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Sears will not honor warranty due to my pets!
By -

HOFFMAN ESTATES -- I purchased a refrig. in 2006 from Sears with a 5 year Warranty on Sealed Refrig System. On Feb 4 a tech came out to repair a freon leak (SEALED SYSTEM ISSUE) & add more freon. I have the same problem again, but they refuse to come back out to my house citing "unsanitary work conditions" because I have pet rats (they are in cages, these are fancy rats, pets). The second time they were supposed to come out, someone noted my account that a tech was at my house & rats were running all around & it was unsanitary, ONLY PROBLEM IS, NOBODY ACTUALLY CAME TO MY HOUSE THAT DAY.

From then on, I've spoken to Teleservice Customer Solution Dept. as well as the International Customer Service Dept. every time someone has made me another appt, the service unit down in Lakewood, NJ cancels it. They don't even call me when they cancel it, so each day customer service is scheduled, I sit & wait at my house (my daughters have missed preschool, dance & gymnastics on these days). They don't even call me to tell me they cancelled! Nobody in customer service will send out a second person to check out my house even to see that the first tech lied.

I even had a sales tech at my house today from Sears to discuss installing central air. When I told him about what was going on w/ them refusing to come to my house because of my pets, he couldn't believe it. Nothing about my house is unsanitary/unclean! The rats are our pets! This is discrimination & I've been without my refrigerator for 3 weeks now & NOBODY FROM SEARS WILL HELP ME! I've been a LOYAL customer buying my tractor, hot water heater, water tank, oil furnace, dishwasher, refrig, stove, microwave & THEY PUT THE SIDING ON MY HOUSE & put in a sliding glass door & this is how they treat a loyal customer???

I even spoke to a manager at The Phillipsburg, NJ store, thinking that since this is where a lot of our recent purchases were made she'd do something to help me... even if it was driving to my house to see it's not what the technician said it is. She refused & said there's nothing she could do about it. Apparently there's nothing anyone at Sears can do to help me. This tells me now that I've been blacklisted from service, all of my appliances that came with warranties (oil furnace, hot water heater, etc.) or if we have trouble with anything we bought from them they're not going to provide service.

This is so unfair & it's discrimination based on the pets I have! And they called my house unsanitary work environment! It's far from that! I have dinner parties at my house, I have play groups here with the moms' club where they bring their children here, we have parties here! And they insult me like this. I cannot believe nobody I have spoken to and by now it's been like 30 people can do anything to help me! My case number with them is ** & I hope this complaint goes to a director level within the corporate office... otherwise nothing is going to ever get resolved. This has been going on for THREE WEEKS now I've been without my refrigerator.

The latest conversation with a woman in Teleservice Customer Solution Dept. was that The Lakewood service unit has permanently taken me out of their system due to my "RAT INFESTATION." How's that for customer service?

Food Loss Reimbursement Warranty - Sears
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- Wow, Sears really sucks the big dog. We had NO FRIDGE for the entire month of May -- have you ever been "Amish" before, livin' like that without a FRIDGE?! It ain't fun, let me tell ya. They sent some schmuck to fix the dang thing FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES, but he never did fix it. The first time, he just cancelled the appointment a half hour AFTER it was supposed to happen, "due to an emergency" he said. I sat home the whole friggin' DAY waiting for his sorry butt, and he cancelled on us. GRRRRR.

The 2nd time, he showed up but said he had to order a couple of parts. So he did nothing but leave behind 2 screwdrivers. The 3rd time, he showed up on the wrong date, and hey guess what, nobody was home, so we had to reschedule. The 4th time, he showed up, the parts had arrived, but he said he couldn't fix it because 'it had to be unplugged, turned off, and sit for 24 hours.' Why the heck didn't he tell us that the FIRST time?? And why didn't HE unplug it and shut it off?? Friggin' moron.

After that 4th time, I called Sears and lodged a formal complaint. After 4 unsuccessful attempts at repairing an appliance, they are supposed to replace it with a brand new one under the warranty, so that's what I demanded. A few days later, they brought us the new fridge. However, we are also entitled to food loss reimbursement under the warranty, and they've been jerking me around for the past 3 weeks, telling me they'll call me back, etc., putting me on hold for 45 minutes (that was just this morning, I never did get to a human being). So, I decided, "that's it, I'm going to raise a ruckus now."

