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NO Customer Service
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TEXAS -- To Whom It May Concern: I've detailed a timeline of the experience we have had with Sears and it's sub-contractors. Our issues are still unresolved: 11/4/11 -- ordered oven online; 11/11/11 – 1st scheduled delivery. Scheduled between 2:00-4:00. The installer ** never showed up and never called. I called him at 4:00 asking where he was. Rescheduled for Saturday at 10:00 (maybe earlier); 11/12/11 -- 2nd scheduled delivery. Again – ** never showed up and never called.

11/14/11 -- installer ** called me at 7:00/8:00 with no explanation and no apology. Wanted to let me know he would TRY to squeeze me in for Tuesday installation because Monday was already full. When I began to tell him that his service was less than satisfactory, he began yelling at me. He told me he was the only installer I could get, told me good luck, and hung up in my face!

About 15 minutes later, his supervisor ** – not with an apology, but just to let me know another installer would be completing the job and they would have to let me know when. I immediately called the Sears customer service line and filed a complaint. The woman on the phone took down all of the information and told me that someone would be calling me back in 24-48 hours in regards to my complaint – NO ONE EVER DID.

The customer service representative from Sears told me that the name of the installation company was MJ Feagley. Since no one from Sears ever called me back, I decided to just let another installer from this same company install the built-in oven and be done with all of this. But that didn't work either. The installer who came out to the house was very nice and knowledgeable (we later found out, he was the owner).

The oven was the wrong size – too small! This after I'd given the Sears sales person the serial number on our previous oven and asked for the newer model to replace it. She assured me that the one she'd selected would fit. So, Brad installed the too-small oven and told us to call Sears and they would make it right.

11/16/11 -- I called Sears and was working on the exchange and purchase of new/correct oven and we were working on installation when the customer service computers went down. I know – unbelievable – right? She couldn't finalize the transaction, and told me that someone would call me back in 24-48 hours to complete everything. NO ONE EVER DID.

11/17/11 -- 3rd scheduled delivery. I decided not to wait, and called the number back again on Thursday, the 17th. Only to be told that because the previous customer service representative had suspended my transaction and sent it to the remote desk (or something like that), that she didn't have access to it and that no one there could help me – I would just have to wait for them to call me back. NO ONE EVER DID and my frustration is reaching a higher peak than I'd ever thought was possible.

11/22/11 -- I received an automated survey regarding my satisfaction with my new appliance, the delivery and installation of that said appliance, and Sears in general. Unbelievable! I gave my honest response along with a recorded note asking someone/anyone from Sears to call me. NO ONE EVER DID. 11/23/11 -- I received an automated call letting me know that my delivery was scheduled for Saturday, the 26th – except when the computer recited my address, it was the WRONG address in the WRONG city!! A person quickly picked up my call and was able to correct the address.

11/26/11 -- 4th scheduled delivery. The exchange and installation was scheduled for 1:30 – 3:00. At 2:00 ** called to ask if we had an oven installed. When I said ‘yes', he said, ‘that could be a problem, let me call you back.' Long story short, ** was apparently not an installer and had planned on just dropping off the oven at our house – delivery only. What? So we told him to keep it – return it. Maybe they will call us?

I cannot even begin to express my disappointment and frustration at this entire experience with Sears. I have never in my life been so disenfranchised with a company and witnessed such a true disregard for any amount of customer service much less customer satisfaction. I am sure there is someone there at Sears who is interested in these basic principles of business, but I have not for the life of me been able to get in touch with them via any of the customer service numbers I have tried: 800-549-4505 and 877-878-3687.

Honestly, at this point I don't even know what to do. I am frustrated beyond belief and not sure where to turn. If you receive this and want to help, please contact me!!

Junk appliances
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have purchased Kenmore Elite products for more than 25 years and really thought they were among the best in quality. Being a builder, I used them in my personal homes and always suggested them to customers. I just built my last personal house in 2008 and purchased all Kenmore Elite units such as: Side by Side stainless steel refrigerator, 6 burner cooktop, Ultra wave microwave oven, compactor, and a dishwasher. We are up in years so we understand about taking care of our home goods.

