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Customer Service Sucks Costing Us Huge $$$$
By -

My husband recently had a problem with Sear's Customer Service Department. After checking the internet, we aren't the only people who experience problems after purchasing an item from the company. It's no wonder the Company is going downhill! We still haven't had our problem solved, nor were we able to speak with a manager: We are writing to ask if you would investigate this situation for us. We paid $2500 for this refrigerator only 16 months ago!!!!

We purchase the Stainless Steel Kenmore Elite 25 cu. Ft. refrigerator at Sears item# 04677563000 Mfr. model# 77563 16 months ago. The ice maker just broke. I had to make 4 calls to the service department. The first time I called, I go so far as to schedule a time before I was hung up on. I thought, oh no, I'd better call back to verify. The second time I called, I was able to give my name and phone number before my called was dropped. The third time I called, I asked to speak with a manager in the service department, however, they transferred me to the credit card department. By the 4th call, I was able to speak with someone who informed me that I was never on the schedule. Which meant that I would have sat home for 4 hours waiting for nobody to show up. Finally, this customer service person scheduled the appointment but put my address AND phone number down wrong!

The service man came to my neighbors house instead of mine. Long story short, our 1 yr warranty was up and the part was defective. The Service Department said there wasn't anything we could do, nor would they let us speak to a manager! We were told that it would cost us $350.00 to fix the failed Circuit Board on the Ice Maker. For the price of this machine, you'd think it would work for longer than 16 months before breaking. When my husband called to speak with someone at the Sears store, the salesman got very defensive and told my husband, "I've been with the company for 31 years and never had a problem dealing with the service department, don't ever call me again!" That was the end of that conversation. So, my husband resorted to calling the hotline again.

Of course, he was never allowed to speak with anyone in management. The customer service person he spoke with said we should call LG corporation, because the icemaker is an LG part placed in a Kenmore refrigerator. We called the number to LG. They said that Sears should never had given out their number and there wasn't anything they could do. We needed to go through Sears. We've been through hoops trying to get a manager and figure out why a defective part in our machine is a cost we should pay.

The internet doesn't have nice things to say about Sear's Customer Service, or this refrigerator. We are tired of the run around and certainly can't afford to fork out another $350 on a $2500 refrigerator.

By the way, we paid to have it fixed and NOW it's broken again. We were told to fork out another $350 to fix it again. We were also told we should have purchased the extended warranty!

Bad Customer Service/Repair Center
By -

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- 10/2/07 purchased brand new freezerless Kenmore fridge from the Sears in Northridge, California. On 1/5/08 my fridge was making a loud gurgling noise as well as a steam release noise. I unplugged it and all of a sudden, water came gushing out of the bottom and inside of the fridge. I called repair center and was informed that no one can come fix it that day and won't be able to until Tues. I informed rep that I'm leaving town for a week and can't have them come till the 15th. He set me up for a window of 1-5 pm and I told him I can't take any time off for this and need an appointment after 5:00 pm.

He informed me that the latest appointment available would be at 5:30 and that he would schedule me for that time on the 15th. I then asked if I am eligible for food reimbursement even though I did not purchase the extended warranty, and I was told yes. He transferred me to the warranty dept and I was disconnected. I was on hold for a while and then was bounced around person to person until finally someone knew the correct answer and was told I'm not eligible. I informed the woman that close to an hour of my time was wasted because of uninformed staff.

On the 14th I receive an automated message confirming that my appointment was between 1-5. I called customer service again and the rep sent a message to the router center to put me last on their list. He informed me that the last appointment was at 5:00 and not 5:30. He gave me a number to call the next day and ask to speak with a manager and explain the situation and to make sure that they received the message.

1/15/08 I called the no. and asked to speak with the supervisor. I explained the situation and she told me that the last call is at 5:00. I asked her if she can have the tech come to my house at 5:10 and she said no that she doesn't have the power to do that. I informed her that my ex-husband used to work for Sears, and yes she can do that, but she refused and told me that the tech had 8 jobs, he's only done 3, has 5 left, it's 1:10 and he hasn't taken his one hour lunch yet and she guaranteed that I'm last on the list and that she's sure he's not going to finish his jobs before 5:00 and that he probably won't get to my house after 5:00.

At 3:40 I get a call from the tech informing me that he's on his way to my house. I told him I'm not home and won't be till about 5:00. He said he can't wait and I told him that I spoke with the manager and what she said the case was and not to go far because I'm going to call her. I called again and the same supervisor answered the phone. She informed me that he can't wait and that there's nothing she can do about it.

