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Dear Valued Customers: My name is Brian and I work for the Sears Cares Executive Escalations team. We want you know we are here for assistance. If you have any questions, concerns, or current problems you are experiencing with Sears please contact my office. We can be reached via email at In your email please include your name, phone number and an outline of your current issue and we will contact you directly. We appreciate your business and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Horrible Repair Service, Useless Master Protection Agreement
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LADSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- This is a copy of the letter I am sending to W. Bruce Johnson, CEO of Sears:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in the hopes that you will rectify an ongoing problem I have with your company. I have been a loyal Sears customer for many years, but I am so disappointed in the way my situation has been handled that I have serious reservations about any future purchases.

I purchased a 37” Sylvania TV/DVD combo, model number LD370ss8 on 1/10/08. At that time I also purchased your 3 year Master Protection Agreement. The total cost for these 2 items was $1300.73. In February of this year the DVD player component ceased to function. When you attempted to play a DVD, the unit would make a loud cracking noise and the whole thing would shut off. At this time, I am still attempting to get my unit fixed. These are the steps I have taken, and the results so far:

1.) Last of February, 1st call to Sears, scheduled repair for 3/12/09 which was first available date.
2.) Repairman [snip] makes service call on 3/12/09, diagnoses problem to be defective DVD player, tells me he must order part and reschedule service call to install part. Part will be shipped to me via UPS. Cost under protection agreement on service receipt listed as $192.00 for labor, $ 217.31 for parts. Service call rescheduled for 3/26/09, first available date.
3.) I cannot be here for 3/26/09 repair, so I call service department to reschedule appointment, appointment rescheduled for 3/31/09 between 8am-5pm.
4.) On 3/31/09 I wait all day for repairman, at 3:30pm my husband receives call at work that repairman is overbooked and cannot make this days appointment. Call is rescheduled for the following Thursday 04/09/09, first available date. Repairman [snip] tells my husband that we will be his first appointment on 04-09-09 due to the inconvenience of having waited in vain for him on 3/31/09.
5.) On 04/09/09 I wait for repairman to arrive. At 11:00am, I call Sears repair line to inquire about service call, since we were told we would be first on his schedule and were expecting him around 8:00am. I am told that we are scheduled for an 8:00am-5:00pm appointment, and they have no idea what time he will get to me. I call the repairman’s cell phone number that he gave me on his prior visit, and he rearranged his schedule to get to me as soon as possible. He tells me that he had requested me to be his first visit of the day, but was ignored. He reaches my house at approximately 1:00pm. After replacing the DVD player with the new one, the unit still does not work. He decides that the replacement unit is also defective, and in addition, now thinks that there is a power source problem, so he also orders a replacement for the power supply. Cost under protection agreement on service receipt listed as $192.00 labor and $ 499.79 for parts. Repairman [snip] now tells me that he placed a rush on the parts order and reschedules the appointment for 04/16/09. He tells me that when the parts arrive I can call him and he will work me into his schedule sooner than 04/16/09.
6.) On 04/15/09 I call Sears Repair because the rush ordered parts have not arrived yet. They check with UPS and discover that the delivery is not scheduled until 04/17/09, so the service call has to once again be rescheduled. I request an early morning appointment so I will not have to once again waste all day waiting for a repairman. I am told that the only appointments are 8:00am-5:00pm, but that they will put on the paperwork that I request a morning call. The earliest available appointment is 04/21/09.
7.) On 04/17/09 the parts arrive, the box flaps are half open and the 2 boxes containing parts are very smashed. When I call Sears I am told that we’ll just have to see if they work when the repairman arrives.
8.) On 04/20/09 I receive a computerized confirmation call for my 04/21/09 service between 1:00pm-5:00pm. This after I specifically requested a morning appointment.
9.) At 11:00am today, 04/21/09, the repairman called my husband at work to let him know that we were his first afternoon call, and that he would be here at 1:00pm. At 2:00pm, when he still has not arrived, I call Sears Repair and speak with Mike, employee #78898. After explaining my frustration with this process and trying to find out when the repairman is coming, Mike apologized for the poor service I have received, offers to forward the matter to his supervisor and request a call back for me. He also tells me during this call that if the matter is not resolved during this repair call, under my Master Protection Agreement, I am entitled to receive a replacement TV/DVD combo.
10.) At 3:00pm today, 04/21/09, having still not received my service call, or the promised call back from Mike’s supervisor, I go online and find the phone number for your National Customer Relations department. I call this number, 1-800-659-7077, and speak with Jay. Jay also apologizes for the poor service, looks on his schedule and tells me the repairman has entered his approximate time of arrival as 3:20pm. After I explain my frustrations to him, he looks at the records and also states that if the service is no completed today, we will be eligible for a replacement TV/DVD combo.
11.) At 3:30pm the repairman, [snip], calls to tell me that he will be at my house within 30-45 minutes. He arrives at 4:15pm. After replacing both parts on the machine, neither works. He now also thinks that there are other problems with the set, including the ribbon connections. I inform him that 2 customer service representatives told me that if the set could not be fixed today, we would qualify for a replacement, and he calls in to that department. They tell him that they will call me to handle the issue in a few minutes, he gives me a receipt showing that the problem still is not fixed, with a list of all the parts he now thinks would need to be ordered in order to fix the set. He does not order them, because I have been told that we would receive a replacement TV/DVD if he couldn’t fix it today. He leaves. The receipt he gives me lists the cost of today’s labor as $192.00, needed parts cost as $591.54.
12.) About 15 minutes after the repairman leaves, Claudia calls from One Source(?) and tells me that we do not qualify for a replacement, we’ll have to schedule yet another repair call. I explain to her that I was told by not one, but two different reps that we qualified for a replacement TV/DVD if the problem could not be fixed today, and that the repairman didn’t ever bother to order more parts for this reason. She became very rude, told he that she could find no record of my speaking to ANYONE, and we weren’t getting a new TV. At this point, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She refused, stating that a supervisor would tell me the exact same thing. I told her that I didn’t care, I wanted to speak to a supervisor anyway, that I wasn’t going to argue with her. She finally put me on hold to see if she could find a supervisor. After being on hold 10 minutes with no further communication, I dialed the number to the National Customer Relations center on my other phone. I tried to reach Jay, the man I spoke with earlier, but could not reach him. The gentleman I spoke with transferred me to another department which he thought could be more help, One Source. This time I reached someone named Angela, who, after looking up my records informed me that I was absolutely correct, I did qualify for a replacement TV/DVD combo. After speaking with her for several minutes, Claudia finally came back on my other line to inform me that she had located a supervisor. At that time Tricia came on the line, and I asked Angela to hold while I spoke with Tricia. I told Tricia that I had another person from her department on my other line, and that she had affirmed what I had been telling everyone, that I was eligible for a replacement set. Tricia proceeds to tell me that Angela is mistaken, and that I do not qualify. At this point I put Tricia on hold, go back to Angela, explain to her what is being said, and then she says that she guesses she was wrong, and I’d do better to deal with Tricia. So I go back to Tricia and explain the whole situation to her. Tricia tells me that the repairman hasn’t been specific enough about the problems in his notes, they have to determine that it is more cost effective to replace the set than to repair it, etc. etc. I gave Tricia a list of the costs so far according to the receipts I’ve been given, and the projected costs of the parts the repairman estimates that he would need for another repair call. Total projected parts and labor come to $1344.64, to fix a TV/DVD combo that cost $1300.73 including the price of the 3 year service agreement and tax.

