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Sears delivery horror picture show
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DOVER, DELAWARE -- I bought a washing machine from Sears about 1-1/2 years ago. I also bought the warranty. Good thing it turns out, because the washer died in early June, 2010. I called for repair under warranty. First repairman came on June 11th. Said he didn't have the right parts to fix the washer. 3 more repairmen came on 3 separate dates after that. Sears, all the while, kept shipping washing machine parts to my house. Each time a repairman came, they said that there was still a part undelivered, or the wrong part was delivered. So I had a living room full of parts and no working washer.

On July 15th, Sears called to tell me that they would give me an in-store credit for a new washer, as they did not fix the old one within 30 days. I purchased the replacement washer on June 17th. Delivery was set for July 19th between 9-11 am. Appointment was confirmed on July 18th by an automated phone call.

Without going into a long description, here's what happened: The delivery driver drove to the house. Instead of knocking on the door, they called my husband's cell phone from the truck. He was in the shower, so he did not hear the phone, but there were 4 other adults in the house at the time. The driver did not leave a message, did not come to the door, he just left. We called the driver about 10 minutes later on the phone # from the original call (a private # not a company #), but he never answered. Left messages all day for him to call back.

Sears delivery service center phone was a joke, I could barely understand the idiots who answered my many phone calls inquiring about the status of the delivery. They are useless, they just read from the screen in front of them. And apologize. I must have heard a hundred apologies.

But I digress. At 5:30 the husband and I went to the Sears in Dover DE, where the whole fiasco started. Complained to the manager. Manager made several phone calls and about an hour later told us that he spoke directly to the supervisor of the delivery company, and they will deliver the washer the next day.

Next day comes, no washer. Husband called delivery driver on cell # from the day before, asks where the washer is. "Not on my truck, haha", he said. It's at the warehouse. Husband managed to ferret out from the driver the location of the warehouse, about 1/2 hr drive from our home. Husband took his Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck and went to the warehouse. Warehouse manager said the washer was supposed to be on the delivery truck, but they "forgot" to load it on.

Husband had warehouse employees load washer onto HIS truck, stood there and watched in case they "forgot" to load it again. Husband took washer home, installed washer, and by 8 pm I have clean clothes again.

I will go to Sears tomorrow and get the $65 delivery and installation fee back, plus my $100 "aggravation rebate" card. The entire experience was unnecessarily stressful and I wonder what is Sears standard for 'Quality Customer Service'? A 'hands-off' approach to business (i.e. using foreign customer service reps and outsourcing sub-par deliver companies) is both pathetic and unacceptable. If I performed my job as piss-poor as these people do, I'd have been fired long ago.

Wise up, Sears. Someday you are going to piss off the WRONG person. It would not surprise me to find out that a customer went postal on one of the Sears stores. They don't care, bottom line.

Would not honor on-line price.
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COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We needed a new washing machine, so Saturday after searching online, we went to Sears in Cookeville Tn. Sears had a Whirlpool WTW5100VQ online for $423. When we got there and looked around, we found the same Whirlpool machine on display, but for $50! I told the Salesman that their prices weren'€™t the same as online. He said "€œOh..yes they are."€ and I told him about the $423 Whirlpool that they had for $501. So we went to the computer to check it out. On the way over he said "unless it said online only"€.. "€œIt may have, I don'€™t recall." I said; I would have accepted that. Well, he pulled their website up and sure enough, it WAS $423 and it DID NOT say online only.

My wife and I went on looking around. As she passed near the salesman, she overheard him talking to another salesman. "Our"€ salesman was telling him about the discrepancy that I brought to his attention, that I was right and that they, "€œSears"€, would have to sell it to us...meaning at the $423 price I'm sure. My wife decided she wanted that machine and that's when the trouble started.

The No. 2 salesman was ringing us up and said they didn'€™t have any in stock; he could order it, it'd be here Tuesday and it would cost $501. I brought up the online price, which he already knew about. He tried to confuse the situation by talking about going to the store Internet and ordering it online for $423... essentially refusing my claim. BTW, he said it could be dropped off at the Cookeville Sears. I asked for the store manager.

