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Ridiculous About Serving Customer
By -

ILLINOIS -- Sears repair service is the worst in the world. I first called Sears on 2/21 to come out for my refrigerator. Freezer side of my refrigerator stopped working. The tech comes out and sees that one of the sensor for the ice maker is not working and that's why the freezer side is not working. So he orders the part and according to him “he put a rush on it". Mind you, we are talking about a refrigerator here and all my groceries are going bad and I can't buy more groceries because of the freezer. I called them on 2/25 to find out the status on the part. People at Sears have no clue about the part, they have no tracking # whatsoever.

So finally one guy tells me if the part doesn't arrive by Monday 2/28, call us. Sure enough, Monday comes by and we still don't have the part. So I call Sears again and wondering what's going on. Again no one has any clue. After being on the phone with different reps for couple of hours, I get a chance to speak with a so called supervisor. He assures me that my refrigerator will be fixed on Tuesday. I told him, more power to him if you can have the part and a technician out here tomorrow.

He said if I want to bet him. I said, I don't want to bet him but if he wants to take this challenge, be my guest. All I wanted was, my refrigerator fixed. He said, if he can't get this fixed, I can have his job (like I need his pathetic job with the ridiculous company) He said to call back Tuesday and speak to him if this thing is not resolved (he even gave me his Employee ID# and his extension#, which God only knows, even exist). I knew that he was full of hot air, so I took it upon myself and sent out a nasty gram to the following Sears executives: **

I didn't know if it's going to work on but it was worth the shot. After that, I did little more research and found a number for their "Executive customer service". I spoke with them and explain to them that it has been a week and no one has any clue on the part. The representative there, assured me that the part should arrive tomorrow BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well on Tuesday 3/1, the tech shows up and asks us for the part.

We are like, how the heck we know, you are the one who ordered it. He said, OK, he will reschedule his appointment for 3/3 and the part should arrive by then. I also received a call from the Executive customer service stating that they are responding to my email. So I was happy that my nasty gram wasn't a waste of time and energy. Couple hours after the tech leaves, the part shows up.

So I called and scheduled an appointment for 3/2. Now the interesting thing is, I am in IL, and Sears sends out a part from California VIA UPS Ground. Grounds takes 5 business day from California to IL. Now, one day for them to come take a look, 5 days for part to get here and one additional day for them to come out and install part. We are into 9 days of not having our freezer. It gets better. The tech that came out was the same tech that came out the first day. I had told him that the water had stopped working too but he apparently ignored me.

So when he comes in on 3/2 (funny, he doesn't even ring a bell and puts a "sorry we missed you" sticky on the door and was about to leave, I happened to see him and ran out to stop him, he claims that he rang the bell and tried calling on my cell, what a bull crap). So when he comes in to install the ice maker, he just installs the ice maker and about to walk out. I asked him, how long will it take for it work? "He said 8 hours". I said fine but what about the water? He was like "what about the water"?

I told him that I informed him on the first day that the water was not working. So he goes behind the refrigerator and says "Oh it needs a valve and he will order it". So my wife asks him, "what, another week for the part"? He goes "yeah" without any worries. Fine, it's only water, I can live with it. 12 hours go by and the freezer still not working and it's Thursday 3/3 now. So I reach out to the "executive customer service" and told her the tech was piece of work. He didn't do crap. So she apologized and said that she will send out another tech to come out on Friday between 8-12 on 3/4. Very frustrating but I had no other choice.

We waited till about 12:15 on 3/4 and no one shows up. I called Sears and they said that tech was running little late and he will call us. I called them back again at 12:45 pm and the person there said that he will be there in 30 minutes. I got little busy and didn't get a chance to call them until 2:30 to find out where the heck the tech was. They said, the tech took it upon himself and cancelled the appointment because we had the parts coming on 3/8. I am like what??? Parts were for the water and not for the freezer side.

I was on the phone with at least 12 different rude people until 5:00 pm (I am not exaggerating) who had no clue what's going on and reading off the freaking scripts. I finally was able to get a hold of another executive customer service person and she said that she's going to have the tech call you. So the tech finally calls me and I explain to him that the parts that other moron tech ordered were for the water and not the freezer. I know this because, he told us that it's going to work in 8 hours, so why would he order other freezer parts (may be lying so won't get into trouble? Humn... interesting).

He was really apologetic and said that he's going to have a senior tech come out on Monday 3/7. I was fuming at this point, now we are going into 3rd week and the freezer still not working. So I sent out another nasty gram to the following executives: **

So this morning on 3/7, I received another call from the customer service saying that, we will have to cancel the appointment because the parts are on order and no point of tech coming out. At that point, I wanted to reach out to the person on the other side of the phone and choke them. I explain to her that the parts were for the water and not the freezer and I begged her not to cancel the appointment. So she was nice enough to not cancel the appointment. I also reached out the tech who called me on Friday and asked him for help. He was really nice and reached out the tech supposed to come out and ensured that he was still coming out.

So finally today the senior tech came out, was nice and professional and knew what he was doing. He checked several things and told us what to do and said that someone has to come out and install the parts are coming and it should work. This guy seems to know what he's doing so I trust that it will be fixed in next couple of days. But shame on Sears for letting it go this far. I didn't ask to repair a rocket, it's a freaking refrigerator. It's ridiculous that it takes 3 weeks to service a refrigerator. I wouldn't recommend their service to anyone.

Had my wife been working, either her or I had to miss out 4 work days and not to mention, that we have to go out to Walmart to get some water throw away some groceries. PLEASE DON'T USE SEARS unless you REALLY want to take some blood pressure medication...

Very Very bad service
By -

In Feb, 2009, we bought a side by side refrigerator/freezer with a dual cooling system from Sears. In May of 2010 our water dispenser quit, and we noticed the fridge was not as cool. The problem got worse so we called Sears Repair and scheduled a repair appointment.

I took time off work in order to be at the house between 8 am and 12 pm. The repairman came out on June 9 and diagnosed the problem - the fridge cooling system had frozen up - there was no problem with the freezer. He ordered some parts and on June 15th I again took time off work and the repairman returned, installed the parts and the fridge was once again working. He determined the work and the parts were not covered under our warranty and charged us $281.

Three weeks later the fridge again quit cooling & again, no problem with the freezer. We contacted Sears Repair on July 11th via the internet. Sears Repair responded that they would schedule us for July 20. I responded that Sears had already been out once and “fixed the problem” and that I now had a non-working fridge and according to their schedule, would continue to have a non-working fridge for another nine days. Sears Repair then decided to schedule me for an “emergency repair” and set up the appointment between 1 and 5 pm on July 13. I again took time off work to be at home when the repairman arrived.

The repairman did not show up. I did receive a call a little after 4 pm advising me that the repairman was running late and would arrive between 5 and 6 - Nobody showed up. At 7:20 pm, we were called and told that the repairman would not be able to make it out that night and that Sears would call us to reschedule.

On July 14, I again talked with Sears Repair, and we started the process of scheduling all over again. This time they said they could schedule me for July 20 -- leaving us ten days without a fridge. I explained my situation to them -- a non-working fridge, and advised them that the appointment they missed was an “emergency repair”. Sears then decided that they could schedule yet another “emergency appointment” and set it up for Friday, July 16 between 1 and 5 pm -- now only 6 days without a fridge.

