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8 (eight) MONTHS and washer still not fixed
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FREEPORT, PENNSYLVANIA -- In the last EIGHT months in dealing with SEARS (so called) REPAIR I have had almost every part changed on this less than 2 yr old machine. They have not DIAGNOSED the problem they are just GUESSING. I have had damaged parts delivered to me and wrong parts delivered to me. They tried to put a frigidare pump on my washer. They have no coordination between their departments - scheduling appointments on their own when I did not yet receive the parts and without checking with me to see if I would even be available the day THEY scheduled.

They have not sent me requested information (x3 requests). This experience after EIGHT MONTHS of getting no satisfaction is outrageous and the machine is STILL NOT FIXED. I am tired of giving up my days off to wait for service. Everyone tells me something different. The broken parts they shipped are sitting at my house - one person told me they should have been sent back to manufacturer and the technicians say to just throw them away. I have made way over what you would call NUMEROUS requests for a new machine which they said after 9 visits the tech could claim it unrepairable and I have had WAY over 9 visits.

Attempts to communicate with Sears is a joke -- I get the standard apology but NO RESULTS! And apologies are not fixing my machine. I recently had a heart attack and all this stress and aggravation is not helping. I requested to talk to someone higher up at their headquarters after informing them I did not wish to deal with them anymore and was told to call the number under my service agreement. But as this whole fiasco has been like a three stooges act I doubt I will get any satisfaction there and do not want another eight months of hassles.

I feel that if they cannot fix my machine in EIGHT MONTHS that they are incompetent. And the fact that they have not resolved my issue in eight months leads me to believe they are NOT interested and know less than nothing about customer relations nor do they care. If this was them they would not be waiting eight months for a resolution.

Doesn't anyone care about doing it right the first time? I have become so angry about this issue it makes me sick to even think about dealing with SEARS REPAIR and I don't want them in my home. I will NEVER purchase a product through Sears and suggest that you don't either unless you want a big headache. Can SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP ME? PLEASE.

Service Tech broke washer
By -

MONROETON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a separate five year contract on my washer and dryer. The contract will be expiring in January and I was having some issues with the washer spinning for long periods of time. I called Sears, scheduled an appointment and the tech arrived at 8:15 AM. He was finished after installing a new computer board in the washer and stated the washer was now fixed. OK, now comes the laundry! I threw a load in about ten minutes after he leaves and the water is not dispensing the soap into the water! WTH?

I call Sears immediately and inform them the washer does NOT work and the tech needs to come back! Okay, this was all of 15 minutes after he fixed it.... I was told that the service center would have ** call me and I waited. An hour and a half later I called again and advised he had not called me and had not returned to fix the washer.... They transferred me to the Customer Service Resolution center. I was given a new service tag number and advised that ** would return between 3-5 to repair the washer that he broke!

5:00 comes and goes and NO **! I call the service center at 6 wanting to know where he is and explain the entire days issues with this oh, well the routing center in my area is now closed, too bad for me. This is after I am told I will just have to buckle down and go to the laundromat! Yes, a Sears service person told me that?! OK, ** was supposed to call us, never does, ** will be back to fix the washer, never shows up!

OK, now I am told it will be 2-3 weeks before a technician can come out to fix my washer that the Sears technician BROKE! What am I to do? Was told they will not do any more than that! Really? Take my money and give me a **? Hmmmm thinking that is not really acceptable! Sears can kiss my ** -- I will NEVER buy another product from them and I will file a complaint with the BBB! I purchased a product from them, purchased a service from them and now my product no longer works because of their service! Does anyone see anything wrong with this whole picture????

Repair Service & Warranty
By -

The service and repair offered by this company is less than desirable. We bought a washing machine from Sears and within 2 years it stopped working. Four weeks ago, we dragged the heavy machine back to Sears for repair, only to take it back to our home again with $200 dollars out of pocket for a bogus "warranty." The tech took a look at it and ordered a part for it and told us they would return the following week to install it. The next week came and we had someone waiting 4 hours for them to arrive, only to find that the appt was changed without our knowledge to the following week.

The 3rd week came and the one man finally showed up to the house at 11:30 am informing me that he couldn't do work until the 2nd guy showed up, and so slept in his van for an hour until the other man came around 12:30 (take into consideration that the time in which they should do the repair is between 8-12). The men opened the box to find that the piece that had arrived had some crack on it.