Here comes a young "€œnametag less" woman. The basics of her argument was, we are "€œbrick and mortar"€ and can'€™t compete with online pricing; that they do not PRICE MATCH online ads that it was store policy AND they, Sears in Cookeville Tennessee ARE NOT affiliated with Sears online, they are separate.

My response, after her NOT responding to my statements and repeating her jargon, in short was...."I don't care.... I don'€™t come here and tell you about how hard it is for me to pay the light bill. You, the SEARS COMPANY placed an ad online, with no stipulations and no in-store Policies posted for a Whirlpool Washer WTW57ES at $423 and I want to buy one from you... the Sears Store in Cookeville Tennessee."

The other ugliness to the matter was, she would only give me her first name and even after asking her two more times for her last name, I consider that refusal. So I'€™ll give it to you, her name is ** at the Cookeville Tennessee store..... she said you'd know her (I don't know whom she thought I'€™d be talking to). Come to find out, she is not the Store Manager, but the Department Manager... not whom I asked for. I don't know where she gets the idea, that HONORING YOUR OWN STORES ADVERTISED PRICE IS PRICE MATCHING!


Another interesting fact is, you can go online at and search for the SEARS STORE nearest you. You can also check product availability at those stores, browse the STORE weekly ads... why you can even pick-up your purchase at the SEARS STORE nearest you. BUT I COULD NOT!!

(931) 525-5700

*** Go to SEARS. COM for "€œbrick and €œmortar"€ store directions, store hours, available services, weekly store ads, in-store product availability and MUCH MUCH MORE!! Not affiliated with SEARS. COM.

Worst Retail Experience Ever! Don't Shop at Sears!!
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Rating: 1/51

LACEY, WASHINGTON -- After moving, I purchased a Samsung washer/dryer set from Sears. After the delivery team left, I ran my first load of laundry and it dumped water all over the floor. I asked the delivery team to come back and take a look and they said I would need to make an appointment with service. I got the impression that this had something to do with the fact that it was Friday and they were ready to call it a day. But I made the appt.

The day of the appt, they no showed and at the end of the appt window, I got an automated phone call letting me know my 'delivery' appt was scheduled for the next Tuesday. I call the CS number to determine why it was rescheduled and why it was a delivery appt. The women I spoke to was rude and unhelpful but did assure me the Tuesday appt was to fix my washer.

That Tuesday at the end of the delivery window, the same guy from delivery that said there was nothing he could do showed up, looked at the washer for 30 seconds and said I needed to get service out to look at it. Glad I took half a day off work for that. At this point, I decided that maybe I didn't want to do business with Sears after all and I called the store to set up a return.

The women I spoke to was so nice and helpful though I thought I would give it another try. She arranged to have the broken washer picked up and a new washer delivered on Friday. So imagine my surprise when Friday morning comes and delivery shows up with a new dryer and no washer. I was done. I asked them to load everything up and return it. I was going to try a professional outfit.

After the return, I never got any notice and had never received the Sears card I had opened to get the 15% discount so I called to check the status and learned that they had mailed the card and backup to the wrong address but I shouldn't worry because there had not been any fraudulent charges. Yikes! I closed the account anyway. They were then able to confirm that the washer and fittings had been returned but the dryer had not and I would need to contact the store. I contacted the store on several occasions and was told each time that they would either get back to me or that they would get it fixed right away, but nothing ever happened.

One time, I even took additional time off work to show up in the store after I got 'disconnected' during a transfer. When I could not get them to do anything, I went to the corporate level and got the same level of service. Each time I call, they tell me they will research it and get back to me and then I hear nothing. I had at least my fifth phone call with them this morning and supposedly they will get back to me by noon today. I will believe it when I see it.

It has been over a month and so many wasted hours on the phone and they still have not issued my credit. I am at my wits end. Dealing with them is like wrestling with jello. They agree with me and tell me they understand my frustration and then nothing happens. Please do yourself a favor and shop anywhere but Sears!!!