I again made arrangements to take time off work to be at the house when the repairman arrived. He showed up a little after 4 pm and proceeded to go to work on the Fridge. The freezer was still working just fine. The repairman pulled a circuit board out of the back of the fridge and performed some tests, and then got into the fridge and saw that our cooling system was once again frozen up. He thawed the cooling system (removed a bunch of ice) and then determined that a heating element on the cooling system (keeps the cooling system from forming ice) was not working -- it had a split in it.

He then determined that the repairs the previous repairman had undertaken were not necessary and that our cooling system was still under warranty. He reversed the previous $281 charge and ordered the parts he felt we would need. He explained that while we just needed the heating element it could only be ordered as one unit that was a combination of heating element and evaporator.

He then determined that because he had cleared the ice that the fridge would function until a repairman could return and install the heating element. He turned the fridge on and waited to confirm that the blower was working that the fridge and freezer were cooling correctly. Feeling confident the fridge would run for a few more weeks, he offered me a Saturday appointment on July 31, so that I would not have to take any more time off work, which I gladly accepted.

Later on that night, I tried to use the ice dispenser in the freezer and learned that it was no longer working. I figured that when the repairman pulled and tested the circuit board that he did not correctly reinstall it as the ice dispenser was working just fine prior to his repair appointment. The next morning I noticed that the fridge was once again not cooling. In fact, it was sitting at 53 degrees. So, once again I called Sears Repair. And once again we started all over again with setting up an appointment over a week out.

I once again explained the problem - how many times the repairman had been there; the fact that I had been scheduled twice for an emergency repair, etc, etc, and in addition, now the ice maker and dispenser were not working. The Sears Representative that I was talking to then referred me to a “technical consultant” and we started all over again. Once again I explained my situation, the emergency repair, etc, and as a result, was referred to what I believe was called “customer solutions”, and we stared all over again. Once again I explained the situation, and asked if someone could stop by that day and look at the fridge.

I explained about the circuit board, and told Sears Repair that I suspected that it had not been correctly reinstalled. I got lots of apologies, acknowledgement that I did indeed sound frustrated, but the soonest they could get someone back out to the house would be July 28. That would leave us without a fridge for 14 days and there was no guarantees that the fridge would be successfully repaired on the 28th I explained again that I didn't have a working fridge, and according to their repair schedule, that I would be without a fridge for almost three weeks, I again requested that someone stop by the house and look at the fridge that day.

Again with apologies, I was told that Sears Repair would not be able to stop by that day, and the earliest time would be July 28. We went back and forth for a while, and I expressed my frustration at their inability to properly diagnose and fix the problem - and their lack of customer service. It got me nowhere. I was told repeatedly that there was nothing else they could do for me. I ended it by hanging up. Shortly after that, I was unpleasantly provided with the reality of why my Ice Maker and Dispenser were not working. It was because my freezer was no longer working. It was rapidly thawing!

How did it all end? That day, we went Refrigerator shopping, we had no choice! Sears left us high and dry without a functioning fridge and freezer and would do nothing about it until July 28. Bad, very bad, repair and customer service! Unbelievable, uncaring, unconscionable customer service! In addition, during this whole two month issue, I also stopped by the Sears store to talk with the appliance manager to express my dismay that I had a fridge that was not working (at that time) just 15 months after I purchased it.

He explained that if it had been a Kenmore product maybe he could help me. However he did agree to make some inquiries on my behalf and took my contact information. We never heard from him again. I also called and asked to speak with the store manager, explaining that I felt that he might be able to weigh in and help me move the process along to. I was assured he would get the message and would call me back after 1:00 pm that day. I never heard from him! This was not the Sears store or service department that we have been accustomed to more than 37 years as Sears customers. Satisfaction Guaranteed? Not anymore.

There's more to this, with regard to repeatedly being asked if I had an extended warranty, did I want to buy an extended warranty, - you know, you wouldn't have this problem if only you had bought an extended warranty. Does that mean that if I did have an extended warranty, the repairman would have shown up with the problem diagnosed correctly with the parts on hand and the fridge have been repaired the first time? Would the problem have been prevented if I had the extended warranty? I don't think so.

I also had a discussion with Sears Repair twice, regarding my hope that based on the history of this problem, the repairman would show up with the correct parts to make the repair, rather than looking at the fridge and determining that parts would have to be ordered, thus turning one repair appointment into many, depending on a correct diagnosis and my continued need to take time off work to be at home during the “four” hour window that Sears scheduled. And, there was the issue about the cooling failure being a common problem with the brand I had purchased, notwithstanding a new fridge only lasting 15 months.

Then there was a customer service representative who wanted to diagnose and deliver an opinion over the phone, based on the parts the repairman ordered. Point is, that person was not present when the repairman was at my house, and the repairman explained to me what the problem was, and why he took the action that he did to order the part. Then there is the combined 12 hours of personal time I had to take from work in order to be at the house to meet the repairman. And of course, the no show appointment. Very very bad repair and customer service by a company who used to bend over backwards to ensure the customer was satisfied!

And, there is the company I bought the new fridge from. Upon learning that the fridge we decided to purchase would be on backorder for a few weeks, they delivered a loaner fridge to me, free of charge. Their idea, not mine. That's the kind of customer service we would have received from Sears not too long ago... Finally, after all of this, why would I ever do business with Sears again?

Sears will not honor warranty due to my pets!
By -

HOFFMAN ESTATES -- I purchased a refrig. in 2006 from Sears with a 5 year Warranty on Sealed Refrig System. On Feb 4 a tech came out to repair a freon leak (SEALED SYSTEM ISSUE) & add more freon. I have the same problem again, but they refuse to come back out to my house citing "unsanitary work conditions" because I have pet rats (they are in cages, these are fancy rats, pets). The second time they were supposed to come out, someone noted my account that a tech was at my house & rats were running all around & it was unsanitary, ONLY PROBLEM IS, NOBODY ACTUALLY CAME TO MY HOUSE THAT DAY.

From then on, I've spoken to Teleservice Customer Solution Dept. as well as the International Customer Service Dept. every time someone has made me another appt, the service unit down in Lakewood, NJ cancels it. They don't even call me when they cancel it, so each day customer service is scheduled, I sit & wait at my house (my daughters have missed preschool, dance & gymnastics on these days). They don't even call me to tell me they cancelled! Nobody in customer service will send out a second person to check out my house even to see that the first tech lied.

I even had a sales tech at my house today from Sears to discuss installing central air. When I told him about what was going on w/ them refusing to come to my house because of my pets, he couldn't believe it. Nothing about my house is unsanitary/unclean! The rats are our pets! This is discrimination & I've been without my refrigerator for 3 weeks now & NOBODY FROM SEARS WILL HELP ME! I've been a LOYAL customer buying my tractor, hot water heater, water tank, oil furnace, dishwasher, refrig, stove, microwave & THEY PUT THE SIDING ON MY HOUSE & put in a sliding glass door & this is how they treat a loyal customer???

