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No Customer Service
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LEBONAN, PENNSYLVANIA -- About a year ago I bought an Electric stove at Sears. Just a few months later the computer caught on fire and I had to quickly throw the breaker. When I called Sears they told me that the repair parts would be free but that I would have to pay a $160.00 service fee. I argued about it to no avail, so I junked the stove and bought another one from Lowe's.

Now about 6 weeks before Xmas I bought a ring for my wife as an Xmas present with my credit card which I was told had to be special made for the sizing. I said that was OK as long as I had it for Xmas, they assured me that it would be no problem and should be in within two weeks, they would call when it came in so I paid for it with my credit card.

Three weeks later I stopped in and they said it was in, I ask why they hadn't called and was told they thought they had called. Well when I looked at the ring it was still the same size 7 and had never even gone out, this upset me and I again ask if it would be ready for Xmas and again I was assured it would be.

Well two weeks go by without a phone call, so I stopped in and no one even knew where the ring was and thought it was not yet returned, so seeing that Xmas was just around the corner I told them I couldn't take the chance of not having an Xmas gift for my wife I wanted my money back.

The clerk said she had to get the manager and he told me the refund would have to be put back on my credit card. I told him that was not expectable since I needed to get another present for my wife and that the money would not be on my card for a week or more and that my records showed they got their money five weeks ago. He in turn said he would have to get his manager who told me the same thing and he stated to get loud and threatened to call the police if I didn't be settle down and leave because he couldn't give me cash.

When I got home I called Sears headquarters and told them what had just happened, I ask for a manager and was told he wasn't in at the time. The clerk told me she was very sorry and would tell her manager who in turn would contact me to make things right. Just minutes later I had a message on my E-mail from her to her manager stating what I had told her and further read case closed.

With that I immediately called her back and ask her what she meant by case closed. She in turn said it would be handled internally. I said she had told me her manager would call me to correct things. Now she tells me I misunderstood, as they handle things internally and that they don't inform the customer how it is handled.

Well I am not that dumb, I realized that I had just been blown off!! Then when I went on their website I realized that the manager she had quoted, no longer even works for Sears. This to me is a shame as I had always liked Sears and thought highly of them. But now in my opinion they are worthless and I have since closed all my accounts and credit cards with them and I would never again be caught dead in Sears or K-mart which is owned by Sears. So BUYERS BEWARE!!

Steer Clear Of Sears!!!!!!!!
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MONACA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased an elliptical machine from Sears store. It took over a week to deliver it which I paid good money for the delivery. My delivery date was for Fri the 15th with a window from 1pm-3pm. I received a call at 5:59 am from the delivery team asking if there were any bends that they would have to go around and if so let them know so that they could bring replacement parts for the pieces they break!!! I was not very happy that they woke me up to ask such a stupid question but mind you they were not coming until that afternoon.

I received a call around 9am stating that they would be here within the hour. I explained to them that I had to leave and wouldn't be back til around 12 which was still plenty of time before their 2 hour window. I was told that they has 2 customers cancel and that if I wanted my elliptical that I would have to meet their times requirements. So I agreed because I really wanted the machine and I figured that if they came early I could run my errands after they left!!! They arrived and took another 45 minutes to build the product in my driveway. They left without making sure the product worked.

Placed several calls to get them to come back and I was told they couldn't give me an arrival time but that I had to wait until someone arrived. 1 driver finally arrived at 4 pm to assess the machine and it was defective. There is no power going to the elliptical. The driver called Sears customer solutions who stated that a technician would have to come out and look at it but couldn't give me a date. All I was told is that it would be a few weeks. I was not happy so I told them to come and get the machine and I would take my business elsewhere.

The customer service representative was OK with this and told the driver that they have other customers so she basically didn't care if I returned this product which I paid $932.00 total for. I was told they would come Monday to pick up the new machine. I had a chance to think about this over the weekend and I really want the elliptical. So I called customer solutions back and asked if they could do an even exchange on the same day so that I didn't waste 2 more days fooling around with Sears and the amateurs that they have working for them.

