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$17.99 Oil Change Resulted in Negligence and THOUSANDS in Damages!
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GLEN ALLEN, VIRGINIA -- On September 22, 2014, I went to Sears Auto Center in Glen Allen, VA (store 7511) for the FIRST time (also the LAST) just to get an oil change. A week and a half later, my car started experiencing some issues so I took it to my dealership to be checked out, that is when they discovered my radiator cap was off and I was told that whomever dealt with it last either didn't put it back on or didn't secure it. I knew exactly whom that last entity was, Sears.

I went back to Sears immediately after leaving my dealership and spoke with the manager ** about the situation who Immediately apologized for the inconvenience. I also showed him the paperwork stating that due to the loss of coolant and it causing my engine to overheat that there may be engine damage. He said that they DO check the radiator fluids as a "courtesy service" and that he would make it right by reimbursing me what I had paid my dealership and that he would speak with the mechanic to make sure that nothing like this happened again and that he hoped I would consider coming back to them.

A week later, I was experiencing similar issues and decided to take it back to my dealership, I didn't trust Sears to handle anything. They then let me know that my water pump was busted and there was indeed engine damage. I paid my $200 deductible to have my warranty cover the water pump but the engine damage was Sears' liability to have to cover. I called Sears and again spoke with ** who informed me that due to the extent of the repairs, he had to file a claim with the insurance company Sedgwick to cover the repair costs and that they would also reimburse me my deductible.

For weeks, I dealt with an incompetent insurance company that did nothing to rectify the situation. They ultimately denied the claim DESPITE the fact that **/Sears took responsibility in the beginning, KNOWING they had something to do with it. I even have a document typed by ** stating that they had left the radiator cap off and he reimbursed my fees. So I couldn't understand how the insurance company could deny a claim if the client admitted responsibility. I spoke with ** in reference to the decision and they tried to pass the blame by saying my dealership did not run proper tests and now it is their fault.

Unfortunately for Sears, I have documentation from ** stating they left off the radiator cap. I also have witnesses of my dealership that can attest to the fact that the causation expert that was sent to evaluate the damage did not follow up with anyone at the dealership, he did not ask questions, no true investigation was done by him or the claims adjuster.

I also was told by a CURRENT employee/mechanic who works for Sears Auto Center that they are "taught how to rig cars so that they will have more issues and the customers Have to bring them back for more repairs." This is very vital Especially in terms of having them subpoenaed to court if I take the lawsuit route which is PRECISELY where we are headed. I now have a blown head gasket and may need an entirely new motor, thanks to their negligence, and they are trying to turn the cheek and not do anything to correct their mistakes. I have not owned my car for even a YEAR and it was ruined by a careless mistake.

Return Policy
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OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I bought a Dockers Suit for my son to learn after he tried it on at home, it didn't fit. The Sears store closest to our home is closing and would not accept the return. The next time I was near the Sears store still in business I was a little over a week of the 30 day policy. However, I did not need a cash refund, I just wanted to exchange the same item for the correct size.

Even though they still carry the suit in their store, they will not allow an exchange. Their receipt says nothing about an exchange policy. I called customer service to find a manager who could help. Every person repeated the same policy. What's the point of having a customer service department if you're not going to help serve your customers.

Broken Hood Latch!! Horrible Customer Service
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YUMA, ARIZONA -- December 28, 2009 - 6:00 pm: Myself and a friend, arrived at Sears, in our town to purchase 4 new tires for my 1999 Volkswagen Beetle. About an hour or so, prior to that, we had an oil change done. Earlier during that day, my friend had spoken to ** (the Manager of the Auto Shop area) on the phone, regarding prices of tires, etc. ** quoted her a price on tires, and assured her they had 4 in stock.

When we arrived at the store, we were assisted by one of the Associates, **. ** had gone home for the day. ** advised us that they did not have the tires in stock that ** had talked to my friend about. He helped us by looking for some other tires, and we decided on another set that was on sale, and in stock. We also agreed to have an alignment, tires balanced, and a free inspection on our bug to see if it needed anything else.