And honey, you'd better believe this feisty girl did just that. I logged on to, which is the Better Business Bureau web site. I lodged an official complaint, asking them to resolve it. They emailed me a confirmation number for my complaint, which I then subsequently forwarded to Sears via email, telling them that I am fed up with their lack of service, stalling, and BS games. We just want the $250 bucks for our food that we lost, (which I might add, doesn't even cover the eating at McDonald's and other restaurants the whole damned month of May because we had no food storage), and we simply want them to honor our warranty.

It's a simple concept. But you can't win a battle of wits with an unarmed corporation apparently. They claimed that the idiot repairman schmuck was supposed to take down an itemized list of all the food items in the fridge the first time he came out, but he "forgot" and didn't even log in his cancellation due to an "emergency," so they had no record of him even coming out to the house all four times... so they say there WAS no food in our fridge. Ummm, yeah, OK, like we complained and tried to fix an EMPTY fridge FOUR TIMES?? Oh, but they did have it logged on the automated repair schedule for us, all 4 times.

So I said, "Ya know what? Just because you hired a moron who didn't do his job right, does NOT mean I'm going to get screwed out of my warranty food loss reimbursement, so you tell me exactly how you're going to resolve this situation, and I want it done IMMEDIATELY."

"Well ma'am, we'll have to talk to the repair guy about this and get back to you." I said, "Jog his memory by telling him he had some "emergency" come up and didn't even bother to come to our house the first time, making me waste the entire day waiting for him. That would explain why he didn't log in any information into your system, he was off doing other MORE IMPORTANT things apparently." (I know by telling them this, he got his butt into trouble).

That's as far as it got, until just a few minutes ago -- only a few short hours after I sent them my complaint to the Better Business Bureau -- my phone rang, and it was a nice man saying, "Yes ma'am, we'll honor the warranty, send us the itemized list and we'll cut you a check immediately." I have just come back from the fax machine smiling. It just sucks that a customer has to FIGHT for something on a warranty that was PAID for when the first appliance was purchased. I remember when 'the customer was always RIGHT,' and "customer SERVICE" was a way of life. But not anymore.

So, for all the world to see, I say to the cosmos and the universe: NEVER BUY AN APPLIANCE FROM SEARS. And unless you get somebody's BLOOD alongside a signature on any warranty you sign, prepare to have to fight to get it honored from them later on.

NOTE: I just got another email a few minutes ago from the Sears Service Center stating that "they cannot locate any information about our refrigerator repair." The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing apparently, so I wrote back and said, "Well that's funny because a guy named ** just called me to say he's cutting me a check and I faxed him my itemized list of food items just now. I guess HE has access to the information that YOU claim doesn't exist. How is THAT possible I wonder?" GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. If that check doesn't get here by next week, I'll have to bite somebody's face off, and trust me, it won't be pretty.

Terrible Service on Extended Refrigerator Warranty
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LITTLETON, COLORADO -- Two years into an expensive three year extended warranty, top of the line Samsung French Door refrigerator began freezing food in the refrigerator section. Called Sears Warranty. Set a service appointment. OK so far. Wait for the 1/2 day window. No one shows or calls. Call Sears. They know nothing. After much pressure and confusion, they give me a phone number of All Appliance Service. I call. Lady says, “Oh, glad you called. All Sears gave us was your name.” “Really?” I said, “No phone, address, etc.?” “Nope, just your name. Did not know how to reach you.”

“OK. So here is my info, send a guy!” Guy finally comes out. Has NO idea why he is there or what he is to be servicing. Looks in my refrigerator. Hems and haas and decides I have too much food in there! WTF? “Too much food? It has always had that much food, as have all my refrigerators.” “Oh, yeah, that's your problem.” I argue. He leaves. OK, so I move stuff around and take out stuff. Freezing continues. Big surprise. Three week later, refrigerator quits working, big surprise. Call Sears. Dumb ** named ** sets me an appointment for two days away.