After two years, we took out a extended warranty and thank God, our microwave had to be repaired due to a bad thermostat. Our double over had the bottom tray lose half its porcelain and the seals were harden to becoming useless. My compactor stopped working in the automatic mode. Now my microwave has a magnetron problem of inverter board and you can't order parts unless you're certified. I think some dumb supervisor who handles the production either cheapened the specs or for whatever reason had LG or whoever is the manufacturer produce appliances bases on the good name it had, thinking people are too dumb to pay attention if something fails.

Not so, I can't remember in years past that we had the numerous problems that we had in the last four years. Read the complaints from numerous customers who have experienced failures of their appliances and the lack of Sears attention to their pleas. I know service is a big part of their revenue and more problems means more money for the bottom line. Needless to say I will not buy another Sears appliance when I build our next home in a year of so. Just to be fair, I will go on record stating I still have most of my Craftsman tools I bought over 50 years ago and I still have my 26 cf side by side refrigerator that is 22 years old and still running.

Our Kenmore washer and dryer died a year ago and I bought the best LG units that are superior to the Kenmore units. Someone made Sears a dirty word and should be fired on the spot for tarnishing a good American icon. Shame on that guy or guys. Industry has cut down on everything from candy bars to lumber to coffee and a thousand products that reduced the quantity and increased the price like nobody notices, that's one reason our country is going to hell. GREED!!!!!!

Sears Kenmore/Electrolux Microwave Lemon
By -

KAHULUI, HAWAII -- Beware when purchasing Sears Kenmore/Electrolux Microwave! I purchased a Sears Kenmore/Electrolux Microwave and Wall Oven 10/7/2008 for $1674. I made the purchase because it was beautiful and matched the rest of my appliances. But, as it turns out, it was not a very good financial decision and I should have conducted more research on the quality.

The microwave quit working the week before Thanksgiving in 11/2009 – 13 months after purchase. After numerous attempts to repair, Sears finally completed the repair at a cost of $158 in 1/2010 – so the microwave was not working for over 2 months and not available during the holidays. The microwave stopped working again in 2/2011 (again 13 months after the last repair) and the repair was completed in 3/2011 at a cost of $233 replacing the same switch as in the first repair. Now the microwave quit working again in 10/2011 (only 7 months after the last repair) with probably the same switch going bad since it quit working exactly the same way as the other two times.

I contacted Electrolux to see if they would stand behind the microwave since I spent $1674 initially and have already spent $391 on repairs only to have it broken again – it is only 3 years old! They referred me to Sears since it was an Electrolux product sold under the Kenmore brand name.

I contacted Sears, but they could not replace the microwave or pay to have it repaired. They offered to pay for ½ of the cost to have it repaired, but knowing the repair cost would be at least $233, even paying $116.50 does not make sense since the repair most likely will not last very long. And, nice stainless steel microwaves are now selling for $50 – much less than the ½ the repair costs I would have to pay! When looking to purchase appliances, do your due diligence and think twice before buying Sears Kenmore or Electrolux.

Sears couldn't fix my oven
By -

My home warranty service subcontracted with sears to repair my oven, which wasn't heating. The first appointment on april 5th was for between 8 and 12... He showed at 12:30. He diagnosed the oven and order parts. He never told my wife that she needed to call sears when the parts arrived, so they failed to show at the next appointment because we didn't call them and tell them the parts arrived at our house in the mail.

In fact, he never said we would receive parts so we were surprised when we got them in the mail. Repairman returned (late again) on may 3, spent an hour on his cell phone waiting for back-up (like he was a cop or something), stayed for another hour, and left without even trying to install the part. He rescheduled for May 17th... A month and half after they originally came out. I will never, ever use sears for anything again except the bathroom when my kids are at the mall and I probably won't make them fuss the commode.

Advertisement Is a Total Scam - They Steal Your Money!
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Rating: 1/51

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Normally, I research companies before making a big online purchase, but I didn't in this case because, hey, it was Sears! BIG MISTAKE. I wish I had read all of this before I dropped $1000 on an oven that I ordered from Ordered on March 3, got an email saying the oven would be delivered March 13. No oven ever came. Called the 14th and got the run around from their customer service for 3 days. They kept telling me they are checking on it and they would call me back. NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK from Sears. I even called corporate - what a joke.

