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Rude, abusive and sarcastic customer service workers
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On May 3, 2006, I purchased a gas range online at and requested an afternoon delivery for the following Friday, May 12, 2006. In the meantime, I donated my range to Habitat for Humanity. Since that time, I have been insulted, disrespected, laughed at and hung up on by your so-called customer service representatives.

It began simply enough when I received a call Thursday, May 11, 2006, that my range was to be delivered between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. This is not a convenient for me. I had requested a late afternoon delivery. I called to speak to a customer service representative because I am unable to leave work in the middle of the day to take delivery of the range. Additionally, I work more than hour away from my home. I called and spoke with Anthony, another gentleman and Roberto in the delivery department on May 11, 2006, regarding the delivery of a range purchased through

After receiving absolutely no assistance or understanding or even an attempt at listening to my situation from Anthony, I requested to speak to a supervisor. Anthony advised that it didn't matter who I spoke with, I would get the range when it is scheduled and there are no deviations from the way the computer prints out. I again asked to speak with a supervisor. Anthony placed me on hold for eleven (11) and one-half minutes and then a very rude, fast speaking, heavily accented male, whose name I could not understand, picked up, and after interrupting me numerous times, I asked to speak to his supervisor. This is when Roberto got on the line and appeared at first to listen. However, when I explained to him that I work far from home and cannot make it home for a mid-day delivery, Roberto told me "many people spend 8 times more money that you do and they get their purchases when the delivery people say they get their purchase" and there are "no guarantees and you will not get a time frame on your delivery until the night before. End of story." I was in total shock and disbelief that I was being treated this way by not one, but all three of these so-called customer service representatives. I asked to speak to Roberto's manager, who I was advised was Mike. However, Mike was "out to lunch" and not available. After spending over one hour on the telephone with the delivery department, I decided I would wait until the following morning to speak to someone else and to call and lodge a complaint.

On the morning of Friday, May 5, 2006, at 8:31 a.m., I spoke with a customer service representative and received the Sears National Customer Relations telephone number. I advised the operator of my problem and she promptly transferred me to the Rebate Department who of course was no help and the wrong department. I then called back and spoke with Sara. Sara advised that contracts out the delivery company and Sears has absolutely no control whatsoever over the delivery division. I find this hard to believe. I believe that I lodged a complaint at that time; however, it appears that anything I have done to this point has fallen on deaf ears. It was crystal clear that I was not going to receive any assistance whatsoever from Sears with regard to the delivery of my range.

Next, I received a telephone call from Arthurene in the delivery department who after 35 minutes of having to put me on hold to get the answer to every single one of my questions, was also no assistance in rescheduling this delivery at a time that was convenient for me. At first I was told that the delivery could take place between 3 and 4 p.m. on Friday, which was acceptable and what I requested from the beginning; then Arthurene called me back and told me that the driver was going to be on the "other side of Palm Coast" and could not deliver in my neighborhood. Palm Coast is not Orlando, it takes 15 minutes to get from one end of Palm Coast to the other. This could have been done that day. Please understand my request is simple: last delivery in the afternoon.

At this point, I suggested they drop off the range my local Sears Appliance Store and I would, at my own expense, rent a truck and pick up the appliance myself. Arthurene, after placing me on hold, advised that me that this could not be done.

I again called Sears National Customer Relations. I spoke with Sue who told me that there was nothing she could do to assist me since the purchase was made through and not the physical store. I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was connected to Maria, who advised that I might want to consider canceling the order with and purchasing the appliance directly through my local Sears, since the delivery department was difficult to deal with at best.

After some thought, I attempted to call Maria back to ask some additional questions. I called the Sears National Customer Relations number and spoke with a man who refused to give me his name. I requested to Maria, the supervisor, I was just speaking with. He advised that Maria was not a supervisor and that he did not have the capability to transfer me to anyone and began to laugh at my frustration. When I told him that I had just called this same number a few moments before and was able to get transferred I told him that I needed speak to supervisor when he said let me transfer you. When I astonishingly questioned him why did he just tell me that he could not transfer me and now he can, he hung up on me.

Fine, at this point I decided that I had had enough and I was going to cancel the order; however in doing so, I was advised by Chris in the credit department that the credit would not appear on my card for 48 hours. I pondered this as I am having the gas line installed on Friday, May 19, 2006, and after speaking with Tom at my local Sears Appliance Store was advised that the order would need to be placed that day (Friday May 12, 2006) for delivery prior to Friday. Chris suggested that since they have not fulfilled my need that I may not be charged with the 15% restocking fee. He also advised that a sales credit could be issued and the store sale should still go through.