I stress how badly the last event went. She promises to be better. She tells me the same idiot will be my tech. No options. I call All Appliance the next day. Zip and nada is what they have on the appointment, Big surprise. Call Sears back. They tell me I am confirmed for an appointment ONE WEEK FROM NOW! WTF? I have no refrigerator!!! Do you really think a week is OK? Well sir, BS BS. Hung up on me. I call back. Ask for supervisor. They put me on hold and hang up. I call back and ask for a supervisor, They put me on hold and another unsuspecting lady picks up and I go nuts.

She puts me on hold and says she can't send me to a supervisor. Doesn't know how. She says she will have route manager call me and will alert my Preferred Vendor! NO - All Appliance is NOT my preferred anything. 'Says here it is, sir!' She finally admits they are 'overflow' backup. I am still waiting for the route manager, and I do not know if I have an appointment. I will NEVER buy anything from Sears again. I have always supported them as they are veteran friendly. Done with them. This is a company on the way out.

Company Response :

Dear 50250,
I came across your post today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. We are truly sorry for the troubles you have experienced with your refrigerator repair. We realize how important it is to have a working refrigerator in your home, as it stores your food, drinks and medicines. We do our best to make every service interaction both positive and memorable for our customers, and we do apologize for falling short of that mark in this instance. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your experience and make things right. At your convenience please contact our office via email at so you don't have to be upset by this any longer. In the email please provide the best contact phone number or the number to which the refrigerator is listed under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your screen name (50250) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we're sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you,

Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Sears Will Not Repair My Brand New Refrigerator
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COVINGTON, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a brand new Samsung refrigerator from Sears in Covington Virginia on July 5, 2012. I picked it up and installed it myself. When I got the refrigerator home I took the plastic wrap off and opened the doors. There was no paper work, no water line fitting and it was missing 2 bins on the refrigerator door. I went back to the store the next day and I was given a water line fitting and was told that they would order the bins for my door, which as of today I have not received. I installed the unit and I had to eliminate the extra ground prong on the power cord because my receptacles do not have the 3rd hole for the prong.

I got everything hooked up, everything works with the exception of the ice dispenser. The ice maker makes ice but the motor that turns the auger does nothing. I called Sears service and a serviceman came to my home and checked it out and said it needed a new circuit board. He ordered it and it was sent to my home. He came Monday - July 23, 2012 and started to repair it and then said that my warranty has been voided because the prong on the power cord was missing.

I happen to know that the extra safety prong has nothing to do with the operation of the unit. It is there as a safety ground to protect someone from being shocked in the event that the main ground would fail. He said that I was just stuck with - too bad. I am very upset to say the least. I spent 939.00 for a new refrigerator that came with no paper work - no water line fitting - 2 bins missing from the door and an ice dispenser that does not work. I am 61 years old and have shopped at Sears my entire adult life but after this I will never darken the doors of their stores and I am also contacting an attorney.

I don't care what it costs and I don't care if I Win or lose, I am going to pursue this with everything I have. I was very nice about not having the paper work, fitting and the 2 bins but when they refuse to fix a brand new unit that is where I draw the line. Look it up on the net about the round safety plug and every site will say the same thing, that the round safety plug has no effect on the operation of appliances. Talking about scam artist - Sears has to be the best - Instead of satisfaction guaranteed it is buy it and screw you.

Unreliable and Dishonest
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HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I had a scheduled appointment to repair my refrigerator. I took a half day off to wait for the window of repair for the morning. My first call was in the morning to redo. Firmed my appointment since I had not heard from them. They assured me that the appointment would happen. I called an hour later to check on the appointment and was told that they would contact the service person. They came back on the line and said the service person was on his way. An hour later I again called and said not one arrived. Again putting me in hold to call the service person to check the status.

They came back on the line and again was assured that he was on his way. The 4th call another hour later. They again put me on hold came back on the line and said that the service person came and left because no one was home and that they left a message on my door. I told them that was impossible as I had been waiting now for over 4 hours and calling every hour to be told they were on their way and now told that they came and left? Besides that there was no note on my door and additionally I live in a secured condominium and the service person would not be able to get through the security door without calling me first.