I asked for a phone number to headquarters and she said that there isn't one. I said yes there is and I want it and she said that District is the highest number they give and she gave me the number I just called her on. I asked her what good is that going to do me if I get her and she's not helping me. I told her I already lost $300 worth of food, my time back on forth on the phone with them, and now money because I have to by 3 meals a day for us and cannot afford that.

She wasn't helpful so I said fine I'll go to the newspapers with this and hung up. Within 30 seconds, the tech called me and told me that he doesn't want me to be upset anymore and will try to accommodate me, but that he can't do it that day because they were sending him to Calabasas and will not pay for him to come back to where I lived because he will not be back till about 7 and they won't pay for that and they won't pay for him to wait for me to get home in an hour and he promised me to schedule me for tomorrow and put me last on the list again. I agreed. I gave the key to my neighbor, who was getting out of work at 3:00.

1/16/07 I called the tech to confirm the appointment and he informed me that he did make it, that he put me last on the list, but that he did not have the call and it was given to someone else. He gave me a number to customer service (the original number I called to set up the repair service) to call to get an approximate time of when the tech is coming today. I called and was informed that the appointment was done for tomorrow 1/17/08 and not today. I explained the situation to customer service and she put me on hold and spoke with the warranty dept. and they said that they can't come today and don't do same day service.

She then called the router department where I dealt with that original manager and she was told the same thing and that they will give my call to a tech who finishes early in the area and that they will call me and inform me of what's going on. My neighbor was kind and left a 1/2 hour early from work in case they come early. I never heard from the manager and they never came!!!

I had sent a complaint to headquarter the previous day and I received an email today informing me how much they value me as a customer and had the nerve to ask me to call them. Hello... you sold me a piece of crap, I'm getting jerked around and blown off by your repair center, I have lost $300 worth of food, I'm on high blood pressure meds and have to eat out, my blood pressure is now sky high from the stress they have caused me, spend extra money to eat out, spent at least 5 hours on the phone and you're freaking asking me to call you to resolve the situation.

Apparently they can't pick up the phone and call me after all this crap they put me through and have the nerve to tell me to call them. They've already made me jump through hoops, and they want me to jump through more. You have got to be kidding me. I responded to them with an update. And after not hearing back from the manager by the end of their business day, I told them to come and pick up the fridge. I don't want it. I don't want it fixed and don't want a replacement. I told them that I want to be credited on my credit card and that if they don't pick it up, I will not pay for it and will fight till the end to save my credit.

I actually called the store and spoke with the sales person and explained everything. I had looked at the fridge and freezer a year before and promised that I would go back to him, which I did. He informed me that they won't take the fridge back because the 90 days are up... it broke 3 days after the 90 day period! He transferred me to One Source, but got disconnected. He called back to follow-up and I told him I won't waste any more time being put on hold and jerked around and I'll take this to the BBB and newspapers. The heck with the papers... this site is better... but I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

He said that he will call them and will have someone call me back. I will get rid of my Sears account, and will never step foot in Sears or K-Mart and will research to see what other sister/parent companies of Sears and won't go to them. WHAT IS UP WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE IN CALIFORNIA? They reel you in, take your money and screw you!

Sears is no longer a name to trust
By -

Three weeks ago we purchased a nice Samsung fridge at the Sears Outlet. We carefully described our space limitations (there is a wall on one side that extends out very far) and the model was said to be okay. Delivery was fine but fridge not pushed in before the delivery guys left. Once we pushed it in, we found that the fridge was too large for the space as the door hinge opened wider than the cabinet (unlike our flush mount fridge that used to be in the space). We originally scheduled to return the item and then canceled as my husband hoped he might be able to do something to the wall to allow the unit to fit.

After consulting with a contractor, we decided that it was not possible and needed to purchase a replacement unit. We found a smaller unit at our local Sears store. Customer service was fine and we scheduled an exchange for the following week. The delivery men were early, which was great, but they were horrendous. Instead of removing the doors, they forced the fridge through doorways and got it stuck in the kitchen. They then removed the doors and got it placed properly after scratching my walls and tile floors. They reattached everything and left, after telling me they broke a flower pot (that they didn't clean up).

After they left, I went to get the fridge ready and noticed a lot of damage. There were scratches on both sides of the cabinet, the right door was damaged, and the front door handle had been chipped. Even this I could live with. Two hours later I heard an incredible grinding noise and then the fridge began running very hard with a loud whining and grinding sound. I called for service, was dismissed by the man I talked with whom said the sound was "totally normal," and told if I didn't like it to return the item. I contacted my saleswoman who also said to return the item if it was too loud.

