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Sears Is Very Deceptive and Won't Honor Warranty by Making Up Lies
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I purchased carpet and laminate flooring from Sears in December 2012. I was assured by the Sears representative that the price we were paying was going to include a lifetime warranty that would cover any damages/defects to the floors for the life of the floors. In July, I noticed some cracks in one of the boards. Called Customer Service and they said someone would be out to take a look.

Finally, a gentleman did come out on August 5, 2013. While in our home, he got on his hands and knees and pointed out several defects in our floors. He took pictures of many boards that had begun to bubble. He asked me how we cleaned our floors and I told him all we have ever used is a Swiffer, as we were told this is an appropriate way to clean the floors. The gentleman asked how many extra boards we had in our home.

Since we had a box and a half left over from the installation, he said it would be easy to replace the defective boards. I had a party coming up and he promised someone by the name of ** would be calling me in 2 days to schedule the repair. I never received a call from ** or anyone else from Sears. I again called Customer Service after a few weeks to find out what was going on.

After being transferred several times and hung up on, I finally spoke with ** who gave me the name of my project coordinator, **. She gave me **'s e-mail address and I e-mailed her right away. ** responded the same afternoon saying she would contact the installation company to come take a look at the floors and perform the repair. I didn't hear back from ** or the installation company for several days.

Finally, after a few more emails and calls to Customer Service, I finally received a call from the installation company to come out on Sept 7th. The gentleman who came out did nothing except look at the floors for an hour and state that since he was the original installer, this could not have been an installation issue… He argued that the product was defective and that is what was causing the bubbling. He counted 20 boards that needed to be replaced and since we only had 16 extra boards in our home, said he couldn't perform the repair. He said he would submit a report to Sears and then call us after the other boards were ordered. No call from him or **.

I repeatedly called the installation company and finally was told that this guy submitted his report and was waiting on ** to respond. After several repeated efforts to contact **, I finally spoke to her on September 30, 2013. She stated that the installer submitted in his report that the bubbling was caused by us the customers cleaning the floors with soap and water and therefore, neither he nor Sears was responsible for the repair. I was livid at this point. This guy made up this lie so Sears wouldn't have to honor the warranty. I told ** this was a lie, but she did not care to investigate further.

I finally contacted the BBB and filed a complaint against Sears and **. That finally got the attention of the corporate office, who contacted me within hours to discuss a resolution. First, I was contacted by **, and then the case was transferred to ** who is in charge of BBB complaints. ** stated that as a one time courtesy to us, she was willing to replace the floors free of charge; however, she could not guarantee that the floors would not bubble again and she couldn't guarantee a delay in future repair requests. Wth?

I asked her for the name of some dedicated Sears employees that I could contact in the future so I would never have to go through what I had to endure for the last three months. She declined. She set up the repair without confirming with me. A new installation company (I had requested a new one since the old one made up lies about us) came out this past Saturday, Oct 26th. We were never informed they would be coming. They had some boards in their van, but stated they did not have all the pieces to complete the repair. I had this new installation company look at the defective boards and they agreed it was a product defect.

After our discussion, I told them I did not feel comfortable replacing these boards with new boards from the same manufacturer - Mohawk. I called ** and relayed this info to her. She agreed that someone dropped the ball about the appt since we were never called to confirm the day before. She asked the installers to leave since I did not want to replace the floors with Mohawk boards. She told me she would talk to her manager on Monday and get back to me about a manufacturer visit.

No response from ** on Monday, Tues, or Wed. I sent several e-mails to her and the BBB representative assigned to my case. Finally, today ** writes me and the BBB back saying she is going to retire my file since we cannot come up with a resolution. They obviously are making up this water damage story so they don't have to honor our lifetime warranty. I have told Sears and the BBB a million times that we never introduced water to our floors. Never did water spill on the floors and we never cleaned with anything but a Swiffer.

I told ** I would not pay anymore payments to Sears on my $5,000 floors. She said that was my decision. I am so upset with this entire situation. Especially because we paid triple the amount that these floors typically cost just so we could have peace of mind with the lifetime warranty. I am seriously thinking about getting legal counsel to deal with this situation since nothing else has worked.

Sears - Terrible Store and Customer Service
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This is turning on a pattern Sears' messing orders left and right. I took a look online and was surprise with the number of complaints against your company. I am having a problem with merchandise I bought on 07/06 paid for and I still do not received.