They talk a nice talk but that's all it is - talk. They said they would get back to me too to tell me what was going on, but shocker - they never did. "Nick" and "Dawn" and countless other customer service reps gave me the run-around, never got me an oven, and never gave me a refund. So essentially, Sears stole our money and I had to dispute through my credit card. BUYER BEWARE!! I'll never buy anything from them again, not even from their mall retail store. I don't care if other stores sell the same thing for triple the price... the other stores will always get my money.

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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- I purchased my Jenn-Air a year and half ago. I had to purchases it through Sears, but Jenn-air promised me that if there were problems Jenn-air would take care of it. They lied. I didn't have an oven 3 months out of the first 9 months that I have had it. Now the oven is not working again. There is 1 burner that has never worked. Every time you open the oven door the burners blow out. I can not let my son use the stove while I am not in the house because I am afraid that the stove will burn the house down.

Awful Service on an Oven Purchased
By -

MIDDLETOWN, NJ -, NEW JERSEY -- I put in an order from Sears an the delivery man from Sears told me to wait he needed to know if someone was home before he would deliver. I had been waiting quite a while for the delivery. He went down stairs to get the product while I waited. He came back and said the oven window was broken in pieces. He asked if I still wanted it like that. I looked at him like he was nuts. I said no and he asked if he could use the phone. I was shocked he did not have a cell phone, but I let him use it to call his boss.

He explained the situation to his boss all the while he was sweating. He definitely did not look like he was capable of carrying or delivering the rather large Maytag oven. He did not even say he was sorry or any apologies to a Sears customer. He looked like he just wanted to rest and was waiting for a tip. I was looking at him thinking what terrible delivery service Sears has. I was very disappointed to say the least. He mentioned that he did not know when they could deliver another one and after seeing what happened on this delivery I quickly said I did not to reorder from Sears.

It is terrible how Sears service and delivery is. You have to wait quite a long time and then get a big disappointment especially since I had ordered it for my mom and she was perplexed and unhappy about what had happened. Please do not order from Sears. Poor service and disappointed customers is no way to treat people

Very Bad Customer Service
By -

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a wall oven from Sears La Jolla CA and paid for installation and delivery plus the cost of whatever cutting the cabinet needed. I adjusted our personal schedules so we can be at home when the technician arrives. I received a phone call on the day itself rather than the promised two to three days before arrival.

When he arrived, he did not have the tools necessary because the service order did not indicate that cabinet cutting was involved. I showed him the receipt which clearly stated the job request. He stated that it was not in the service order. I called Sears La Jolla and was told that I will receive a call from the service manager. I never received a call. This clearly shows that Sears has become too big to care for their customers. Low professional standards and even lower courtesy and customer service.

Company Response 05/04/2010:

To gergalv,
My name is Shayne and I'm part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I'm sorry to hear that the install of your new wall oven did not go well. Our team would like the chance to look into this and see what we can do to assist you. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the wall oven was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, please provide the screen name (gergalv) used to post here for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
Shayne W.
Senior Case Manager
Sears Cares

Sears falls way short!!
By -

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- Bought an oven/stove from Sears 3 years ago. After 6 months the handle on the oven door started coming off. The entire front of the oven would fall off. Our only recourse was to buy another one because it would cost too much to fix it. Do not!!! buy ANY Sears products EVER!!!! For those of you who commented - yes, we used a screwdriver to put the door together but we shouldn't have had to do that! And yes the complete FRONT of the door fell off leaving the inside part closed. Try dealing with that every time you have something in the oven!

Who stands behind Kenmore? ... NOT SEARS
By -

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a toaster oven for my mother-in-law in May. I didn't buy the extended warranty because it had a 2 yr replacement warranty. Five months later, the timer will not shut off the oven. The oven smells like electrical burn. I didn't have my receipt, but it's a Kenmore, so I thought they would stand behind their brand.

I also thought they would have record of the purchase since I could supply the debit card number, the name, the date, and the exact amount. WRONG. They will not do ANYTHING without the receipt and they have no record of the purchase. I made an additional purchase at the same store 2 weeks ago and they have no record of that purchase either!!! I've made my last purchase at Sears!

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