Armed with this information, I called to cancel the range, I spoke with Kevin who was completely unwilling, after hearing about this fiasco to waive the restocking fee. I then spoke with his supposed supervisor, Robert who advised that the credit would take 5-7 days for the credit to appear on my account and I would absolutely be charged the restocking fee. Hence my total frustration with the lack of concern, compassion, understanding, truthfulness and problem solving of your customer service in each department that I have spoken to on Friday morning.

At this point, I had spent 3.5 hours of my employer's time being lied to, disrespected, mocked, laughed at and hung up on by your so-called professional customer service representatives and supposed supervisors.

In the meantime, at 11:43 a.m. Jerome, the delivery truck driver called to tell me that he was on his way to my house. Jerome advised that he was told to call me prior to delivering the range and nothing else. Unbelievable.

At my wit's end, I called to completely cancel my order and spoke with a Ruth in your sadly lacking customer service department. Ruth, to her credit, tried to appease me and made a last ditch effort to save the sale. She got Keegan in your delivery department on the telephone at approximately 12:15 p.m. who said that my range would be delivered the next day - Saturday. At no time has anyone offered to deliver the appliance on any other day than Tuesday or a Friday. I was thrilled FINALLY some resolution. Keegan advised that I would receive a telephone call after 5:00 p.m. on Friday advising when to expect the delivery on Saturday. I received that telephone call at approximately 5:30 p.m. and through a recorded message was advised that my delivery was scheduled between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Saturday, May 13, 2006.

The delivery never happened on Saturday, May 13, 2006.

I received a telephone call from Alisa at approximately 9:35 a.m. on Saturday, May 13, 2005, who was calling to reschedule my delivery. I assured Alisa that this was taken care of and I was scheduled for delivery later that day. Alisa tried unsuccessfully to reach anyone in the warehouse and after three telephone calls to me, apologized that she was not able to confirm or deny the delivery as she could not get anyone to answer the telephone.

After rearranging my Saturday plans to remain at home between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and not receiving my range, I began another round of telephone calls to Sears at 3:40 p.m. I spoke with Lori in delivery who advised that she did not see my delivery scheduled for that day. She placed me on hold and when she returned she advised me that Keegan did not put in the correct code and therefore the delivery was not scheduled. What should be a simple, routine task, has now become a comedy of errors. Because of the incompetence of your employees and Keegan, I am again going days without a range. Lori offered a $75 gift card from Sears but that is little compensation for what I have had to deal within the past two days. When I asked to speak with Keegan, I was advised that he was conveniently not available.

My range is supposedly scheduled for Tuesday, May 16, 2006; however Lori advised that Tuesday is a very busy day, so it may actually be delivered on Friday!! I am appalled at the treatment I have received from just about every Sears customer service employee. I cannot fathom what type of training your employees receive, if any. If the policy of Sears is to demean, disrespect and belittle your customers you have achieved that goal.

You can be certain that I will never purchase another item from Sears, or any of the Sears subsidiaries and will not hesitate to verbalize my frustrations with your company with every person I have the opportunity to meet. After investing more than 5 hours with your various customer service departments, I am in a no better position than I was when I first contacted them on Thursday.

I would appreciate it if someone, with some authority to make decisions and rectify this problem would call me as soon as possible to deal with my issues.