So, I contacted delivery, told them to return and take the fridge as it was damaged or defective and that I would not be purchasing another product from Sears. The folks who scheduled the pick-up were very apologetic. I then called the customer care folks and complained. They apologized as well. However, NO ONE said hey, let's replace the item with something that works. This would have been my first thought if I was working customer service. The delivery guy arrived on time the following day. He was surprised that they didn't offer an immediate replacement.

When my husband looked the machine over and had plugged it in again to see if he could replicate the noise - he could - he said it looked like the area near the compressor was damaged. He was simply amazed at how Sears handled this and he was angry that a) the repair people dismissed my concern - he believed they would have been more responsive if he had called and he thought this was unacceptable; and b) that no one at Sears at any level offered to replace the fridge.

Needless to say, we're never buying at Sears again. We've purchased many items over the years from them but haven't for a few years and I can say that things have changed a great deal and NOT for the better! We are using a small local appliance company for our fridge replacement and we're willing to go a week without a fridge to do so.

I am now hoping that our credit cards are properly credited following this fiasco. If not, I'll write a separate complaint. If I held stock in this company I would sell it. Sears will not be in business long if it does not improve its service. There are too many competitors today. I'm very disappointed and cannot recommend Sears for appliances.

Broken Promises & Lies
By -

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- On Saturday, August 28 2010 my husband and I went to your Cherry Vale Mall store to purchase a Kenmore 25cu/ft French Door refrigerator. We originally requested delivery for the following Tuesday, August 31, 2010, but had to cancel that date due to our inability to get time off from work to be home for the delivery. We were able to take off and rescheduled the delivery for Friday, September 3, 2010 and received the confirmation call the evening prior stating that our new appliance would be delivered between 10:45 am and 12:45 am on that date.

My husband came home early from work that morning in order to assist with the delivery, and hook up and to be able to put doors and frames back up on doorways that had to be cleared for the appliance to fit. However, our refrigerator did not arrive by the time promised, so at 1:15 pm on the 3rd I called the delivery phone number we were given and was told that they came to our door and no one was home, so they were not able to deliver our order.

Now, that is lie #1 because as I said, my husband had come home early from work (mind you, after working on 3rd shift all night and not getting off normally until 12 noon), and I was up at 7 am to remove the perishables from my old refrigerator, put them into coolers, and to have it ready to be moved into our basement. So there was no way we were not home at the time of the supposed delivery.

While on the phone the woman put me on hold and I was picked up by another operator whom apologized for my wait and that he would put me back on hold so my original operator could pick up my call again. Well, she never came back on the line, but another woman came on that was extremely helpful and apologetic. She then said that a note that was on our order stated that upon a phone call that was made TO US this morning that we said we weren't going to be home at the time of the delivery and would have to reschedule. Lie #2 because a call was never made to our home from your delivery people today.

I was finally turned over to a manager presumably from your delivery office and she did some research stating that my order hadn't even been delivered to the warehouse from the manufacturer and was not expected until Saturday, September 4, 2010! Now how is this possible when we were told on Saturday, August 28, 2010 that it was in stock and could actually have been delivered as soon as Monday, August 30, 2010, but we elected to make it on the 31st instead so we could make arrangements to get off from our jobs? Would we have taken another day off from our jobs without pay and been disappointed yet again?

We took today off from work, without pay, and my husband left work early and lost pay and we still don't have our refrigerator in our home. Is this excuse yet lie #3? This is a serious disappointment and total inconvenience to us and we have strongly considered totally canceling the order. The manager at the delivery office offered us a $25 gift card, but we felt that this was just a band-aid for these circumstances.

I have also called the management department at the Cherry Vale store and have very gratefully had our delivery charge refunded, which is very much appreciated. However, how does something so complicated as this happen in the first place? Why weren't we called immediately, even prior to the original delivery date on August 31st that our appliance wasn't in the warehouse and would have to be postponed to another date? As of now it is scheduled for Sunday, September 5, 2010, however it is an inconvenience since this is the Labor Day holiday weekend and we do have plans.

I told the manager at the delivery site that it had to be here before noon on that date because we had family plans. We are also having a party at our home tomorrow, Saturday, September 4, 2010, and were planning on having two (2) refrigerators in which to be able to put the perishable food in, but that won't be happening.

We feel that a $25 gift card and having the delivery charge refunded is not enough as a compensation for all of the inconvenience & frustration we have had to suffer. We have lost income due to your error as well as the disruption to our home until the refrigerator is delivered, if it is truly delivered on Sunday, September 5, 2010. We will believe it when it is truly sitting in its spot in our kitchen. There should be more of a recourse for this atrocity of an error on your part.