We were in the waiting area, and after an hour or so, ** came back and advised us that they had looked at our bug. He then proceeded to give us an estimate of things/work that my bug supposedly needed. That amount totaled to about $700.00. The first thing he mentioned to us was that we needed an oil change. We were surprised because we had just gotten an oil change prior to arriving at the store. Needless to say, it bothered us that they told us that. It made us wonder how many other times they have done this to other customers!!

8:00 pm: ** called us back to the shop because there was an issue. My friend walked back with **. I was very tired of waiting, and I didn't feel like going back there, so I stayed behind in the waiting area. As they were walking to the back, I overheard ** telling my friend, “€œWhat'€™s wrong with your latch? It'€™s broken.” She then told him “What do you mean? No, it'€™s not.” While in the shop, she SAW the techs poking at the latch area with screwdrivers. They advised her that the hood would not close. My friend also tried to close the hood as well, and it wouldn't shut.

** then called another manager to see what could be done, as it had been confirmed that the latch was indeed broken on my bug, and my hood would not close. Since it was closing time, they asked us to come back the next morning and talk to ** the Auto Shop Manager to see what could be done. We were extremely upset because of what the techs had done to my car. We drove home with my hood that would not shut properly, and my latch dangling. It was very obvious that they had broken it. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the hood to my bug was working properly prior to this incident!

December 29, 2009 - 1:00 pm: My friend and I returned to the shop to talk to **. He asked us to pull the vehicle up to one of the stalls. His techs started working/looking at our hood. After about an hour or so, he called us back and advised us in a very sarcastic manner, that “His guys did not break it, and that they were not going to fix it. He said I will fix this (pointing to the top part of the hood), but we will not fix the latch part, because we did not break it€.”

He also tried to tell us that my friend had broken it when she tried closing the hood the evening before!! He gave us some more excuses as to why it wasn'€™t their fault. He also tried to say that the latch had not been installed correctly to begin with. I'€™ve had it for a year now, with no problems at all!

We were extremely upset at the way that he was talking to us, and also because he tried to tell us that it was my friend's fault. That she had broken it. It was very obvious that our hood was closing perfectly fine before arriving at the shop the prior evening. So in other words, we drove in with a perfectly working hood, and came out with a broken latch, and a hood that did not close.

** then proceeded to give us a number to call (1-800-549-4505). The last question he made to us was, “So you'€™re sure that your hood was working correctly before bringing it here?”€ We told him “€œYes of course!”,€ then he told us “Okay, I'€™ll talk to my techs!”€ That was the end of our conversation.

1:46 pm: I called the Sears 800 number and spoke to **. I explained what had taken place. I also told ** that I was afraid of driving on the freeway because I had to take it to get to work, and I was concerned about the hood flying open or something. She apologized, took my information down, and advised me that she was going to submit my complaint, and that someone would be contacting me in 24-48 hours.

3:13 pm: I called the Sears, and I was transferred to the Store General Manager. As I was speaking to her, she advised me that she was aware of the complaint, and that she had it noted that according to the Auto Shop department, it was our fault and that we had broken the latch on the hood. I advised her that the statement was incorrect. She was very unprofessional and quite rude and used a tone that tried to belittle me, and I did not appreciate that at all.

December 31, 2009 - 1:02 pm: Once again, I called the Sears 800 number to find out what the status of my complaint was. This time I spoke to **, who advised me that District Managers would not be available until the following week, due to the holidays, and that someone should be contacting me then. She reiterated to me what my complaint was, and what the store had corresponded, which was of course, that they did not break my latch and that it was our fault. She then advised that I should contact the Operations Manager at Sears.

2:02 pm: I called the store, to see if she was available for me to speak with. I was advised that she was out until the following week, due to the holidays. January 04, 2010 - 3:52 pm: After waiting all day for a call from the District Office, I called the Sears 800 number. I was connected to ** who was extremely '€”nasty”€ to me, and very unprofessional.

She also reiterated to me what she had noted as my complaint, and the response from the Auto Shop (which was by the way, totally incorrect). The store stated, “That they had talked to ME, and that I had said the latch was broken previously, and that I had broken the latch when closing the hood.” I corrected ** on the fact that I was not the one they had dealt with, but rather my friend. I did advise her that the statement was totally incorrect. She then told me that my complaint had not YET been submitted to the District Office.