The representative stated that he could get here on Wednesday, March 20th. Unhappy but I agreed. He said I would receive a call Tue evening with a time and I specified I needed an afternoon appt. He placed me on hold to note my account and said that everything was set up and good to go. It is now the 20 th and I'm waiting on Sears. No phone call and no Sears. I called customer solutions and they have no note of my delivery for today but stated that it was set up for Sat!!! So yet another day wasted and no errands ran.

Called Sears at the Beaver Valley Mall where I made the purchase. Spoke with the asst mgr who basically was so rude and arrogant and told me that if I was more flexible that I would have a new machine. How much more flexible can a person be? They are not willing to do a refund until the product is picked up.

How can a product be picked up when you people can't even perform data entry correctly and your dates straight? But yet I paid them over 2 weeks ago but it's OK for them to have their money but I'm still stuck with a defective product. Please spread the word about this particular Sears and I would advise people to order their products directly from the manufacturer and wait the few extra weeks cause they will experience the same wait if not longer from Sears.

Think twice before you order online from Sears
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LOVELAND, COLORADO -- Folks -- a word of caution: think twice before you order something from Sears. I placed an order for my daughter's birthday present. The items received were nothing like the picture. They were totally unacceptable, in color and quality, especially for the price. My daughter inquired as to the return policy and followed the directions required by the merchant, Pea in a Pod, with whom Sears contracts. It was delivered on the 3rd of October.

On the 15th of October I called Sears, customer service. The person I talked to was curt, sounded surprised, and checked the status of the item after I gave him the tracking number, etc. He confirmed it was received and stated since I was calling and since I was calling and "notifying" Sears of the return, I would receive my refund in 3-5 business days.

On the 30th of October I had to call Sears customer service once again to inform the agent I still had NOT received the refund. Again after giving the order number, and the tracking number of the item returned, I was told it was MY job to call Pea in a Pod, and ask for the refund.

I called them and because of the storm (NY) they are not taking calls and I don't know when I will receive the refund. I find this manner of doing business totally unacceptable. I returned the item and I expect a refund without waiting a month and having to make numerous calls. I will never use Sears again to place an order nor will my daughter.

Email: I received from Sears after notifying them of the fact I called the merchant. "We have checked your order details and currently, our Merchant is working to issue a refund. You should expect to receive a response from us within 11/08/2012." It is the 10th and I have not received a refund. I have run out of patience. Looking at the Facebook site, I am not alone.

Last Generation of Sears Appliance Customers
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SANFORD, FLORIDA -- Sears has been a disappointment to my family these last 2 years. We redid our kitchen in 2010 and purchased Sears brand appliances (Kenmore) and their warranties. The double door refrigerator had to be replaced within the first 3 weeks because the water dispenser had a drip that wouldn'€™t stop. It took several calls before Sears would admit that it was a problem and agree to swap out the refrigerator. Then the glass top on the stove broke. This they however responded to without too much problem. We also used Sears to put in a new AC unit. Well this was a comedy of errors (or should I say a tragedy).

The installers were unprofessional and didn'€™t even call in the inspector to sign off on their finished work. The unit they ordered was too big for the space of the unit they replaced. They had to reorder and we were left for a day with no AC unit and a gaping hole where the old one had been. They had to make a bigger hole in the house for the air handler and the vent hole grill that they put in still looks like a rough job, not professional at all. The fun continued with the fact that a few months after they did the work, work that the inspector was never called to sign off on, we had to call them again because we couldn'€™t get any heat as the weather got colder.

The repairman who came remarked that the installers had failed to hook back up the heating element. He couldn'€™t do it because he needed the other work to be approved first before he moved on. So we, months after the installation, contacted the inspector who immediately lectured us about not having the AC unit inspected before use. He pointed out that the wrong type of piping was used in the installation. The repairman was now charged with obtaining the right type of pipe and redoing the work of the installers. He then informed us of how much it would cost for him to obtain a part that was not covered with the heater and install it.

At this point, we just had him bring the AC installation up to code so the inspector could sign off and hired a local guy to get the heater up and running. Fast forward to 2012, we have now had this AC for only 2 summers and the fan motor needs to be replaced. So out comes the warranty. Yes, it'€™s covered and the repairman tells us that he has ordered the warranted part and it will be delivered to the house. And then he will return to put it in to the tune of over $300.