Resolution Update 10/08/2013:

After posting this I went into the store one more time and was able to get a manager to force the credit. It is unfathomable that it took this long and so much of my time. At least I am finally off this crazy train.

Company Response :

My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalation Team. I came across your post and wanted to express our apologies for the difficulties you have experienced with your washer/dryer purchase. It sounds as if we have let you down on just about every level imaginable and would like to offer our assistance. We would like the opportunity to speak with you and address your concerns. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that I have assigned to reference your post (Cecil.Amanda), to Again, we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you and look forward to speaking with you.
Thank you,
Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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Rating: 1/51

PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS -- Delivery was slated for 11:30-1:30pm. When it did not get here by 1:30, I called the delivery service line and spoke with **. After telling him what was going on, he put me on hold to send a message to the delivery driver to call me with an ETA. 3:00 pm rolled around and had not heard from delivery driver. Called the service line again. ** told me that she would, wait for it, send a message to the delivery driver to call me with an ETA. Like I believed that would happen.

3:30 rolled around and I had to leave to pick up my son from school. Taped a note to my door telling the driver that I would be back by 4pm and that they were already 2 hours late so they should wait.

By 4 pm, still had not heard anything. Called the service line again and was told that another message would be sent to the driver to call me. I told ** that I had already had 2 representatives tell me that and had yet to receive a call. After being put on hold, I told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor. She put me on hold then came back on the line and said there was not a supervisor at work today. I told her I found that very hard to believe. Before I hung up on her, I told her that if I did not receive a call from the driver within 15 minutes I would be calling back to cancel the delivery and getting a refund.

She proceeded to tell me that I could not cancel the delivery and that since I had already paid for it, I should just not pick up my husband today to wait on the delivery people. I admit, I got mad, cussed, and yelled. Told her I wanted a number for customer service and she said she did not have that number. I hung up.

Called the store I bought the washer from. Told the sales associate (**) what was going on. He told me I would have to cancel the delivery through the service line and once I told him the associate from the service said I couldn't, he took my number and said he would call the delivery truck that showed up on the information and find out what was going on.

Within 5 minutes he called me back and said the delivery truck was right around the corner. I thanked him and let him know that I had already told the drivers, who had showed up after I talked to him the first time, that I was refusing delivery and wanted the items returned to the store. I was told by ** that I could come up there today and get my money back.

I do not know if I will be getting the delivery fee returned, but I really couldn't care less right now. The two women delivery service associates were not native English speakers and were very rude. They sounded scripted. If the sales associate at the store could pull up the actual truck that was supposed to deliver my washer, why couldn't they?

The truck that showed up was a plain white Uhaul like truck with nothing on it. The passenger smelled of alcohol and the driver could barely even move. Guess I know what they were doing when they were supposed to be delivering items today. Once my husband gets off work, we will be going 30 minutes to the town I bought the washer in and getting our refund. Then, we will go to the LOWE'S here in our town that I have always loved and get the washer I originally wanted. Will not use Sears ever again.

11:53am, Friday, May 11, 2012: Update: Husband has been at the Sears store for almost an hour now trying to get our refund. He has been told that the delivery department is the ones to process the refund but yet delivery is telling him that the store actually has to handle the refund. What a joke. Called my bank to see what they could do to help. Not much they can do of course for at least 2 weeks. The Large Appliance manager is refusing to talk with my husband about the refund so the Lawn and Garden center manager is trying to help. Calling customer service line now and trying to get help.

Sears Sucks
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I purchased a washing machine from Sears on the 21st of August 1011, it was delivered on the 24th of August Wednesday. I ordered the machine originally with hoses which are sold separately. My machine did include the power cord which Sears will sell you separately as well, on other models. After making arrangements for the delivery I called back to check on why I did not receive my email confirmation of this order. After speaking with the representatives I was informed that they had my email address incorrectly in their system.

