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The Sears Master Protection Plan Covers Nothing Useful
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Rating: 1/51

NEWBERRY, FLORIDA -- Sears Master Protection plan is a joke. It covers nothing useful at all. I buy a used TV, and it's used so I want a warranty on it right? Because maybe it will unexpectedly break right? Well it was faulty from the get go when I bought it, it had a tiny crack in the corner, I thought that would be fine. Well guess what? TV cracks can grow and grow and grow, and it did. Don't believe me? Do some research it happens. So I get a tech out to look at it and he basically says we can't fix it and you are S.O.L. but you could transfer the warranty to a new TV.

Literally right on the MPA page it says, "If we can't fix it, we will replace it." THAT IS A LIE. A LIE. What because it was used that doesn't work that way? So if the guy before me had the volume at 100% all the time and the speaker blew that wouldn't count either? If that's the case then DON'T HAVE YOUR CUSTOMERS PAY FOR A WARRANTY. I called back today and the lady told me I could cancel my warranty for a partial refund. How about all of it since you stole my money. This is why Sears is failing as a business, I will never buy a product from them again.

Failure to Perform Warranty Work
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I purchased a $3,500 Samsung refrigerator along with a $742.00 5-year Master Protection Agreement. The refrigerator and freezer broke in February. It took Sears seven weeks to repair. The cost to feed two teenage boys at a restaurant three meals a day for seven weeks is very expensive. Sears only reimburses $250 for spoiled food.

The refrigerator and freezer broke again August 28. I called Sears August 29. The first available appointment for a technician to look at the unit is September 28, four weeks from now. This is just like the February repair. It took four weeks for a technician to arrive. Then another three weeks for parts to arrive and the technician to come back. I spent hours on the phone and online filing complaints and trying to escalate this. When they refused to repair any quicker, I asked for a new refrigerator. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS OR SAMSUNG. THEY ARE GOING BANKRUPT FOR A REASON.

Probably the Worst Customer Service in the World
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- I won't detail the entire experience because it is still on going, a part was initially ordered for repair of a refrigerator. Cancelled the order (as we decided to get a new refrigerator) called to cancel part. Part came two days later. Called Sears about return. Was told to wait 7 days then take it to UPS. Immediately took to UPS, the said have no arrangement with Sears for return.

Finally got somebody on the phone at Sears who had part picked up by UPS. Was received by Sears 10/27. Have been waiting for credit card refund. Never happens. Have made more than 7 phone calls. On hold one time for over 30 minutes while they "researched" the problem, have been cut off, promised return calls that don't happen, etc. Never ever ever use Sears repair service. While their repairmen are OK but when dealing with parts or any financial issue, they are impossible.

The Most Atrocious Company On The Planet!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- It's the most atrocious company on the planet! I stupidly signed up for the Home Warranty. It has been nothing short of disastrous, from dealing with their inept technicians to trying to deal with their clueless and apathetic customer service reps. Horrible, reprehensible, inept, the list of negatives could go on forever. Do NOT ever think about dealing with this horrible company. Besides, they will go BK at any moment now, deservedly so! For the sake of brevity, I won't recount the number of time that I interacted with these sloths. Nothing but aggravation... You've been warned!

Sears Customer Service Misrepresented the Terms of the Warranty. They Pressured Me Into Purchasing and Now I Have Been Without a Refrigerator for 6 Weeks and Counting!
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Rating: 1/51

RAYLAND, OHIO -- I called Sears for a repair on my 5 1/2 year old Kenmore Elite refrigerator. The guy who answered the call told me that my refrigerator wasn't under warranty but he could sell me a warranty that would cover this current repair plus all other appliances in my home for up to $50,000 or replacement. I asked if I could wait to purchase the agreement until I discussed it with my husband and he told me that if I wanted the current repair to be covered I had to purchase the warranty now. So I purchased it and the technician came out a week later to diagnose the problem. He said there was a leak in the sealed system causing the freezer to be warmer than normal.