I even spoke to a manager at The Phillipsburg, NJ store, thinking that since this is where a lot of our recent purchases were made she'd do something to help me... even if it was driving to my house to see it's not what the technician said it is. She refused & said there's nothing she could do about it. Apparently there's nothing anyone at Sears can do to help me. This tells me now that I've been blacklisted from service, all of my appliances that came with warranties (oil furnace, hot water heater, etc.) or if we have trouble with anything we bought from them they're not going to provide service.

This is so unfair & it's discrimination based on the pets I have! And they called my house unsanitary work environment! It's far from that! I have dinner parties at my house, I have play groups here with the moms' club where they bring their children here, we have parties here! And they insult me like this. I cannot believe nobody I have spoken to and by now it's been like 30 people can do anything to help me! My case number with them is ** & I hope this complaint goes to a director level within the corporate office... otherwise nothing is going to ever get resolved. This has been going on for THREE WEEKS now I've been without my refrigerator.

The latest conversation with a woman in Teleservice Customer Solution Dept. was that The Lakewood service unit has permanently taken me out of their system due to my "RAT INFESTATION." How's that for customer service?

Sears Did Not Honor Refrigerator Warranty
By -

My 2-year old Kenmore refrigerator quit running on August 12, 2007 due to a defective compressor, which is covered under the 5-year warranty for sealed components. When you call Sears, you get the usual options to select and questions to answer. Then you are put on hold awaiting a live person. This person will be the next person available and could be in any city or state. You can't get the same person you talked to last time. You can give the employee ID number and they still don't know who it is. You must start over with the entire story after you repeat your phone number, name and address.

Several times I was disconnected after telling my story and had to start over with someone else. I frequently got conflicting answers, like “no, they don't do warranty repairs” to “yes, they do warranty repairs.” This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Below is a summary of my stressful experience. Following that is the unbelievable details. You will see that Sears continuously changed their story. I got the impression that they were trying to wear me down and drop the issue.


  1. My first phone call for service, Sears said the refrigerator was no longer under warranty and it would take a week before Sears could service it.

  2. I said I would call someone else for service because I needed it repaired sooner.

  3. When I called back and explained that a local non-Sears repair service said the problem was the compressor, Sears did not tell me that the warranty was now void. In fact, my warranty description in my manual did not say the warranty would be voided if someone else worked on the refrigerator. Sears proceeded to sell me the service agreement saying that the compressor would be covered under warranty and the service agreement would cover the labor. They did not say that the service agreement would not cover the repair since some else worked on the refrigerator. I asked them to fax the terms of the Service Smart agreement. They said they did not have faxing capabilities. I asked them to email it; they said they could not, that I would have to wait until it arrived in the mail about 10 days after paying for it.

  4. They proceeded to schedule an appt. A week went by, and then the service tech arrived and said he would not replace the compressor because someone else worked on it. He proceeded to write a report that was inaccurate and made it look like the repairperson had damaged the refrigerator.

  5. I called Sears back and explained that the compressor is covered under the 5-yr warranty. They say the “agreement” is void because someone worked on the refrigerator. I can't get them to consider the factory warranty and forget about the service agreement. My manual does not state the warranty is void if someone other than Sears works on the unit.

  6. 9/5/07: Received the service agreement contract. If says this agreement does not cover service required as a result of a repair by someone not authorized by Sears. The compressor failed before the repair tech arrived. I called him because the refrigerator quit running. The failed compressor was not caused by the repair tech.

  7. I asked multiple Sears personnel if I could fax them the write-up from the local repair tech, which indicates the compressor, was not working upon his arrival. They said they could not receive faxes. The non-Sears repair tech has agreed to appear in Small Claim court if it comes to this.

  8. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. Sears said my warranty was void because the non-Sears repair tech damaged the refrigerator. This is not true. I will file with Small Claims.

  9. I did Win in small claims court because Sears did not show up.

Below is the detail:

  1. My 2-year old Kenmore refrigerator stopped running on 8/13.

  2. 8/13: Called Sears, Service Tech could not come until 8/21.

  3. I could not go w/o a refrigerator for that long, so I called a local service. Only the sealed units were still under warranty. He replaced the start/run switch for $190. It did not help. He said was a faulty compressor and he would not touch it since it was under warranty.

  4. Made the appt. And asked them to have the service tech bring a compressor when he comes so it could be repaired right away.

  5. Cannot bring compressor at first visit. Must come, charge $65, diagnose, and then order the part. Takes a few days to get in. Then they will set up the next appt to install.

  6. Cannot have 2 appointments on the books, so they cannot set up the second appt now.

  7. Compressor is under warranty, but the labor is not.

  8. We stocked food into coolers and purchased many bags of ice. Eventually we bought a small refrigerator for $140. We had already lost about $125 in food.

  9. After I made the appt. I spoke to Employee x. He said I have to select and pay for the plan prior to making the appt.

  10. Must cancel my appt if I want to take the plan, and then reschedule.

  11. Can't provide an est. cost. so we cannot decide in advance if we want the plan.

  12. Called to get service plan. Went through all the automated questions again, a person put me on hold for at least 5 min., and then we were disconnected.

  13. I called back and got the plan. She confirmed that the plan was accepted even though I had an appt.

  14. 8/21: The service tech said he would not repair the compressor and that it was no longer under warranty because someone other than Sears worked on the refrigerator. A new compressor would be $452 and the labor $177. He didn't give us the $500 per the Service plan agreement.

  15. 8/21: I called Sears and spoke with Employee y of the Dept of Repairs. She said the warranty was voided when the other repair service replaced the switch even though they did not touch the compressor. The unit was still sealed.

  16. 8/21: I requested to speak with her supervisor. She said she was the “top” and there was no one above her to talk to. She said that even if I talked to the CEO, he would say the compressor was not covered under the warranty. I persisted and she left a message with the NCR Dept. who must respond within 24 hours.

  17. 8/22: The NCR Dept. did not respond. I called them. They were unfamiliar with the situation and I started from scratch. She said that I needed to call the mfg. for the warranty. I said it was Sears, She said “no, it is Kenmore.” She said that the service tech could not do the mfg warranty work. Then why did they send him? I asked for the $65 service charge to be refunded and to cancel the service agreement. She gave me the Cancellation dept. Gave all my info again. They don't handle the Service Smart cancellations. They will transfer me to 1-877-469-5663. Employee z cancelled the agreement. He said the service tech can do warranty work.

  18. 8/22: I called the Kenmore number. It was Sears. Selected repairs and was transferred to warranty, but got the Tech Line who handles Service Smart disputes. He reviewed my info. The mesa service tech had reported that the wires were hanging loose and shorted the compressor. That is false. I explained what happened and offered to fax my receipt and description of the repair. Employee A “they” have been looking at this as not being covered by the Service Smart agreement. He feels it should still be covered under mfg warranty and there is no need to fax the repair slip. He was the first person who actually “listened” to me and had any empathy. He will have Employee B call the Mesa Service Unit tomorrow morning and get this resolved.

