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Terrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- The first purchase I have ever attempted to make at Sears was a mattress and box springs. The lady who helped me ** was knowledgeable and helpful. She told me my mattress would be delivered the following week. Today is the day the mattress was supposed to be delivered. I had not heard from anyone. A call to customer service came up with a guy who could barely speak English, told me it would be delivered in another week, and when I asked to speak to a manager, he put me on hold for 15 minutes. He then told me there was no manager to speak to. I called my local Flagstaff AZ Sears.

The manager said she would look into it. I had not heard back from her so I went to the store where she was rude and confrontational. She said that the delivery date I was given didn't mean anything and I would only hear from Sears if they were going to deliver the mattress. She called me later to say they didn't know if the mattress was in stock in their warehouse and therefore had no idea when it would be delivered. In the meantime, Sears has all ready charged my credit card for a mattress they don't even know if they have. I have cancelled my order and will get my money back.

Mattress Delivery SUCKS!
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FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- Sears Home Delivery was just at my house to deliver a queen box spring and mattress set. They "attempted" to get the box spring up the stairs and LITERALLY after 5 seconds gave up, and didn't try any more. They said it "wouldn't fit" and I'd need to get a double box spring instead. I live in a townhouse with hundreds of other identical houses around. Everyone around here I've spoken to said their queen box springs fit up their stair case. It just takes a little effort. I'm extremely pissed off that I paid $70 and they didn't even try to get my mattress up the stairs. Now I have a box spring sitting in my living room and a mattress sitting in the way in my bedroom.

Delivery issues impact to 90 year old sr citizens

On July 20th I ordered new mattress's for my 90 yr old parents, seems simply enough and here's what happened: On the way home after purchase with a delivery date set for July 27th, I realized I needed the low profile box spring. Called the store to make a sub. Was told by salesperson I had to come back to the store...really?? So I go back, now my delivery date is July 29th.

I wait around for July 29th and delay my vacation, I need to be there as my parents can't handle this transaction. On July 29th they call to say the mattress has not arrived. Will be there on Aug 1st. So I come back from vacation early to be there on Aug 1st. Delivery calls 15 minutes before they are scheduled to inform me the boxspring is "broken". Now it has to be Aug 6th. I'm out of town on Aug 6th so I schedule for Aug 8th. So here's the thing, every time I get someone on the phone, "someone else" is going to call me back. The first complaint to delivery resulted in an offer for a 10% coupon... great why would I be motivated to shop there?

I next contacted my local store I made the purchase from, got shuffled around, finally ** calls to say "you can call delivery and have the change the date to when you are in town"... thanks you ** I already did that! But what I want is my $69.90 delivery fee waved. Seems fair, I've rearranged my vacation twice and now have to take off work. So ** sputters out something about someone else has to call me back, so call.

BUT that's OK. It's really my 90 yr old parents I'm writing for, my Dad keeps removing his bedding each time he thinks delivery is coming, it's a struggle. They are confused by all the date changes etc. Come on Sears really?? I wish I had read this website before I shopped. I could have gone elsewhere and been done with this issue and no hassle. I have two words for you Sears...SOCIAL MEDIA. It overthrew the Egyptian Govt. And I am sure that's why Sears now has Susan R our very own social media moderator from corp.

From your in store service to delivery it's ugly and people will talk. Good service is about all that's left and if you can't handle that then soon Sears Holding nasdaq initials will be gone. PS- I need the free kitchen renovation people to give up, I have 2 kitchens that need a renovating and why on earth would I use you guys?

Sears Mattress Buyer Beware
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Don't ever buy a mattress from Sears. I spent over $850.00 on a queen Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Ocean Whisper in September 2010. Within weeks, the mattress sagged in the middle forming a V. The local Sears gave me an 800 number to call. After several phone calls, emailed pictures, and a discussion with a manager, Sears agreed to send a second mattress. They even agreed to waive the $70.00 delivery charge. The second mattress (brand new) arrived one week ago. It is even worse!

After one week, it sags and forms a V down the center. I called Sears today. They refuse to waive the $70.00 delivery charge. They refuse to refund my money. They care little about their service, their customers, or their products. The manager explained that my warranty starts in September - when I originally purchased the mattress. So, even though my mattress is only one week old, they only acknowledge the original September 2010 purchase date. No returns. No service. Please don't make the same mistake. Sears cares little about customer satisfaction.

Screw Up By Mattress Salesperson
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TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Went in to purchase a mattress and asked the associate upfront if there would be a problem with getting it delivered within the next 6 days. She said that would not be a problem so I chose one and went through the payment process and she said it would be delivered 4 days later. I receive an email the next day that my scheduled delivery is in 2 weeks. I call the store to inquire and she blames it on me, takes no responsibility whatsoever. This is the last time I purchase from Sears.

Great Delivery Service!
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Rating: 5/51

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- Within the last three months I have had delivered from Sears, a dishwasher, Kitchen range, micro-hood and, today, a mattress and box spring. In each case the delivery was within the time frame stated. The delivery personnel were all courteous and efficient. The phone people who I called about the time for delivery were a little difficult to understand but repeated themselves when I asked without hesitation and in a polite way. All in all, the experiences have all been positive.