So he ordered some parts and returned a week later. He verified it was covered under a warranty. When he returned he put the new parts on and said it would be working in a few hours. The next morning the entire refrigerator was broke. It was 80 degrees inside. I lost over $150 in food I had in the fresh food section. I called to have repair service again. We unplugged the refrigerator since it was 80 degrees in fear that it would further damage the refrigerator.

In the meanwhile I get the warranty in the mail stating that I am only covered for $500 in repairs the first 30 days of the warranty. I called Sears and told them that I was told that it would cover the refrigerator up to $50,000 or be replaced. The guy who sold me the warranty misrepresented the terms of the policy and pressured me into purchasing the warranty right then if I wanted this repair to be covered. The repair technician came to the house a week later and said that the refrigerator needed to be plugged in for 24 hours before he could work on it. He said to keep the refrigerator plugged in until my next appointment which was 5 days later.

When he returned he said the leak was fixed but the compressor wasn't working. I asked him if running the refrigerator with no freon could have damaged the compressor and he said no. I told him that at the initial visit he said the compressor wasn't the problem. He said it must have been working on and off. If that were true he should have ordered a replacement after the initial appointment. I contacted Sears online technical support and asked them if that would cause damage to the compressor and they said yes. I have this email verifying that conversation.

The technician put a new compressor on and it still didn't work. He ordered another compressor, put it on and it still doesn't work. He said he will need to get a senior technician to come to the house with him because he doesn't know what is going on with it. So the technician has been to my house a total of 8 times (including 2 no shows) and my next appointment is still over a week away. I have been without a refrigerator for over 6 weeks! I have talked to every department in the Sears Corp. with no help.

All they want to offer me is $500 for replacement. I was told I would get a full replacement when I purchased the warranty. I was also told I would be reimbursed for the lost food but I haven't seen that either. How can Sears sell you a warranty where they misrepresent the terms of the warranty, send a technician to your house who further damages the refrigerator to the point that it doesn't even work and only offer you $500 for a replacement? Terrible customer service! I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and will be researching my legal rights.

Update 07/24/2015:

I was scrubbing my kitchen floor today and found where the SEARS repair technician burned several holes in my floor when using the blowtorch fixing my refrigerator! Unbelievable what this company is putting me through!!! Still waiting for my 9th repair appointment which is still 8 days away...The executive mananger I am dealing with doesn't even return my calls! Very rude - worst customer service ever! I

Sears - Master Protection Agreement - Don't Buy It
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Rating: 1/51

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- I am an EXTREMELY UNHAPPY customer living a HORRIBLE SERVICE SITUATION that sadly continues on. Our problems began on 1/30/2013. I came downstairs that morning and our fridge that we have had for only a few years had stopped working sometime in the night. All food was spoiled. My husband called the service number and we were given an appointment date on 2/6/2013 -- A GUARANTEED ONE WEEK OF NO WORKING FRIDGE.

The service technician arrived, made an assessment and then insisted on ordering the part as an emergency, which we appreciated. He was rescheduled to come back to our home on 2/13/2013. ANOTHER WEEK OF NO WORKING FRIDGE. But, he also said that if the part arrived sooner than that, call in and he could come earlier. We did call in, and no, they were not able to have him come earlier. Clearly there isn't a policy for moving waiting customers forward in the queue.

So, on 2/13/2013 the second technician arrived. He installed the part, but then made the assessment that a second part was needed to fix the fridge because it still didn't work. He ordered that second part while still in our home. It also was ordered as an emergency, with our next service date scheduled for 2/18/2013.

On 2/17/2013 my husband received an automated call with a message to call Sears. Our service appointment had been cancelled because the part had not arrived. Our next service date was scheduled for 2/22/2013. NOW WE ARE OVER 3 WEEKS WITHOUT A WORKING FRIDGE. And again, he received an automated call on 2/21/2013 that the part had still not arrived, so our service appointment was cancelled again.

By this time, our family of 5 had had it. I took my three children out of town just so we could have a working fridge. With all the service appointments scheduled, we expected to come home to a working fridge. However, that was not to be. We have now been talking with the Sears Repair Active Solutions group. Unfortunately, their record keeping is not good. We have talked with **, none of which knew our story or had the correct dates and actions in their records, so we have had to enlighten them each time.