  19. 8/23/07: Employee B has not called me. Called 1-800-767-2000, Opt 1 and asked for Employee B. No such person. They suggested I call Nat'l Customer Relations at 800-927-7836 or Protection Services Resolution Center at 1-888-528-6326. I asked them to connect me to the Service Smart Tech Line in High Point, NC (800-827-6655). They did and someone took a message for Employee B since she was out to lunch.

  20. 8/23: Employee B called me. We became disconnected and she called me right back. The Tech Mgr from Mesa has not returned her call. However, she said the compressor should be covered under the warranty and the motherboard, if needed, is most likely covered as well. She will order the parts and schedule service from Mesa. The next avail appt is Wednesday, Aug 29, between 8 and noon. She will tell them not to send the same service tech. He should have at a minimum given us $500 towards a new appliance per the Service Smart agreement. Employee B will reactivate the Service Smart agreement I cancelled. We can cancel after the appt if it is not needed. Can confirm the appt by calling Tech Line again at l 800-775-2023. I can also reach her at that number. She will be out until next Wed, but will in during our service call in case we have a problem and need to contact her.

  21. 8/23: I called 800-775-2023 and asked for Employee B. She was gone or away from her desk. I left a message. Perhaps the motherboard should be ordered right away in case it is needed. I don't want to wait another week for a second service appt.

  22. 8/28/07: Sears left VM at 6 PM to cancel tomorrow repair appt.

  23. 8/28/07 11:00 AM: Called 800-775-2023. Employee A and Employee B are out. Employee C confirmed that the Service Smart agreement has not been reactivated. I explained that Employee B was going to do 3 things for me last Thursday. 1) Order a compressor, 2) reactivate my Service Smart, 3) schedule a service appt for Wed. Aug 29 between 8 and noon. We have yet received the compressor. I asked Employee C to leave a message for Employee B so she sees it first thing in the morning in case we need to reschedule the service appt.

  24. 8/29/07: Talked with Employee B. She said they cancelled the appt. For the same reason they did not repair the refrigerator the first time (they determined the compressor was not under warranty). Why did they make this appt in the first place if they were going to refuse to honor it? Why wait until the night before the appt. That adds 6 more days w/o a refrigerator. Employee B will call them. She said Sears must legally replace the compressor.

  25. 8/29/07: Sears Repair in Mesa called to set up appt. for Fri or Sat. Set it up for Fri, Aug 31, 8-noon.

  26. 8/29/07, 12: 45 PM: I called the Tech Line. The gal confirmed that the compressor is covered because I did not have Service Smart “before” the other company worked on the refrigerator. She confirmed my Service Smart was reactivated to cover the cost of the labor to replace the compressor. She will have Employee B check on the status of the compressor and get back to me.

  27. 8/30/07: I called Employee B to confirm part was ordered. She did not respond to that question, but said that Service Smart could not cover the repair because someone else worked on the refrigerator. I explained again that the compressor is covered under the “factory” warranty. She said “You have a good point, I'll look into that and get back to you.

  28. 8/30/07, 2PM: Employee B called to say that the warranty is void because someone worked on the refrigerator. She cited their service tech notes that say the previous repairman damaged the refrigerator. I told her, as I had told her before, that I would fax her the repair slip for the previous tech that states that the compressor was weak and maybe bad before he even finished his repair. After all, I called repair service because the refrigerator was not running. So, something was wrong BEFORE the repairman came. She said I could get $500 from Sears (my $240 that I paid for the service plan plus their $260) but it must be spent at Sears. I told her I would never buy an appliance from Sears again. I then told her I would contact an atty. She said she could no longer talk to me and gave me the number of Nat'l Customer Relations (800-927-7836).

  29. Called Nat'l Customer Relations and explained briefly what is going on to **. She said they handle service agreements, not warranty. I should call the Mesa service unit regarding warranty 480-497-7733. I have talked with them in the past and they refuse service because they say the warranty is void.

  30. 9/13/07: Retrieved Small Claims form to complete.

  31. 9/13/07: Called Sears Repair number, selected warranty. Explained the situation to **. She said she could not determine where we bought our refrigerator, just when. But she said if I would cancel my Service agreement, then make a repair appt., the compressor will be covered under warranty. She said to call 888-528-6326.

  32. 9/13/07: Called 888-528-6326, spoke with Employee D and said I wanted to cancel my agreement. She put me on hold and Employee E answered, a Sears Tech Support. I said I wanted to cancel the agreement. He started to read the notes. I summarized it. He said the compressor would not be covered if someone else worked on it. But they would refund my $240 for the agreement. Then he said there were a lot of notes and he better speak with his supv first (He said “she,” I suspect it was Employee B). He said someone would call me back tomorrow. His dep'ts direct line is 800-775-2023. That is the number for Employee B's dept.

  33. 9/14/07: Called 800-549-4505 (customer service). Spoke with the regulator compliance specialist. She is working on my claim with the BBB and plans to respond soon. Her number is 800-762-3049, ext **. I explained that I had not been given a chance to provide the local service tech's findings and accurate description of repairs. She gave me her fax number **.

  34. 9/18/08: Sears responded to the BBB claim saying they would not pay the claim. They said to call for a full refund of the service agreement plan. I had to call two or 3 phone numbers and speak with multiple people to get the refund. They tried to charge me for the service visit in which the service tech did nothing. I refused to pay that. After being on put on hold, they came back and agreed on a full refund.

  35. 10/5/07: Sears replied to the BBB complaint stating that they believe the repair tech damaged the refrigerator and therefore they would not honor the warranty.

  36. I will file with small claims on 10/9/07.

  37. I won in small claims court because Sears did not show up.

Incompetent Uncaring Company, I Am Surprised Used To Have A Great Name
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BELLEROSE, NEW YORK -- Mr. Johnson, I am writing to you with a sense of desperation, as I have been unable to get service for my Refrigerator which has had a service contract from Sears since I purchased it. Both my wife and I have been repeatedly lied to, mislead, and in general, treated with a complete lack of compassion or understanding. I'd like to give you a brief history of what has been going on although I am sure if you access my file in your records by my name, address and telephone number you will see our repeated attempts to try to get the service we paid for.

On Sunday, May 18, 2008 at approximately 2:30 pm my wife heard a loud irregular noise coming from our refrigerator. When she opened the doors she found the lights were out in both refrigerator and freezer and noticed that rather than the gentle hum of the motor there was silence. She immediately brought the matter to my attention. I checked my circuit breaker panel, which has a dedicated line for the refrigerator, and visually noted no change in the switch. My wife called 1-800-4MY-HOME and scheduled an appointment for service for the following day.

On the morning of Monday, May 19, 2008 while I was waiting for the service man to arrive I went to my circuit breaker panel and threw the circuit breaker for the line for my refrigerator. I went upstairs and noticed that the power had returned to the unit, but when I opened the freezer door, I noticed there was a strange odor but was not sure if it was related. I had a doctor's appointment so I had to leave before the serviceman came, but my wife stayed home and waited to receive service on the appliance. That afternoon the serviceman came, I don't know his name but his ID is #** his name must be on record concerning this service incident.