My husband and I decide to use our local guy who says he can put in the part for $100. However, when we call Sears to check on the part, we find out that they will not give it to us unless we agree to have their technician put it in. Basically, it is extortion. We have paid for a warranty and feel we are entitled to have the part we have paid for. If we choose to have someone else install it and Sears doesn'€™t want to uphold the warranty, then that is on us.

Sears continues to be consistent in its poor service repair department and their poor quality appliances. It has now sunk to a new low in our opinion as it began to extort it'€™s loyal customers with its warranty policy and the ridiculous per hour charge for repairs. It is disappointing to know that this is the last generation of my family that will purchase or recommend Sears for appliances. And we would never recommend buying any of their warranties. They only overcharge you and extort money for what is rightfully yours.

Don't Use Sears Installation Anymore
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FAIR OAKS, VIRGINIA -- Our garage door opener stopped working. We went to Sears Fair Oaks, VA, got their advice on which replacement to order, bought it and paid for installation. The Sears installer came when my less-technically gifted wife was home alone. After he installed the unit, he tried to sell her new rollers for $225 (on a door that is high quality and not that old). When she told him that exceeded the cost of the install itself, he said "Well we can give you a discounted installation cost of $175." Feeling something was wrong, she refused.

After he left, we realized that he had blocked our only attic access door with the physical mounting location of the replacement unit. This is unacceptable of course. This is when we hoped Sears would step in and correct the problem. They sent more installers out many days later who said we would need to replace the unit to use our attic door; the unit installed could not be moved. They then tried to leave telling us to call and schedule another team to remove the old unit. We told them this was ridiculous and insisted they stay and do the work they were qualified for, without locking us out of our attic another week. They said they could not without office permission.

We then started the process of trying to get a person on the phone to grant permission. The installers were not happy with all the wasted time wading through phone menus trying to get to a real person. Welcome to what your customers have to deal with Sears! Finally someone granted that permission, and they removed the opener and left it on our floor to drive back to the store.

In the next phase of the Sear's bureaucracy, we were directed to call “Customer Solutions” in Central Texas, where representative ** told us she could process the return of the hardware, but not the installation cost. When we pressed her to acknowledge that a bad installation should not be our responsibility, she said we had to drive the removed unit to the local Sears and ask the General Manager to refund the labor portion, then call her back to get the materials cost refund.

She said she was powerless to help even though she insisted she was the ultimate in Sears' customer solutions. Her policies and procedures prohibited her from talking to the Sears store and getting the labor refunded. It was like dealing with two different and feuding companies. It's amazing that Sears puts their customers through this.

Bottom line, do not use Sears for installations anymore. They have engineered a process that eats your precious time away, tries to get more dollars out of less knowledgeable buyers, and in the end doesn't provide the service once standard at Sears. We just went to get replacements for our washer and dryer today, and spent $1,800. We excluded Sears from consideration because of this. Pass the word! Sears is no longer a good choice for appliance installations.

Do Not Hire Sears for Home Improvement
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NJ, NEW JERSEY -- We've been having bathroom remodeling since mid-March but it's still not done (Now it's the end of May).

  1. Sears office in charge did not return our (many) phone calls or emails for weeks. I had to call the customer service to see if they abandoned our bathroom project. They tried to get away with things that they promised us to have done when we signed up such as spackling and sanding the wall, taking care of city inspection.

  2. Sears demanded the full payment although the project is still not completed, at least three times. When I refused to pay it at that point, the customer service rep said we needed to pay at least half of it since it would be 99% completed when they come next time. (Note: our contract says we pay them when it's 100% completed. Actually, we thought we were getting 12 month interest free payment plan when we signed up but it turned out that the sales person "forgot" to get us sign the paperwork and she later denied that we have the interest free payment plan. Rather than arguing about it, we decided to pay off in a lump sum because we rather not deal with these people for another 12 months.)

  3. After installing the bathtub, we had a drain problem we did not have before so we called Sears to take a look at it. After the plumber fixed it, we had sewer back up. It's been two weeks since I called them for that problem. The "project coordinator" never called back with an appointment schedule although he said he would three times. Finally, we had to call their customer service twice just to get the appointment set up. The Sears rep, his name was Andy, called it "unnecessary visits that cause additional costs" to them. All the while, we have lived with a messed up sewer that made me afraid of using water anywhere in the house.