They promised that they would do an emergency 2-day delivery and have a tech come in and fix it. Knowing that the service was unreliable, we called the repair services to totally ensure someone would show up to fix it. Not to mention it had been almost 4 weeks without a washing machine and we have a trip to a different country in a few days and need to start washing and getting our clothes ready! So we had someone wait from 8-12 AGAIN, and no one showed up, so when we called they said they had no techs available and that someone could come the following week.

So now, I'm left dragging all our clothing to various family members and laundromats to wash 4 weeks worth of clothing for our trip. Sears is unprofessional, and unreliable. Definitely choose to buy appliances at another store, or this may happen to you... and DO NOT get their warranty to rely on their repair services. The worst appliance experience I've had hands down.

Quick, easy and done right!
By -

GREENFIELD, WISCONSIN -- Our washer of 11 years just died on 4/12/2011. I ordered a Whirlpool 5.0 cu. ft Cabrio online on 4/13/11, the earliest shipping date was 4/15/2011. I received a confirmation call on 4/14/2011 at 5:50pm. The automated service asked if someone over the age of 18 would be present at the time of delivery (you have to press 1 for yes and 2 for no) and it stated the delivery would be between 2:15pm to 4:15pm.

On the scheduled delivery date, I was tending to my 2 year old and missed a call at 8:26am on 4/15/11. I received a voice mail from the delivery crew stating they were in the area and could delivery it earlier if I was available. No return number was left and the call came in as blocked on the Caller ID. I called Sears customer service and they sent a message to the crew asking for a call back. They called back at 12:59 pm and said they would deliver the washer around 1:30pm. Great!!!!

They promptly arrived at 1:30pm. The delivery crew all introduced themselves right away and confirmed the washer info. and haul away info. They asked where the new washer should go and any special instructions from me. There were three men all together, but only two men did the actual delivery and install. One guy just took the machine off the truck and the remaining two did the delivery and install. They hauled the old washer away with no mess or fuss. They brought the new washer to my front door and had me inspect it for any damages. Once I "approved" the new unit, they brought it in and installed everything.

Showed me how to use it and told me what kind of detergent to use since I could only use a HE specific detergent (aren't all detergents HE anyway?!?! But it was very nice they confirmed that info with me). They ran a cycle per the manufacturer's instructions, checked for leaks and problems. Before they left they asked if I had any questions. They had me sign paperwork and I had to confirm with a Sears representative via phone that I authorized a haul away of an old unit.

From start to finish, the delivery and install took 15 minutes!! They did not leave a mess. When they had to throw something away, they asked politely if they were able to use my trash bin (it was our laundry room trash bin full of lint). This is the second time we have used Sears delivery (first time we used Sears it was for a refrigerator in 7/2010) and both times it has been great!!! There are soo many bad reviews that I had to let people know there are good deliveries as well. I received my washer on the promised date and received it before the time promised! Perfect!

Waiting Forever For My Washer Repair
By -

Hi! My washing machine broke again 3 weeks ago. Called Sears right away. Told them the situation said they couldn't get out there for 3 weeks to fix it. Well the appt was set up for Friday but wrong part showed up at my door today. Called them to see why this part came, they said, "Oh did anybody call you to tell you the other part is on backorder and we don't know when it is coming in? There is no date in the system for it." Plus they told me I would have to be put back on the waiting list of 3 weeks before they will be able to come back out to service after they get the part in.

That will be 6 weeks without a washing machine or even more depending when the part comes in. How many people do you know that is a family of 7 that can go without a washing machine for 6 weeks? Sears is no help to me. Told me to go rent a washing machine. Use my time to go rent one, pick it up, hook it up, and rent a truck. Told me they will not reimburse any expenses until after the old washing machine is fixed. Who has that kind of money lying around to do that? And wait that long to be reimbursed that money if you ever get it back.

Then they told me about laundry reimbursement of 25.00 a week. How does that help me? I have to go to the laundromat just to wash the clothes. That doesn't even pay for gas money to get to the laundromat. Plus then again you don't get any money for reimbursement until after they fix it. Who knows when that will be?

If you can't go without your washer don't get it from Sears. It will be forever for them to get it Working. Plus what good is the warranty/ service agreement if they don't listen to what the customer needs and is no good. Because unless you can go months without your washer or stove, or any other major appliance you have to suffer. I wonder if they have to suffer like us. Never buy anything Sears you will be very sorry!!!!!