I was very upset at the fact that they had treated my case as if it did not matter. She then advised that she would submit it to District Office and that a District Manager would be contacting me in 2 business days. I asked her who the District Manager was, and she said, “€œShe didn't know€,” and refused to give me a name. ** also advised me that she recommended calling their insurance. She gave me their name and phone number (1-800-352-1521). Her demeanor and customer service relations were absolutely horrible and rude.

5:30 pm - Once again, the both of us went in to try to talk to a Store Manager in hopes of getting something resolved. We were able to talk to the Operations Manager. She was extremely helpful, and we appreciated her attention and concern. We explained everything to her once again. She advised we fill out insurance paperwork, get estimates, and take pictures, and gave us **'€™s name so that we can submit our paperwork to her.

January 6, 2010 - No call received from District Manager. I was advised by ** that I would be receiving a call from someone today. January 7, 2010 - I did not receive a call from the District Office/Manager today either. I am at work all day, and I don'€™t have time to call that office everyday. I really don'€™t think I should have to, especially after I was assured my complaint would be submitted and that someone would be contacting me. It'€™s been a couple of days already. This is extremely disappointing.

January 08, 2010 - Went in to the store to submit our insurance paperwork. Of course, ** was unavailable. We submitted our paperwork along with pictures as advised earlier during the week. ** advised he had to take pictures himself. As he was doing that he said they had mentioned to him, "something about a wire."

We had no idea what he was referring to, and wondered what that had to do with anything. He showed us a little wire on the latch (shown in the pic). The point was that they broke the latch to my hood, and now my hood won't shut properly!! It was fine before taking it in there, and they are only trying to make any excuse they could, to say that it was our fault!

January 11, 2010 - I have yet to hear from anyone at the Sears Auto Shop Department here in town, or their District Office. Since December 28, 2009, I have been driving my vehicle with the hood not shutting down all the way. I am concerned it could pop open and that something could happen.

Just about everyone from this company that we have come in to contact with (aside from the Ops Manager), has treated my friend and I with such disregard and unprofessionalism, that it really makes me wonder if these employees don'€™t realize that ethical behavior is demonstrated not only in how they act toward others, but also in how they treat property that is brought to them. This has been a horrible experience!

Frustrated and dissapointed
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COLORADO -- On Friday December 18th I called the Sears appliance repair phone number provided in my owner's manual. I explained the problem I was having with my washing machine. The Sears representative could not help me fix my washer and so told me (after looking up repair availability) that a repair person would be coming to my home that afternoon.

I then got a e-mail stating the Sears will not send a repair person until Jan. 14th, 2016. I called the customer service dept. back and let them know that this will not work for me as I do not have a laundry within an hour away. She then said she would get me on an earlier schedule and that someone will be calling me to let me know when the new date will be. It is Tuesday the 22nd of Dec. today and I still not received a call. This morning I called several numbers provided in my owner's manual and online. I was put on hold and then the line went dead.

I started a chat with someone online from Sears. I explained my issues with him and gave him my phone number which he asked for. I never received a call from him. Finally I found another number to call and was greeted by a lady who spoke broken English. After asking her to repeat what she just said a couple of times I came to the understanding that I was not going to get service until Jan. 14th, 2016. If it takes that long to provide service to your customers why don't you hire more service technicians???

I generally do not buy extended warranties from Sears or anyone but was convinced by the salesman that it would be worth it. I have been a Sears card holder since 1980 and have shopped with my family at Sears since I was a little boy. I have spent thousands of dollars at Sears and would be spending thousands more. Not any more!!! This is my official notice to Sears that my life long relationship with their company is done.

Awful Customer Service
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GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- We had an estimate done a few weeks ago for a leaky refrigerator, and paid the $89 fee for the repair person to come out. The $250 quote seemed excessive so we tried to find a decent priced refrigerator from Sears, but could not find one in our budget. I tried several times to call and speak with someone about an appointment but stayed on hold for over 30 minutes each time. I finally made another online appointment and added in the additional comments section that we have paid the diagnostic fee and would like to have the repair done. I received several automated calls reminding me about the appointment but nothing acknowledging my comments.