When I have asked to escalate the call, each one told us that they were the ones who make the decisions and wouldn't transfer us to a higher decision making authority, stonewalling us each time. I believe their department is a black hole with no way of escalating.

On 2/22/2013, that group suggested that we rent a refrigerator and that they will reimburse us for the cost while our refrigerator is not working. First of all, why didn't they mention that a lot earlier? And second, our local rental companies only rent month to month. Since we are already approaching 4 weeks with this service issue, I am optimistic that this refrigerator situation will be resolved within the next month, so I'll be stuck with part of the rental bill. And third, the rental company can't deliver anything to us until the middle of next week, so what's the point?

We also have $250 food spoilage coverage. Great. However, we don't receive that money until the fridge is fixed. And what about the groceries that I cannot buy right now and the added expense of eating out or shopping daily since we can't save anything? $250 doesn't make a dent into our food elevated bill these last several weeks. And then there is that we have been told by two of the service reps ** - that GE has reported that they don't have the part needed and it is back ordered indefinitely. If that is true, why on earth is Sears forcing us to endure this pain? They could instead simply move ahead with the replacement fridge and be done with us.

I am a very patient person, I teach middle school - but I have reached my breaking point. I am done being patient. I am no longer giving Sears the benefit of the doubt. I have come to realize that sadly there is no one easily contactable who has any power to deal with our situation, which at this point is simply getting a replacement fridge. So, while we continue to be stonewalled and will have to endure this process to get the replacement in the end, we have contacted our attorney. My husband is a social media expert and will be doing damage to Sears' reputation.

This is what this service process has reduced us to, which in the end is simply telling the truth about our bad experience. Sears has lost us as a future customer as well as the many, many others that my husband and I will reach.

Warranty Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

MISSISSIPPI -- This has been a horrible experience. First Sears Warranty department tells me I don't have a warranty even though I have the agreement. I was asked to go back 5 years and provide a receipt. Then 3 months prior to the warranty expiring I get a renewal notice. Call them, they sent a third party tech out to work on ice maker. The tech was great to work with but Sears "Sack" their tech department were horrible. I have had 6 service calls, two addition call where Sears scheduled appointments and didn't confirm with third party tech. They want the third party tech to rebuild the ice maker. Requiring at least 2 more service calls.

Had a male service agreement manager tell me it was my problem to get the third party service company out to my house, even though the third party service guy had a medical emergency and couldn't work for a week. I wouldn't recommend this warranty for anyone. I have lost money having to stay home for 6 service calls plus two no shows and the ice maker is still not working. The whole situation has been a nightmare.

Will Never Buy Appliances or Extended Warranties From Sears Again
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Rating: 2/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- It all began with a purchase of an Electrolux induction range in July 2011. Induction ranges were new on the market in the United States, so they were expensive and did not have a lot of history or reviews. I loved this particular range because of the induction feature as well as the dehydrator, convection, slow cooker, perfect turkey, and bread proofing options in the oven. It was all electronic and top of the line of non-professional ranges at the cost of $3200.00.

I never buy extended warranties, but we decided to do so on this appliance because it was so new on the market, and it was all electronic. I was also told by either the person who sold me the range or one of the customer service representatives on the phone along the way that a person who specialized in repairing Electrolux ranges (instead of a standard Sears repairman) would need to be the one to work on the range in the case of any problems.

The range functioned beautifully until July 2013. An error code of "E 15" would flash on the control panel that ran the burners, and it would spontaneously and erratically beep this error code with no real rhyme or reason. You couldn't turn off the error code, and the range would function fine sometimes when it would beep, and other times, the burners would freeze up; you couldn't turn them on at all.

I called the customer repair service line to get help. I was told to go out in my garage and switch the breaker on and off, and that seemed to correct the problem and render the burners functional again. They would be fine for no determined length of time, and then it would start beeping again and the burners may or may not work again. There was no pattern. We would go and switch the breaker on and off whenever needed for a few weeks, and then, all of sudden, the error code just stopped.