They apologized and said that the appointment had been rescheduled to another day a couple of weeks later. I told them that was not acceptable and besides the date they rescheduled it for would not work for me as I would be traveling and so he looked for another date which was going to be a month later!!!

Now after checking various sites and reading other reviews of Sears service that my case is not an isolated one and that there continues to be bad experiences. I guess Sears feels that they are large enough that these kinds of incidences don't concern them and is in the long run not going to affect their bottom line. It's sad to know that they can continue this kind of mentality. What can consumers do? Why are they allowed to continue giving this kind of service with no consequences?

Home Delivery is a Joke
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSON, MICHIGAN -- The experience I've received from Sears today has motivated me to tell as many people that will listen... If you use Sears Home Delivery (and I've learned my lesson and never will again...) please make sure you first clarify what "SET UP & PUT IN PLACE" means to Sears!

Set up and put in place is what my receipt says and if I knew it meant a contracted, incompetent and rude delivery driver would want to 'deliver' my refrigerator (that I paid for in JANUARY, and still awaiting delivery in April) by only taking it off the truck and leaving it at the curb in the "11 minutes" he stated he had slotted for my stop... I WOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT THE REFRIGERATOR or the oven or the microwave or the range hood or the dishwasher or the garbage disposal in the first place. What a joke.

I took the afternoon off work to meet THEIR schedule after multiple delays, back orders and reschedules on the refrigerator. It's now 5:16 pm on April 12, I'm STILL on hold with Sears waiting for a 'Supervisor' (so far, 1:03:49 min for this call -- yes, now over an hour) VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTING... Joke is on me and it'll be on you if you do the same. Beware!

Fixed a 10yr Old Refrigerator for No Charge
Rating: 5/51

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA -- Our 10 yr old Maytag refrigerator suddenly stopped working. We decided to call Sears to have it looked at before replacing it. The service charge is $75. The technician told us the part was covered under warranty. We told him we did not buy the appliance at Sears. He told us it was a manufacturer's warranty. The part was ordered. He came back and installed the part. He did not charge us anything. We did not even have to pay for the $75 service charge. What great service. We would not have known about the warranty if he had not told us. Sears could have easily charged us for the repair.

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- My husband and I purchased a refrigerator, washer, and dryer from Sears instead of a cheaper place, because we wanted professional and friendly service. So sad we couldn't have been more wrong. When our refrigerator was installed not working, and scratched our freshly painted walls, and the delivery boy left half of his garbage on the street in front of our neighbor's house, with his half attempt at humor about delivering our "TV" they sent someone out to check why it didn't work. It was determined that the refrigerant had leaked out, and it would be again checked soon to see why. It was empty the following day.

When we called my husband was transferred to 5 different people to explain himself over and over and over again, finally someone came out and told us that the fridge was not repairable, and someone would call us within 5 to 10 business days. Dissatisfied with this result we went to Sears and got a phone number for Sears Solutions. They gave us a number to take to the same Sears, where we were greeted by a very nice gentlemen who was stuck in the middle of myself and the managers who obviously did not care that we were disappointed with our service. We were told that we would not be refunded the difference in our purchase because it was an exchange.

When I declared that I indeed intended to be refunded, the manager made the adjustments to my husband's card without so much as an apology or a greeting or a hand shake or head nod. Even a glance in my direction would have helped.

Although my situation was finally handled, all I am really looking for is one person in this whole line up of professionals to say "I am so sorry that you have been treated unprofessionally, and that you are unhappy with our service." "We value your business and would like to have the opportunity to serve you again" Something! Anything! Just treat me the way I treat my valued customers. With respect, consideration, genuine caring, at least a smile! Come on Sears!

Without A Refrigerator For 11 Days!
By -

MASHPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Sunday, July 20, 2008 - Called 1-800-4-MY-HOME because the refrigerator was not cooling. Spoke with ** who said he was a Phone Tech. He did some basic troubleshooting (door open, seal OK, raise temperature, etc.). He said a technician would be here on Thursday, July 24, 2008. I objected. Having no refrigerator until Thursday and then possibly facing the need to order parts was unacceptable. I also explained that my husband was having surgery on that day.