Home Delivery Service is A JOKE
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CALIFORNIA -- Sears Home Delivery is a joke. They have no respect whatsoever with the customer who pays LOTS of money for the products. Had I known their delivery service did not work I would have bought my mattress somewhere else. I was told I should be at home in the time frame of 2 hrs between 3:15 and 5:15pm which I did. I did miss about 3 hours of UNPAID work just for that but I figured it was OK IF I got that delivered. No one showed up.

I went back to work so I could make up for at least an extra hour and they called me saying they had a "problem with another customer" This is a joke, no one is going to replace my unpaid hours of work, will they? They surely don't give me a discount when I buy the products so I am losing time and money with this.

Now, I am waiting ALL OVER again and they are still not here. I am sure they're having "problems" again and won't show up. DO NOT USE Sears Home Delivery. A lack of respect with the customers, will never buy anything from them again.

No Honesty
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NEW HAMPSHIRE -- SEARS LIAR!!! LIAR!!! LIAR. I am so disappointed in Sears warranty and customers service. I could not imagine that can happen in a country like CANADA!!! Where are the law makers and police to catch all these LIARS who rob innocent people in a very VERY MODERN WAY...

My story is very simple and straight I bought a high end Mattress just thinking that sleep is the most important thing in our lives to get yourself ready for the next day and I paid through my mouth and nose to buy that Mattress and salesman (LAIR A BIG LAIR) told me that this mattress has 10 or 20 years warranty if it sags or bulge or anything goes wrong with the mattress. After buying that mattress in 4 months it has started Bugling and sagging from the sides. I GOT BACKACHE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE...

I called Sears customers service (MOST I'LL MANNERED SERVICE REPS... THEY JUST DON'T ABUSE YOU OTHERWISE SAY EVERYTHING JUST TO FORCE YOU TO END UP THE CALL)... anyway according to their report mattress doesn't have 2 inch depression so they can'™t do anythingCAN YOU BEAT THAT... I M HAVING BACK PAIN BECAUSE OF THE MATTRESS and any blind person can tell you that mattress is sagging and bulging and has dents on both sides of the mattress... I mean that's a limit... then they simply refuse to change or repair the mattress NO MATTER HOW BAD BACKACHE I HAVE!!!

My wife has stopped sleeping on that bed and sleeps on 2 inch mattress on floor because of the pain... that'™s sooo outrageous... I belong to India (A third world developing country) but sorry to say EVEN THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN THERE... THERE IS NO HONESTY IN SEARS PEOPLE THEY ARE SIMPLY LIARS... NEVER PURSHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM... SO DISAPPOINTED.

Company Response 4/1/2011:

Dear 143619:

My name is Susan and I'm part of the Sears Cares Team. I found your post here and wanted to reach out to you and offer assistance. I am very sorry about the problems you were having with the sagging of your mattress. I can definitely understand the frustration you must be feeling over this situation. We are a single point of contact for escalated concerns which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience, please send us an email to our office at In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (146319) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Sears Cares Team

Missed Mattress Delivery 2 Times
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Ordered mattress and foundation over the phone, 2 weeks ago. On the day of delivery (30th May) I get a call at around 7am from Sears warehouse, saying that only 1 foundation piece was ordered. I told them that was not I ordered - I guess the CS does not know what they are ordering for their customers!! - so I had to order another matching foundation piece and the delivery date was pushed back to today(7th June 5pm). Since I'm moving to a new apartment next week I needed the mattress today. But when I called the Sears delivery dept. today morning, they told me that there has been "MANUFACTURER'S DELAY" on the foundation and they were out of stock.

That was total BS. she told me that I will be getting just the mattress. OK, fine. so I waited, and called again after sometime to make sure. This time the customer service told me that they are now going to deliver the mattress and one foundation piece and rest will be available on Thursday (11th). OK so I finished other stuff for the day and waited to hear from them at 5:30pm. I received No call from them till 6:30pm so I called them. This time the CS told me that they are not delivering anything today and everything will be delivered on Thursday.

I was totally frustrated and asked her guarantee that they deliver on Thursday - but the CS showed attitude and continued to say '...thank you for using Sears blah blah..' I interrupted her and told her that that was not the expected answer - she said "OK bye" and hung up. I have decided and so should you, once and for all, that I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS, EVER!

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OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- My delivery of a King mattress will be scheduled for Sat 31 Jan 09. To ensure that my floors and carpet are not damaged or soiled, I called Sears Delivery, Canada to question if some material will be used to protect the floor. I am very disappointed as the answer was they cannot take off their shoes (that's fine) and indicated that it is the responsibility of the home owner to protect their own floor (that's not fine). The gentleman that I was speaking with explained that having material on the floor may cause injury to the delivery personnel. I questioned the liability of injury with the home owner providing the protective material. This was not answered.

I asked for the gentleman's name (did not get his name) and I was transferred to customer service and the same answer was given to me. I was told I am responsible to report, to the delivery personnel on the spot, if I notice damages/dirt on my floor and carpet. My disappointment is why can't the delivery personnel wear some kind of felt shoes over their boots or find some method to avoid potential damage to the floor? We paid for the delivery of our mattress, where is the quality of the delivery service?

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