We then didn't have any problem with it for a couple more months until late September. I finally called Sears back, and I told them that I was having this same error code recur with the same types of problems as outlined above. I told them that I had already been told to turn the breaker on and off, and that I just wanted someone to come out to the house to look at the range itself.

They told me it would take 5 days to have someone to come out and look at my range. Mind you, I did pay for an Extended Service Warranty. I'm not just some Joe Shmoe who didn't pay for an extended service warranty who is calling in to get repairs done on an appliance. I would think when someone dishes out hundreds of dollars for an extended service warranty, that the company would address those customers' services needs with urgency, and with the #1 rule of quality customer service, "The customer is always right."

Then, when they sent someone out, the repair person plugged the diagnostic computer into the range, and announced, "With this error code, it's suggested that we turn the breaker on and off." I announced we already knew that and did that. The repairman and the people on the other end of the phone line seemed fairly clueless about what to do when this E 15 error code showed up.

They decided to order a board which they thought would fix the problem. I waited another 5 days for the part to be ordered and delivered. Finally, the repairman, **, came to replace the electronic board, and he did it within the 15 minutes while I was away from the house picking up a child. When I returned, he was out in front of my house, and he asked me to sign off on the repair and to rate his service. I gave him a good rating and signed off on the repair. He left.

I went inside to find that he had left screws and his screwdriver on the counter. When we went to turn the range on, we noticed that some of the segments of the numbers on the electronic display board were not lighting up. Within a few days, the error code started to beep again. We tried turning the breaker on and off for a few days. It was the same problem--sporadic beeping, sometimes the burners worked, sometimes they didn't.

After a couple of weeks, I finally called customer service again, and I sat on the phone for an hour trying to get someone to come out the next day. I didn't want to wait another 5 days. After talking to a very inexperienced representative and being transferred a couple of times and being told that I would have to wait another 3 or 4 days for someone to come out, I finally was able to get a phone number for Customer Relations whom I called.

The person on the other end of the line seemed so much more competent. I said that I wanted someone with a lot of experience, that I was told that someone who specialized in servicing Electrolux ranges should repair it (although I was told by other customer service representatives that they had never heard that before), and I wanted someone to come out the next day.

I said it wasn't acceptable for a person who buys an extended warranty to have to wait several days for service. I suggested that it would make sense that they need to hire more people, so they can get to their customers more quickly. Finally, this person got a repairman out the next day. I was very pleased with this and had renewed hope that we could have a quick resolution to this problem.

** showed up the next day. He brought his diagnostic computer and plugged it into my range. He looked up the code in his portable computer system. He called someone from Sears to determine what they should do about this error code. Again, they didn't seem to know exactly what the problem was. He cycled the power by turning the breaker on and off. He then said that we would need to wait a few days to order a second identical board as what was put in the first time by **. He also ordered a board that would help to correct the display of all of the segments of the numbers.

The parts were shipped to my house, and he came to replace them. When he arrived to put the parts in, he realized that the second identical board had been ordered incorrectly, and he had the wrong part. While there that day, he and a second repair person had pulled the range apart, and they thought that some wiring needed to be replaced as well. I wasn't there to receive this information on this day. I was told we were waiting for one part by my husband after ** and his repair partner had left. One box of parts arrived at my house on Friday.

Over the weekend, I received a phone call from Sears saying that we would need to reschedule the repair appointment on Monday to another day because not all of the parts had arrived. I called and demanded that I wanted someone to still come out on Monday because I was told only one part needed to come, and they had left another part on my counter when they left. It was unclear to me and the customer service representative if we had all of the parts needed. English was a bit of barrier for this customer service representative. I didn't want to waste any more time.

They came out on Monday, and they didn't have one of the 2 parts that they needed. They replaced one of the parts since they were there. This still didn't repair the problem. We waited for a few more days for the correct parts to arrive. They pulled the range apart again and put in these parts that they thought would fix the problem. Again, no luck. While ** had it pulled apart this time, he noticed that the entire top board that controls the burners and one of the burners itself were burned out, and they needed to replace these parts.