Bad Experience
By -

I was contacted by Sears Home Improvement salesman after looking on line at their flooring. I set up the interview. After the interview, after all the promises, and the claims of exceptional warranty, my wife selected the linoleum she wanted in our house. We were contacted by David 803 739-7349 shortly after, and an installation date was scheduled. We had some issues with our existing flooring and all was explained to the salesman (Michael 803 397-1287). He assured us that everything would be taken care of, that's why it cost more than anyone else. Upon arrival of the installation crew, They pulled some of the carpet back, looked at the sub-floor, which was 3/4" tongue and groove OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and told me they could not install linoleum on that, that they had to install 1/4" luan over it first (which was not on the contract). They proceed to the second issue, (floor not level), told me that it also had to be repaired before they could install the linoleum. I explained to them that the salesman said that everything would be taken care of (he added into the cost). A phone call was made by the installers, and the cost went up. I told the installers I couldn't afford the additional charges, so they left. Angry, I called David (see above) and explained everything to him, his reply was this is an unforeseen problem, and my whole house was going to have to be covered with 1/4" luan, at an additional cost. I told him to cancel my order. I called his boss (Emilio 803 739-7341) and explained everything to him. He offered me a $400.00 discount. Being angry, with our house destroyed and barely livable,(we moved almost everything out ourselves) I felt $400.00 discount on a $8500.00 job was an insult, and told him to cancel my order. Now even more angry, he offered me a $700 discount which I quickly refused, and again told him to cancel my order. About a week later, my wife received an invoice, from the credit company, we went through, for a payment. I called GE Money, and found out that Sears had charged $2500 on the account. I explained the situation to the agent, she told me that Sears had not cancelled the order, and we were going to have to contact Sears Home Improvement. We tried to contact everyone on the contact list we were given by the salesman, with no one at home. We left messages, no call back. Finally after 4-5 days, I received a call from Emilio, telling me that we were going to have to pay that $2500 because it was a non-refundable deposit of 30%. More angry, I asked him when I could come pick up the product that was ordered for me. He told me that couldn't happen. I was frustrated and disappointed. I made a call to the District General Manager (Glen 803 739-7346) who, after going through our file, finding no cancellation order, told me that we had exceeded the 3 day right to cancel agreement, and he concurred with Emilio explanation. To make a long story shorter, and after explaining everythig to him, I came to the understanding, that they were not refunding our money, and that we were not going to get the product ordered for us. After telling him that was wrong and that I felt screwed over, he proceeded telling me that he could not return or resale the linoleum. He went on to say that he had all types of flooring in his warehouse, that he could do nothing with. I guess I'll have to pay the $2500 to the lender, however you can rest assured, I will not recommend, or have anything else to do with Sears.

Thank you for reading about my experience, and if can be of any help or offer any advice, feel free to contact me. Please excuse any grammar or spelling issues.

David Goodall
d. goodall11@Comcast. net

Never Ever Ever Ever Shop From Sears! Please Heed My Warning!
By -

I would like to warn everyone about Sears Delivery. Please avoid them like the plague. I wish I had read these reviews before choosing Sears because in the end I had to cancel my order. We ordered new kitchen appliances from Sears - Refrigerator, Microwave, Dishwasher and Gas range. You would think with such a large order they would try to keep my business - but NO. Sears was supposed to deliver our items on September 9. We got a call a week before at 5 am on a Saturday from Sears, telling us our fridge is unavailable for delivery on the 9th. Because fridge is probably the most important appliance for us, I decided to change the model which was available. They agreed to deliver the Fridge on September 12 and send the remaining appliances as scheduled (Sept 9). On the date of delivery they called to tell us that they were running late (and since my building has time specifications), Sears said they would not be able to deliver until very late. While this may not sound like Sear's fault, we told them about the building time specifications at the time of placing the order. Needless to say, none of the appliances arrived on the 9th. They rescheduled delivery for the 12th. Again, the following day (Sept 10), Sears calls at 7 am to inform us that the second fridge ordered was unavailable. By then, from experience we knew that the Sears call center was full of incompetent people, who are not only powerless but also clueless. We went to the store to place an order for a third fridge that was available. We requested that in the interest of time they deliver all 4 of our appliances on Wednesday September 14. Again, we repeated the building time specifications (Delivery allowed between 10 am and 4pm). Sears called the night before the delivery to tell us that they had given us a time window between 7 am and 9 am, which is outside the building time window. Obviously, there is no way for us to request change of time window because the call center is full of useless people. The appliances arrived the next morning at 8:40 when the building would not allow delivery. I called Sears and was told that someone would call me in the course of the day to tell me when they would deliver the appliances (the same day). No one called. I had to call Sears from my office and spent 3 hours trying to find someone to help. Needless to say, no one could help me connect with someone who has decision making power. They wanted to reschedule delivery for almost a week later. Finally understanding my frustrations, one delivery manager told me she had spoken to the warehouse and scheduled my delivery for the next day (Sept 15) and that Sears would call me between 6pm-9pm the same day to confirm the time window. I repeated the building time specifications about 25 times. As expected, no confirmation call between 6-9. When I called Sears for the Nth time, another clueless call center person told me, that while he saw that Sears had promised me delivery the next day, they were unable to fulfill their promise. After spending 4 hours on the phone with Sears, I hung up at 9:30 pm, finally canceling the order. We went to one of Sears' competitors around 10 pm who delivered the appliances the next day. Dealing with Sears has caused extreme emotional distress (because they just don't understand the simplest things, even after you explain it to them 20 times), monetary loss and cost me time. Additionally wasted my aunt's time who came to help us with Sears delivery. So, please heed my warning - it will save you time, money and mental anxiety.