This was our first time using Sears Home improvement service. We will probably never use them again.

The Worst Experience!
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GONZALES, CALIFORNIA -- We called Sears to give an estimate for our flooring needs. From the start the assessment went wrong! The "salesperson" showed up an hour late. It was already an evening estimate so one hour late, made it 7 pm when he finally arrived. He remained at our house for 2 hours and 15 minutes, which would have been fine if he had showed up at the time he was supposed to. While he was conducting his "professional" assessment of our flooring needs he excused himself to use OUR restroom. Only to proceed in CLOGGING our drain! He came out of MY restroom asking to use a plunger!

If that was wasn't bad enough after that he proceeds to ask us if he can call his wife... Don't mind the time or the fact that we wake up early to go to work... He excused himself and went outside to talk to his wife. After he came in we asked him to leave and call us with a quote as he said the remaining time for the estimate could exceed a half hour more. Before I could go to bed I had to clean our restroom as I have a 9 year old daughter and do not like that a stranger sat on our toilet.

The following day we received no telephone call from him. He came to our house for the assessment on Thursday. On Tuesday morning as I was cleaning my bathroom I picked up my toilet bowl cleaner (the one that sits in a little cup like holder) and as I picked it up something dark and watery splashed on my wall. Inside the cup holder was DIARRHEA! The dark watery stuff that splashed on my wall was FECAL MATTER! I AM INFURIATED! In my own home I had to clean up someone's fecal matter.

I immediately called the company headquarters. I did not receive an immediate response even though I told my story to the person answering my call... Since I had called several times and left several messages. When I finally did get a response it was from a manager from a different area, and after I explained my situation to him he offered to get in touch with the sales person's manager. This was on a Tuesday.

I finally made contact with the manager and explained my complaint. He apologized and asked me what he could do. Since we hadn't received a quote still I asked for a quote. HE offered a discount I didn't ask for one. He said he would get the numbers from his "salesperson" and call me back the following day.

Wednesday came and went. On Thursday afternoon I received a message from him indicating the flooring would cost "approximately 7500.00." The original request was for 2 areas of my house. He only provided me with one area. I thought that if you ask for an estimate you receive exact numbers, not an "approximate" number. I returned his call early Friday morning explaining that there was the second area that was missing. Although I called early morning I received no call back from the "manager" indicating he was working on it or that he even received my message. On Saturday morning I called them to advise that I would not be using their services!

You Get Lots of Apologies but No Action
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PORTAGE, MICHIGAN -- What You Get From Sears Is Apologies and That is All! I had shopped at Best Buy for Washing Machine and Gas Dryer to replace my 12 year old Maytag Neptune Front Loader. I had their price in hand and went to Sears (I have purchased almost all my Home Appliances from them and returned because of customer loyalty, their reputation and reliability). They had a Salesman my wife and I trusted and he was knowledgeable and helpful. He matched the price at Best Buy.

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 I ordered an LG Washer and Dryer. I also needed a 10' Drain Hose which was not in stock and ordered separately by my salesman as was a 10' water hose ordered online by him for me. Delivery and Installation (included) was promised for the following Sunday, May 22nd. Later in the week, Sears left a message confirming the purchase and delivery/installation for Sunday. On Thursday, my father-in-law passed away and Visitation was scheduled for Sunday and Monday with the Funeral Services scheduled Tuesday.

My wife and I discussed this matter and it was decided that I would stay home (my father-in-law's family lives in Sturgis, MI) and prepare for, wait for and assist with the delivery and installation (the following week would be the services and family to deal with as well as work and it would be inconvenient to wait as well).

On Saturday, a confirmation call from Sears came confirming delivery and installation with a 2 hour window between 4:45 pm and 6:45pm. I had also placed an ad on Craig'€™s List and a couple interested in my older Maytag Neptune Washer and Dryer (purchased from Sears a decade ago) agreed to purchase it for $300 and pick it up after Sears installation of my new washer/dryer as they were moving and needed it right away.

The day of delivery, I prepared the area and moved all obstacles for a swift installation and piled things in the nearby kitchen to get it out of the way of the installers (my hope was to make it easier and swift for the installers and to be able to clean it before my wife's return). By 7pm no one arrived or called. The store was closed at 6pm so I called the same number that confirmed the delivery and installation (the number also left with the confirmation call).