He asked my wife what had happened and he immediately informed her before inspecting the refrigerator that it was probably a problem with our electrical system and there was nothing he could do. He asked for a vacuum cleaner which my wife provided.

He vacuumed the front of the bottom on the refrigerator, which incidentally was already vacuumed and clean, for approximately 30 seconds. He replaced the bottom guard, he opened the freezer door, noticed condensation and informed my wife that first we should consult our owner's manual to determine what type of noise our refrigerator is supposed to make, and second that we must have left the freezer door open which caused the condensation and said there was nothing more that was needed to be done and left.

Mr. Johnson, both my wife and I have owned refrigerators our entire life; we were born after the era of the ice box, so we are absolutely familiar with the sounds a refrigerator is supposed to make. This was not a noise which is made during the normal operation of a refrigerator. Also, he made no indication as to the odor that emanated from the refrigerator. In my opinion this technician is incompetent and could have prevented the following chain of events.

Unfortunately I was not here when the serviceman came as possibly I would have been able to make sure that the serviceman did his job. Rather he took advantage of my wife, who is not familiar with the technical aspects of the operation of a refrigerator. By the time I returned home it was approximately 5 pm and the house reeked of a strange chemical smell. At which time we placed a follow-up call to 1-800-4MY-HOME to reschedule another appointment. Incidentally, by this time there was a large puddle of water on the floor in front of the freezer door and my frozen food was beginning to thaw.

When we spoke to the dispatcher they informed us that since the Monday service call had not cleared from the computer they could not schedule a new service call and that we would have to call back the following morning. As to the chemical odor, the service representative told my wife he would make a “health, or safety” report and someone would get back to us shortly in regard to the odor. That night no one had gotten back to us and my wife began to experience difficulty breathing as the result of this chemical odor she needed to take medication for her condition brought about by this gas, and I had to thoroughly vent the house before we went back home.

That night I had my wife sleep at her sister's house and I returned home and opened all the windows and activated my attic fan in an effort to clear the house of the gas. I picked my wife up first thing Tuesday morning, returned home, and called the service center. They informed me that they would not be able to schedule an appointment until Wednesday, at which time I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I was transferred to ** at your corporate offices who kindly said she would look into the matter while I was on hold and informed me that their service vehicles were vandalized so they couldn't schedule me for that day, but that they would put me on the schedule for Wednesday unless a vehicle became available sooner. They gave us an appointment for Wednesday between 8 am-12 pm. Both my wife and I waited for the serviceman, At approximately 1 PM Mr. **, I.D. #** arrived at my home, he appeared to be very knowledgeable and professional, and immediately recognized the odor as refrigerant.

Mr. ** pulled out and inspected the rear of the refrigerator and then opened the freezer, removed the cover to the evaporator and found two holes in the side of the evaporator that apparently blew out which started the release of gas on Sunday. He also verified that all our frozen food was ruined but was unsure as to whether we were covered for the loss on our service agreement. Mr. ** informed us that the compressor, the evaporator, the coils and some other part needed to be replaced. He said that it has been his experience that a job as extensive as this has never worked successfully.

He called his manager to explain the situation advising him of his lack of confidence in replacing the parts but his manager insisted that he first replace the parts and if that doesn't work then Sears would replace the refrigerator for the customer.

Naturally, when Mr. ** informed me of this I was unhappy with his manager's decision because at this point it has been four days since we have been without a working refrigerator, we lost all our perishable items and at best the parts will come by the 22nd of May at which time I call for an appointment which wouldn't be until at best the 23rd. Having no control over the situation, I patiently agreed. He informed me that the parts will be sent to my home, at which time I should call for a third service appointment.

On Thursday, May 22, 2008 I called the service department to inquire as to when the parts would be delivered as I have been taking my family to restaurants for 5 days now and it's beginning to get costly. The dispatcher I spoke to was very helpful and informed me that the parts were to be delivered that day, the 22nd and she would go ahead and schedule the service call for Friday, May 23rd so that I would not have to go through the holiday weekend without a refrigerator I would like to commend that person but she hung up before I was able to get her name or I.D. #.

I was informed that the serviceman would be here between 8 am and 5 pm. The parts did arrive later that day, Thursday the 23rd of May, as the service dispatcher promised. On the morning of Friday, May 23, 2008 I called to find out approximately what time the service technician would be coming as my wife had a doctor's appointment and I had an emergency dental appointment, and wanted to make sure that one of us would be here for the serviceman's arrival. I was told that he would be here sometime between 12 pm and 5 pm.

My wife and I left at 9:30 for our respective medical appointments, and I put my home phone on call forwarding to my cell phone so as not to miss any phone calls from Sears. While I was in the dentist chair, a call was forwarded to my cell phone from the technician, inquiring about the number of boxes that were delivered. I informed him that three boxes were delivered, he told me that there should have been four boxes as four parts were ordered, and it wouldn't make any sense for him to come if all the parts were not available. But he did say that he would check with his dispatcher to see if all the parts were delivered.

When I got home from the dentist I called the dispatcher and informed him what the driver said to me, and he verified that all the parts were delivered and advised me that he would notify the serviceman. I asked him “can he guarantee that I will get my repair today?”? He told me he would try, at which time I asked to speak to a manager. He forwarded me to your corporate office, customer care department, where I spoke to **, I.D. #**.

I explained the entire story to **, he looked up our records and told me he understood my frustration, put me on hold, spoke to the dispatcher then got back to me and assured me that the service technician would be there to try to repair my refrigerator, if the repairs were unsuccessful Sears would authorize a replacement refrigerator.

He even gave me his extension at 1-800-609-5650, extension ** and told me to contact him personally if there were any additional problems as Sears had dropped the ball 1st on Monday with an incompetent service representative, 2nd Monday night by not having someone call back concerning the safety issue which was posed by the leaking refrigerant that was reported, and 3rd that Sears allowed my family to be without refrigeration for 6 days now.

At 2:30 pm I started to get a little nervous because the service technician who came on Wednesday informed me that this was a 5 hour job and it was starting to get late in the day. I called the service department and they assured me that the serviceman was on his way to my location. I asked to speak to a manager, they forwarded me to the corporate office again, and I spoke to **, ID #**. I asked her to connect me with ** at extension #**, she told me she could not transfer me but had me repeat my entire story again. Then she asked me if she could put me on hold, called the dispatcher and assured me that I would get my service call today.

At 3 pm I called the corporate office and spoke to **, ID #** and he assured me that the serviceman was en route after checking with the dispatcher. I asked him if I could speak to his supervisor and he informed me that the manager was away from his desk but would get back to me before 5 pm.

At 3:30 pm I called corporate office and spoke to **, ID #** and asked her to transfer me to ** at extension ** and she told me that she was unable to transfer calls. I asked her if I could speak to a manager and she told me that there was no manager available and that she was the highest level of contact I could speak to and that their supervisors are only there for quality control. Again, I explained my entire story which she verified by the notes on our account. She asked if she could put me on hold, she spoke to the dispatcher, got back to me and told me that the service technician was on the way.

