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No More Kenmore Products For Me!!!
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Rating: 1/51

HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- We bought both a dryer and hot water heater from Sears in the last six years. We have had the hot water heater repaired four times since then. Now the dryer needs repairing again for the third time, we had it fixed last December. Last week, it started to make funny loud banging noises, so we called Sears Repair. The dryer heats just fine, but it makes these really loud noises. The repairman was in my home for only 5-10 minutes before he announced that the dryer motor was gone, and the repair would cost $486. We politely declined, since that is the cost of a new one. I am going to try another brand this time. I am done with Kenmore.

Poor Delivery Service
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FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY FROM SEARS! I agree with some other comments here... Sears Home Delivery is the WORST! I paid a couple thousand dollars for a new washer and dryer. It was delivered on the appropriate day. However, the guys who "put it together" apparently do NOT know how to read instructions. The first time I used it, the 250# washer was rocking all over the place! When I looked it over, I found that half of the screws were missing, the lock nuts were wrong, and half of the attachment pieces were missing!

So, I immediately called them and was told that they would be back out on Monday, July 9. I never received a call last night. So, I called them today only to be told that they will be here on Wednesday! What the HELL????? I am livid! And I know that Sears may or may not read this. Either way, I know they DO NOT CARE about their customers!!!!! I have been a Sears customer for over 20 years, and their service has gotten worse over time. I will most likely NOT being using Sears again. And, I intend to spread this message wherever I can!

Sears Is Worthless
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Rating: 1/51

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURI -- I purchased my Maytag dryer in Sept. 2010 and today's date is 6/11/12 and today my dryer is not drying my clothes. Now my dryer isn't 2 years old and I have to have a technician come from Cape Girardeau, MO at the price of $75.00 and I have to pay for the parts and the labor in order to get it repaired. They can't even come until 6/14/12, and if I didn't take that the next available date was the 19th. Would you do without your dryer that long? Even the 14th is long enough. As much as I paid for that dryer it should have lasted longer than it has. I am not very happy with the service I am receiving from Sears, but nobody cares.

You know I believe that K Mart bought out Sears and K Mart was in Sikeston and we did some work for them and they filed bankruptcy leaving Sikeston owing us over $1000.00 and we have never received that money. So guess I could just take the amount that Sears is going to charge me out of what K Mart owes us. Sears used to be a very good store, but it is just like all the others, worthless. When you are buying, they tell you this and that and they will do this and that, that is a bunch of bull. K Mart needs to pay for my dryer to be fixed. But, of course I know that is not going to happen. Well, I am not alone in not trusting Sears anymore, I hope you never sell anything anymore.

Will Not Cover on and Off Buttons That Cracked on Washer and Dryer
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DARTHMOUTH, RHODE ISLAND -- I called Sears headquarters and pleaded with them to please cover my issue with the on and off buttons that have a plastic covering so that you do not have to put your fingers inside a computer board. I was told I was not covered under my plan due to this being considered cosmetic. I have no other way to turn machine on and off, so they more or less said sorry not covered due to their policy. I feel this was poor design and this issue is only going to get worse now that the protective plastic covering is cracked giving no protection. Thanks Sears never again will I purchase another product made by you people.

Delivery and installation warning; don't buy from Sears

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a washer/dryer with all necessary parts and full installation. On the day of delivery they took my old washer and dryer (which still worked) and left without installing the new washer and dryer because they didn't have all the parts. The service department was extremely unhelpful when I contacted them about this.

Sears should have called me up to delay delivery instead of leaving me stranded without a washer/dryer. Sears doesn't have their own delivery people. They contract out to anyone. So the delivery people will just want to get out of their as fast as possible. I advise people to not purchase appliances from Sears.

Dryer Installation Nightmare
By -

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- This is a cautionary tale of dryer service and installation delivered through Sears. I bought an expensive dryer from Sears in September 2008. It was a nice dryer and quite large for the space so I arranged to have the dryer side ventilated so that it could be placed closer to the wall in my laundry room. The technicians who arrived spoke Spanish most of the job and seemed to be arguing often. They eventually wrapped up the job and said it was all set. I have used the dryer for three years and it seemed to be working OK until it began turning itself off and an error code kept popping up.