Upon reviewing my order with the representatives, it was discovered that they did not include the hoses, which I ordered with the machine. After making arrangements with the representative on having to purchase hoses which they didn't include on the original purchase I was concerned if the hoses would now arrive with the machine when delivered. I was placed on hold by a representative while she spoke with the delivery department about delivering the washing machine and the hoses together

I was told that she spoke to the delivery department and she informed me that the washing machine and the hoses would be delivered together. The machine was scheduled for delivery on Wednesday the 24th 2011. When the delivery arrived they informed me that they did not have the hoses. I was surprised regarding this situation. I called immediately while the delivery people were still here and was told that arrangements would be made for a install it the following day on the Thursday the 25th. After calling to check for the time of the delivery I was informed that no one would be coming out that day.

They told me that they did not have the hoses available in their store after speaking with numerous representatives regarding this matter they indicated that the best solution to this problem would be to purchase the hoses myself, and have the hoses available in my home so that it can be installed when the Sears representatives come back to my home to install them. I was told that they would be coming now on Friday the 26th 2011. I thought great finally, my machine would be up and running.

Although, now a hurricane was forecasted for the New York City area my machine would be up and running before the Sunday the hurricane was predicted to come. I called on Friday in order to find out what time they would be coming. I was told that there was no record for a delivery for me on Friday. These arrangements were made by a case manager by the name of ** who assured me that they would be coming out on Friday.

Having called a representatives on Friday and being disconnected, I was then called back and told that all deliveries were cancelled on Friday due to the expected hurricane on Sunday. The representatives then schedule my installation for Monday the 29th 2011.

I called to confirm the installation on Monday. I was told that no delivery was being made today, because of inclement weather. I informed the Sears representative that today's forecast was sunny with the temperature being in the 80s. I was told that the delivery would have to be rescheduled due to this reason. I was so frustrated and upset, as it is beyond comprehension, that Sears would be so unreliable in carrying out a service that should had been completed on the first day of delivery.

I called case manager to complain about this matter. I was told that no date and time was now available for my installation to be completed. I was informed by a supervisor that someone would call me today regarding another date and time for installation of my product. I can only tell you that I don't even believe their latest representation, as they have never given me the courtesy of calling me back ahead of my inquiry into their arrival to complete these services.

I would have requested a refund of my money awhile ago, however I weighed this option after speaking with a representatives. Upon finding out that they would give me a future date for the pick up of the machine, and the week or more that it would take for them to give me my money back, after the pick up date. My families' dirty clothes are piling up everyday. It was my belief, that Sears had a reputation for installing washing machines and providing services for washing machines which they have been known, for many years. Well, times have changed.

I told the representatives that I spoke with regarding this matter, that I would never believe that they would let this matter drag on, for so long. I have lost all confidence in Sears! They were my first choice for anything to do for washing machines. I now regret that I didn't try any other outlet besides Sears. I will report back as to when my machine is finally put into service.

It is a Maytag washing machine I can only wish that I had the Maytag's main number maybe he can help. However, Sears is in need of help as well. They are no longer an industry leader in selling washing machines in my opinion. They have failed at providing this service for me and my family. I can only advise any reader of this report to choose carefully when buying a washing machine. Don't rely on what you used to know about Sears. They are a disappointment. My experience buying a washer from Sears has been a true nightmare.

Protection Plan-NOT...GOOD
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Here is a series of events that happened concerning a service call to SEARS/A&E Factory Service.

We purchased a GE washer and dryer in 10/09 from Sears. We bought the protection agreement for 3 yrs with our Sears credit card. December of 2010 we had a problem with the front loading washer leaking. We didn't have our receipt concerning the protection plan so we went to Sears and inquired about the coverage. We were given a phone number to call and service was scheduled for December 27.

At the time we noticed a defect in the boot (seal) and informed call support at that time. On December 26, we had to call and cancel due to inclement weather which included 15 inches of snow in Va Beach. We were rescheduled for 1/3/11 from 1-5 pm. On 1/3 at approx 11am, we received a call that the technician would not be able to service the washer that day, and we had to reschedule (my wife had already taken off work). We were rescheduled for 1/10/11, but we thought we should get some preference. After much debate they relented and said they could come on Sat 1/8/11 from 1-5pm. Keep in mind we have not had a washer in 3 weeks.