At this point we will find it very doubtful that we will be making any further large purchases from Sears due to your lack of courtesy and responsibility to the consumer and will also be telling our family and friends how irresponsible Sears is when such a purchase is made. A letter of apology from your establishment is expected so we know that someone of authority truly read our letter and will have the issue addressed with the parties responsible.

Excellent Delivery - Again
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In the past two years or so I have ordered (always online, never in the store - perhaps this makes a difference?) and had delivered a convection range, a standard/large refrigerator, a dishwasher, a treadmill and today a mattress. For the most part I have been successful in making each purchase so as to include/take advantage of "free delivery" which is often by way of a rebate and yet I have never noticed a difference in delivery service (e.g., "free delivery vs. Paid delivery). Thus far I have not encountered a single delay, unexpected damage/variance nor have I failed to have been informed of a two hour window no later than the evening before.

All but one delivery arrived within the first minutes of the scheduled two hour window (today my mattress arrived about 15 minutes early). With two of the deliveries I also had Sears remove the old item - one being the old range and today the old mattress - a "deal" to me for a mere $10 each removal as it would cost me more to have it hauled away and/or be more trouble than the $10 charge.

With each delivery I have found the delivery personnel were polite, professional, attentive and overall precisely what I would expect from a well-run delivery business (from what I can tell, the delivery personnel are likely contracted out as the staff don't always wear a Sears uniform and the trucks don't always say Sears on the sides, but I'm not certain of this point). With each delivery the lead staff person ensured I had a copy of my receipt and always informed me that I would be contacted later on in day by Sears to check on the status of my satisfaction with the delivery process.

With all but one delivery I have indeed been contacted and asked several questions (e.g., prompt, polite, professional, helpful etc.) and given the opportunity to include my comments and/or ask questions. Today's delivery, as noted above, was about 15 minutes early (scheduled for 2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.)

At approximately 7:15 A.M. This morning I received a call from a Sears representative noting "we have discovered some damage..." and I thought "oh no, here it comes" but the clerk continued with "there are some loose threads..." and in the end she offered to have the delivery made so that I could make a decision of whether or not to keep the mattress based upon my personal inspection. Furthermore, she noted that if I opted to decline the delivery I could cancel the order completely or have Sears reorder and redeliver, without charge of course.

In all honesty, I dreaded seeing the "damage" as loose threads soon became "gaping hole" in my vivid imagination. However, the delivery personnel were already aware of the "damage" and pointed out the tiniest of frayed threads on the lower edge of a non-flip mattress -- so small was this "damage" that I had to marvel anyone even noticed it in the first place.

I accepted today's delivery (in part because I had already dragged my old mattress to the front door and bid it good riddance in my mind) and was assured the warranty of this rather expensive mattress would not be affected - and I was offered a discount when I called to confirm I accepted the mattress.

Granted, the discount wasn't significant, instead it was basically the delivery fee, but I can't help but feel I likely would not have even noticed the "damage" as the mattress was encased in very heavy plastic that was sealed on all sides - I would have had to spend several minutes inspecting every bit of the plastic covering (it was loose-fitting, but very thick and slightly tinted) to have even discovered the "snag" in the plastic that then highlighted the very meager "damage".

When my range was delivered I did not select "installation" as there's so little to "install" on a gas range I expected to do this myself. However, the delivery personnel informed me they hook up a gas range (if already plumbed and/or a replacement of an existing working range) as part of the delivery service. In fact, the lead delivery person took a few minutes to explain the basics of the oven (you'd think an oven was an oven, but he noted the oven would not work if the clock wasn't set and I'm sure I wouldn't have figured that one out given I rarely read the manual to anything!).

When the refrigerator was delivered I didn't have the space for it cleared/ready (in the garage), however the delivery person didn't just leave it with me as I expected, instead he moved it close enough to at least plug it in and verify it was working and that the lights went on, the door closed properly and that all of the "insides" were intact.

When the dishwasher was delivered the delivery staff knew I did not opt for installation and although they were somewhat surprised to find I expected to do the installation myself (it would be my first dishwasher installation, maybe it showed:), the lead delivery person took a moment to write down the main Sears number "just in case you get stuck and want Sears to finish the installation".

So... with so many complaints I have to wonder if the fact that I've only made my purchases via online makes any difference - or, does the fact that my orders are filled from the same warehouse (not sure this is true, but perhaps it's so) make a difference or, do I happen to live in a town (Sacramento) whose Sears stores have fine-tuned delivery to an outstanding level, an anomaly it seems, but welcome. One thing I do know, there is no way I've just been "lucky" as I've made too many large purchases over the past several years and I have not received this kind of steady excellent service from a two other local "big box" stores.