Grossly abused by Sears
By -

I am sure I am not alone and feel strongly that Sear's deserves a Civil Suit for the abuse they put on the customers! I would be eager to be part of Civil Suit filing against Sear's because they should not be allowed to get away with customer abuse just because their product is in the unlucky buyers possession.

I bought a brand new (quite expensive) washer and dryer from Sear's. The tub was damaged during shipping. I have water damage and terrible odor from the floor/tub under washer. Apparently a repair part cannot be "found" for this brand new product (I was informed of this when I called to see why I had not heard back from the Sear's repairman). I have been without a washer for a month (but without any compensation from Sears!!!!!!!!!!.... It is not my fault they sold me a broken machine... Why should I take on financial and physical burden of not having a washer?

Additionally the damage claim I filed was never sent to an adjuster... I discovered this after calling and waiting on hold forever today only to have to leave a voicemail to call me back. Competitive pricing is the reason I have shopped at Sears, but the savings is completely lost with endless product and service issues, and the physical and financial burden of awaiting the fix that may never come. I was completely blown out of my seat when I was told the delivery fee could not be refunded to me when the delivery guys bolted through the tub of my washer causing the beginning of a complete disaster.

I know for sure there are hundreds if not thousands like me out there and I am sooo sure we would have a civil case of corporate abuse! I am soooo disgusted by this treatment! Oh and by the way... that also take no care for all of the time you need to take off for delivery, repairs, and finally pick when you decide to have them come pick up their product because you just cannot tolerate the abuse for minute longer. I have waited on hold for hours and hours trying to get anyone on the phone who cared about the customers who sustain their business... never found a soul who thought doing right by the customer mattered.

And do not waste your time with the "Customer Solutions/Customer Care" Dept you will terribly disappointed. Sears - you run a TERRIBLE business. I will no longer support your business. I will however support a Civil Suit filing for customer abuse against you!

Very Disappointed
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I originally bought this washing machine brand new in the summer month of 2008. Three months later this new washing machine broke down. Sears came out and exchanged the washer for one that wasn't new in a box. This 2nd washer broke down in July of 2009. The technician came out and said he needed to order the part that was needed, which took 2 weeks. This part last until yesterday afternoon. I called Sears last night and to my surprise received an appointment for today, between the hours of 1 to 5 pm. I called my son until 5:30 pm asking "Had the technician came?"

My son said, "He arrived around 5:45 pm and in a very bad mood, speaking loudly and being very rude to him." My son said he start throwing his tools around as well as the front of the washer and insisting he supposed to be paid $130.00 in cash for labor and then additional funds for any parts that would be needed. Sears never informed me to have cash ready. My son was very upset over the way this technician disrespected him along with his intimidating tactics!

When reaching home I called and spoke with a Sears Specialist. I was told I could make a formal complaint regarding the technician and reschedule for another appointment, which would be another week. I then called GE direct and was told the appliance that "They have records of which was the first washer I bought but they had no records of the second washer." Sears winched out. {by the way the second washer didn't come with any papers!}
The GE representative was very helpful and courteous. I was then told to contact their Customer Relations Department on Tuesday. Perhaps this 2nd washer I received wasn't new at all? Stay tuned!

Do Not Buy At Sears. Very Poor After Sales Service
By -

DURHAM, NC, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought a Kenmore 500 Series Washer at Sears Appliance Center in NorthGate Durham, NC. Purchased February 8, 2010, delivered February 10, 2010. February 22, 2010 the spinning cycle created a loud noise and never spinned. Same day I called their service department listed on the receipt. The earliest they could send a technician is 2 weeks after March 8, 2010. (That means 2 weeks without a working washing machine). The technician came and recommended to have the machine replaced.

March 9 I went back to the store and would like to speak to a manager but there's none. I spoke to the sales associate who sold me the item and informed him that I wanted the machine replaced with the intention of being upgraded at no cost to me. (It is pointless to have the same machine when only after 2 weeks it becomes defective.) The sales associate informed me they cannot do it and I have to come back in the afternoon to see the manager. When no one at the store can decide on the fate of my washer, I decided to call "Customer Solutions" also listed on their sales receipt.

I spoke to a Kristy and the best upgrade they could give me is worth $100 worth. This is after 2 weeks with no washer, 2 days of missed work and time spend going to the store without a manager who could speak with me.- $100. I decided at the end I might as well just return the item and get my money back to buy another washer at Lowe's. Thinking it was a quicker solution, Sears decided to give me the runaround, from instead having someone to pick-up a defective machine. They (again) send a technician to "service" the defective machine for the second time in 3 days.