AGAIN I have had a very unsatisfying experience with Sears that I would like to bring to your attention. I always believe everybody deserve a second chance to rectify any mistakes that had been made. Took a lot of stress to resolve the problem I had with Sears back in December but I make peace with. I bought a Treadmill at Sears on July 06 and paid extra $19.99 to be delivered on a time that I could leave work and be here to received. I need a treadmill for health issues. The delivery arrived on time on July 12 as was schedule but was not able to get the treadmill together because was missing connections of the display panel. The delivery man took everything back.

I then call customer service, nothing was resolved. Then, I call customer Relations to ask what will be the next step. I talked to Ms. ** at 5:35 pm and explained the situation and that I will not be able to miss another day of work to be here when the deliver arrived. She them told me on the phone that she reschedule the delivery for July 15 on Sunday (I was in shock that she will be able to schedule for Sunday) so I could be home to receive. She also told me I will be receiving an email with all the reschedule delivery in about 2 hours. I do have an email but with information on a Customer Solution record opened # **. I am still waiting for the email confirming the reschedule delivery.

This morning at 8:27 am, I got a call from Sears delivery want reschedule the delivery. What a surprise! I then call Customer Relations to found out what is going on. After I talked to Ms. ** at 8:40 am, she ask me to put me on hold so she can call delivery and found out what is the situation. After 8 minutes of waiting, she never came back to the line and I was transfer to the delivery dept. Ms. ** then explained to me that no reschedule delivery was made and that the only date available she have was the July 18. (Surprise, surprise). I am really disappointed AGAIN with SEARS. This is a joke with the customers.

Your customer service is the worst I ever knew. They just treat the customer as joke. We have many others place to spend our money, but because we shop at Sears for a very long time, we believed that our situation before could be a one isolated mess up. We are busy like any other human being that work hard to paid their bills and leave a decent life, for that reason we plan our lives around the things we have to do day after day. We cannot be available to your company all the time. We BOUGHT and PAID for a merchandise and plan to receive the merchandise and start using. We cannot be punished for the mistakes of your company.

I am lost and do not know what to do or who I should talk to. So far, everybody keeping play a game transferring my problem to the next person with no solution and on the top of that, I need explained everything from the start. My only hope is that on the middle of this big company that is Sears will be someone able to help me.

After talk to several peoples on Sears they opened a new case # ** and Ms. ** was my case manager. I talk to her and she guaranteed that the Treadmill will be delivered on 07/21. She also promised me the $19.99 back, the delivery charge and she will give me a discount on the price of the Treadmill. I believed on her. On 07/18 at 10:09 am, I got an email confirming my delivery date for 07/20. I was not surprise by the mess Ms. ** created. I call her several times and she never answers. I was always redirected to her voice message what was very long to hear. Left several messages and she will not call me back.

Finally, I was able to get a hold of someone. Mr. ** (Blue Ribbon Case Manager). He fixed the mistake MS. ** made. And he sent me an email confirming the delivery date for 07/21. I was very satisfied with Mr. ** help. The delivery arrived on 07/21, but again was not able to deliver the Treadmill because when they open the box, the Treadmill was broken and scratched on the front panel looking like someone step on the box. They then took the Treadmill back. (Second time). Today at 8:57 am, I got an email rescheduling the delivery for 07/26. There will be no one here to receive the Treadmill on this date.

I again tried contact Ms. ** with no avail. She never answers her phone or calls me back. I spoke with Ms. ** and Ms. **, they both sent an email to Ms. ** to call me back. I also sent an email to her. She never calls me back. Tired of spend my whole day trying resolve your company mistakes. I called again and got a hold of Mr. ** on ext. ** at 5:27pm. He setup the delivery for 07/27 after 6:00 pm.

Everyone that I talk to I asked to talk to a manager or supervisor and no one was able to transfer me to. I also asked everyone that I talked to who to talk to change my case manager because so far, Ms. ** did not help me and was very rude and unprofessional on the phone the little times I was able to talk to her. I just hope that someone that can do something about this mess will read this email. I did not have any email confirmation on delivery for 07/27. I will only believe when I see on writing. So far, I do not received any confirmation for the delivery date of 07/27.