Now I ask you, does this seem cost effective to you? This doesn’t even include time I have spent waiting for the repairman, and rescheduling service calls, and speaking with representatives on the phone, all to no avail. I tried to explain this to Tricia, but I was wasting my effort. Her only suggestion was a reschedule of the service call for tomorrow. Once again, she could not guarantee me a time, only that it would be between 1:00pm-5:00pm. What exactly he is supposed to do at this service call is beyond me. He has ordered no parts to try again to repair this set, but for some reason I have to sit here and wait for him again tomorrow. I guarantee I can tell you what will happen at that time. At that time he will tell me that he has to order new parts, and we’ll need to schedule another call. Can you please explain to me how this makes sense? Are you so anxious to lose your customers that you’re trying your best to drive them crazy? Is this how you would like to be treated? Your staff is inept, dishonest, and completely useless. I see now why Sears is a brand that will soon go the way of bankruptcy. Have you taken a look online lately to see what your customers are saying about your company? I suggest you take a look at the following websites:

There are many, many others as well. At these sites you will find page after page of disgruntled customers who have purchased defective items, especially appliances and electronics, and have received horrible service from your repair department. Maybe the best course of action for those of us who can’t seen to get the service we paid extra to get is to file a class action lawsuit against your company. I would be willing to bet that it wouldn’t take much effort to find people willing to do this, or law firms willing to help. Maybe you think that would be the best use of your profits, defending yours company in court or paying out a ridiculous settlement to the lawyers?