Terrible Service With Defective Refrigerator
By -

I'm writing in regards to refrigerator purchases I recently made at a Sears outlet store. When the original refrigerator I bought was delivered, it began running and never stopped, nor did it ever get cool. I tried several times over the next two days before I got a hold of an actual person to speak with, only to be told that I would have to call back the following day because they were closing soon.

A repairman couldn't be sent until the next day and by then, all of my food had to be thrown away. A new compressor was placed on emergency order and the repairman was supposed to return in another two days. The night before the repair was scheduled - anywhere between 8am and 5pm - I got a call cancelling the appointment, because although the part was on emergency order, it was still stuck in the factory.

They promised they would call back the next day to reschedule for a time as soon as possible. Two days and no phone call later, I went back to the store to see what they could do for me. At the store, I was told they could sell me another one if I wanted, but I couldn't get my money back for the old one until it was back in the store. They also couldn't pick the old one up at the same time they delivered the new one, because that had to be scheduled separately.

I was getting desperate at this point, so I made the mistake of buying another one and cancelling the part for the first one. I was told they don't deliver on weekends, so unless I want to take it with me, it would be 2 or 3 more days. I received confirmation from 3 different people and the automated system that the delivery would be made after 6:30 pm so that I would not have to take off work.

I got a call at 11:30 am asking if I was going to be home in the next hour, because it needed to dropped off by 5:00pm. He had someone call me to reschedule for the following day, but I couldn't be given a time until the automated system called. It never called. I went back to the store and the store manager called a regional manager to deal with the situation. Neither of us has ever received a call back from him.

A few days later, the manager and I spent three hours on the phone with eight different people just to set up the pick-up and refund of my old fridge. They couldn't set up the delivery of the new refrigerator yet however, because they couldn't locate it. Apparently, it got lost in the shuffle between the store, which is about 4 miles from my house, and the warehouse, about 20 miles away, where it first had to be taken in order to be brought to my house.

The next day, the refrigerator was tracked down and delivery was set up for Sunday, although I was previously told no deliveries are made on weekends. I got the confirmation call and an hour after my window passed, I called to see where my delivery was. I was told that the team was just running a little late and would be there any minute. They never showed up.

I called first thing the next morning, expecting an apology and an offer to bring it over that day. They offered to reschedule in another 2 days and couldn't even give me an explanation as to why it wasn't brought the night before. After more phone calls, I finally got someone from the local distribution center to arrange delivery of the new one and pick-up of the old one all at the same time for the next day. That was 2 weeks ago and I still haven't received a refund for the original refrigerator that was returned.

I am extremely unhappy about this situation. Between throwing out about $50 worth of food and $40 worth of medication that needed to be kept cold, missed work, 2 - $65 delivery fees, eating out for almost 3 weeks, and interest on my credit card, I have spent almost twice what the original refrigerator cost me. While I didn't purchase the protection plan, I would expect some reimbursement considering the product I bought was brand new and defective from the beginning. Although the store staff was very helpful, I certainly expected better service from the company itself.

I have since heard numerous and similar complaints about Sears and I thought you needed to be aware of these situations. I can tell you that I will most certainly never shop with Sears again and will make sure none of my friends and family will either.

Copy Of Letter I Wrote To Sears With No Response
By -

63376, MISSOURI -- I am writing you about my recent experience with your company. You have good products but your customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. On Memorial Day weekend of this year my husband and I purchased a refrigerator at your Saint Louis Mills outlet store in Hazelwood Missouri. It was a Maytag model number (12568aes), serial number(12013444lx). I told them I was keeping my old refrigerator and was going to have them move it to the garage. Which was included in the delivery fee.

Anyway when they arrived we again stated this besides it was written on their delivery sheet. However someone didn't read the sheet because they immediately cut the electric cord to the fridge and the cord to the icemaker. Then we were not sure if the new fridge would fit in the space we had so we said we would put it in. They still could have hooked everything up though and they didn't. They seemed like they were in a hurry and left. After this we were left to do it our selves. We didn't have the right size hose to the icemaker and had to go buy one.

Also the temperatures on the door were not working so we were not sure that the fridge even worked. So I called the store in distress because I now had no fridge because they also cut the cord on my other fridge. I was told the manager was not there but they would get one to call me. They never called so I called again and was told they would call me back first thing in the morning. I was also told to call the repair hotline to talk to them. Which I did. No one could help us or tell us what to do.