Wrong information

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- This is my second attempt at writing a review, sorry if it's not proper. I just wanted to vent a bit. It all started when I got new tires at Sears a few month before. About a week ago, I started to hear a grinding noise on a Monday, so I figured it was my front brakes because that'€™s what it sounded like. Being cautions, I just wanted to have it check since I'€™m not an '€œexpert'€ at auto repair. I took it to Sears Auto Center at The Village in Orange, Ca. I told them specifically about the noise and that I thought it was the brakes.

So the guy said they could check it for me and had to check all the brakes as company policy for $15, from there they would advise me on what needed to be done. I come back about an hour later and they tell me that “all the brakes a shot.”€ They said the discs were fine but brakes were Metal, we'€™ll come back to this in a minute. He advised ceramic brakes would be better. I asked him, “Are you sure they are metal?” I remember having the brakes changed (with father in-law'€™s help) and I thought they were ceramic. Nope, they are metal. They need to be changed and we can do it for $335?? Really! Of course I said, “No, thanks. Here is $15.” Have a good day.

Now, why did I go to Sears in the first place, you ask? Remember, they are the ones where I got my tires. So when I went to check my front brakes, I could not remove one of the lug nuts (Sears had cross threaded it). So as soon as I told these guys of that and I even dealt with the “manager”€ from the beginning, he gave me some bull about how they had to do it with impact gun because it'€™s a 4000 pound car blah, blah, blah. But then, they hand torque it to make sure hmmm. So of course, they had to order the part and I said, “I will pick it up tomorrow, fine.”

I told them from the FIRST day to had torque the lug nuts after they “inspect”€ my car please. OK, so I leave. Think great, it is the brakes and I will do it. After I left Sears, it was already late that day. So I was going to do my brakes the next day. Lo and behold, what happened, they cross threaded another freaking lug nut, so I called and they are like “uh OK. well bring it in.” This is my second trip to Sears for their mistake.

I park the car in the bay and right away, I get about 3 or 4 guys come at me. What is going on, what is the deal. So I say, well you cross threaded another bolt and I told you guys to hand torque them. So one of the idiots apparently can'€™t hear well, so he comes with hand torque (without checking proper pressure for the car) and starts to torque the wheel I pointed at and says there you go. I said, what are you doing? He looked at me like I was crazy and was like, “what did you want.” I told you, I cannot take a lug nut off. I'€™m trying to do my brakes!

He looked at me dumbfounded again and started telling the other guys, “no, it was the other side that we worked on.” I said YES, it was but now you messed up another one on the other side! So remember how they had ordered the lug nut (which I found out they use AutoZone to get parts), they got the right one. I'€™m sitting there and they said, "We'€™ll order you another lug nut. I will call you when it'€™s ready." I go walk around the mall and almost 2 hours go by and no call. I go back and they tell when I get there they said, “Hey, a couple more '€œwent bad'€ so we need to order some, but we will stay open and make sure it get'€™s done tonight.”

Well, a couple more hours pass and he is like, OK parts are here and they are working on it now. So he comes about half hour later or so and says so you know your car, it has 2005 wheels on it mine is a Nissan Altima 2003? I said how is that if everything is stock. Well, sometimes dealers will do that?? Hmmm... so what'€™s the problem. Well, they brought us the lug nuts for a 2003 Altima, but your car has the 2005 wheels.

I said, "that makes no sense because you already ordered 2 lug nuts previously and they brought you the right ones." How is it that they brought you the wrong ones this time? I left that night, they took some lug nuts off other tires to compensate for the ones they had messed up. So I told myself, “finally, I can do my brakes tomorrow and just pick up these lug nuts after and put them on myself.”

HEY GUESS WHAT! They messed up yet another lug and when I called Sears, what does the manager tell me? It'€™s the metal on these lug nuts, they are not made very well... blah, blah. That'€™s because these lazy idiots are still using an impact gun and just telling me that they are torquing it by had. This time when I went back, I stayed in the garage and kept telling them “I want you to just take the bad on off and I'€™ll do the rest.” Well of course, they messed up the stud (bolt that lug nut goes on) and they had to replace it.

This time, I stayed until (AutoZone) dropped off the stud and even then, the manager kept saying I'€™ll have these guys put on the lug nuts for you. By this time, I had the new lug nuts (4 of them) in my trunk. He said, “Hey give them, the lug nuts, so they can put them on.” I said “No, I will do it just replace the stud and hand torque the lug nuts on that one wheel.” Then the manager said, “Let them put all the new lug nuts on the one tire and they can put the other ones back on the 3 other tires.” I said, “NO, I already changed my back brakes leave those tires alone!”