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User Replies:
hello dolly on 04/21/2009:
your complanit was so well written and specific - why spoil it with the final few sentences? As horrible as your experience is it is certainly not class action lawsuit worthy.

great post though
SearsCare on 04/24/2009:
Dear McNumps,

My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. I apologize you are experiencing this problem. I will be more than happy to assist you in resolving this issue. Please contact me at so we can further discuss your concerns.

David V.
Senior Case Manager
Revolution77 on 04/25/2009:
Here is a a comment I made for another Sears complaint..A side note....Apologies don't fix your tv, so Sears can stop with the pathetic apologizing, customers demand action and satisfaction....The REALITY IS DO NOT SHOP AT SEARS- DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS...if you DO...YOU WILL HAVE A BAD EXPERIENCE..Skip the Protection's only to milk you on sale at the time of purchase, once you paid for the protection agreement that's like a 20-30% markup on the product sold. You'd think your actually paying for something, but you're only paying for a promise. All Sears has to do is make it a very annoying experience to fulfill that promise...and that's the truth as I work for the company. This goes for any product you buy from Sears. Would you buy Milk for $5 and for an additional $3, I'll promise you that the Milk will taste good. Once you get home and find out that the milk doesn't taste good...I'll taste it myself and tell you there's nothing wrong with it.
Skip the protection agreements (they're a cash grab) take your chances that the machine you've just paid $1000 for will work as it should, and if you do run into a problem, pull out that dusty yellow pages and find a local repairman. You'll be a much happier and less aggravated person for that.
Patrick Montana on 09/25/2012:
911-----Range window issue.
Emergency - Kenmore Brand Ranges Glass Breaking
Corporate response to a news article carried on Global and other news agencies March 2, 2012 regarding a recall on Kenmore brand ranges, where the front glass is breaking. Assure the customer that Sears will take care of issue for them.
If you receive a customer call stating there is damage to glass front of their range, please empathize with the customer and assist with setting up the Service Order using normal processes.
Do not argue with the customer, offer empathy and book the service order.
Special Instructions MUST be noted on the Service Order with the following:
If a customer is calling regarding a National Brand stating they are
experiencing the problem and you are unsure how to proceed please seek
assistance from your Team Leader.
If you are unable to set up a Service Order in your Business Channel please give the customer the Product Safety Number
Patrick Montana on 09/25/2012:
Sears is closing 120 stores in the U.S.A.
Sears has a lousy track record of bad service
They will sell you Protection Agreements or extended warranty
Both are worthless
Canadians should read more
Canadians should educated themselves
The telephone sales representatives will lie to their teeth to earn few Dollars in commission.
Led by a team of retarded idiots who are led by money hungry managers, the place needs more useless managers.
Sears steals Canadian people money and gives them nothing in return.
Patrick Montana on 09/25/2012:
Do not Buy Protection Agreement
Do not buy extended warranty they are both worthless
Sears love to get your money
Sears will give you NOTHING in return
Sears telephone sales representatives will LIE to you to get your money
Those pathetic liars will say anything to get their 3 or 4% lousy commission
I call it blood money
Payback Protection Agreements are all a LIE
Sears will tell you that you will get your money back, a LIE
Sears will tell you we will send you your money automatically, a LIE
Sears will tell you can buy anything in the store, a LIE
This is how stupid, high school drop outs became supervisors in that stupidly run place.
Patrick Montana on 09/25/2012:
Sears selling 3 or 5 years “Pay Back” protection plans on appliances.
They do not tell customers that they have to call within 90 days of the expiration date to claim their credit otherwise their store credit will be lost. Most of the time customers are told “Sears will automatically send you back your money”.
Clients are not told that they will only redeem their money before taxes, not the entire amount they paid.
They do not tell customers that they have to spend twice as much in order to recover their store credit.
They do not tell customers that they can not use the credit to purchase electronics. Most of the time customers are told “they can buy anything from the store”.
Clients who read the contract call back, angry and cancel the contract.
Those who do not read the contract are shocked, dismayed, disgusted, when they learn the truth, which they have been lied to and have been taken advantage of.
Word of mouth spreads like wild fire and Sears’s reputation and ALL who work there suffers greatly due to the dishonesty of some individuals and due to some supervisors who choose to look the other way.
Few bad apples spoil the whole organization’s image.
I communicated my opinion twice in writing in the “suggestion” and voiced my opinion publicly at a meeting, and as far as I know there are no changes, as I receive several complaints/day as a customer service representative from angry/frustrated clients wishing to cancel their agreements.
There are those who are hired full time to listen to telephone sales representatives, it is INCONCEIVABLE that they do not hear these lies all the time.
Each supervisor is supposed to listen to each telephone sales representatives at least 5 times/week; again, they must hear their associates lying.
Patrick Montana on 09/25/2012:
Sears Canada modern day sweat shops
Sears will pay you $10.07 an hour. They want you to make $100.00 in sales per hour
It does not matter if you lie
Especially if you lie to consumers
You do belong in that retarded establishment
You are in good company with society drop-outs
Losers who can never make it in the real world
Sears is the paradise for retards, those with no conscious or principals.
Those who take pleasure in stealing people's money through lies and giving consumers very little in return
To those losers and to their supervisors, I say
What goes around comes around
Do others as other do on to you
It will come back to haunt you, sooner or later.
Those supervisors are supposed to listen to their liar’s telephone sales representatives at least 5 times per week.
They listen and encourage those telephone sales representatives to lie
Supervisors are judged and evaluated at the end of the year by how much money their teams make.
This is blood money taken fro seniors and retired people
Telephone sales representatives use scare tactics to sell Protection Agreements
They tell them that if they do not buy this garbage the appliances will fall apart
Shame on you losers
Shame in you to steel people's money
They brag that they love their native countries.
Stay in your native countries if you do love them that much
Do not come to Canada to lie and to steal people's money.
Those who love their native countries do not dare do this garbage in their own countries
They will be shot or butchered in broad day light in their own countries in the streets in public if they dare to do what they are doing here day after day in Canada. Welcome to Canada Sears. Enjoy blood money. You’ll pay for it
Sooner or later
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Master Protection Agreement - Extremely Poor Customer Service
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- In August of 2007 I purchased a 32" Samsung TV from Sears and took out their Master Protection Agreement. This is what they call it!!! A year and a half later while watching a movie the screen went black. After trouble-shooting all my options, I called my cable repair and they were out the very next morning. They confirmed that the problem was the TV.