Monday, July 21, 2008 - Called 1-800-549-4505, National Customer Relations number I had in my file. Spoke with **. We have had many problems with this refrigerator so I have a well-documented history of this appliance. I asked if a technician could troubleshoot the problem with me thereby possibly bringing the part. I was told that was not possible and that the SEARS technician has a small truck. I did, however, get the Thursday appointment rescheduled for Tuesday between 8 AM and noon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 - The technician did not arrive until after 1 PM and that is after following up with 1-800-4-MY-HOME to make sure he was coming. We were told he would call and tell us when he'd arrive. That was after 12:00 PM. Had to call back because we did not get a call. He showed up after 1 PM, said it was a diffuser and that he'd order the part. It would arrive Wednesday or Thursday. He said we should call service when the part arrived and ask them to expedite for Friday because of a “no cool”.

I called 1-800-927-7836 for a Rental authorization. I was transferred from one department to another and the average waiting time was between 10 - 20 minutes. I experienced disconnects necessitating callbacks and starting all over again with the history of the case. I was told they do not keep a log of phone calls. Finally I was told the technician had not updated the file yet. I was also told that the technician had to verify the food loss and that he would call us.

In the late afternoon I called 1-800-927-7836 and wound up getting 1-800-4-MY-HOME. They would not give me a number to get through to National Customer Relations. They did agree to transfer me. I spoke with **. He explained that under the terms of the agreement I should submit an itemized list of the food loss and we were covered up to $250. He also said we could rent a comparable refrigerator and that SEARS would pay ONLY for the number of days it was needed. He said that as soon as our refrigerator was repaired the rental must be returned.

He gave me the name of several rental companies. He also said he would send us a letter with directions about submitting our claims. The letter has not been received as of July 27, 2008. I have email address and a fax number 1-888-265-9865. Correspondence should be labeled Attention: Food Loss.

I repeatedly explained that was husband was having surgery on Thursday, July 24, 2008 and asked if there was any way they could expedite the part and the repair. The answer was no. As of now, assuming the part came in, we were scheduled for a Tuesday, July 29 service appointment. We could not get a rental. Rentals are for a minimum of one month.

Friday, July 25, 2008 - Waiting for the part. We've been living out of an ice chest. My husband had his surgery, is home and I'm trying to manage his care. Not having a refrigerator has been a terrible hardship. By early afternoon the part had still not come. I called 1-800-927-7836 and spoke with **. She said she had to contact the service unit to find out the status and she would call back. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there was no supervisor present.

I did not get a call back. I called 1-800-927-7836 again and spoke with **. She said she'd check on the matter and call me back. I asked her to please escalate this matter and was told her computer was frozen and she could not give me an escalation number. She called back while I was on the phone and left a matter or fact message that “the service technician ordered the wrong part and that the part should be to us by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and I should call the service unit when the part got here”.

I called 1-800-927-7836 and spoke with **. He listened and apologized and transferred me to ** ID #**. She said she would expedite delivery of the part and we should have it on Monday. She gave me a number to contact her 1-800-690-5650. Saturday, July 26, 2008 - I called 1-800-690-5650 hoping I could get an appointment for late Monday afternoon. I spoke with **. She could do nothing. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no Executive was in. I asked that someone call me back. I did not receive a call back. Sunday, July 27, 2008 - Sears called in PM. It was a reminder for us to call them when the part comes in.

Monday, July 28, 2008 - Message left on answering machine with a return phone number (800-469-4663). Returned call. It was a reminder for us to call as we are on schedule for Tuesday. Tuesday, July 28, 2008 - We called Sears to confirm we were on the schedule. We were on the schedule from 1 - 5 PM. Part had NOT arrived. Called Sears to get UPS tracking number for part. Part that I was told was shipped on Friday actually went out Next Day AIR Saver on Monday morning (Tracking Number **).

** the technician called in AM to check to see if we had the part. I called UPS. Next Day AIR Saver provides delivery next day but delivery times are as late as 6:30 PM. ** called again at 4 PM and said he'd call back.
I called 1-800-690-5850 to ask why after all of the inconvenience we've experienced they couldn't at least ship it Overnight Air which would have gotten the part to us by noon. I spoke with ** ID#**. Didn't know why they ship it that way. ** gave me the number for District Customer Relations Repair (978-777-4132). I called and spoke with **. She said she'd have Mr. ** call tomorrow.