The worst EVER!
By -

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- I bought an LG Refrigerator on Jan 27 2009. It want bad on Thursday Sept 17th, I called CS on Friday Sept 18th and they told the next available repair appointment was on Monday Sept 21st.
The technician went to my house and said the mother board was not working, he ordered it and the part arrived on Tue Sept 22nd. A different technician went to my house on Wed Sept 23rd to install the part and after he did that he realized the compressor was not working either.
He said he was going to order it. The part was supposed to arrive on Thursday Sept 24th, but it did not. I called on Friday to get information and a representative in CS gave the wrong tracking number, I called again requested the tracking number and again it was a wrong number, this time I was still talking to the person and I explained to her how frustrated I was and she said the best she could do was schedule an appointment for MONDAY the 28th!!!! She transferred me to the Tech Support Dept where William was kind enough to check when the part was supposed to arrive (it is supposed to arrive today)and he said the next available appointment was MONDAY THE 28TH!!! I said I could not afford to be there on MONDAY, first because I can not loose another day at work, second because it is JUST UNBELIEVABLE that I went to Sears because of the GREAT SERVICE and all I am getting is 10 days with no food, 3 days lost at my job - no pay- and a dead end to my problem.

He transferred me to the Escalation Dept, where Rhoda took the call and she said she could not do anything, Saturday was completely booked and there was nobody else on top of her..."this it the higher you can get" I felt she did not try to anything to help me. After, offering me a $50 gift card (which I accepted, even when I am not walking into a Sears Store EVER AGAIN) I explained to her that I did not want to get money out of Sears...all I wanted was my fridge to work and I did not care if they have to pay overtime to some Technician to go there on Saturday but I was sure there was something else that could be done. She finally transferred me to Carlos (according to her Carlos is her Manager Partner or so)He could not do anything for me either and even told me that if I could not be there on Monday the 28Th then they could go on SATURDAY OCTOBER THE 3RD!!! I asked him if that was a joke. I asked him if there was a private service that I could use and Sears could reimburse me, he said there was not such a thing and if I did have somebody else to take a look at it my warranty will be voided. I talked to 4 different people, nobody could give an alternative, I still do not have a fridge and I was threaten with losing my warranty and I all wanted was my fridge to work.

I was really upset to a point I apologized to every person I talked to because I understood it was not their fault, but it was Sears fault and they have to do something to fix it. The answers I got were: this is the higher you can get, you have to grateful because Sears is giving you a service and "good luck" with you equipment if somebody else repairs it.

This is the WORST customer service experience I have ever had. Nobody could help me, nobody could explain to me why I did not get the part on time, nobody could give me a solution. I understand Sears won't care about losing a customer, but I will do whatever I have in my power to avoid people to buy ANYTHING there...It is not fair to customers, there is no excuse and "things happens" like Carlos told me IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO SOMEBODY THAT HAS BEEN WITHOUT A FRIDGE FOR MORE THAN A WEEK!