I called for service and was told I could not have a service person until 11 days.

IF I was purchasing a new TV I'll bet they would be out the next day and not in 11 days or they would lose the sale.

The service person said I could rent a TV and they would reimburse me. However, I would need to pick it up and install it myself. Please picture a 66 year old woman strapping a 32-inch TV on her back and then crawling on the floor trying to install the TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I asked to speak to a supervisor... none was available. And, one did not call me back.

I was further told I should watch the TV's in other rooms of the house. Therefore, it was suggested that I spend the day in the bedroom... can most of us who have to work do this????? When she offered a $10.00 coupon I declined. I will no longer EVER purchase anything in a Sears store.

I called back on Sunday, and guess what?? Supervisors do not work on Sundays. And, the service person was chuckling. I guess it is funny to anyone else until it happens to him.

I had an even worst experience with Samsung and would NEVER purchase from them either.

I am not happy about waiting... but my complaint is really about the extreme ill-trained and ill-mannered people that these businesses refer to as "customer support reps".
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User Replies:
Buddy01 on 03/09/2009:
At first it was hard for me to get past the fact that I was reading a review where someone actually spelled lose correctly with one "o". It seems to be more common to see it spelled as "loose".

Please do not judge all people who work at Sears by what you encountered.
It is my understanding that Sears contracts out repair work and these people do not work for Sears, but do wear a uniform. It is my suggestion that you start by talking to the store manager where you purchased your tv. They should certainly want to know what the contractors are doing and do what is necessary to get a contractor who will treat customers properly.

SearsCare on 04/02/2009:
Dear Sugarchef,

I am sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with Sears repair service. My name is David and I work for Sears. It’s important that we resolve the issue with your television. Please contact me at so we can discuss your concerns with Sears service.