On Sat., the technician arrives at 4:45pm and we explain the issue. He confirms and says that we need a new boot, but he does not have one on his truck. He had to order the boot, which he did from his handheld device. I will say that he was nice and helpful, however, we still could not wash clothes. Next appt was scheduled for 1/17/11 from 1-5pm. The boot arrived at our house on 1/12/11. On 1/17/11 A&E called and cancelled again. The call support representative said that the technician was taken off the route. "We can schedule you for another time." We confirmed Wed 1/19/11.

We were not very happy at all and we decided to go directly to SEARS. ** greeted us. We discussed our issue. She was nice and directed us to a phone in the store where she dialled the number and told the representative that we needed help. I talked to ** and told him about our issues and he wanted to schedule us sooner. I said sooner this Wed. He replied, "We have you down for next Wed." They didn't even get the date right.

At this point I said, "I don't TRUST this store/company and I wanted a refund for my warranty." He forwarded me to ** in the warranty dept. and she eventually understood that I just wanted my money back and credited my SEARS card. I will be canceling my SEARS card and never buying anything from there. I will also not buy another product that uses A&E as their warranty service providers. Trust me, I am serious about it. I WILL NOT BUY!!!! Currently we still have no washer to use, but we will now have to pay out of pocket to GE which is scheduled for this Wed.

Continued Lack of Servicing of Products
By -

GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased this high end $1300.00 washer in 2006 from our local Sears. My husband then purchased the matching dryer as a gift at Christmas for me. Within the first 2 weeks of using the washer I noticed the whites started feeling stiff and unclean. I adhered to the HE policy of the detergents needed so the warranty wasn't voided as stated by the salesman. I called the service department to complain our clothes weren't getting cleaned. I tried to send the unit back. They stated this wasn't possible and I wouldn't get my money back and a service appointment was required.

They came and ran diagnostics with stating the washer was working fine. They also stated I wasn't using the right detergent. I showed them the HE label and quantity I was using within the guideline of the unit. I was told to decrease the quantity and that was the extent of the service. I called the store I purchased the unit from and asked to return the unit at which time I was told I could not do so. The unit now has again failed with a code displayed for the problem. I called the service number and talked to a person in the Philippines.

I asked to speak to a service tech to find what the code meant. I was told that I had no warranty so I couldn't talk to anyone. I was told I needed to go online to a site and speak online with a service tech. When I tried this site I was told there is no such address. I called service again to ask to speak to the service department in our store. An automated message shows to push 1,2 or 3 for your problem. When doing so I was given the message that I needed to call the original number I had already called and then was told goodbye by the machine.

I now sit with a 2 year old high end machine filled with water, clothes, a locked door and no one to talk to. I will never purchase another item from Sears and have now written a full report to our Attorney General about this company's neglect to follow through with their customers after selling substandard products while stating quality servicing of them. Everyone passes the buck after they get your money and spend a lot on commercials promising great service. There is no such thing with this company.

For all customers who have written their complaints at this site you might want to follow up with an Attorney General's formal complaint against this company. The results will soon put a stop to the continued false advertising of quality service and the lack of it. Your complaint will also alert them to number of consumers who are experiencing the same problems from this company. I have also informed corporate of the Attorney Generals and Better Business Bureau's complaints I've filed. Good Luck to you all. Please follow through to prevent others from having to go through what we here are experiencing.

Sears Repair Customer Service is terrible
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Several weeks ago, I noticed that my Maytag Neptune front loader washer was making a strange sound so I decided to call for service. Because of my work schedule, I asked for someone to come on Saturday. The following Saturday a repairman came out and determined he needed to order parts. He told me that they had to come back on Monday because they didn't like to do the big jobs on Saturday. I explained then that it was difficult for someone to be home during the week and at the scheduled time, but I would do my best.