A lady (obviously outsourced) was polite and automatic but indicated there was no record of a Washer/Dryer purchase or scheduled delivery/Installation despite my giving her my SALESCHECK number 011101265476 which she reported as "invalid." She was very apologetic but insisted on connecting me to the store which I told her was closed. However, after 45 minutes, she connected me to another woman (again, obviously outsourced) who I repeated my tale. She insisted I had the wrong department, was very apologetic and gave me the original number I called to call back. When I explained that it was that number I had called, we got disconnected.

I then called the number again and repeated my story a third time. We went through an identical process with identical results with the included obligatory apologies. After an hour and a half of wasted time on the phone and a day of preparing (and not being with my mourning family), I gave up and decided I had it! I had passed frustration and my blood pressure was immeasurable. The couple who had come for the old Washer and Dryer could not wait and my $300 sale of the older Washer/Dryer went dry (they did not want to disconnect the Gas Dryer or Washing machine themselves and my wife would not let me disconnect the gas).

On Monday morning, my wife and I decided it was not worth it and we would no longer do business with Sears (I had spent well over $10,000 at Sears the past 5 years and had plans for remodeling which would have meant much more). I again tried calling Home Delivery (the store would not open until 10am and I had to go the Monday's Visitation for my Father-in-Law). I got the identical run around as again as they could not find the purchase (they did find the order for the Drain Hose).

At 10pm I called the store and discussed the events with my salesperson. He was appalled and offered many apologies. Afterwards many calls back and forth, he stated the manager was also angry but to save the sale would pay for the Washer'€™s 3 year extended Warranty ($199). As this would not even cover the cost of the lost $300 sale on my older Washer/Dryer, much less the lost time, aggravation and stress, I told him that this was not satisfactory (it was like being offered free dessert from a restaurant that just served an awful meal with terrible service). I have lost my trust in Sears.

In summary, I had gotten two confirmation calls for an item Sears could not find a record of purchase or scheduled delivery and did not deliver as promised or notify me of their inability to deliver. I have been more than inconvenienced and angered. I cannot purchase the items elsewhere as my credit card is maxed out on this Sears purchase. I lost the sale of my older Washer and Dryer ($300). I do not have time or patience for this and I have lost my confidence and trust in Sears Holdings.

I am not alone with my story. There are several sites online with complaints from customers about Sears Home Delivery. Many are very similar to mine. I am sharing this event with them and other sites to help others from experiencing the same frustration and disappointment. One thing for sure, I got a lot of apologies from Sears employees. If they backed their apologies with action, I would be happy. If they gave me a dollar for each apology, the cost of the Washer and Dryer would be covered. But alas, I just got lots of apologies.

Sears - Just Say No!
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I have never written a negative review of a company online…I never wanted to be one to complain anonymously about a company and have always been extremely adept at allowing negative experiences roll off my back. However, in the case of Sears, I can no longer hold my tongue. I am in the middle of a 5 month nightmare with seemingly no end in sight. I purchased an elliptical in July 2010 online, picked it up at the store, and brought it home. After my husband and I spent half a day putting the item together, we were relieved to be able to turn it on to give it a try. Well, imagine our disappointment when the resistance was impossible to change and seemed to be stuck at the highest setting. Oh, well, I thought…a call to Sears the next day should have us well on our way to fixing the issue.

Fast forward 3 months and innumerable repair visits (all of which I of course had to take time off of work to meet)…no repair and the repairman (who was a very kind person and one of the only bright spots in customer service of this experience) is forced to give up and deemed the elliptical “nonrepairable.” Per the repairman, I would have a call within 24 hours to arrange for a pick-up of the old item and to offer my options for an exchange or refund. 24 hours comes and goes, and no call. I have always tried to be understanding and give it a few days more. I receive a call late one night, and after attempting to listen to the jumbled and muted message more than once, reasoned that it must be from Sears. The person on the message never offered a call back number, only a random case number to take into a store. No pick up; no options as promised.