Thank you,

David V.
Senior Case Manager
Anonymous on 04/02/2009:
SearsCare, do you get paid to post your comments on this site?
old fart on 04/02/2009:
Dave AKA "Sears care"... I sincerely hope that you can help these folks because there's a boatload of people who are incredibly unhappy with Sears....
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Trying Not To Honor
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- We bought a brand new a/c unit back in September of 2007. The total price of the unit was close to 5800.00 and the Sears representative Glen Lambert convinced us to purchase the 5 year master protection plan so that we could have our annual preventative maintenance check for free as well as other extended warranties. We went ahead and purchased this plan for an additional 680.00.

Fast forward to end of July 2008 and everything is falling apart. It is amazing how disorganized the company is. We called to make the appt. for preventative maintenance and that in itself took over a week and a half. We made the appt. and the DAY OF that the technician was supposed to come out he calls (the window of time was 1-5 and he called at 5:10pm) and tells us he checked with the warranty dept. and we are not covered for preventative maintenance.

We then have to proceed over the next several weeks in making 10-12 phone calls to various departments until we finally get a copy of our contract mailed to us. It states plainly on the contract that we purchased the master protection plan and what the cost was. I contacted the national consumer number that Sears provides and they in turn transfer me to the warranty department. The warranty department checks the system and tells me they can't even find a receipt for the purchase in connection with the account that was opened specifically for the purchase. In the end they ask if I can fax THEM a copy of the contract that THEY sent me. Are you kidding me?

So far this is where we are and to be honest I have little faith that this is going to resolve the issue. At this point we've been trying to get this appointment done for four weeks now and we have paid out of pocket for a service that so far they have refused to give us.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 08/05/2008:
Yep, that's Sears all right! You will most likely have to take legal action against them if you are to get anything. They will continue to stall, give you the run-around, sand-bag you hoping that eventually you will give up and just go away. They are well-versed in that sort of thing.

You are going to have to FIGHT! Good luck.
Anonymous on 08/05/2008:
I'm a little confused , why didn't you get a copy of the contract and master service plan when you made the original purchase. Might have saved a lot of headaches .You can't trust these people to do what is right .
In fact you should have demanded a copy .
Ryan84 on 08/05/2008:
Things like this are the reason I have stopped shopping at Sears. The only thing I go into Sears to buy now are baby clothes, and that is only if they are having a sale on them.
lv2teach39 on 08/08/2008:
Having the very same problem w/our AC in Florida. Five weeks of sandbagging about parts, missed, canceled and changed appointments, etc. We complained to the BBB & the Florida States Attorney today. We also canceled our 30 year old credit account with them. However, we are still w/o our air conditioner.
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Disgust over Sears Master Protection Agreement
Posted by on
GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Sears Master Protection Agreement for my TV which I had bought four years ago. I told the representative who I was speaking to that my TV had a problem and they told me that if I bought the Master Protection Agreement they would fix it for me. A technician came to my house two weeks later and informed me that the TV was not fixable and left. I then called Sears and a customer service representative told me that since it was not fixable that they would replace it. I called the next day wanting to know when I was going to get my new TV and I was informed that they had cancelled my Master Protection Agreement without my consent because they were not allowed to sell it to me in the first place, because they aren't supposed to sell warranties on products that already have a problem. They could have called me the next day and let me know that my plan was being cancelled instead I had to find out for myself two weeks when the technician came.

I need my TV replaced as that is part of the protection agreement that I signed up for. If they weren't supposed to sell it to me than they should have let me know that in advance or at least the next day. After spending three days talking to incompetent employees and managers one of who is Ginny ID# 540245, who either put me on hold or just hung up on me, I was told that there was nothing they could do about it. What kind of service is Sears providing? If the employees aren't knowledgeable about what they are offering than they shouldn't provide it. I have emailed my complaint to CNN and posted it many consumer websites to let others know that Sears is a very fraudulent and deceitful company and the only service they provide is lying to their customers.