** called at 4:30 PM. Was working away from this geographic area. Would do everything he could to get us on the schedule for tomorrow. He did call back to confirm that we would be on Wednesday's schedule. Wednesday, June 30, 2008 - 9:15 AM - Did not get a call confirming appointment for today. Called 1-800-4-MY-HOME. They said they would call the technician and call us back. 10:15 AM - No call back. Called again and they said the call would be sometime between now and 5 PM but could not give a time frame.

10:45 AM - Called Mr. ** (978-777-4132). He said we were on the schedule and it would probably be in the late afternoon around 4 PM. I offered to send him a copy of my log of events. He gave me a fax number **. 3:30 PM - Sears Technician (**) arrived and replaced the diffuser. At 4:30 PM we checked the temperature and found that the temperature was still at 60-70 degrees. We called 1-800-4-MY-HOME. Warranty repairs will call us back.

No call back. My husband spoke with someone at National Customer Service and they told him that it could take up to 24 hours for the refrigerator to cool. She would put us on the schedule for tomorrow. We should call for a time. 5:00 PM - Called 1-800-549-4505. ** said she would transfer me to Rapid Resolution Department. ** in Rapid Resolution told me the soonest a technician could come was Saturday, August 2. I vented. He said “having a service agreement does not guarantee when something will be fixed”. He transferred me a “Legal Line” and I left a message.

5:15 PM - I called the 1-800-549-4505 number again. The woman listened, sympathized and said she would pass this onto either the “tech recovery team” at 1-800-435-6065 or “One Source at 1-800-479-6351. ** in One Source said I should only call this number and that he had put a message out for the technician (**) to call us tonight.

It is unconscionable to leave someone without a refrigerator for weeks. It is even more unconscionable to be inflexible under the circumstances of my husband's illness. In good faith we purchased a service contract on our major SEARS appliances. It is discourteous to leave people on hold for long periods of time, let them experience disconnects, and be forced to start all over again with their same sad story because cases are not logged.

Most importantly, SEARS has caused my family a huge inconvenience and unnecessary stress. They have also caused me monetary damage because I've had to make repeated trips to the supermarket and resort to bringing prepared food in for our meals. They should not be able to sell Service Agreements that will not be fulfilled in a timely manner. It's one thing to be without a washing machine, or a dishwasher for a week or better. A refrigerator, however, is critical to the health and wellbeing of families. As of now, this issue is open.

Why I want my money back
By -

TREXLERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- The following details my “good faith” attempt to rectify my service problems with your product, a KitchenAid refrigerator that is still as of this writing under warranty. I estimate I have spent $10,000 on products offered by your company, but I believe this may be the end of my business with you.

My wife spent the day today home from work, waiting for a service repair appointment to fix our KitchenAid refrigerator that we purchased in the summer of 2006, and that is still under warranty. At the end of the day, there was no repair visit made to our home, and there was not even a call made to us to cancel the appointment that was made more than 1 month ago.

At this point, I believe that you and the company that services your warranties do not have the same notion of service or responsibility for what you sell that we expect from companies that we do business with. It is because of this experience and the efforts I have made since this “no show” appointment that I wish to ask you to take this refrigerator back, and waive all amounts owed on this product. I purchased this product with a line of credit from your company, with no payments due until June of 2007.

When we noticed the refrigerator needed repair two months ago, we called and scheduled our repair day for April 2, and we even received an automated reminder phone call last night, April 1, 2007, a Sunday. All we knew from that point on was that we were to anticipate a repair visit anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. When nobody appeared or called by 3:30, I started to make calls myself. The following account outlines the circuitous series of hand-offs and hang-ups that I experienced between 4 p.m. today and approximately 6 p.m.

With each call, I have experienced 100% willingness from the representative to try to schedule another appointment for me, or to transfer me to someone else. With each representative I tried to explain that neither my wife nor I intend to miss another day of work, or at this point even a Saturday, unless someone will guarantee that the service call will be scheduled and take place within the exact hour. Nobody seems willing to agree to this compromise. Therefore, I have told each as I have told you to please come and retrieve your product.