They ordered those 2 major parts and a couple of smaller parts that may be needed "just in case" as explained by **. He wanted to make sure that we weren't going to have any more delay in repairing it, so he ordered extra parts that might be necessary. ** gave me a receipt and circled all the parts that were needed. We waited a few more days, and he came another time to install these parts, and after he was done, it still didn't fix the problem. He finally said that the range was not repairable, and he felt like Sears should give me a new range.

At this point, we had been without a functioning stove top for almost 2 months. The burners just eventually stopped working, possibly because of it being pulled apart completely 3 times. Turning the breaker on and off didn't even work anymore. Until the last visit with **, the oven (not the stove top, the oven) would at least work when the range was turned on, but I would have to listen to the incessant beeping the entire time something was cooking because we couldn't turn the error code off. After **'s last visit though, the oven didn't work anymore either. I don't know why. I don't know if it was because something was left unplugged.

He started the process for us to receive a new range. We got a phone call from Sears 4 days later telling us that we would be receiving another phone call in a few days to explain to us what Sears would be giving us. They allowed us $3300.00 to pick out a new range. We went to the local Sears store to look into a new range. The only induction range with the dehydrator and slow cooker options was the Electrolux.

Reviews online about this range were great for people who had only owned it for a few months, but there were other people who had the similar problem as we did. I asked to talk to the manager, and I explained what I had gone through to that point. I said I really wanted the Electrolux again because of its features, but I wanted Sears to give me a 5 year extended warranty for free because of all of the hassle that I had been put through. The manager, **, at the Washington Square store was great about typing up an e-mail with all of the details of my experience and sending it to the customer service escalation department.

I decided to go ahead and get the Electrolux, hoping that Sears would honor my request for the 5 year extended warranty. I had asked ** how often they had seen something like this happen; he said one in a thousand experiences. I thought it would be worth getting this range one more time that I liked so much and that had functioned well for 2 years if Sears would give me another extended warranty after the hassle I had been put through over the last 2 months.

I ordered the new range; it was going to take 2 weeks for it to be ordered and installed. I couldn't believe that I had to wait another 2 weeks. I received a phone call 9 days later responding to my escalation e-mail sent by **. It was a message saying that they had noticed that I had a range scheduled for installation, and that it appeared I had worked everything out and to call them at a particular 1-800 # if I needed further assistance.

I called the 1-800 #, and I was told that there was nothing that they could do to help me with my request for an extended service warranty. Mind you, this was supposed to be the customer service escalation department that should be willing and able to help dissatisfied customers. You would think at this point, that Sears would bend over backwards to help people who have taken their complaints to the escalation level through a store manager. He said that I needed to talk to the extended warranty department, and he connected me with them. That young man was actually quite pleasant.

When I spoke to the new person in the extended warranty department, I was told that all they could do for me was to give me 3 months. I already have 6 months left on my extended warranty on the old range that they said they would honor. She said there was nothing else she could do for me, and the only way I would get any further was to e-mail the corporate office.

All I want for Christmas is a working range with a 5 year extended warranty. Really, Sears could do at least that for a customer who bought an extended warranty with the thought that I would be well taken care of as a customer if I spent hundreds of dollars on their product. I expect better from any company who wants to maintain customers. Have enough people working for you, so you can get someone out the very next day to a home of an extended warranty customer. If a diagnostic computer indicates a problem the first time, and it is not fixed by the part needed to fix it, take the range apart the next time you send someone out to fix it.

Sears wasted their technician's time going through the same diagnostic process twice because ** said, "Our hands are tied by the procedures that we have to go through. It costs too much money and time to pull the entire range apart." I beg to differ. Sears spent way much more money ordering multiple parts to try to fix the problem because they didn't give the technician the freedom (according to what was explained to me by ** and **) to investigate further.

I would say that about $750.00 to $1000.00 were spent on parts (We're not counting labor costs.) before ** said that it just needed to be replaced. Between ** and ** and other support repairmen, they were probably at my house on 7 to 8 different occasions for at least a total of 12 man hours. Finally, it appeared to me that there was a lack of competence in knowing how to repair this Electrolux range. Was a specialist needed? This is still unclear to me to this day.