At 4:30 the service technician telephoned and said that he was stuck in traffic but was on his way and that he would be here within 45 minutes to an hour. At 4:45 we received a phone call from the dispatcher saying that we would not be receiving service today as this is a two-man job and the helper was not available to assist the service technician. She told me that she would have to reschedule our appointment and my wife told her that it would have to be first thing tomorrow morning. She then replied that since it was a holiday weekend no service could be made until Tuesday.

At this point my wife and I were beside ourselves with a sense of frustration and powerlessness. We have been dealing with incompetence, lies, and treated with a total lack of professional courtesy. I placed another call to the corporate office and spoke to ** #**. I explained the entire situation yet again which, as you can imagine, I was tired of explaining when they have it all written out in front of them in their computer records. I must say that ** had very poor professional telephone ethics; she informed me that she couldn't transfer me to ** at extension **, that her supervisor, **, was out of the building and would get back to us Saturday morning.

At this point for my own health and wellbeing I had to stop pursuing trying to get satisfaction as I was getting nowhere. At 3:19 pm today, while in the process of composing this letter, I received a telephone call from **, ID #** (who initially refused to give me her I.D. But then checked with her manager and was ordered to do so) and asked me if she could reschedule my appointment for Wednesday, May 28th!!! I asked her if she was aware that they cancelled my service appointment on Friday and told her that I wanted someone here first thing on Tuesday morning.

She told me that no one was available at that time. I asked her to please connect me with her manager and she informed me that she could not transfer me and that she would have her manager call me back. A few minutes later at 3:28 pm ** at the call center (who claims to have no ID number) telephoned and said (as if he was doing us a favor) that he was setting up an appointment at their earliest convenience for Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

Mr. Johnson I have no idea what is going to happen next but I think you would agree with me that we've passed the point of reasonable customer service. It is now Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 5 pm. It is obvious I will not have any refrigeration until possibly Wednesday which will make a total of 11 days without refrigeration. I have had to feed my family at restaurants for each of these days. I have had to spend an evening in the emergency room. I have had to throw away $350 worth of food. I had to cancel a family barbeque that we had planned for Memorial Day weekend.

I have absolutely no confidence that when the service technician does replace these parts that my refrigerator will operate properly for any reasonable length of time, if it operates at all, as your service technician informed me that he has never seen a refrigerator work after this type of repair.

Mr. Johnson I am sure if you review my purchase history you will see that my wife and I have been loyal customers for many years, both in our purchases and our service contracts. I have also influenced many people to shop at Sears as I have always been pleased with your company and have never run into this level of incompetence and disregard for the customer's satisfaction. I am writing to you as a last ditch effort to avert the continuing injustice that has resulted as policies that you may be unaware of.

Also please be advised that I am forwarding a copy of this to the Better Business Bureau of New York and to consumer advocates at WNYC Channel 5 Fox “Call for Action” and WABC Channel 7 News, “Help Me Howard”, as I am just one poor consumer without any leverage caught under the Sears corporate rock. I have tried to name as many contacts as I could so that these people can be instructed on how to handle this type of situation should it occur in the future as I am sure you wouldn't ever want your family to go through a situation like this.

I hope to hear from you in the very near future. I have gone through the expense of sending this letter via FedEx so it will arrive in a timely manner. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Customer Service Sucks Costing Us Huge $$$$
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My husband recently had a problem with Sear's Customer Service Department. After checking the internet, we aren't the only people who experience problems after purchasing an item from the company. It's no wonder the Company is going downhill! We still haven't had our problem solved, nor were we able to speak with a manager: We are writing to ask if you would investigate this situation for us. We paid $2500 for this refrigerator only 16 months ago!!!!

We purchase the Stainless Steel Kenmore Elite 25 cu. Ft. refrigerator at Sears item# 04677563000 Mfr. model# 77563 16 months ago. The ice maker just broke. I had to make 4 calls to the service department. The first time I called, I go so far as to schedule a time before I was hung up on. I thought, oh no, I'd better call back to verify. The second time I called, I was able to give my name and phone number before my called was dropped. The third time I called, I asked to speak with a manager in the service department, however, they transferred me to the credit card department. By the 4th call, I was able to speak with someone who informed me that I was never on the schedule. Which meant that I would have sat home for 4 hours waiting for nobody to show up. Finally, this customer service person scheduled the appointment but put my address AND phone number down wrong!

The service man came to my neighbors house instead of mine. Long story short, our 1 yr warranty was up and the part was defective. The Service Department said there wasn't anything we could do, nor would they let us speak to a manager! We were told that it would cost us $350.00 to fix the failed Circuit Board on the Ice Maker. For the price of this machine, you'd think it would work for longer than 16 months before breaking. When my husband called to speak with someone at the Sears store, the salesman got very defensive and told my husband, "I've been with the company for 31 years and never had a problem dealing with the service department, don't ever call me again!" That was the end of that conversation. So, my husband resorted to calling the hotline again.

Of course, he was never allowed to speak with anyone in management. The customer service person he spoke with said we should call LG corporation, because the icemaker is an LG part placed in a Kenmore refrigerator. We called the number to LG. They said that Sears should never had given out their number and there wasn't anything they could do. We needed to go through Sears. We've been through hoops trying to get a manager and figure out why a defective part in our machine is a cost we should pay.

The internet doesn't have nice things to say about Sear's Customer Service, or this refrigerator. We are tired of the run around and certainly can't afford to fork out another $350 on a $2500 refrigerator.

By the way, we paid to have it fixed and NOW it's broken again. We were told to fork out another $350 to fix it again. We were also told we should have purchased the extended warranty!

Bad Customer Service/Repair Center
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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- 10/2/07 purchased brand new freezerless Kenmore fridge from the Sears in Northridge, California. On 1/5/08 my fridge was making a loud gurgling noise as well as a steam release noise. I unplugged it and all of a sudden, water came gushing out of the bottom and inside of the fridge. I called repair center and was informed that no one can come fix it that day and won't be able to until Tues. I informed rep that I'm leaving town for a week and can't have them come till the 15th. He set me up for a window of 1-5 pm and I told him I can't take any time off for this and need an appointment after 5:00 pm.

He informed me that the latest appointment available would be at 5:30 and that he would schedule me for that time on the 15th. I then asked if I am eligible for food reimbursement even though I did not purchase the extended warranty, and I was told yes. He transferred me to the warranty dept and I was disconnected. I was on hold for a while and then was bounced around person to person until finally someone knew the correct answer and was told I'm not eligible. I informed the woman that close to an hour of my time was wasted because of uninformed staff.

On the 14th I receive an automated message confirming that my appointment was between 1-5. I called customer service again and the rep sent a message to the router center to put me last on their list. He informed me that the last appointment was at 5:00 and not 5:30. He gave me a number to call the next day and ask to speak with a manager and explain the situation and to make sure that they received the message.

1/15/08 I called the no. and asked to speak with the supervisor. I explained the situation and she told me that the last call is at 5:00. I asked her if she can have the tech come to my house at 5:10 and she said no that she doesn't have the power to do that. I informed her that my ex-husband used to work for Sears, and yes she can do that, but she refused and told me that the tech had 8 jobs, he's only done 3, has 5 left, it's 1:10 and he hasn't taken his one hour lunch yet and she guaranteed that I'm last on the list and that she's sure he's not going to finish his jobs before 5:00 and that he probably won't get to my house after 5:00.

