The first quote of $8900 was too steep for us, but the salesman kept going down on his price when he remembered that he got One Travel deal back from someone who could not pay, and he would allow us to buy that one for $3000..We dreamed of traveling to Egypt, Italy...and around the world in our retirement. We were told that our membership would not be effective for 3 days, and now we know why...that was the fine print for refunds...3 days.

We have not used the membership one time...The grocery/gas we were promised went bankrupt, so we never got that...and the airline tickets were never received either...The DEALS that we find, are no better than any deal we could get for ourselves on the internet...These scams need to be stopped. I have filed with the Attorney General, but hope to help someone else or find others to help us in our fight to get our money back...
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/01/2010:
A wise person once said - "if it's too good to be true..........."
Anonymous on 09/01/2010:
It's a good idea to do research and ask many, many questions before signing a contract. Sorry you got snookered.
goduke on 09/01/2010:
This scam has been operated under a bunch of different names. The only place they seem to offer any real savings are in these huge (I.e., expensive) guided tours. The interesting thing is that they tell you that you have to buy right there, but they won't open up their site and the internet so that you can see if what they are saying about savings is true. Sorry you got taken.
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