In the meantime we got the icemaker hooked up ourselves and pushed the fridge in where it goes and the hose to the icemaker breaks and leaks all over our floor into our basement. We turned off the water and manage to fix it ourselves. After a few hours and the help of a friend we also figured out that the wires in the door were not hooked up and that's why the door display didn't work. No one we talked to could tell us that. Not to mention it should have been in working order before they left. What really made me mad is no one from the store followed up after days went by even after I called again they did not follow up.

They couldn't care less about customer service. When I called to complain about it I was told if someone from the store didn't contact me in 48 hours I should call back and make a complaint to the district manager. I did not hear from them after a week so I called again to complain. The woman I talked to said she would call the store with me on the line and we would talk to the manager together. She then came back to my line and told me the manager would not get on the phone to talk to me. He said it was not his problem but the delivery company's. Don't you guys hire your delivery company? I was never treated so badly by a company in my life.

This is an expensive item. Do you guys want my family's business in the future or not? I would really like to hear from someone on your side. This is my second letter. I will share my experience on the Internet if I don't hear from you.

Without A Refrigerator For 11 Days!
By -

MASHPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Sunday, July 20, 2008 - Called 1-800-4-MY-HOME because the refrigerator was not cooling. Spoke with ** who said he was a Phone Tech. He did some basic troubleshooting (door open, seal OK, raise temperature, etc.). He said a technician would be here on Thursday, July 24, 2008. I objected. Having no refrigerator until Thursday and then possibly facing the need to order parts was unacceptable. I also explained that my husband was having surgery on that day.

Monday, July 21, 2008 - Called 1-800-549-4505, National Customer Relations number I had in my file. Spoke with **. We have had many problems with this refrigerator so I have a well-documented history of this appliance. I asked if a technician could troubleshoot the problem with me thereby possibly bringing the part. I was told that was not possible and that the SEARS technician has a small truck. I did, however, get the Thursday appointment rescheduled for Tuesday between 8 AM and noon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 - The technician did not arrive until after 1 PM and that is after following up with 1-800-4-MY-HOME to make sure he was coming. We were told he would call and tell us when he'd arrive. That was after 12:00 PM. Had to call back because we did not get a call. He showed up after 1 PM, said it was a diffuser and that he'd order the part. It would arrive Wednesday or Thursday. He said we should call service when the part arrived and ask them to expedite for Friday because of a “no cool”.

I called 1-800-927-7836 for a Rental authorization. I was transferred from one department to another and the average waiting time was between 10 - 20 minutes. I experienced disconnects necessitating callbacks and starting all over again with the history of the case. I was told they do not keep a log of phone calls. Finally I was told the technician had not updated the file yet. I was also told that the technician had to verify the food loss and that he would call us.

In the late afternoon I called 1-800-927-7836 and wound up getting 1-800-4-MY-HOME. They would not give me a number to get through to National Customer Relations. They did agree to transfer me. I spoke with **. He explained that under the terms of the agreement I should submit an itemized list of the food loss and we were covered up to $250. He also said we could rent a comparable refrigerator and that SEARS would pay ONLY for the number of days it was needed. He said that as soon as our refrigerator was repaired the rental must be returned.

He gave me the name of several rental companies. He also said he would send us a letter with directions about submitting our claims. The letter has not been received as of July 27, 2008. I have email address and a fax number 1-888-265-9865. Correspondence should be labeled Attention: Food Loss.

I repeatedly explained that was husband was having surgery on Thursday, July 24, 2008 and asked if there was any way they could expedite the part and the repair. The answer was no. As of now, assuming the part came in, we were scheduled for a Tuesday, July 29 service appointment. We could not get a rental. Rentals are for a minimum of one month.

Friday, July 25, 2008 - Waiting for the part. We've been living out of an ice chest. My husband had his surgery, is home and I'm trying to manage his care. Not having a refrigerator has been a terrible hardship. By early afternoon the part had still not come. I called 1-800-927-7836 and spoke with **. She said she had to contact the service unit to find out the status and she would call back. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there was no supervisor present.

I did not get a call back. I called 1-800-927-7836 again and spoke with **. She said she'd check on the matter and call me back. I asked her to please escalate this matter and was told her computer was frozen and she could not give me an escalation number. She called back while I was on the phone and left a matter or fact message that “the service technician ordered the wrong part and that the part should be to us by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and I should call the service unit when the part got here”.