The bottom line is that I bought this plan so that they could fix my TV, their associate told me that if it's not fixable than Sears would replace it. I need my TV replaced as soon as possible.
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Anonymous on 10/08/2007:
I couldn't make a lot of sense out of this post, but are you saying that you brought the service agreement after the TV went bad, then wanted them to replace it?
aniarshakyan on 10/08/2007:
yes because they told me that I could buy the warranty plan EVEN THOUGH my TV had a problem, then later canceled it because they said that whoever sold it to me shouldn't have because they are not supposed to sell warranty plans on items that already have problems. So I was left with a TV that wouldn't turn on and a broken contract.
Tc1073 on 10/09/2007:
The Master Protection Plans are only eligible to be sold up to 30 days after the initial purchase. Did you read the Protection Plan Paperwork?
aniarshakyan on 10/09/2007:
Tc1073 I told them when I first spoke to them that I bought my TV four years ago, no one said anything to me that Master Protection Plans can only be sold up to 30 days after the initial purchase. Again if this was the case it shouldn't have been sold to me in the first place.
lilfire on 10/25/2008:
Well, the thing is they probably had a new associate that was just out of training. That is why when they sell you this "Master Protection Agreement" they are meant to ask you if your product is in good working condition. But, you say that you told the representative that you had a problem with it, so it just sounds like it was someone that had just come out of training. It was that specific person's mistake, not Sears. For that, you'd need to contact Sears and have them refund you the full amount of your agreement. Your only mistake was telling the technician that the item already had the problem and THAT is why your agreement was canceled. But in all, the one to blame was the associate that sold you the agreement in the first place, like I said, not Sears.
Carrie on 06/06/2011:
I had a similar experience,I purchased a lawn tractor from Sears with an additional warranty. I was told I was purchasing a warranty that covered accidental damage and maintenance, I was supplied with a brochure for this "Master Plan Warranty" but now I have been told that Sears does not offer the Master plan for lawn equipment so they will not honor the conditions as I was told. I have contacted Sears and they say the only thing they can do is contact the store. I feel that I was blatantly lied to, the actual warranty I have does not cover accidental damage or maintenance. Had I known this I would not have purchased the item. I have had a problem with them about not honoring a warranty for a grass catcher, as well. I prepaid for the item, the delivery was after 2-3 weeks. Of course the item broke after the payment date but prior to the deliver date. I went to my local Sears store to plead my case, the cashier was a total jerk and told me he would not honor the warranty from the delivery date. I will never purchase another item from Sears again!
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Thumbs up
Posted by on
I purchased a refrigerator from Sears 5 years ago - a french door bottom freezer, branded Kenmore Elite but made by Amana (according to a very seasoned Sears repair tech). Fortunately I purchased an MP agreement at the time. Honestly it was almost by accident: the fridge was a floor/display unit and the salesman basically threw it in. As it appeared I was getting it for free, I didn't argue. Thank goodness.

The fridge was not great & I had several repair visits but though aggravating all were free. Then, when the unit was about 4 1/2 years old, the compressor went out. It was replaced for free but the fridge was never the same. The interior water dispenser froze solid, and vegetables etc. froze in the produce bins. Nothing the repair techs did made any difference.

After the obligatory number of unsuccessful service visits I called and invoked the lemon clause. The reps I spoke to did due diligence and then approved a free replacement unit to the tune of $2250. Though I'd rather have had a trouble free fridge from day one I can honestly say that Sears has been true to their agreement.

So, on balance I'm a satisfied customer!
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tnchuck100 on 08/24/2009:
It is good to hear that Sears came through for you. It is rare to to hear anything good when it come to Sears and service.

Just a curious question: Was it a Sears repair truck or an A&E truck that was parked in your driveway?
qualityappliance on 08/24/2009:
"Nothing the repair techs did made any difference".