Most of Sears representatives didn't seem to think so, but I was told this by one along the way. Unfortunately, when ** came to fix it the first time, segments of the displayed numbers were missing after he left, and he left a tool and loose screws on the counter. It concerned me that the screws were even there. Shouldn't have they been put back into place on the range since we didn't have loose screws sitting on the counter before he came?

I'm concerned about the competence of repairmen being sent to my house. ** was very nice and professional. He had been doing this for 20 years. It concerns me though that problems can't be resolved more quickly and accurately. Sears needs to give their customer service representatives and repairmen more freedom to make the "customer feel like they are always right." This is how Nordstrom and Costco have always done business, and I think their success indicates that. According to an online business article, 85% of Sears customers are dissatisfied with how they are treated as customers.

Sears was always the place to go and buy appliances because of how they treated their customers in my parents' generation. Sears needs to wake up and follow their customer service policies of the past. I was asked to rate my experience with Sears. I felt like giving them 1 star, but I decided to give them 2 stars for those employees who were pleasant and for a couple of the employees who seemed competent and because Sears should be given some credit for finally getting me a new range.

However, I'm still at the point where I'm telling everyone I know to not buy appliances and extended service warranties at Sears. At this point, I will never buy from them again. Sears, if you're reading this, show me I'm wrong; show me that the individual customer matters more to you than your bureaucracy.

Sears Bad Warranty, Customer Service and Products
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Rating: 1/51

HOFFEMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- I am appalled by the lack of customer service at Sears from the local store to the representatives over the phone and managers from the executive office. I spoke to a case manager by the name of ** who for starters barely speaks English. He is the rudest person I've spoken to in the last month from Sears. This case manager not only falsified his remarks in regards to my dealings with the 3 technicians that came out to my house and left me with broken appliances still and tried to persuade me to pay for services that weren't rendered.

He also bluntly told me that my service wasn't important and that he has better things to do. I spoke to a Supervisor by the name Alicia who promised she would call me back and now she is unavailable at all times. Now they are giving me more of a run around. Voice mails... "she's not available right now..." Just the worst EVER! I bought a full high end (SUPPOSEDLY) laundry appliances less than a year ago and is still under the manufacture warranty as well as the extended service plan. The appliances were over $2,000 was all Kenmore. It has taken Sears so far over 4 weeks and I still do not have a repaired washer and dryer.

I've spent hours on the phone with them trying to get a simple repair. I was promised numerous times that someone would call me back within a certain amount of time and not once did they ever do so. They are the most incompetent people ever. First they sent a repair guy out and he couldn't even figure out how to turn the washer and dryer on to see if it worked. After I showed him how to do that, he said 'yes, washer and dryer doesn't work". He said he had to order parts and that I would have to pay for them and the travel expense.

I declined not to order the parts because washer/dryer is covered under warranty. The technician became angry and demanding I had ask the gentlemen to leave. After many more hours, (I'm serious about that, hours!!) of phone calls and unfulfilled promises later to the national headquarters and I'm still without working appliances. I feel that I've made a legitimate complaint to Sears about the conduct of a Sears employees via phone and that was dispatched to my home to perform maintenance on my washer and dryer and they still display lack of responsiveness and lack of accountability.

Today is October 12, 2012 and here I am still fighting with Sears for justice. After months of leaving messages waiting for the supervisor ** to call me back I finally was able to speak to her on today which she acted like to have no memory of our original conversation. ** was supposed to be researching and attempting to collect the receipt for my purchase.

When I asked ** if she could tell me what resource she done and what location she attempted to contact (even though the warehouse/Outlet) is closed, she provided me with a number and said she do not know what store that number is for. Bottom line she has not attempted to verify any information or assist me. When I cough her in her lie she begin to get angry and started to repeat things about the technician coming out. Sears is a freaking joke and I am not stopping.

Horrible Repair Service, Useless Master Protection Agreement
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LADSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- This is a copy of the letter I am sending to W. Bruce Johnson, CEO of Sears:
I am writing to you in the hopes that you will rectify an ongoing problem I have with your company. I have been a loyal Sears customer for many years, but I am so disappointed in the way my situation has been handled that I have serious reservations about any future purchases.