So I stood there and watched them had tighten (without the impact gun) and finally next day, I changed the brakes. Now by this time, I already bought brakes form AutoZone. When I finally looked at the front brakes, they were still good. So I got to thinking and I took the old brakes back to AutoZone and they were still under warranty.

So I got approx $97 back (spent about $100 on new ones). Only my back discs needed to be replaced and front ones turned, this came to about $87. So all told, I spent about $90 for a brake job that Sears wanted to charge me $330 for. These people are some of the best crooks you will find and maybe that'€™s why they are going out of business from what I hear.

Stay Away from Sears Appliance Layaway
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WEST MIFFLIN, PENNSYLVANIA -- 3 weeks ago, my husband and I decided it was time to purchase a new refrigerator. After doing a lot of looking and research, we decided to go to Sears to get one. Now, we don't buy appliances on credit, we make sure we have the cash first, as we don't see the point in paying more for an item than its worth.

Since we had a savings check come in, we decided to use part of it to buy a new fridge, since ours was on it's last legs. So, we deposited the check on a Thursday, went to Sears on Saturday. (My husband works construction, and it was one of few Saturdays' he had off.) We found a refrigerator that met our specs for size, style, and brand. We put in on layaway, intending to pay off the layaway on the next Tuesday, which we did.

The problem was that once I paid off the layaway, the delivery date couldn't be changed to anything earlier than the middle of January. See, when you put an appliance on layaway at Sears, the delivery date is automatically set for when the last scheduled payment is due/made, and apparently, that delivery date is set in stone. It also doesn't help that Sears customer service is not in this country… I spoke to several women who had horrible English, and repeatedly told me that the date was set there was nothing they could/would do.

I called the local Sears here, and got a hell of a run-around from the people working there, too. This was the Wednesday before Black Friday. It was very frustrating, to say the least. Finally, on Black Friday, after calling the service center again, explaining that I had paid off the appliance and wanted it delivered earlier than the date on the receipt, I was still being told by the nice Indonesian woman that tough, that's the way it is deal with it. After getting a bit angry, she offered me 10 percent off the price I paid for the fridge, but did nothing to change the delivery date, and then she offered me a 50 dollar gift card for my aggravation. I told her no, I wanted my fridge.

So I called the Sears where I made the purchase, got through to a lovely young woman named **, explained the situation, and added that if I didn't hear from someone within the hour, I was bringing the receipt back and demanding every cent I had paid for the fridge and the 3 yr. warranty. Not something they want on Black Friday of all days. Within 30 minutes, I got a call back saying that my fridge would be delivered the next Monday, which it was, surprisingly.

My complaint, as such, is that Sears seriously needs to revamp their program. It's great that you offer layaway on appliances, however people can and do pay those layaways off early sometimes. Why set the date for delivery when the layaway is made, why not wait until it's paid off? Would that really be so hard? I know, logistics and all that good crap, right? Wrong. Bring your damned customer service back to this country, and give them the ability to actually do something for the customer. Those idiots in Indonesia don't do anything but take your money and make you look bad, all the while laughing at you behind your back.

Sears Customer Service Misrepresented the Terms of the Warranty. They Pressured Me Into Purchasing and Now I Have Been Without a Refrigerator for 6 Weeks and Counting!
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RAYLAND, OHIO -- I called Sears for a repair on my 5 1/2 year old Kenmore Elite refrigerator. The guy who answered the call told me that my refrigerator wasn't under warranty but he could sell me a warranty that would cover this current repair plus all other appliances in my home for up to $50,000 or replacement. I asked if I could wait to purchase the agreement until I discussed it with my husband and he told me that if I wanted the current repair to be covered I had to purchase the warranty now. So I purchased it and the technician came out a week later to diagnose the problem. He said there was a leak in the sealed system causing the freezer to be warmer than normal.

So he ordered some parts and returned a week later. He verified it was covered under a warranty. When he returned he put the new parts on and said it would be working in a few hours. The next morning the entire refrigerator was broke. It was 80 degrees inside. I lost over $150 in food I had in the fresh food section. I called to have repair service again. We unplugged the refrigerator since it was 80 degrees in fear that it would further damage the refrigerator.