I called 1-800-927-7836 and spoke with **. He listened and apologized and transferred me to ** ID #**. She said she would expedite delivery of the part and we should have it on Monday. She gave me a number to contact her 1-800-690-5650. Saturday, July 26, 2008 - I called 1-800-690-5650 hoping I could get an appointment for late Monday afternoon. I spoke with **. She could do nothing. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no Executive was in. I asked that someone call me back. I did not receive a call back. Sunday, July 27, 2008 - Sears called in PM. It was a reminder for us to call them when the part comes in.

Monday, July 28, 2008 - Message left on answering machine with a return phone number (800-469-4663). Returned call. It was a reminder for us to call as we are on schedule for Tuesday. Tuesday, July 28, 2008 - We called Sears to confirm we were on the schedule. We were on the schedule from 1 - 5 PM. Part had NOT arrived. Called Sears to get UPS tracking number for part. Part that I was told was shipped on Friday actually went out Next Day AIR Saver on Monday morning (Tracking Number **).

** the technician called in AM to check to see if we had the part. I called UPS. Next Day AIR Saver provides delivery next day but delivery times are as late as 6:30 PM. ** called again at 4 PM and said he'd call back.
I called 1-800-690-5850 to ask why after all of the inconvenience we've experienced they couldn't at least ship it Overnight Air which would have gotten the part to us by noon. I spoke with ** ID#**. Didn't know why they ship it that way. ** gave me the number for District Customer Relations Repair (978-777-4132). I called and spoke with **. She said she'd have Mr. ** call tomorrow.

** called at 4:30 PM. Was working away from this geographic area. Would do everything he could to get us on the schedule for tomorrow. He did call back to confirm that we would be on Wednesday's schedule. Wednesday, June 30, 2008 - 9:15 AM - Did not get a call confirming appointment for today. Called 1-800-4-MY-HOME. They said they would call the technician and call us back. 10:15 AM - No call back. Called again and they said the call would be sometime between now and 5 PM but could not give a time frame.

10:45 AM - Called Mr. ** (978-777-4132). He said we were on the schedule and it would probably be in the late afternoon around 4 PM. I offered to send him a copy of my log of events. He gave me a fax number **. 3:30 PM - Sears Technician (**) arrived and replaced the diffuser. At 4:30 PM we checked the temperature and found that the temperature was still at 60-70 degrees. We called 1-800-4-MY-HOME. Warranty repairs will call us back.

No call back. My husband spoke with someone at National Customer Service and they told him that it could take up to 24 hours for the refrigerator to cool. She would put us on the schedule for tomorrow. We should call for a time. 5:00 PM - Called 1-800-549-4505. ** said she would transfer me to Rapid Resolution Department. ** in Rapid Resolution told me the soonest a technician could come was Saturday, August 2. I vented. He said “having a service agreement does not guarantee when something will be fixed”. He transferred me a “Legal Line” and I left a message.

5:15 PM - I called the 1-800-549-4505 number again. The woman listened, sympathized and said she would pass this onto either the “tech recovery team” at 1-800-435-6065 or “One Source at 1-800-479-6351. ** in One Source said I should only call this number and that he had put a message out for the technician (**) to call us tonight.

It is unconscionable to leave someone without a refrigerator for weeks. It is even more unconscionable to be inflexible under the circumstances of my husband's illness. In good faith we purchased a service contract on our major SEARS appliances. It is discourteous to leave people on hold for long periods of time, let them experience disconnects, and be forced to start all over again with their same sad story because cases are not logged.

Most importantly, SEARS has caused my family a huge inconvenience and unnecessary stress. They have also caused me monetary damage because I've had to make repeated trips to the supermarket and resort to bringing prepared food in for our meals. They should not be able to sell Service Agreements that will not be fulfilled in a timely manner. It's one thing to be without a washing machine, or a dishwasher for a week or better. A refrigerator, however, is critical to the health and wellbeing of families. As of now, this issue is open.

Sears Service Stinks
By -

NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY -- Every step of my Sears experience has been negative. My old refrigerator freezer's compressor broke, so I called Sears for repair. The repair was scheduled for a 1-5 pm window, and the repair guy came at 5:30 pm, and spent most of the time trying to connect to his computer. It wasn't worth fixing an 8 year-old fridge, so off to the Sears store to buy a new one.

We purchased a 25 cu ft GE Profile with a bottom mount freezer in white. When the delivery came late (3:15 pm instead of the 1-3 pm window), the delivery guys scratched my wall in the stairway. And I mean a 4 ft long, 1/8 inch deep scratch into the dry wall. The guy offered to throw paint over it (yeah, right, then offered to bring a painter the next day). I was uncomfortable with these offers because he seemed so shady, and he was quite angry and belligerent when he found out I was calling Sears to register a damage complaint. He told me what did I expect buying a big fridge, and that I was lucky he didn't scratch my hardwood floors.