I thought perhaps it was time to clean the dryer vent and hired a service company to complete the job. Upon arrival they discovered that the dryer was set up to look like it was ventilated but that Sears had never made the connections on the inside of the dryer to connect to the exterior tubing in the first place. Sears sent out their own repair/service guy and he confirmed that the install was never done correctly. Three years of lint and moisture blowing into the guts of the dryer. The only reason why it limped along for as long as it did was due to the usage being relatively low comparative to the size of appliance purchased.

Mostly families that use their dryer daily buy such an appliance and since I live alone and do laundry once weekly it took some time for the problem to get to the critical point. Now I have a dryer that is completely useless ans Sears giving me the run around about whether they will replace the machine with a comparable product or not. Considering they made the original mistake of incorrect installation you would think they would do the right thing in this instance but this is the "new" Sears not the old one. I am extremely fortunate that I did not have a house fire due to this appliance.

Sears has yet to make this right and I now understand why people get fed up and sue companies. It is an absolute outrage that they left this appliance sitting in my home as an unknown hazard. Shame on Sears for not immediately making this right and passing the buck the way they have in every single call I have made to them. At this point I have no other recourse but to buy a new dryer (NOT from Sears!) and sue them over this shoddy and unprofessional service.

Very poor customer service
By -

I have three issues I'd like to have addressed;
1.) I called 800-4-MY-HOME last week to make an appointment to get my dryer serviced. A couple of years ago I needed my dryer fixed and called the same number and a live person offered me a one year service contract for a couple of hundred dollars and I was hoping to get the same deal this time. A computer answered the phone and never gave me an option to talk to a live person nor to get that same deal. It took me 3 calls to the computer to make the appointment but again not once was a live person offered nor that service contract offered. The service person showed up on Saturday and charged me $283 to "fix" the dryer.
2.) I said "fixed" because the dryer is still not working, the same problem still exists so the $283 was a complete waste of money. I called the 800-4-MY-HOME number on Sunday to talk to someone about the dryer still not working and again was still not given the option of talking to a live person. I pushed the 0 key a couple of times out of desperation and low and behold I got transferred to a live person. However this person could not help me as the computer was not updated yet with the information of my service call and I was told to call back on Monday.
3.) I called back today and got an appointment setup for Thursday and the lady offered me the service contract for $205 for future work, not to include Saturday's $283. She actually tried to sell me the product I wanted last week but could not get on top of the $283 I paid two days ago. So for $488 I can get the dryer fixed instead of buying a new one for $329, call me crazy but that just does not seem like a good deal.
4.) I think the only fair thing for you to do is to refund me $78 dollars and sell me the service contract I wanted but could not buy from the computer and to fix my dryer. Please let me know your thoughts.

Sears Service is Horrible
By -

Made an appointment to have Sears service a 4 year old GE dryer I bought from Pasadena Sears. The dryer started to take 3-4 cycles to dry clothes ever since I had a new washer installed next to it, also bought from and installed by Sears. The delivery people moved my dryer and I guess that misaligned the exhaust duct. The appointment window was between 8A-12N, at 1:30, I called to ask, the technician wasn't answering his phone. He arrived about 30 minutes late and I had to get to back to work by 1:30. He looks at my dryer, takes down numbers and looks behind and says I don't have enough clearance for the dryer duct and he doesn't deal with ducts. I told him, the dryer was working well and installed by Sears as was the previous dryer. I told him the problem started after the Sears people 3 weeks prior moved the dryer to put in the new washer.

He wouldn't move the dryer so he can inspect, he said he doesn't need to, but I am welcome to show him. I moved my dryer for him, he looks and said, for him to fix it, I have to move the washer and remove the laundry areas doors. I told him, the other repair people in the past were able to service my appliances without me having to move my stuff and remove doors.

So I asked him to give me a list of things I have to do before he can get down to fixing the dryer. I told him how long it would take, he said he couldn't say because he wants to do a good a job. I told him I was late for work, he gives me his card. I tried to ask more questions but the guy starts driving away in his Blue Sears Van, with me trying to catch up with his moving van. He doesn't give me an invoice to sign, so I asked Sears to take the hold off my credit card for $129, essentially to have one of their technicians waste almost 5 hours of my day (and losing 5 hours worth of income), move my dryer back and forth for him, I should charge him money for doing his job.