In the meanwhile I get the warranty in the mail stating that I am only covered for $500 in repairs the first 30 days of the warranty. I called Sears and told them that I was told that it would cover the refrigerator up to $50,000 or be replaced. The guy who sold me the warranty misrepresented the terms of the policy and pressured me into purchasing the warranty right then if I wanted this repair to be covered. The repair technician came to the house a week later and said that the refrigerator needed to be plugged in for 24 hours before he could work on it. He said to keep the refrigerator plugged in until my next appointment which was 5 days later.

When he returned he said the leak was fixed but the compressor wasn't working. I asked him if running the refrigerator with no freon could have damaged the compressor and he said no. I told him that at the initial visit he said the compressor wasn't the problem. He said it must have been working on and off. If that were true he should have ordered a replacement after the initial appointment. I contacted Sears online technical support and asked them if that would cause damage to the compressor and they said yes. I have this email verifying that conversation.

The technician put a new compressor on and it still didn't work. He ordered another compressor, put it on and it still doesn't work. He said he will need to get a senior technician to come to the house with him because he doesn't know what is going on with it. So the technician has been to my house a total of 8 times (including 2 no shows) and my next appointment is still over a week away. I have been without a refrigerator for over 6 weeks! I have talked to every department in the Sears Corp. with no help.

All they want to offer me is $500 for replacement. I was told I would get a full replacement when I purchased the warranty. I was also told I would be reimbursed for the lost food but I haven't seen that either. How can Sears sell you a warranty where they misrepresent the terms of the warranty, send a technician to your house who further damages the refrigerator to the point that it doesn't even work and only offer you $500 for a replacement? Terrible customer service! I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and will be researching my legal rights.

Update 07/24/2015:

I was scrubbing my kitchen floor today and found where the SEARS repair technician burned several holes in my floor when using the blowtorch fixing my refrigerator! Unbelievable what this company is putting me through!!! Still waiting for my 9th repair appointment which is still 8 days away...The executive mananger I am dealing with doesn't even return my calls! Very rude - worst customer service ever! I

I Am Now a Former Customer
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AUBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- I received a pair of gold hoop earrings as a Christmas gift. I don't wear them every day, and I am very careful with them (off OR on). I was putting them on yesterday, when one hoop snapped into two pieces (later discovered there was another crack in the same hoop). I took the receipt and the broken earrings to the jewelry counter. The clerk looked at my receipt and showed me the return policy listed on the back - 90 days… but my earrings are broken… the hoops shouldn't snap in half after six months.

Called the manager over. He did the same thing, showed me the return policy on the back of the receipt. He told me if I had purchased the 'care policy', I would have been covered. I reminded him that I received them as a gift. Told me there was nothing he could do. I said to him, "it's too bad you opt to lose a customer instead of giving me a store credit to keep me happy." I asked for the corporate headquarters phone number. They wrote it down and I went on my way.

I dialed the number they gave me. At the other end of the line, I was told to press the star key, and I would get a text. Oh, I got a text alright, the text told me I would be charged $9.99 for a locator service, unless I replied STOP. WTH? I immediately called the jewelry department and told them about the number they had given me. She offered to transfer me to the office. I spoke to someone in the office, who asked me what the number they had given me was. Come to find out, they had TRANSPOSED the digits when they wrote it down. UGH! I told the woman in the office that if my cell phone is charged, she will be hearing from me again.

I proceeded to look up the corporate number online. The first time I got through, the woman asked for my name. No sooner had I told her my first name, and the call was disconnected. Great. I called right back. The receptionist said if I give the next CSR my phone number, they can find ** - the CSR I was speaking with. Ha. After 10 minutes of waiting, a CSR picked up. I told her I had been disconnected. She said, "there's no way we can find out who you were speaking with"... "funny, the receptionist said you could." Anyway, I didn't want to fight that battle, they were already on strike two.

Once again, I told the CSR the story of how the manager told me there was absolutely NOTHING they could do - even with the receipt in my hand. She told me she would submit my complaint and the department that handles complaints would look into it. Oh, and she'll send me a $10 gift card for the phone number hassle. GREAT. Too bad I'll NEVER shop at Sears again! If/when the card arrives in the mail, I'll be cutting it to pieces and sending it back.