I received a call at a few minutes before 2 (the appointment was between 10-2) from a Richard, who refused to give me his last name. He asked me if I was aware of the service charge, which he informed me was now $105. I explained to him about my notation and he told me "That's not how it works. You have to pay again. Why didn't have the repair done when we were out the first time?" This man was extremely rude and talked to me like I was a 5-year-old. I couldn't believe it. I told him I didn't want him at my home and that I would call customer service.

I called and talked to someone that clearly didn't have a great grasp on the English language, although she was the least rude of all the Americans from Sears I talked to. She offered us $50 off of the visit. I explained to her, as I had explained to Richard with no last name, that the issue was the same and we had paid a diagnostic fee already, and we would not be using Sears for the repair. I called the Sears Holding customer service number, and the "lady" (I use that term loosely) I spoke with told me to ask for someone who spoke English and immediately sent me back to the main customer service number while I was still talking!

I did some research and called the number for Mr. ** office. I asked to speak to Mr. ** and was asked who I was. When I said a customer who has been dealing with awful customer service, she rudely informed me she had no access to Mr. ** office. Strange, she had to find out who I was before she realized she had no access.

When I brought this up, she YELLED at me, said she knew what she was talking about and told me not to call her a liar (which I didn't)... I was then transferred to a random voicemail. I am going right on social media and review websites to share my experience, in hopes that Sears will take notice, perhaps by a drop in business, and mandate better treatment of their customers.

Their Dispatchers Will Hang Up the Phone While You Are Talking
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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a mattress and paid for an $80 delivery as well as $15 to haul the old mattress away. They weren't able to deliver in the next couple of days so I had to wait 2.5 weeks for delivery. The day finally arrived and they gave me a window of 2 hours, between 12:45 and 2:45pm. Well, 2:50 comes and Bianca from dispatch called me to let me know the crew was running 45 minutes behind. I said "Ok. I'll keep waiting." 5:30 came and still no mattress. I called dispatch and they said that the delivery was there at 2pm but they allegedly called me and I didn't pick up.

All I was doing around the house was WAIT for them to come over. Plus, why would they call me at 2:50pm to let me know that they were running behind and not tell me they were there already. I demanded for them to fulfill their commitment to deliver my mattress today. She said the drivers weren't picking up the phone so she wouldn't be able to know if they could come back today to make the delivery. I explained to her that her story wasn't making sense and she said "There's nothing I can do if you don't pick up the phone."

I then pointed out to her that she was making assumptions and not believing their customer's word. She said that she couldn't tell me if the delivery was going to be rescheduled as she couldn't speak with the driver. I asked for a supervisor she said they leave at 1:30pm. I asked her to put me on hold. She did and then hang up on me after 5 minutes. I called again and she put me on hold for another 15 minutes. I called again and asked for her name, she put me on hold without saying a word.

I called again and Mary picked up the phone with an attitude. I asked her why they kept putting me on hold and explained myself. Her response was "She's been trying to tell you for the last half hour that you are not getting your delivery today". I asked her to please not speak to me in that manner and guess what she did. SHE HANG UP ON ME!!! I of course called again and no one picked up. I tried one more time and Bianca picked up. She said "I can reschedule you for Tuesday." I asked the name of her supervisor, she said Erica. This is the worst customer service experience of my life!!!

Stay Away from Sears Appliance Layaway
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WEST MIFFLIN, PENNSYLVANIA -- 3 weeks ago, my husband and I decided it was time to purchase a new refrigerator. After doing a lot of looking and research, we decided to go to Sears to get one. Now, we don't buy appliances on credit, we make sure we have the cash first, as we don't see the point in paying more for an item than its worth.

Since we had a savings check come in, we decided to use part of it to buy a new fridge, since ours was on it's last legs. So, we deposited the check on a Thursday, went to Sears on Saturday. (My husband works construction, and it was one of few Saturdays' he had off.) We found a refrigerator that met our specs for size, style, and brand. We put in on layaway, intending to pay off the layaway on the next Tuesday, which we did.

The problem was that once I paid off the layaway, the delivery date couldn't be changed to anything earlier than the middle of January. See, when you put an appliance on layaway at Sears, the delivery date is automatically set for when the last scheduled payment is due/made, and apparently, that delivery date is set in stone. It also doesn't help that Sears customer service is not in this country… I spoke to several women who had horrible English, and repeatedly told me that the date was set there was nothing they could/would do.