9 days later, by 5:00pm the repair man has not arrived, so I called the dispatch office. A little while later, I received a call from the repairman stating that he needed a partner to help him with my machine; did I still want him to come? I said, no, it was fine to reschedule. My machine was still working, so he could put me on when there was availability. He scheduled me for Wednesday, 3 days later.

Wednesday, the dispatch office called my cell phone to let me know the service man was on his way. I was at work and unfortunately missed the call. When I called back (10 minutes later) I was told it was too late, they had already moved on that I would have to be rescheduled. The next earliest appointment was not until the following Wednesday. That was very upsetting, but again, my machine was still working so it wasn't a huge deal.

Wednesday, the repair man came and began working on my machine. I again received a call on my cell phone, this time from the repairman himself. I was not able to answer the call, so he left a message letting me know that the spinner had fused to the drum and another would have to be ordered. He would be back again, the following Monday.

I realized after I listened to his message that there was a chance my machine was NOT put back together so I began to call the repairman back on his cell phone to ask him. I left a message asking for him to please call me. In 1 hr he did not call so I called again. No answer, so I left another message. I then called the dispatch and ask them to send him a message that I needed him to call me or come back and put my machine back together. It was working when he got there… he should not have left it in unworking order.

When I got home, sure enough my machine was in many pieces all over my garage. I again tried to call the repairman on his cell phone and then called the service desk again. They said they had already sent him a message, but they would send another one. 8:00 pm that night after I returned home no one had called. I called again and no one at the service desk could tell me why or what to do. I again called the repairman and he did answer. (he didn't know who it was..) He said there was no way that he could have put my machine back together without the new parts…. that he would see me Monday … click he hung up.

I immediately called the dispatch office again and ask that a supervisor call me. I just wanted to let someone know how unhappy I was with this situation. I was so upset at the fact that when he got there my machine was working and by the time he left it was not and he had parts scattered all over my garage. I did NOT receive a call from anyone. The woman that I spoke to told me that she could send me a $25 gift card for Sears, but that was all she could do. When I asked to have a supervisor call me, she asked me if I still wanted the gift card. I told her absolutely. To this day… I have still NOT received the $25 gift card.

Because my machine was going to be down over the weekend, this meant I had to go to the Laundromat. Saturday morning I spent 2 ½ hrs of my time and $55 of my money to do my laundry.

The parts arrived on Friday. Monday he came to repair my machine. When I got home he was still there and explained to me that he did put the new parts in, but now the seal was leaking. That he had order more parts and would be back the following Monday. He explained that he had spoken to his supervisor and tried to get authorization to give me a “comparable” new machine. His supervisor told him that this was not an option because I didn't have the type of service plan that would warrant that type of replacement.

He also told me that his supervisor had told him that I had called to “complain” and he was apologizing for everything. At that time, I realized that “the supervisor” did get my message to call, but obviously didn't feel it was important enough to call me back, she left it up to the repairman to apologize. That upset me greatly. This was very bad customer service. I did ask the man her name and he told me it was Ms. **. With the latest issue, this meant another weekend without a washing machine and more time at the Laundromat. This time I spent 3 hours and $65 more of my money (that I don't have by the way).

Monday came and the repairman came once again to install the new parts. During the installation of the new seal, he broke “something” else and had to order more parts. He called to tell me while I was at work and I thought I would faint at the thought of this… he felt terrible and apologized again for all the trouble. He said that he once again had spoken to his supervisor Ms. **, about replacing my machine with a “comparable” new model and once again he was told no. He said he was going to order any and all parts that he might possibly need and they would be there in time for him to come to my home on Saturday to install.

At the very first appointment I had asked the repairman about replacing the rubber piece inside the washing machine because it was all stained with mold and had a strong moldy odor. He told me at that time that he was not able to replace that piece just because it was stained. When he told me this time that he was ordering any and all parts possible to fix my machine, I asked if one of those pieces was going to be a new rubber piece and he said yes. Well, apparently it was not one of the parts, if it was; he did not put it on.