My issue isn't really resolved. I have a broken pair of earrings - which is embarrassing to the purchaser, and I've got a bad taste in my mouth - they wouldn't even settle for giving me a store credit. Even with the receipt in my hand. Ridiculous! So if I hear from the complaint department, I'll be very surprised. In my opinion, the CSR may as well have said she was sending it to the dead letter department.

I stopped shopping at Sears about 15 years ago, after a horrible experience in the photo department. I wrote a letter directly to the president of the company back then, expressing my displeasure with the photographer and that day's experience, and never heard one peep back. Stores that don't respond to complaints don't get my business. And to Sears - just remember - bad word of mouth travels faster than good.

Siding Disaster and Sears Mismanagement

MASSACHUSETTS -- If I wrote the entire story here, no one would have the time to read it. Here's the much abbreviated version:

  1. Incompetent project manager. Did nothing and left that role to me (the owner).

  2. 1st crew - subcontracted to an incompetent bunch from "Better Built" in Littleton, MA. These guys didn't know what they were doing at all. Their work looked like crap. Insulation was a joke. They cut little pieces to put them where they had to nail the siding. Big 5 inch gaps between the insulation scraps. They used nails that were too short for the entire job. I complained daily and was told by the incompetent Sears project manager that a foreman would show up but no-one came until after the work was done and I refused to sign off. I seriously doubt these two clowns were even legal to be in the US (only one spoke any English).

  3. 2nd crew - Arriving having been told they were coming for a half day fixup rather than the 1 week redo I had been promised. I went over the work again with that person and his crew did one day of work the next day and then didn't come back because of a dispute with Sears.

  4. 3rd crew - Again arriving having been told they were coming for a half day fixup rather than the 1 week redo of the whole job. Apparently Sears lies to their contractors to get them on site. Both the 2nd and 3rd crews told me this happens all the time with Sears. This crew is committed to other jobs and has to spread the work over many weeks to finish.

  5. Power is lost in several circuits in my house for weeks. The electrician Sears sends doesn't ground the lights on the outside of the house and gives me the wrong answer on one of the damaged circuits in my house. So I buy another dimmer switch and that one is immediately blown. As bad as the siding installers were, this electrician was a danger to our lives. Several electricians later and after 6 weeks, we finally got light restored in our dining room again so we could eat as a family. Interior walls cut in to fix the damaged wiring. Believe me, I'm giving you the highlights, there's a lot more to this story.

  6. Damages in addition to the electrical wiring. The railing on my front porch was never fixed and looks poor now. Part of my deck was damaged and can't be fixed without resurfacing the deck because the material is about 7 years old and is no longer available. My phone lines were pulled down by their truck going off the road. I believe I'm going to have an icing problem on my driveway this winter because their truck went so far off the road I think it crushed my drain pipe along my driveway.

  7. Sears didn't address a problem with my eaves which was in the contract. Didn't wrap the doors the way the sales guys said. Actually they did one and not another. The guy actually stood there and told me that couldn't be done and I showed him the other door they did. I had to do part of the work in the contract for the first crew because they didn't know anything about it. The 3rd crew redid that but I never should have had to the first time. I won't let Sears come back for any of this. I don't want them near my property.

  8. Throughout the 3 month ordeal, I was reaching out to Sears customer support, Sears social media support, escalating to senior managers (who would not call me back), but there was no venue to resolve this mess.

In the end, I complained until we settled on a 15% discount, but honestly they didn't deserve to make a dime on this fiasco and I'm sure they still made a lot of money. These disgruntled crews told me what they were being paid and it was a small fraction of what Sears was charging me for their "Premium" package. Comparable material costs are all easily found online. I will never use Sears home improvement again. They were deceptive and incompetent from the beginning and throughout the whole process. I live in Northern Massachusetts and I highly recommend you find a local company for siding and gutters, NOT Sears.

Sears - Don't Bother Them With Problems
By -

I have spent so much time on this, it's not funny! I tried to place the order via website on Tuesday. I tried again to place the order on Weds. I tried again to place the order on Thursday the web and no luck. I then spent over an hour on the phone via live chat with agent **, who advised me that I needed to make changes to my computer, which I did and still no luck.

Thursday evening I called the 800 numbers, spoke to an agent (I think his name was **) who could not help me. He tried to place the order for me and could not. He also suggested I try to order from the Kmart website. He also told me he would send in a request to the IT dept and let them know of my problem and that I would get a call or email. I did not get either. I tried again and could not. I then called to the Kmart 800 number and was told there was a problem with the website, he had no idea when it would be fixed to try again.