Sears will wear you down to leave you with no choice but to find something from their store to replace the defective machine. But of course why will I buy again from a store who has really very poor after sales service after everything I have to go through? At the end, an item I bought in CASH, I'll get it by check after 7 business days. That makes it now 3 weeks of no washer to use because of a bad product, bad service, and bad customer relations/solutions center.

Lessoned learned, never buy at Sears again. Case no.3033-1333. Cast of characters from the store Lawson, Judith, Joe (manager I never met). On the phone at the Customer Solutions, a lady from another country, Francico, Kristy, and Sharon. Plenty of people involved but no solution whatsoever.

Sears Nightmare
By -

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- On Feb. 16, 2007 we bought a washing machine from Sears in White Plains NY. In October of 2007 the machine broke. I called the service number and was told it would be two weeks before a service tech would become available. On October 18, 2007 the tech arrived, and said that he'd have to order a part. The part arrived about two weeks later. When the part arrived I called the service number. They told me that it would be two weeks before any tech became available.

When the tech did arrive he told us that he was seeing a lot of problems with this model. The machine was fixed, but started to make a very loud squealing sound when it filled with water. The tech informed me that was the way it always was. I assure you it was not. The machine continued to work, squeal and all, until February of 2008. Again we called the service department and were again told that it would take nearly two weeks before a technician would be available to repair the machine. The technician arrived on the 19th of February and informed me that he did not have the part and would have to order it. The part took nearly two weeks to arrive.

When the part arrived I called the service number and was told it would take two weeks for a tech. to be available. The machine was not repaired until March 7, 2008. In February of 2009 the same thing happened again and again it was nearly a month before my machine was repaired under the set of extremely aggravating and stressful circumstances. Today I face the same situation. Again the machine has broken. Again I have had a tech come two weeks after I reported the problem Sept. 16. Again I was told that he didn't have the part. The soonest they could have a tech is Sept. 30.

Today is Sept. 30th. The day Sears promised to have a tech at my house to repair this machine between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST. At 3:00pm I was called and told that they would have to reschedule again another week from now. I have spent thousands of dollars of vacation time. This machine keeps breaking and they keep transferring my calls from one representative to another and none are able to remedy this situation.

This machine cost $900.00 + tax and delivery. At this price you should get some sense of stability and quality. Each time this machine has broken down we have incurred extra costs, time off of work, paying to use the Laundromat, baby sitters, and waiting to have someone call us, and if we weren't next to the phone being bumped down the list. Now I have been informed that my warranty is about to expire. A new one will cost nearly $300.

Sears Repair And Parts Direct - Truly Useless
By -

I am still on hold now for 45 minutes with Sears repair. I should say that this is my 56th phone call to get my 3 year old washer fixed! We have had 4 repairmen and still need a 5th. We have been charged almost $700.00 which we never should have been charged. Each time we were told to order a part, and pay, only to find out that it was the wrong part. When we told them that the repairman broke a part they still charged us for it!!! This is one of the reasons we keep needing another repairman-they have no idea what they are doing and one blames the other in the process...

Yesterday another guy came out-this time the excuse was that he needed two guys for the job and had no idea before getting to our home. We have had repairmen that have broken parts which we have actually been charged for!!! I can go on and on however here is what I've learned:

Ask for a senior tech right away for your first tech visit. Get the direct number for the repair person dispatch office located for NY in Hauppauge NY so you can check and be assured that they are sending the tools and manpower necessary... Do not pay for service when there was no service - 'refuse the estimate' or you will never see your money again. Have the tech person order the part you need - do not deal with 'parts direct' on your own as they are useless. Escalate any issues immediately with the escalations dept. Do not let them steer you away from this dept. They might be able to help.

Speak to a mgr. right away in the escalations dept or else you are wasting your time. Keep a list of every call or service visit so you can follow through when you get nowhere with them... You will need this when you follow through. They will offer you all kinds of credits towards parts and labor but in actuality these are not credits... They are used to pay for the lousy service and wrong parts you are sent. Do certainly have one dept get on the line with you so that everyone is on the same page!!!

I can tell you we will never ever buy another Sears product ever again and in fact are considering suing them for the 5 days we missed from work and aggravation, and for being charged for parts that were broke by the repairmen while doing a repair...

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