At least I would not have to spend more money and time going to the Laundromat. I asked again for him to pass along a message to her supervisor, Ms. **, asking her to call me. I told him to tell her that it was very upsetting to me that as a supervisor she would not even call me herself to apologize for the inconvenience, especially since I have asked on several occasions for her to call. To this day I have still NOT hear from Ms.**.

While trying to get a supervisor to at least talk to me I called and spoke to the Customer Solutions department. I spoke to a gentleman; he read my report record and apologized. When I told him that I wanted to speak to a supervisor, he told me it was not possible for anyone to call me. I was confused and upset by that and his response to me was “What do you want me to do Mrs. **????" I could not believe that I was speaking to yet another rude person from “Sears”.

My machine did finally get fixed…thank God! But I cannot let go the fact that to this day I have not heard one thing from anyone to apologize or anything.

So after all was said and done, I have spent $120 of my money at the Laundromat, several hours of my time following this entire thing through, I still have a stained, musty smelling rubber piece on my machine, and my garage is filled with old parts, boxes, and some BRAND new parts still in the box (except the rubber piece that I specifically asked for…) No instructions on what to do with the parts, no offer to help clean up this mess, no $25 gift card, and no call from ANYONE!!!!!

We have to spend more of our time cleaning up the mess left by Sears. I did not have the good conscience to throw out brand new parts without at least asking if someone from Sears wants to come to pick them up. It has now been several weeks since all of this has happened. I was thinking of just letting this all go, but I can't. I am so disappointed in the customer service that Sears has offered me in this situation that I am sending this letter in hopes that someone at Sears still cares about customer service.

I have to say, we will be purchasing a new washer and dryer in the near future and I will no way be purchasing from Sears. I have always been loyal to Maytag and Sears products, but not anymore. I have lost all trust in the Sears service and would rather spend my money elsewhere. I have and will continue to share the horrifying story with my friends. I really hope that I hear from someone in management very soon. The best time to reach me is after 3:00 when I am off of work.

Sears -- Never Again!
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TOLEDO, OHIO -- On 2/16/09 our 4-year-old Kenmore front-loading washer (purchased at Sears, along with a warranty) started making loud banging noises & the fabric softener dispenser did not working. We scheduled a repair appointment with Sears for 2/18/09. The tech arrived on 2/18 & diagnosed a cracked drum and clogged dispenser valve--but had no parts with which to complete repairs. He ordered 5 parts (dispenser valve, steel drum, drum shell, belt, and 2 sets of anti-vibration shocks)it took 3 weeks for all the parts to arrive!

I scheduled an appointment for the repairs to take place on 3/9/09 and took the day off work. I called Sears at 1 P.M. on 3/9 and learned that my repair appointment had not been "coded" correctly and there was no technician available. I rescheduled the repair appointment for 3/11 & my husband took the day off--the techs showed up and worked on the washer. They took the old parts away, informing us that the machine was repaired. They were kind enough to let us know that the repairs would have cost us $890+ if it had not been for the warranty we purchased previously.

After they left, we discovered that they had not transferred the baffles from the old drum into the new drum when it was installed. Further, the new fabric softener dispenser valve does not work. As an added bonus, when we tried to wash a load of clothes we got a nice puddle on the floor in front of the machine (that's a new problem)!

We immediately called the Sears 800 number on 3/11 to try to get the tech back to install the old baffles--no such luck! We had to schedule a 3rd repair appointment for today (3/13/09). Meanwhile we made numerous calls on 3/11, 3/12 and 3/13 in an attempt to get through to the tech to remind him that the baffles needed to be brought back. No such luck--again.

I took a vacation day today (3/13) to wait for the tech. He called at 11 A.M. to say he would arrive in 30 minutes and wanted to know what kind of problem we were having--amazing that he had received none of the many messages we left! He called back again to say that--of course--he had to order a new dispenser "assembly" (not valve this time) and that the old steel drum and baffles had been discarded, so he would now have to order baffles as well. I am now scheduled for a 4th repair appointment on 3/17/09--I suspect the parts won't arrive before 3/17!