Never again will I buy an appliance from Sears and use their repair service. They spend millions to advertise their "Blue Service Crew" and not on hiring decent technicians. So, Sears Blue Crew Technician Technician ID #XXX hope you had good day because you certainly did your part in giving me a crappy one.

Selling Appliances - Not Customer Service or Competence
By -

California Sears Stores in Placerville and Cameron Park. There is NO customer service, no follow-up, nothing. Easy to order, easy to pay and then it is over. Good luck getting it delivered or installed. This is our last purchase and the last for my children as well. I should have gone to Lowe's or Home Depot, or an independent store. Personnel are consistently inept. Took two weeks to get my receipt, 5 phone calls and three weeks to even get my message to the salesperson. Her co-workers (at two different stores) said they forgot to give her the message. Of course the delivery people aren't here either, but they changed their time and didn't inform the customer, now I can just adjust mine - after all I spent $4000 and they now have the money so what can I do. Last installation = the washer they installed is so imbalanced that it throws anything on it onto the floor; yes of course I called about it. But they didn't call me back. I finally gave up and apparently didn't learn. Frustrated and disappointed but with this purchase, at least I have NOW been convinced that the Sears we grew up with, the one with the quality products, friendly staff, and great service does not exist any longer in any form.

11/05: I was called at noon and they have no idea where my products are. They didn't get them and there is nothing they can do. Apparently SEARS also has no followup and so the first they know you are not getting your purchases is when you are standing in your empty kitchen. Their update that it is out of their control and their vendor isn't calling them back. Haha what a surprise that Karma should strike them. Anyway, I have no range or microwave, they have no idea when it might be coming or if. I started the entire process by calling every local small store, they did not carry the Jenn-Air product. In the future I will change products before I buy from Sears. I judge a company by how they handle problems, Sears is currently not dealing with it - is that the service you are looking for? Glad I did this with my own home before I purchased all appliances for the new house.

Possible death from gas dryer hook up
By -

Complaint Description:
I purchased a Kenmore gas dryer including hookup and all necessary parts for hookup from Sears on 4/3/10. When Sears delivered my new dryer at 8:30 am on 4/6/10, they unhooked my old dryer leaving the gas line open and exposed, put my old dryer in their truck, brought in the new one (denting my door), and noticed they did not have a necessary part to hook it up. they left with my old dryer to get the part all the while leaving the gas line open and exposed to my home. they never came back to hook up my new dryer! I called from 10:00 am-7:00 pm to try to get someone to come back to my home to hook up my new dryer or at least hook back up my old one that they took. I got the total run around. It was a nightmare. My gas line is exposed creating a serious threat to my family's safety. No one ever came back even though I told them I smelled gas and was afraid my house was going to blow up. They told me that I would have to wait until the next day for someone to come back out to hook up the dryer, and that I should call the gas company and the fire dept. to come to my house at my expense to make sure there isn't a leak. Unbelievable!!! All I wanted was someone to come back to hook up the dryer they left in my laundry room. It is now 11:30 pm, and I only hope and pray that my family will not die from this exposed gas line. Even though I turned off the gas to my home, I am afraid of a leak. The service at Sears is not only horrendous, it seems criminal to me. I do not even want this dryer because of the incompetence of a dangerous hook up, terrible service, the lack of concern or help, and the overall safety issue of leaving a gas line exposed. I was on the phone trying to get help for 9 hours. I want Sears to be held liable for anything unfortunate that should happen to me or my family if a leak or explosion does occur. I will NEVER make another purchase at SEARS.

Company Response 04/07/2010:

Dear aegtjg,

We can certainly understand how frustrated you are about the installation on your new dryer. We should have returned the same day to get this taken care of. My name is Shayne and I work for the Sears Cares Escalations Team and we are here for assistance. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can look into this for you. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the dryer was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (aegtjg) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Shayne W.
Senior Case Manager
Sears Cares

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