At 3:40 I get a call from the tech informing me that he's on his way to my house. I told him I'm not home and won't be till about 5:00. He said he can't wait and I told him that I spoke with the manager and what she said the case was and not to go far because I'm going to call her. I called again and the same supervisor answered the phone. She informed me that he can't wait and that there's nothing she can do about it.

I asked for a phone number to headquarters and she said that there isn't one. I said yes there is and I want it and she said that District is the highest number they give and she gave me the number I just called her on. I asked her what good is that going to do me if I get her and she's not helping me. I told her I already lost $300 worth of food, my time back on forth on the phone with them, and now money because I have to by 3 meals a day for us and cannot afford that.

She wasn't helpful so I said fine I'll go to the newspapers with this and hung up. Within 30 seconds, the tech called me and told me that he doesn't want me to be upset anymore and will try to accommodate me, but that he can't do it that day because they were sending him to Calabasas and will not pay for him to come back to where I lived because he will not be back till about 7 and they won't pay for that and they won't pay for him to wait for me to get home in an hour and he promised me to schedule me for tomorrow and put me last on the list again. I agreed. I gave the key to my neighbor, who was getting out of work at 3:00.

1/16/07 I called the tech to confirm the appointment and he informed me that he did make it, that he put me last on the list, but that he did not have the call and it was given to someone else. He gave me a number to customer service (the original number I called to set up the repair service) to call to get an approximate time of when the tech is coming today. I called and was informed that the appointment was done for tomorrow 1/17/08 and not today. I explained the situation to customer service and she put me on hold and spoke with the warranty dept. and they said that they can't come today and don't do same day service.

She then called the router department where I dealt with that original manager and she was told the same thing and that they will give my call to a tech who finishes early in the area and that they will call me and inform me of what's going on. My neighbor was kind and left a 1/2 hour early from work in case they come early. I never heard from the manager and they never came!!!

I had sent a complaint to headquarter the previous day and I received an email today informing me how much they value me as a customer and had the nerve to ask me to call them. Hello... you sold me a piece of crap, I'm getting jerked around and blown off by your repair center, I have lost $300 worth of food, I'm on high blood pressure meds and have to eat out, my blood pressure is now sky high from the stress they have caused me, spend extra money to eat out, spent at least 5 hours on the phone and you're freaking asking me to call you to resolve the situation.

Apparently they can't pick up the phone and call me after all this crap they put me through and have the nerve to tell me to call them. They've already made me jump through hoops, and they want me to jump through more. You have got to be kidding me. I responded to them with an update. And after not hearing back from the manager by the end of their business day, I told them to come and pick up the fridge. I don't want it. I don't want it fixed and don't want a replacement. I told them that I want to be credited on my credit card and that if they don't pick it up, I will not pay for it and will fight till the end to save my credit.

I actually called the store and spoke with the sales person and explained everything. I had looked at the fridge and freezer a year before and promised that I would go back to him, which I did. He informed me that they won't take the fridge back because the 90 days are up... it broke 3 days after the 90 day period! He transferred me to One Source, but got disconnected. He called back to follow-up and I told him I won't waste any more time being put on hold and jerked around and I'll take this to the BBB and newspapers. The heck with the papers... this site is better... but I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

He said that he will call them and will have someone call me back. I will get rid of my Sears account, and will never step foot in Sears or K-Mart and will research to see what other sister/parent companies of Sears and won't go to them. WHAT IS UP WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE IN CALIFORNIA? They reel you in, take your money and screw you!

Sears is no longer a name to trust
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Three weeks ago we purchased a nice Samsung fridge at the Sears Outlet. We carefully described our space limitations (there is a wall on one side that extends out very far) and the model was said to be okay. Delivery was fine but fridge not pushed in before the delivery guys left. Once we pushed it in, we found that the fridge was too large for the space as the door hinge opened wider than the cabinet (unlike our flush mount fridge that used to be in the space). We originally scheduled to return the item and then canceled as my husband hoped he might be able to do something to the wall to allow the unit to fit.

After consulting with a contractor, we decided that it was not possible and needed to purchase a replacement unit. We found a smaller unit at our local Sears store. Customer service was fine and we scheduled an exchange for the following week. The delivery men were early, which was great, but they were horrendous. Instead of removing the doors, they forced the fridge through doorways and got it stuck in the kitchen. They then removed the doors and got it placed properly after scratching my walls and tile floors. They reattached everything and left, after telling me they broke a flower pot (that they didn't clean up).

After they left, I went to get the fridge ready and noticed a lot of damage. There were scratches on both sides of the cabinet, the right door was damaged, and the front door handle had been chipped. Even this I could live with. Two hours later I heard an incredible grinding noise and then the fridge began running very hard with a loud whining and grinding sound. I called for service, was dismissed by the man I talked with whom said the sound was "totally normal," and told if I didn't like it to return the item. I contacted my saleswoman who also said to return the item if it was too loud.

So, I contacted delivery, told them to return and take the fridge as it was damaged or defective and that I would not be purchasing another product from Sears. The folks who scheduled the pick-up were very apologetic. I then called the customer care folks and complained. They apologized as well. However, NO ONE said hey, let's replace the item with something that works. This would have been my first thought if I was working customer service. The delivery guy arrived on time the following day. He was surprised that they didn't offer an immediate replacement.

When my husband looked the machine over and had plugged it in again to see if he could replicate the noise - he could - he said it looked like the area near the compressor was damaged. He was simply amazed at how Sears handled this and he was angry that a) the repair people dismissed my concern - he believed they would have been more responsive if he had called and he thought this was unacceptable; and b) that no one at Sears at any level offered to replace the fridge.

Needless to say, we're never buying at Sears again. We've purchased many items over the years from them but haven't for a few years and I can say that things have changed a great deal and NOT for the better! We are using a small local appliance company for our fridge replacement and we're willing to go a week without a fridge to do so.

I am now hoping that our credit cards are properly credited following this fiasco. If not, I'll write a separate complaint. If I held stock in this company I would sell it. Sears will not be in business long if it does not improve its service. There are too many competitors today. I'm very disappointed and cannot recommend Sears for appliances.

Broken Promises & Lies
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ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- On Saturday, August 28 2010 my husband and I went to your Cherry Vale Mall store to purchase a Kenmore 25cu/ft French Door refrigerator. We originally requested delivery for the following Tuesday, August 31, 2010, but had to cancel that date due to our inability to get time off from work to be home for the delivery. We were able to take off and rescheduled the delivery for Friday, September 3, 2010 and received the confirmation call the evening prior stating that our new appliance would be delivered between 10:45 am and 12:45 am on that date.

My husband came home early from work that morning in order to assist with the delivery, and hook up and to be able to put doors and frames back up on doorways that had to be cleared for the appliance to fit. However, our refrigerator did not arrive by the time promised, so at 1:15 pm on the 3rd I called the delivery phone number we were given and was told that they came to our door and no one was home, so they were not able to deliver our order.

