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Atrocious Customer Service
By -

I bought an LG convection range from the Sears outlet in Coquitlam and was told that the reason it was outlet was a missing oven rack (no big deal for me!) and that the range was otherwise fully functioning! I purchased the range on May 1, picked it up on May 3 and the oven was not working on May 5 (well within the 30 days that they told me it would be replaceable and well within the ONE year warranty). When I contacted the customer service rep, she sent someone to repair it on the same day. He told me he needed to order parts and would be back the following week.

We waited two weeks and nobody ever showed up so we called again and nobody showed up so we called again a week later and nobody showed up so I called again and asked them to take it away and give me a refund. They said that was not possible so I called corporate and told them the same story. They agreed to do this at the beginning of June and asked us to fax in a copy of the receipt. We did this twice as they "did not receive a clear copy of the first one" and now it is almost July.

For two months, we have not had a functioning oven...imagine trying to cook for your family without an oven!! I cannot believe the customer service of this place. I previously had purchased my range from The Brick and never had a problem with the same one. When the display malfunctioned, they sent someone to fix it within the week! You definitely do not expect this kind of service from a major retailer.

I will NEVER buy anything from them again and have made it my mission to tell this story as many times to as many people as I can. I was appalled at the disgusting way that I was treater by Sears and the disgusting way that I continue to be treated! I was mistaken to have thought Sears was a reputable very careful!!

Repair Person A No Show
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I had an appointment to have my oven repaired today (Dec. 15) from 1-5 pm. At 4:45 pm I contacted Sears to find out where the repair person was as they had not shown up or called. The Customer Service person told me that the repair person was in my area at another job, but they would message the repair person to call me about the estimated arrival time.

I was phoned by the repair person at approximately 5:05 pm and was told that he would not be coming, and to reschedule. Because of his matter of fact attitude, I hung up on him and contacted Sears again. He was not at all concerned that I had an appointment - he claimed that this appointment was just added to his schedule. I phoned Sears Customer Service again and was told they could only message the "Unit Manager" to call me tomorrow (Saturday) to explain why the repair person was a "no-show" on a scheduled appointment, and to set up a time that was convenient for me.

I am extremely angered by the repair person's cavalier attitude towards my having an appointment, and his apparent lack of any type of customer service ethic. I left my job today to make this appointment only to have wasted 5 hours of my time. If I had known beforehand that the repair person would disregard and dismiss a scheduled appointment, I would have had my landlord purchase a new stove instead of having this stove repaired. This is the second repair in 6 years for the same problem. Obviously this is not the most reliable stove from Sears.

By looking at all the other complaints about their appliances, repair service, etc., I see that Sears has not done anything to remedy the public's poor perception of them as a company. We'll see if they call tomorrow. If they don't my next call is to my landlord to have them buy a new stove, but NOT FROM SEARS.

They Never Came
By -

RIVER VALE, NEW JERSEY -- I scheduled a Saturday repair for my new, never plugged in Sears Elite range - the front legs were delivered broken. The repair had to be scheduled more than 3 weeks in advance. I was told Sears would call the night before to remind me of the repair and give me a time window. No phone call came the night before. So Saturday morning I'm in the shower and, you guessed it, Sears calls. "Hello, hello... If no one is home you'll have to reschedule. Goodbye."

When I got out of the shower I called Sears 800 number and was told they would get hold of the repairman and he would call me within the hour. I waited 2 hours and no call back. I called the 800 number again and was told he same thing. I waited another 2 hours and no one called me back. I called again and was told to wait just 2 more hour. I waited that hour and called the 600 number and was told no one would be coming out, sorry we lied to you, too bad you don't have a range and have shot your day!!!

I am fed up, not just with the lack of service, but the reason I needed service was first Sears lost my range in their warehouse - "Sorry you had to take a day off to await a *CONFIRMED* delivery, it turns out we never had your range!" When they do find the range, it's delivered broken, something that I find out only during the installation. Now, another slap with their lack of service. My neighbors all know about this, will be shopping for their appliances at Lowe's or Home Depot and my Sears credit card is going into the toilet.

Later in the day - I called Sears 1800-MY-HOME. They informed me that the repairman knocked on my door and I wasn't home. Okay, I give up, where was I? It's now 6:55pm and I haven't left the house all day. I hung up on them. It seems they have a sweet racket of getting out of work early. Incompetent liars!

Don't Ever Shop at Sears.
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Rating: 1/51

OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a range from Sears 15 months ago and it stopped working. It will cost $436.00 to fix and they are not willing to do anything about it. They basically told me "Too bad it is out of warranty." Sadly, I have spent 3 weeks trying to get someone to assist me but to no avail. Gabriel is the worst to work with. He told me he would help but then said he couldn't do anything about it. I learned my lesson and refuse to shop Sears again and will be sure that I tell everyone I know my experience. Please respond if you know of other sites where I can post about my negative experience.