Step 1: I call 1-800-469-4663. The representative on this call transfers me to another person after I explained the events of today, inadvertently cutting me off.

Step 2: I call back to 1-800-469-4663. I tell the same story to another representative, who offers to transfer me again. I ask her to tell me the number of the person she is transferring me to, just in case she cuts me off again. She tells me the number is 1-800-676-5778. Then, she attempts to transfer me. In doing so, I am on hold and inadvertently cut off again.

Step 3: I call 1-800-676-5778. The person on the end of this call tells me that the appointment was “cancelled out” for no apparent reason. Her effort from that point was to try to figure out why there was a cancellation, and why I was not called. I told her that that is no concern of mine, but that did not seem to matter. Her name was **, and from what I can figure out she works for A&E Factory Service, 945 Airport Rd., Lakewood, NJ.

When I tried to get beyond establishing a follow-up service call, she instructed me to speak with the people at the national customer service level at 1-800-549-4505. In sending me to this number, she inadvertently cut off my call. Fortunately, I asked her to give me the number ahead of the transfer.

Step 4: I call 1-800-549-4505. I speak with a representative who puts me on hold after hearing my story of today. I am on hold up to 5 minutes and then I am cut off.

Step 5: I call back to 1-800-549-4505. I speak to another representative, tell the story of today, and I am transferred back to a “third-party” team, which I believe was a Whirlpool company service team. I never reached a live person, and was inadvertently cut off within a few minutes.

Step 6: I call back to 1-800-549-4505. I speak to another representative, who instructs me to call the store that I purchased the refrigerator from.

Step 7: I call the store in Trexlertown, PA, and ask to speak to the store manager. ** tells me that because the refrigerator has been in my home for more than 90 days, she is not taking it back. She also tells me that she has nothing to do with service calls, and that I am essentially on my own. She tells me to call back to the service center in New Jersey and schedule another time.

Step 8: I call back to the service center, A&E Factory Service, which immediately transfers me to the credit card company that I owe for this refrigerator. The first representative cuts me off. Before he does this, he puts me on hold to speak with a manager regarding my due balance that I don't intend to pay.

Step 9: I call back to the credit card company number on my credit card bill. I explain the previous conversation, and I am put on hold again. I explain to another representative the entire situation, and I am put on hold, then cut off inadvertently again.

Steps 10-14: I call again to the store manager, the service center, and the Sears Gold MasterCard main line. Each time, I get someone else who wants to transfer my call to another representative, and then cuts me off. I am also directed to an assistant manager at the store in Trexlertown, whose name is “**”. He refused to give his last name. I also speak again with the service center in New Jersey, and they advise me to meet face-to-face with the store manager at Sears.

Step 15: I get a call at home around 6 p.m. April 2. The service representative on the other end of this call is offering to schedule me an appointment for a Saturday. I say to her that I will accept this resolution IF she gives me a guaranteed hour of the day. She refuses to do this, and abruptly ends the call. It was almost as if she considered my request for a guaranteed time a rude request!

Conclusion: On the back of my credit agreement, it reads that I have rights as a consumer. One of these rights appears to be the potential to not pay for goods and services if I have in good faith tried to correct the problem with the merchant. I believe that I have made these efforts this afternoon and evening in good faith, and I will make this final attempt to you, in writing. I intend to demonstrate this good faith effort to as many representatives of your company and other influential companies in your supply chain in order to help make this case and speed resolution.

I also intend to make this case to as many consumer and credit agencies and Internet web sites as I am physically able to connect with. I would propose one of the following two options for resolution. They are the same two options I have communicated in every call to every representative above. Please communicate to me an acceptable option for resolution:

Option 1) Send your people to my home to remove this refrigerator (and clear my balance due on my account).
Option 2) Have your people call to schedule an exact time of day (on a Saturday, so we do not have to miss any more work) for repair service AND guarantee they will show up in the exact scheduled hour. Failure to show up and make the repair would in my mind constitute grounds for mandatory default back to Option 1. Thank you.

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