I called the local Sears here, and got a hell of a run-around from the people working there, too. This was the Wednesday before Black Friday. It was very frustrating, to say the least. Finally, on Black Friday, after calling the service center again, explaining that I had paid off the appliance and wanted it delivered earlier than the date on the receipt, I was still being told by the nice Indonesian woman that tough, that's the way it is deal with it. After getting a bit angry, she offered me 10 percent off the price I paid for the fridge, but did nothing to change the delivery date, and then she offered me a 50 dollar gift card for my aggravation. I told her no, I wanted my fridge.

So I called the Sears where I made the purchase, got through to a lovely young woman named **, explained the situation, and added that if I didn't hear from someone within the hour, I was bringing the receipt back and demanding every cent I had paid for the fridge and the 3 yr. warranty. Not something they want on Black Friday of all days. Within 30 minutes, I got a call back saying that my fridge would be delivered the next Monday, which it was, surprisingly.

My complaint, as such, is that Sears seriously needs to revamp their program. It's great that you offer layaway on appliances, however people can and do pay those layaways off early sometimes. Why set the date for delivery when the layaway is made, why not wait until it's paid off? Would that really be so hard? I know, logistics and all that good crap, right? Wrong. Bring your damned customer service back to this country, and give them the ability to actually do something for the customer. Those idiots in Indonesia don't do anything but take your money and make you look bad, all the while laughing at you behind your back.

Delivery Driver Dropped Stove and Refrigerator on Front Porch WHEN TENANT WAS RIGHT THERE- IGNORED
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Rating: 1/51

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- We purchased a new stove and refrigerator from Sears. It was to be delivered between 4:30 and 6:30 pm. They got to house, and our tenant got there 2 minutes later. Can confirm this because we were on phone with both when they arrived. The delivery man had already started unloading the appliances onto the FRONT PORCH (yes, thousands of dollars in appliances, left on a front porch!!!), and ignored her when she tried to direct them to bring the items into the home. They drove away, leaving her standing in the driveway.

I called Sears and asked them to go back and complete delivery and installation. I also paid for installation and additional parts required to install a gas stove and water line for a fridge. After 1.5 hours, they stated they would try to call warehouse and see if they could come tomorrow to finish job, but probably not. This means my tenants has no stove or fridge, and that the soonest they can get there is 5 days from now.

I had to take $100 off rent because my tenants ended up carrying the fridge into the house on their own and they do not have a stove for a week! Sears did not seem to care. Terrible customer service, even worse delivery service. Not worth it. I recommend shopping elsewhere.

Technician Had No Idea What He Was Doing
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Whirlpool fridge was leaking some water. Called for repair. Paid $300 for a 5 min. repair. Technician says, "Let me give you my cell phone number." Next morning the water leak was worse than before. Ray never answered his phone or text. Sears says it will be 1 week before they can send someone to fix his screwup. Now I have to worry for a week about my kitchen flooding or getting soaked with water because he did not do the proper repair? Stopped payment on my debit card. They will get paid when the job is done properly. If I must wait a week, so will they. Will NEVER use them again!

Sears - Horrible Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

Would never shop at Sears again - Horrible return policy and pathetic customer service.I purchased apparel from Sears and never got a chance to return items that did not fit me since I was travelling internationally. It was around 60 days when I finally got a chance to visit the store for the return. The store associate was rude and refused to entertain my return or even give me a store credit. I was just provided a customer support number. Those guys further directed me to a customer relations team. That lady was very arrogant and refused to hear me out. Blatant reply I got was return policy changed from 90 days to 30 days.

It is disgusting that at no point was I as a customer made aware of this NEW 30 day return policy while I was making this purchase, neither is it mentioned anywhere on the receipt for customer reference. They have deliberately left it lose to misguide the customer. The associate's reasoning was that I should read this policy that is posted on the billing counters (in 5mm size text, really???) or I should go to to educate myself regarding their new return policy.

I am pretty sure Sears is losing out in the race against other stores like Kohl's and JCP which such cheap, customer harassing gimmicks. Definitely, I for one am never setting foot in a Sears store ever again.

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