Sears rips off blond old ladies
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Sears sold my blind 93-year old grandmother a high-end gas range, telling her that manual control ovens are no longer manufactured and that she must buy a digital range. She is unable to see or operate the digital display, and began calling customer service for help within days of purchase. Customer service NEVER returned any of her calls until after the 90 day exchange period had expired. Finally the Sears representative (who would not give her name but stated she was a supervisor) told my grandmother it was too bad and she wouldn't help her.

My grandmother now has the unused Sears range sitting in her garage and is using another range with manual controls which she purchased from another retailer for far less money. Sears took advantage and should be ashamed of themselves.

Kenmore Ranges -- No Customer Service
By -

I will never purchase another Sears/Kenmore product again. I used the self-cleaning feature on my stove for the first time and it scorched/discolored/yellowed the front door panel. What is even worse than that is that you cannot get a human being to speak to other than the ones that parrot back what you are saying and apologize but don't give you a shred of advice on how to fix the problem.

Sears/Kenmore should be ashamed of themselves for not putting a disclaimer in the booklet that comes with the product that the self-cleaning feature may ruin the outside of the stove. Poor, poor service. Do not buy Sears/Kenmore products.

Rebate/delayed billing
By -

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- Be very careful when you purchase an appliance and they tell you that you qualify for a deferred interest payment. I was told I did not have to pay anything for up to 6 months. No minimum payment of any kind, or so said the salesman. The receipt was not 100% clear the way it was worded and the salesman assured me that I did not have to pay anything for 6 months. This did not surprise me since other big retail stores were doing the same thing. Well, guess again.

I received a call that my account was past due and was being charged a $39.00 late fee. Well, I told them I would pay in full and a customer representative said they would wipe off the $39.00. Customer representative said this is not the first time this has happened. Also, when I was asked to do a survey online, it said that I qualified for a rebate. I have had more excuses as to why I do not qualify for this rebate. Each reply to my emails had a different reason.

Sears you are losing it. What happened to customer satisfaction and guarantees. In this day with all that is going on, people will go where they get better service and better offers. Let's think twice before we make a decision where to shop.

Kenmore glass top elec. range - Sears.
By -

BANGOR, MAINE -- RE: glass top elec. range #790 - purchased from Sears, Bangor, ME. Arrived in pieces, glass all broken, family members cut on glass trying to open box. Replaced, but top panel finish "paint" kept bubbling up and rubbing off to show underside metal. Replaced once, told by service person that "this was a problem" but now fixed. No way, large portion of top panel has no paint left. Every time I use the oven the vents emit moisture and more paint comes off the top panel. Very expensive range and now looks old and ratty.

Wouldn't take another one of these as a gift. Also, glass top does not clean easily - it is a bear, and needs constant heavy duty cleaning, even water stains this horrid top. I HATE this product and will never go back to Sears for another product! Walmart is likely better!!

Fraudulent/Incorrect Charges
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a gas stove from Sears. All they did was deliver it to our home and leave it in the middle of our kitchen. NO HOOK UP. Fine. We are on propane so we knew it would be necessary to have our new stove converted over by our propane company before it could be hooked up and installed for use.

Sears has fraudulently charged us for supposedly installing our stove six days after they delivered it to our home. Have called the store numerous times, their billing department, the phone number listed next to the fraudulent charge on our credit card bill, letters and made more phone calls. They refuse to remove the charge and will not admit they have made fraudulent charge to our card. They have been rude and stubborn.

The paper work that we received today in the mail shows a bill with an out of service phone number and two different dates on it. There are no signatures anywhere on it nor is there a company name shown anywhere. This has been an unbelievably bad experience all the way around. We are still trying to straighten this mess out.

WE WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN! Our neighbors next door have also had recent dealings with Sears that left them unhappy and now tell me that they also refuse to shop there ever again. What is up with Sears???? Shame on them and their current business practices. Treating your customers badly does not help to build a loyal clientele, nor does it do anything for their reputation. Guess they don't care.

The appliances are appalling. The service is much worse
By -

We bought a new set of kitchen appliances from Sears on June 7, 2009. The oven worked for 2 weeks and then went dead. Three visits by Sears repairmen have served no useful purpose; each one ordered a part that does not solve the problem. Each time they forgot us, and it was necessary to waste hours on the phone being transfer from a useless ‚Äúcustomer representative‚ÄĚ to another to get another repairman to show up and repeat the going through the motions pantomime. We have been without an oven for almost half a year now.

Sears servicemen also damaged our kitchen counter during the installation, and promised someone would come to repair it. Five months and many, many calls later, no one has come. We have written to the CEO to let him know what kind of company he is running, to no avail. Customers are Sears' laughingstocks. The CEO and his henchmen must be having a blast someone still buys from them.

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