My husband and I rented a truck in order to get the original elliptical home with us, and we did not feel it was our responsibility to return it to the store after such a long ordeal, and as such, I called the online customer care number to discuss my other options. I am not exaggerating when I say I was transferred to no less than 8 different people, all of whom I was forced to tell and retell the situation to, and becoming disconnected during the process.

I finally spoke with an agent in “Customer Solutions,” and I was so relieved that I was finally speaking to the correct person!!! However, the only option she would give me is the exchange. I had decided at some point during my “every-other-week” visits from the Sears repairman that if he was unable to rectify the situation, I did not want to risk the whole ordeal occurring again and would just want to return the elliptical for a full refund. I explained this (and the entire situation) to the agent and she insisted that refunds are only available within 30 days. I explained to her that I could have easily returned the inoperable item within 30 days, since it never worked from day 1, but I allowed Sears to try to rectify the problem, which was unsuccessful. I asked to speak with a manager.

The agents at Sears seem to be trained to avoid that…I was informed it would be at least half an hour and I should just have them call me back. Instead, I remained on the line, and was told it would now be half an hour to create a case and then another wait to speak with a supervisor. I advised the agent that I would hold. 40 minutes later, she returned and told me she spoke with a manager on duty and they would refund my credit card. Back on hold I go for them to process the refund. 20 minutes later, the agent comes back to request my credit card number. I found it odd that their system didn't retain it, but went ahead and gave the number to her. She advised they would process the refund and pick up the elliptical in a couple of days. Three and a half months after my original purchase and three and a half hours after dialing Sears, I was confident I would have my refund soon. I could finally relax!

Of course, this was not the happy ending I was expecting. Sears did follow up on their promise to pick up the item…that happened two days later, as promised. However, weeks go by with no refund. I allowed for the standard 1-2 billing cycles and when there was still no refund, I called back on 11/19. After explaining the situation to the agent, he advised it normally takes 21 business days from the date the warehouse receives the returned item. Since the warehouse didn't report the item was returned until 11/4 (not sure where the delay was in there), the magic date would now be 12/6. Well, I can wait a couple more weeks…no problem! I had an end date and hung up fairly content.

I'm sure everyone knows where this is going…my magic date (12/6) comes and goes; no refund. I allow a few more days and call back only to be told they will need to check into the situation and for me to call back (not for them to call me back, but for me to call them back…hmm…the customer service is beginning to lack even more than it had previously).
I allow them a few more days and finally call back on 12/15. The agent I spoke with advised that it takes 10 business days AFTER the promised date for the refund to process. I now realize that I am a sucker and have been given the run-around from Sears this entire time. I could be in a never-ending pattern of calling Sears repeatedly and being advised to allow for 10 more days on and on and on…well, I explained that I was promised the refund on 12/6 and I can no longer understand a delay. She offered to email their “Offline Billing Department” and have them contact me within 24 hours.

Of course, we all know now that 24 hours come and go and no contact from Sears. I call back again. And again; with no luck. My husband, who has wanted to give up and just work with our credit card company to dispute the original charge talks me into it…but I want to give Sears one more chance to do the right thing. I call back again.

I am lucky enough to speak with the most unhelpful agent to date…she can only email the Offline Billing Department again. I advise I already tried that with no luck and no response and ask for another option. No other option, according to her. I ask to speak with a manager. There are no managers there. I tell her I find that difficult to believe, since previously a manager has had to assist with this ongoing catastrophe. She insists there are no managers. (I hate to call anyone a liar, but….). I continue to insist as politely as possible and finally she tells me a manager will only tell me the same thing and places me on hold. After 15 minutes, I get a manager. He does not want to know the situation; he only wants to send an email to the Offline Billing Department. I explain to him that it's already been done and the promised 24 hour window passed 12 days prior and if no one is able to assist me that I will have no choice but to give up on Sears and work with my credit card company. No response other than I will hear from the phantom department in 24 hours.

The moral of the story? Don't purchase anything from Sears (and maybe listen when people tell you to give up on a company). This has been my first large purchase from them. I could have been a new and retained customer, who would go on to try them again (as you can see from my long story, I am an eternal optimist). Instead, I am now angry and dissatisfied and feel as if I have been taken advantage of by them. I have never gone out of my way to discuss my poor experiences with a company before, but being that I gave them ample opportunity to do the right thing and they continued to refuse, I feel that I now have a duty to warn friends, family, and internet strangers from the danger of purchasing anything from them. Ever.