That one line really says it all. Maybe if Sears had competent techs they could have repaired the refrigerator correctly in the first place.
Anonymous on 08/24/2009:
Where is this magical Sears located?
Skye on 08/24/2009:
aljagre on 08/28/2009:
I'm in Northern Virginia but the replacement was handled by the Customer Solutions department. As for the techs, they ranged in quality from a rude idiot (I instructed the service desk never to send him to my house again) to a 30-year veteran who seemed to really know what he was talking about. But I think that the fridge was 'shot' by the time he looked at it...
aljagre on 08/28/2009:
Update: my new fridge was delivered Wednesday but... the water dispenser doesn't work and the delivery people (not Sears, presumably subcontractors) dented the side! Fridge #3 will be delivered tomorrow. Unbelievable!
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Master Protection Agreement
Posted by on
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I purchased the TV 11/07 for $1,400 and purchased the warranty for $299 covered for 3 years. I had the service technician come out about 10 months after the purchase for the once a year annual maintenance and thought it was a joke. Granted it was no cost to me, but I could have done a better job of cleaning the TV than he did. About 3 months later I noticed a line going through the top portion of the screen. I had the protection so I figured I would milk the $299 for every dime. The tech came out, took 5 min looking at the TV, told me he could replace the back pannel for $1,300, plus another $200 in labor. He told me since I only paid $1,300 for the TV, it was uneconomical to repair. Long story but the result was a $1,300 credit to go buy a new TV at no charge to me. Another good thing is that the 3 yr warranty I purchased now transfers over to the new TV. ZI did not think it was worth it at first, but am sure glad I got the warranty.
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Master Protection Agreement Means Nothing
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RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- I purchased my 51 inch rear projection Hitachi at Sears about 3 years ago with a master protection agreement. In that time I have had a recurring problem of the screen going white, pink, green or black. The first call I made was about the problem was right after I received the TV. The lady on the phone told me it was a common problem with the cable provider and not the TV. A year later I moved and had a different cable provider and different cable box. Of course the problem kept occurring. So I called Sears and the technician had no idea what the problem was. Needless to say the technicians have continued to to come out and not figure out what the problem is. When I called to have my TV replaced I was told that the technician visits were considered adjustments, not repairs and my TV could not be replaced. I spent an additional $200 for this master protection agreement only to have to take 6 days off of work and have no resolution to my problem, except a $50 gift card for my trouble around Super Bowl time.

Seriously? I will never buy anything from Sears again. Their products are a joke.
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L Lake on 01/30/2009:
I have been through the Sears nightmare of buying their warranty/protection plans, only to find out that these plans are only a way to give customers a false hope that if anything goes wrong with what they purchased, it will be fixed or replaced - wrong.

I read awhile back on Yahoo that if Sears lasts through this year it would be a miracle and I can't say I feel bad about reading that. Sears used to be the place to buy electrical products, because it was all about Customer Satisfaction. If you weren't satisfied with your purchase, or had numerous problems, you got a replacement or your money back. Now you are out the money for your purchase and you may as well have taken the large amount to purchase their warranty service plan and thrown it in the streets, because it will do you as much good. I hope Sears goes out of business and I say good riddence. They deserve what's coming to them. They asked for it.
BokiBean on 01/30/2009:
My neighbor went through the wringer with Sears and a beautiful riding lawnmower he purchased. It was giving him trouble within the first week of purchase and they basically treated him like offal and told him he was stuck with it.

If anyone has a Sears card, make sure to check your variable interest rate as they are EXTREMELY high (around 23%). This is one card you don't want to keep a balance on.
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Master Protection Plan
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YARDLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- SEARS-We purchased a treadmill 2 years back. We relied on SEARS service and purchased a Master Protction Plan to cover our expensive buy though I thought its a waste of money. But it came to use when our treadmill got stuck at an inclined position and stopped working. We called up Sears and fixed an appointment. It was scheduled on a Thursday. The time window was VERY SPECIFIC- 8AM-5PM. I have no idea why they can't give more specific window. I took off from work, stayed at home waiting for the SEARS technician. I received a call at 3pm. "Madam, Our technician called in sick.Can I reschedule it for tomm?" It was my husband's turn to stay back at home. The entire day nobody showed up. We called them at 5.00 and very casually the customer rep said" Oh sorry madam. Can we reschedule it for next Friday?" We were furious. But we thought it is our necessity and agreed. The scedule was made for today. The technician called up at 9 am when I was in the shower. I called back immediately and they said we will inform the technician. I was happy that finally we are going to get it fixed. In the afternoon I called up just to confirm the appointment. The rep said "Oh sorry madam. The technician has left your area. Would you like to reschedule?" Is there a solution for this aroogant system. Does SEARS respect its customers and their time?
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Ponie on 07/27/2007:
Although the two previous missed appointments are inexcusable, if the window was 8-5, why were you taking a shower at 9? When I have a service appointment scheduled, I make certain I'm available during the window given me. I know how difficult it is to schedule in-home appointments and don't want to take any chances.
Anonymous on 07/27/2007:
I have my techs call all the phone numbers on their invoices,go to the house,if no one is home I have them wait for 15-20 mins.If no one shows up I have the tech tag the door with the time he arrived,and the time he left.

Sears service has really gone to pot!
haha! on 07/30/2007:
That's a great idea! That way they aren't able to get many people done since they are too busy waiting. That really is horrible you were rescheduled on twice. The last time really was your fault though.
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