Sears has been a huge disappointment with regard to this issue. According to my warranty, we don't qualify for a replacement washer until we've had 4 separate service calls in a 12 month period on 4 different problems! Meanwhile, I'm trudging to laundromats and family members' homes to get my family's laundry washed. DO NOT BUY APPLIANCES OR A WARRANTY FROM SEARS--IT'S NOT WORTH THE MANY HOURS/DAYS YOU'LL SPEND WAITING FOR SERVICE AND TALKING TO NUMEROUS PEOPLE AT THE 800 NUMBER!

Poor Kenmore Washer Product Quality And Poor Customer Service
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ILLINOIS -- 3 weeks ago, our Kenmore Calypso washer that we had purchased from Sears not even 5 years ago, broke down for the second time, and I set up a 1-5 pm Kenmore/Sears service appointment for which my wife stayed home from work (the appointment was confirmed by phone by Sears the day before). At 1:15 pm the day of the service (Nov 13th) however, we were called that the service had to be canceled and needed to be re-scheduled for 2 days later.

I called that same afternoon to complain about the late notice as unacceptable (as my wife now had to stay home again), and was promised that this would be investigated and I would receive a call (I also gave my cell phone number for that) with feedback. Never received a call though...

The day of the re-scheduled service, a technician shows up, who in our modest view had no clue what he was doing. He tried to run the washer, and after not being able to get it running (it got stuck in the beginning of the cycle, with an error message "ld" which I already knew from the operation manual, meant "low drain". The technician's comment was "it's broken..." He could have told me that over the phone too... Then, he removed the top part, pushed the inside cylinder a few times, and tried a few more cycles, then he came back with the conclusion "it's broken," and also "I don't know what's wrong with it..."

After some further pushing and trying, he said that the control panel would need to be changed and some of the internals also, and that it would cost 482 dollars +tax to do so (he printed out an estimate). We are however puzzled how he came to that conclusion from just taking the top of, and not even trying verify, if the drain system or pump was not at the source of the problem. Anyhow, I was not willing to pay that kind of money to fix our washer, and decided we would just as well be off buying a new one.

By the way, the technician did not speak very highly of the Kenmore Calypso washer and said that these were prone to many issues and we would be better off getting rid of it...? Kind of strange since the salesperson back then in the store never mentioned anything about possible issues (of course, we were going to send 1100 dollars on it back then), and now after researching this a little on the internet, I do find indeed that this washer is indeed a piece of junk, and that many many similar complaints and even a lawsuit was filed on the poor reliability of this washer.

Anyway, to continue the story of the service call, the technician now asks us to pay the 109 dollars+tax for him to show up (and not fix our washer), which we reluctantly end up doing, because we felt he did so little effort on it and we were left with the verdict of having to spend more on buying a new one. My wife also pointed out to him at that point that his repeated trials to get it running left a large amount of smelly water inside the washer, which made it impossible to even move it also. So she asked him if he could take care of that, but his response was to add some bleach for the smell and let the people from Sears who would deliver the new washer deal with it???

So for his 115 dollars and 30 min service call, we cannot even get him to help us drain the washer (had to do it myself afterwards by hosing the water out). Furthermore, just when he offered us the bill for his "service", we were also offered a coupon towards the new washer at Sears, which started at 30, and went up to 100, discount depending on how much we spent towards a new washer at Sears.

At this point this was more like a slap in the face than anything else for us, as now I have to spend over 750 dollars to get only part back of what I just paid for this nightmare, and after I spend already 1100 dollars not even 5 years ago, on a washer that apparently does not even have the durability and reliability to run and service us for 5 years.
The next day, still in shock, I called Sears back to file a complaint regarding this matter, and again I am told that this will be looked into and a service manager would call me back on this.... Well, I'm again still waiting for the promised call.

This weekend, my wife and I bought and installed a new front load LG washer (highly recommended on the internet), and no thank you, not at Sears of course. As far as I am concerned I will never buy anything at Sears again.

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