If you were able to make it this far, thanks for your patience. I hope whichever other company you select for your needs treats you better than Sears treated me.

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Then under "Quality & Experience" it says:
"We choose to sell only the best wholesale shoes, clothing and accessories products available for resellers. We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of every item we sell. When you buy from Look Low Price, your products will arrive as described on our web site. And we guarantee your satisfaction."

I ordered four Sinful sweatshirts from this web site. The pictures on the web site are of authentic Sinful brand sweatshirts and t-shirts, with the Sinful watermark across the pictures, and even the models are the same models from the original Sinful web site. All of the other brands sold on this web site have pictures of the original, authentic brands and designer brands pictured as well. NO WHERE on this web site does it tell you that the products they sell are imitation. When I received my package, I was very excited to get it and see my four sweatshirts. When I opened the package and looked at the sweatshirts, each one of them was obviously a very cheaply made, poor imitation of the original. The screen printing job was horribly done; on one of the sweatshirts I could barely make out the image that was supposed to be printed on it, and it was even the wrong color. On another one, the artwork was similar but obviously not the same because it was so poorly done. It was the difference between a child's coloring book drawing compared to an original piece of art. I was pissed off as soon as I opened the first one. I opened a claim with PayPal, since that was the form of payment I used to pay them. The next day I received a couple of emails from Debbie Wang in their customer service department. She had written me before during the transaction regarding shipping information and was very nice and helpful. However, she now says that I must have known all of their products are imitation, otherwise how could they offer the real thing for what they are charging.

Here is part of her email to me:
"dear shannon, before you buy the products, you must know all of our products are imitation. we never didn't say we sell real sinful. and as we know , $42.99, this price can not offer the real sinful sweater. let us find the good solution, OK ?".

If you can not offer a product you have pictured all over your web site at the price you are selling it for, then you should not have the original, authentic, real products pictured on your web site advertising all over the world that they are a wholesaler, leading people to believe that is how they can sell the products to you for less. NO WHERE on that web site does it say anything about any of it's products or brands being imitation. Now that they have gotten over $200 from me, now they have the nerve to email me back and tell me that I must know these are imitation because, as we know, they can not offer real, authentic products at these prices. This is the very definition of FRAUD.

I have been emailing the customer service representative the past few days trying to get my money back and getting nothing but nonsense and hassle. Here are some of her other emails to me:

Dear shannon ,
thanks for your letter .
I'm really sorry and really sad .
not only you lost money, but also we lost money. and also, I will lost money ,
my boss will reduce my wage .
dear shannon, can we find a good solution ?
you sell these four sinful sweaters to other people .
or we refund part of money to you, please, dear shannon, hope that you
can understand us. all of our products are not original, everybody knows it ,
all of our clients also know it .

Sincerely ,

D***** W***

Dear shannon ,
I have to tell you all of our products which we sent to our clients ,
they never didn't satisfied with them, including sinful sweaters .
if you can, please take a photo for us, we want to see the quality which you discrib .
I can not believe it. because our products is not too bad just like you describe .
you never didn't think about my feeling. we also lost money. if you know before you buy. I think all of us will not lost money, but now, you have received the products, and let us refund all money, we can not accept it, hope you can understand, dear shannon ,

dear shannon ,
we refund 106.10usd to you, OK ?

Sincerely ,

D***** W***

As you can see, trying to return their worthless, counterfeit merchandise has been a hassle. At this point it is clear that they do not honor their guarantee, or their refund policy. Why in God's name would anyone accept half of what they paid, to return crappy merchandise?
I have finally worked them up to saying that they will refund $171.96 of my $206.18. I had to point out a few times that what they were trying to get me to accept is clearly dishonest and dishonorable, when they charged me $42.99 X 4, which equals $171.96, plus shipping and an extra shipping fee on top of that one for using PayPal. I do not understand how some people out there can feel OK with lying to, taking advantage of, and stealing from people and then giving them the run-around, trying to tell them that is not what they are doing, when it's right there slapping you in your face.

Thank you for reading this post and I sincerely hope it helps keep anyone and everyone from having it happen to them.

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