I purchased a 37" Sylvania TV/DVD combo, model number LD370ss8 on 1/10/08. At that time I also purchased your 3 year Master Protection Agreement. The total cost for these 2 items was $1300.73. In February of this year the DVD player component ceased to function. When you attempted to play a DVD, the unit would make a loud cracking noise and the whole thing would shut off. At this time, I am still attempting to get my unit fixed.

These are the steps I have taken, and the results so far: (1) Last of February, 1st call to Sears, scheduled repair for 3/12/09 which was first available date; (2) Repairman ** makes service call on 3/12/09, diagnoses problem to be defective DVD player, tells me he must order part and reschedule service call to install part. Part will be shipped to me via UPS. Cost under protection agreement on service receipt listed as $192.00 for labor, $ 217.31 for parts. Service call rescheduled for 3/26/09, first available date.

(3) I cannot be here for 3/26/09 repair, so I call service department to reschedule appointment, appointment rescheduled for 3/31/09 between 8am-5pm; (4) On 3/31/09 I wait all day for repairman, at 3:30pm my husband receives call at work that repairman is overbooked and cannot make this day's appointment. Call is rescheduled for the following Thursday 04/09/09, first available date. Repairman ** tells my husband that we will be his first appointment on 04-09-09 due to the inconvenience of having waited in vain for him on 3/31/09.

(5) On 04/09/09 I wait for repairman to arrive. At 11:00am, I call Sears repair line to inquire about service call, since we were told we would be first on his schedule and were expecting him around 8:00am. I am told that we are scheduled for an 8:00am-5:00pm appointment, and they have no idea what time he will get to me. I call the repairman's cell phone number that he gave me on his prior visit, and he rearranged his schedule to get to me as soon as possible. He tells me that he had requested me to be his first visit of the day, but was ignored. He reaches my house at approximately 1:00pm.

After replacing the DVD player with the new one, the unit still does not work. He decides that the replacement unit is also defective, and in addition, now thinks that there is a power source problem, so he also orders a replacement for the power supply. Cost under protection agreement on service receipt listed as $192.00 labor and $ 499.79 for parts. Repairman ** now tells me that he placed a rush on the parts order and reschedules the appointment for 04/16/09. He tells me that when the parts arrive I can call him and he will work me into his schedule sooner than 04/16/09.

(6) On 04/15/09 I call Sears Repair because the rush ordered parts have not arrived yet. They check with UPS and discover that the delivery is not scheduled until 04/17/09, so the service call has to once again be rescheduled. I request an early morning appointment so I will not have to once again waste all day waiting for a repairman. I am told that the only appointments are 8:00am-5:00pm, but that they will put on the paperwork that I request a morning call. The earliest available appointment is 04/21/09.

(7) On 04/17/09 the parts arrive, the box flaps are half open and the 2 boxes containing parts are very smashed. When I call Sears I am told that we'll just have to see if they work when the repairman arrives; (8) On 04/20/09 I receive a computerized confirmation call for my 04/21/09 service between 1:00pm-5:00pm. This after I specifically requested a morning appointment.

(9) At 11:00am today, 04/21/09, the repairman called my husband at work to let him know that we were his first afternoon call and that he would be here at 1:00pm. At 2:00pm, when he still has not arrived, I call Sears Repair and speak with **. After explaining my frustration with this process and trying to find out when the repairman is coming, ** apologized for the poor service I have received, offers to forward the matter to his supervisor and request a call back for me. He also tells me during this call that if the matter is not resolved during this repair call, under my Master Protection Agreement, I am entitled to receive a replacement TV/DVD combo.

(10) At 3:00pm today, 04/21/09, having still not received my service call, or the promised call back from ** supervisor, I go online and find the phone number for your National Customer Relations department. I call this number, 1-800-659-7077, and speak with **. ** also apologizes for the poor service, looks on his schedule and tells me the repairman has entered his approximate time of arrival as 3:20pm. After I explain my frustrations to him, he looks at the records and also states that if the service is no completed today, we will be eligible for a replacement TV/DVD combo.