The damage complaint - I could not even talk to a person to address it. I was supposed to wait 24-48 hours to wait for a call back. After 48 hrs I called (after being transferred a million times it seems from Indian call center to American one), I finally got the number of the truck company Sears contracted with, so I could settle it with them. They seem to be working out so far - we shall see. I need to get an estimate, then get the work done, then send in my invoice to get paid back.

So the same night I got the fridge, we discovered the water dispenser leaked. Called Sears and scheduled a repair service the next day. The repair guy actually came at the end of the window, but still on time. He was unable to fix it because he was not familiar with the brand new model, was never given blueprints to it. After taking the water dispenser apart, couldn't figure out how to get into it. How are they supposed to do their jobs without the right tools? He had to call his IT to even get info about what parts to order.

So I decided to exchange the refrigerator for a new one, same model. Waited and at the end of our 2 hour window, the delivery folks showed up. And the refrigerator was bashed in. They had no other ones in the warehouse. So... I had to schedule a new delivery and begged the guy on the phone (after being on hold and passed from call center to call center for half an hour) to be put in the earliest morning slot.

I really hate Sears now, but feel trapped into getting a replacement there because it would be easier for an exchange rather than return and waiting for another company's delivery. I have a toddler, so a fridge is a must for milk and food.

Poor Service Online and in Store
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SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a side-by-side refrigerator at Sears outlet in San Leandro, California. The refrigerator was supposed to be new, with only a cosmetic defect, namely, a small scratch on the door. A couple of shelves were missing, the salesperson supposedly ordered them at the time of our purchase. He estimated that the shelves would be in in about a week. After 2.5 weeks go by without a word from Sears, we go back to the customer service center and are informed that the salesperson never actually ordered the shelves.

We paid for delivery of the refrigerator and hook up of icemaker and water. However, the delivery person failed to hook up the icemaker or water. The manager at the outlet promises to call the delivery person to find out why they failed to do the water/icemaker hook up, and get back to us the following business day. However, so far a week has gone by, and we have not heard from them.

In the meantime, we notice that the refrigerator is freezing all of our food. We try unsuccessfully to adjust the temperature by following the instructions to no avail, so we call and schedule an appt for repair. The "technician" comes on December 26, 2007, and it's obvious that he is inexperienced and has no clue as to what is going on. He "fixes" the refrigerator by turning the temperature down to 39 degrees. Obviously, this does not solve the problem, and 2 hours later, the refrigerator temperature has dropped down to 27 degrees. I call the repair center that same day and ask them to send another repair person.

They promise to call me back the next day, but never do. I call again the following day, and after being on hold and being passed around from the customer service number provided by the technician to the "Warranty" customer service number, an appointment is scheduled for December 29, between 8 and noon.

However, on the afternoon of December 28, I get a call from Sears saying that their technician can't make it to my home until 2 pm. The following day, when the technician has not showed up by 3:15pm, I phone Sears to find out what's going on. I am advised that the technician has 2 other stops before he gets to my place, but I am assured that he will be able to service our refrigerator that day. I ask to speak with a manager, and am disconnected. I phone back and am placed on hold.

I finally speak with a manager, who also assures me that the technician will indeed service our refrigerator on that day. However, around 4pm, the technician calls, stating that he will not be able to service all refrigerator, and that he needs to reschedule to January 3, 2008! I phone the repair center again, and ask to speak with manager. I am placed on hold for close to an eternity while a manager is located.

Finally, a woman who identified herself as "Brandy," manager of service and repair gets on the phone, and acts as if she's annoyed that I'm annoyed about the bad service. She tells me that our appointment has been rescheduled to January 3, 2008, between 8 AM and Noon; she refuses to guarantee that we will get the first appointment of the day; and refuses to provide the name of her supervisor.

Meanwhile, we also placed an online order for a stove a on 12/3/07, based on the representation on the website that the item was available for next-day in-store delivery. Where indicated on the website, we entered our phone number and requested that a Sears representative call us on the next business day to confirm delivery date. Two weeks went by without a phone call.

I called, and was told that the estimated delivery date for the stove was January 8, 2008! I requested that my order be cancelled, and was transferred back and forth between and another department, while the "customer service" representatives griped about which department was responsible for cancelling the order. I was able to purchase the same stove for less at Home Depot, and they installed and delivered the stove 2 days after I purchased it.

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