On Friday, I tried again and again and again. Still no luck. On Friday night, I called Kmart to order. I spent over an hour on the phone with that agent. He tried to place the order AGAIN and could not. I asked him why I could not place the order over the phone. He said I could not, that I was blocked and that he would also sent a request to the IT department for resolution.

I asked the agent how long DOES IT TAKE to resolve a problem like this. He told me it could take up to 72 hours. He assured me that my order was IN THE SYSTEM and that when the issue was resolved I could either try to place my order or call in. The order was there, I would just have to give my credit info when I called.

I tried again on SUNDAY, yesterday, no luck, no emails and I called again. I spoke Agent ** and I asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke to ** agent # ** who told me that "THERE WAS NO ONE IN THE IT DEPARTMENT ON THE WEEKENDS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM." What??? Then she suggested I place the order with her again! I told ** that if this issue was not resolved by Monday morning, I was going to contact Sears corporate office.

I don't just have one Item I was trying to order, it was 20!!! Oh and yes, I was also told online I was not permitted to order more that 10 ITEMS AT A TIME! So there you have it and know why I am so frustrated and I will be getting in touch with the corporate office to let them know just how bad service from the website is. I would suggest fixing this problem before they get in touch with you.

Company Response 7/20/2011:

Dear eleanorkopen6:

My name is Susan and I am part of the Social Media Escalations team at Sears and I am very concerned about what I have read here. We would like to help. We are a single point of contact for escalated concerns which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. My immediate concern is the time and effort you expended to place an order with and still no order was apparently shown by I am also concerned that you have not received a phone call or any communication from at all. We value your business and want to help you resolve this issue. We are part of the Corporate office and will help you get this sorted out. At your convenience, please contact our office at so you don't have to continue to be impacted by this. Please send us an email. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the items were purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (eleanorkopen6) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Customer Solutions Solves Nothing
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a Whirlpool G2IXEFMWF Gold Fridge from Sears in June. In August, I called to report a really foul smelling odor coming from the Fridge and the Freezer. I was told to check for spoiled food (duh?) which I did. Then I cleaned everything out, washed it down with baking soda and water and let it sit empty overnight.

The next morning, in spite of being empty, it still smelled like something died inside. It was putrid. I called Sears and explained what I'd done. They spent a good hour lecturing me about leaving the Fridge unplugged. At no time was the Fridge unplugged, at no time did I say it was unplugged and I got the lecture anyway.

They sent the tech who wanted to sell me charcoal filters for my brand new fridge. I said "No Thanks! Fix it." He spent 30 minutes on his laptop and left. The problem continued. First thing in the morning, the smell was so awful it turned your stomach. Once the Fridge was opened, a few times it got better. But it would get ripe again overnight.

When I couldn't take it anymore, I called Sears again. When the tech came out - he opened the fridge, pronounced it "well", made the grand gesture of giving me the charcoal filters and left. They did this same thing a two more times and worked on the icemaker once. The filtered water dispenser and the icemaker both produce foul smelling and tasting cubes and water. The charcoal helps a bit but - it's a brand new Fridge! It should not smell like road kill. The tech had no solutions and refused to have a glass of water when I offered it.

I think all it takes to qualify as one of their techs is the ability to open the door and check if the light is working. At that rate, I know a three year old who needs a job. After six months, I finally called Whirlpool. I'll let you know how they do. But I will never buy an appliance from Sears again.

Resolution Update 12/03/2009:

Fridge was replaced. Squeaky wheel and all.

Sears Kitchen Cabinets Are Garbage
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LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- I have another cabinet that cracked and I am reopening my Better Business Bureau Complaint about SEARS. I also will investigate LEMON LAW protection in this matter, as I live in the State of Florida. I am going to put everything on the Internet in a chronological history until this issue is resolved. This is the 4th cabinet to be defective! This means that within 1 year, I have had 4 of my "HIGH QUALITY" :-{ Sears cabinets split open due to inferior wood facings. My first 3 bad cabinets had the open fissures sealed with putty to hide the fact that they were defective!

This is SEARS folks! DO NOT BUY KITCHEN CABINETS AT SEARS! I will tell as many people as I can that Sears is garbage! Go online and see for yourself how frequent this happens with Sears cabinets! Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!

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