Now, that is lie #1 because as I said, my husband had come home early from work (mind you, after working on 3rd shift all night and not getting off normally until 12 noon), and I was up at 7 am to remove the perishables from my old refrigerator, put them into coolers, and to have it ready to be moved into our basement. So there was no way we were not home at the time of the supposed delivery.

While on the phone the woman put me on hold and I was picked up by another operator whom apologized for my wait and that he would put me back on hold so my original operator could pick up my call again. Well, she never came back on the line, but another woman came on that was extremely helpful and apologetic. She then said that a note that was on our order stated that upon a phone call that was made TO US this morning that we said we weren't going to be home at the time of the delivery and would have to reschedule. Lie #2 because a call was never made to our home from your delivery people today.

I was finally turned over to a manager presumably from your delivery office and she did some research stating that my order hadn't even been delivered to the warehouse from the manufacturer and was not expected until Saturday, September 4, 2010! Now how is this possible when we were told on Saturday, August 28, 2010 that it was in stock and could actually have been delivered as soon as Monday, August 30, 2010, but we elected to make it on the 31st instead so we could make arrangements to get off from our jobs? Would we have taken another day off from our jobs without pay and been disappointed yet again?

We took today off from work, without pay, and my husband left work early and lost pay and we still don't have our refrigerator in our home. Is this excuse yet lie #3? This is a serious disappointment and total inconvenience to us and we have strongly considered totally canceling the order. The manager at the delivery office offered us a $25 gift card, but we felt that this was just a band-aid for these circumstances.

I have also called the management department at the Cherry Vale store and have very gratefully had our delivery charge refunded, which is very much appreciated. However, how does something so complicated as this happen in the first place? Why weren't we called immediately, even prior to the original delivery date on August 31st that our appliance wasn't in the warehouse and would have to be postponed to another date? As of now it is scheduled for Sunday, September 5, 2010, however it is an inconvenience since this is the Labor Day holiday weekend and we do have plans.

I told the manager at the delivery site that it had to be here before noon on that date because we had family plans. We are also having a party at our home tomorrow, Saturday, September 4, 2010, and were planning on having two (2) refrigerators in which to be able to put the perishable food in, but that won't be happening.

We feel that a $25 gift card and having the delivery charge refunded is not enough as a compensation for all of the inconvenience & frustration we have had to suffer. We have lost income due to your error as well as the disruption to our home until the refrigerator is delivered, if it is truly delivered on Sunday, September 5, 2010. We will believe it when it is truly sitting in its spot in our kitchen. There should be more of a recourse for this atrocity of an error on your part.

At this point we will find it very doubtful that we will be making any further large purchases from Sears due to your lack of courtesy and responsibility to the consumer and will also be telling our family and friends how irresponsible Sears is when such a purchase is made. A letter of apology from your establishment is expected so we know that someone of authority truly read our letter and will have the issue addressed with the parties responsible.

Excellent Delivery - Again
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In the past two years or so I have ordered (always online, never in the store - perhaps this makes a difference?) and had delivered a convection range, a standard/large refrigerator, a dishwasher, a treadmill and today a mattress. For the most part I have been successful in making each purchase so as to include/take advantage of "free delivery" which is often by way of a rebate and yet I have never noticed a difference in delivery service (e.g., "free delivery vs. Paid delivery). Thus far I have not encountered a single delay, unexpected damage/variance nor have I failed to have been informed of a two hour window no later than the evening before.

All but one delivery arrived within the first minutes of the scheduled two hour window (today my mattress arrived about 15 minutes early). With two of the deliveries I also had Sears remove the old item - one being the old range and today the old mattress - a "deal" to me for a mere $10 each removal as it would cost me more to have it hauled away and/or be more trouble than the $10 charge.

With each delivery I have found the delivery personnel were polite, professional, attentive and overall precisely what I would expect from a well-run delivery business (from what I can tell, the delivery personnel are likely contracted out as the staff don't always wear a Sears uniform and the trucks don't always say Sears on the sides, but I'm not certain of this point). With each delivery the lead staff person ensured I had a copy of my receipt and always informed me that I would be contacted later on in day by Sears to check on the status of my satisfaction with the delivery process.

With all but one delivery I have indeed been contacted and asked several questions (e.g., prompt, polite, professional, helpful etc.) and given the opportunity to include my comments and/or ask questions. Today's delivery, as noted above, was about 15 minutes early (scheduled for 2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.)

At approximately 7:15 A.M. This morning I received a call from a Sears representative noting "we have discovered some damage..." and I thought "oh no, here it comes" but the clerk continued with "there are some loose threads..." and in the end she offered to have the delivery made so that I could make a decision of whether or not to keep the mattress based upon my personal inspection. Furthermore, she noted that if I opted to decline the delivery I could cancel the order completely or have Sears reorder and redeliver, without charge of course.

In all honesty, I dreaded seeing the "damage" as loose threads soon became "gaping hole" in my vivid imagination. However, the delivery personnel were already aware of the "damage" and pointed out the tiniest of frayed threads on the lower edge of a non-flip mattress -- so small was this "damage" that I had to marvel anyone even noticed it in the first place.

I accepted today's delivery (in part because I had already dragged my old mattress to the front door and bid it good riddance in my mind) and was assured the warranty of this rather expensive mattress would not be affected - and I was offered a discount when I called to confirm I accepted the mattress.

Granted, the discount wasn't significant, instead it was basically the delivery fee, but I can't help but feel I likely would not have even noticed the "damage" as the mattress was encased in very heavy plastic that was sealed on all sides - I would have had to spend several minutes inspecting every bit of the plastic covering (it was loose-fitting, but very thick and slightly tinted) to have even discovered the "snag" in the plastic that then highlighted the very meager "damage".

When my range was delivered I did not select "installation" as there's so little to "install" on a gas range I expected to do this myself. However, the delivery personnel informed me they hook up a gas range (if already plumbed and/or a replacement of an existing working range) as part of the delivery service. In fact, the lead delivery person took a few minutes to explain the basics of the oven (you'd think an oven was an oven, but he noted the oven would not work if the clock wasn't set and I'm sure I wouldn't have figured that one out given I rarely read the manual to anything!).

When the refrigerator was delivered I didn't have the space for it cleared/ready (in the garage), however the delivery person didn't just leave it with me as I expected, instead he moved it close enough to at least plug it in and verify it was working and that the lights went on, the door closed properly and that all of the "insides" were intact.

When the dishwasher was delivered the delivery staff knew I did not opt for installation and although they were somewhat surprised to find I expected to do the installation myself (it would be my first dishwasher installation, maybe it showed:), the lead delivery person took a moment to write down the main Sears number "just in case you get stuck and want Sears to finish the installation".

So... with so many complaints I have to wonder if the fact that I've only made my purchases via online makes any difference - or, does the fact that my orders are filled from the same warehouse (not sure this is true, but perhaps it's so) make a difference or, do I happen to live in a town (Sacramento) whose Sears stores have fine-tuned delivery to an outstanding level, an anomaly it seems, but welcome. One thing I do know, there is no way I've just been "lucky" as I've made too many large purchases over the past several years and I have not received this kind of steady excellent service from a two other local "big box" stores.

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