(11) At 3:30pm the repairman, **, calls to tell me that he will be at my house within 30-45 minutes. He arrives at 4:15pm. After replacing both parts on the machine, neither works. He now also thinks that there are other problems with the set, including the ribbon connections. I inform him that 2 customer service representatives told me that if the set could not be fixed today, we would qualify for a replacement, and he calls into that department.

They tell him that they will call me to handle the issue in a few minutes, he gives me a receipt showing that the problem still is not fixed, with a list of all the parts he now thinks would need to be ordered in order to fix the set. He does not order them because I have been told that we would receive a replacement TV/DVD if he couldn't fix it today. He leaves. The receipt he gives me lists the cost of today's labor as $192.00, needed parts cost as $591.54.

(12) About 15 minutes after the repairman leaves, ** calls from One Source (?) and tells me that we do not qualify for a replacement, we'll have to schedule yet another repair call. I explain to her that I was told by not one, but two different reps that we qualified for a replacement TV/DVD if the problem could not be fixed today, and that the repairman didn't ever bother to order more parts for this reason. She became very rude, told he that she could find no record of my speaking to ANYONE, and we weren't getting a new TV.

At this point, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She refused, stating that a supervisor would tell me the exact same thing. I told her that I didn't care, I wanted to speak to a supervisor anyway, that I wasn't going to argue with her. She finally put me on hold to see if she could find a supervisor.

After being on hold 10 minutes with no further communication, I dialed the number to the National Customer Relations center on my other phone. I tried to reach **, the man I spoke with earlier, but could not reach him. The gentleman I spoke with transferred me to another department which he thought could be more help, One Source. This time I reached someone named **, who, after looking up my records informed me that I was absolutely correct, I did qualify for a replacement TV/DVD combo.

After speaking with her for several minutes, ** finally came back on my other line to inform me that she had located a supervisor. At that time ** came on the line, and I asked ** to hold while I spoke with **. I told ** that I had another person from her department on my other line, and that she had affirmed what I had been telling everyone, that I was eligible for a replacement set. ** proceeds to tell me that ** is mistaken, and that I do not qualify.

At this point I put ** on hold, go back to **, explain to her what is being said, and then she says that she guesses she was wrong, and I'd do better to deal with **. So I go back to ** and explain the whole situation to her. ** tells me that the repairman hasn't been specific enough about the problems in his notes, they have to determine that it is more cost effective to replace the set than to repair it, etc. etc.

I gave Tricia a list of the costs so far according to the receipts I've been given, and the projected costs of the parts the repairman estimates that he would need for another repair call. Total projected parts and labor come to $1344.64, to fix a TV/DVD combo that cost $1300.73 including the price of the 3 year service agreement and tax.

Now I ask you, does this seem cost effective to you? This doesn't even include time I have spent waiting for the repairman, and rescheduling service calls, and speaking with representatives on the phone, all to no avail. I tried to explain this to **, but I was wasting my effort. Her only suggestion was a reschedule of the service call for tomorrow. Once again, she could not guarantee me a time only that it would be between 1:00pm-5:00pm.

What exactly he is supposed to do at this service call is beyond me. He has ordered no parts to try again to repair this set, but for some reason I have to sit here and wait for him again tomorrow. I guarantee I can tell you what will happen at that time. At that time he will tell me that he has to order new parts, and we'll need to schedule another call.

Can you please explain to me how this makes sense? Are you so anxious to lose your customers that you're trying your best to drive them crazy? Is this how you would like to be treated? Your staff is inept, dishonest, and completely useless. I see now why Sears is a brand that will soon go the way of bankruptcy. Have you taken a look online lately to see what your customers are saying about your company? I suggest you take a look at the following websites:

There are many, many others as well. At these sites you will find page after page of disgruntled customers who have purchased defective items, especially appliances and electronics, and have received horrible service from your repair department. Maybe the best course of action for those of us who can't seem to get the service we paid extra to get is to file a class action lawsuit against your company. I would be willing to bet that it wouldn't take much effort to find people willing to do this, or law firms willing to help. Maybe you think that would be the best use of your profits, defending yours company in court or paying out a ridiculous settlement to the lawyers?

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