Sears Customer Service
By -


In the past 40 years we have purchased large item appliances from Simpson Sears/Sears, and because of their warranty and customer service we are still buying from Sears. We have lived throughout Canada also in the United States.
We knew that wherever we went in either country that Sears's service was available and thus the reason for our last purchases which included a gas range, hood fan, microwave, dishwasher, combination refrigerator/freezer, garberater, and built in vacuum. Total costs of these appliances were over $10,000.00. We also purchased a kitchen table and 6 chairs, as well as all our window blinds (Blinds alone cost $6000.00)
A move from Alberta to a retirement home in British Columbia was the reason for the last purchase. We built a new home and installed all new Sears bought appliances.
We bought our appliances in Alberta before the move and then Sears kept them in storage until our house was far enough along that we could install them. The one year warranty that comes with the appliances did not start until January 29, 2009 when the appliances were delivered.
The complaint we have with Sears is with their Service Department. Our side by side refrigerator/freezer stopped making ice and the freezer was not keeping the food frozen.
We did what we have done in the past when one of our Sears appliances broke down, we called their service department. Since we live in a small village on the Shuswap we were advised that they could only send out a serviceman on Thursdays. On the next Thursday a service man from Giddens Appliance repair in Kamloops arrived and proceeded to check out the Refrigerator/Freezer.
He confirmed that the unit was not working properly and advised us that he would have to take off a panel on the inside. Once the panel was off he observed that only a few coils had frost on them and he said that was part of the problem. He then said he needed to check something at the back and pulled out the Fridge and took off another panel. After another inspection he stated that there were no leaks in the coils or anywhere. He then said that he needed to make a phone call and then turned the fridge off and gathered up his tools and went out to his van. We assumed he was checking with his office and we were surprised when he drove off.
Two days later we had still not been contacted by either the Repair service or Sears. We then called Sears and were advised that the serviceman had not put any report of his findings in the file, they suggested we call Giddens to find out what was happening. We did this and were advised that the serviceman who came to our house was not there as he had taken a day off. I asked if they could call him to find out what course of action he would be taking. They told me that they would not contact him while he was on a day off. The call I made to the Service repair was in the morning of the 27th of June.
Later that day I called Sears Service again and was advised that an entry had been made in their file stating that the refrigerator/freezer had a leak and had to be removed from the house and taken to Kamloops for servicing. Kamloops is approximately 55 kilometers from our Village.
The entry in the file contradicts with the statement that the serviceman made in that he said that there were no leaks, yet suddenly there is an entry in the file stating there is a leak. (Could this be because it became known that we had an extended service warranty?) We may never know.
We advised Sears that we wanted a new one because the refrigerator/freezer was only 4 months old and that we had paid in excess of $2800.00 for it. The Sears Representative became rude and advised us that if we would not agree to have the unit removed and repaired that we can go without a refrigerator. This was from a Sears Customer Service Representative.
We agreed to have the fridge removed for service and on July 9th they came and removed it and said that Sears had provided a “loaner fridge” for us to use while our unit was being serviced. Upon inspection of the “loaner fridge” which was still in the van, we decided that it wasn't good enough to be a beer fridge and we would not put any food in it in the condition it was in. The delivery personnel said they felt the same way, so we refused the “loaner fridge”
We called Sears Customer Service on the 14th of July for an update on when the Refrigerator/Freezer would be fixed and delivered. They advised they would check with the service company and get back to us. We received a phone call message on our answering machine stating that the service technician was on holidays and would not be back for a week and then he would start work on the Refrigerator/freezer.
We will be filing this complaint with B. C. Business Practices and Customer Protection.
Buying from Sears is not an option we would be venturing into in the future.
Where is Sears loyalty to their long term customers, when needed?????

Cecelia Heskett

Inside Tip
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- I'm a former Sears Service Technician from New England and I just want to let everybody know what working for Sears is like. Keep in mind that I had almost no experience in appliance repair but was hired immediately for scoring high on a basic electricity test.

We wake up every morning with a computer from 1994 that is always malfunctioning with 13 calls on our route. 9 of these calls are 8-12, 4 are 1-5(typically). Not to mention the fact that some of our days consist of 150 miles of driving. We don't get paid until we arrive at our first call, hence why we can't(by law) call you and usually end up meeting you at the front door in your underwear. Upon punching into our computers, we get flooded with messages from our so called "Routing Department" who ask us to call 6 of our 9 morning customers who called in, to let them know when we'll be there. Keep in mind these "Routers" have access to a tech's full route as it appears on our computer and are already on the phone with the customers!

We then attempt to fix your appliances with our 1 month OTJ training and common sense. When and IF! I STRESS THE IF!, we do find the part it needs, we go out to our van of $hit that we never use" only to find you need a part that we don't have. Keep in mind that each tech is assigned to a specific industry such as "REFRIGERATION" or "LAUNDRY" and each carry different inventory. Wouldn't you think that we would have the right part with that huge van and only specializing in one area? OF COURSE NOT! After explaining to the customer that the part is model specific(as instructed by management to avoid the look of incompetence), we jump in our van in embarrassment and move on to the next call.

Having a problem? Run into something you can't bypass and therefore can't complete your calls? After calling all the tech managers(6) twice each with no reply, the frustration keeps building. Finally you drive by their office while calling and find them shopping on Lands End for clothes while hitting ignore on the phone. There is absolutely no support whatsoever in the company! Most techs don't make it a week without quitting.

You're penalized for not selling enough service agreements. You're always being questioned on your whereabouts. There is NO TRAINING on the new machines that come out and if you let a customer know you aren't familiar with the product you get crucified, "don't ever let the customer know you don't know what you're doing" as my manager once said. The vans they provide are dangerous to ride in and to take your van to SEARS Auto is like gambling with your life. Better make sure those lug nuts are on...

All in all, SEARS sucks. Don't shop there, work there, or get any type of service done by them or A&E Factory Service(SEARS IN DISGUISE) as my manager would say. The labor rates for their service are ridiculously high and uncalled for seeing as though their employees are basically learning on your machine. Not to mention you can find almost anything at SEARS for cheaper elsewhere.

My recommendation is to say no to the service agreement, wait for a failure, and call a family owned and operated repair shop who really needs the money and appreciates your business. Most can be at your house the same day and get this, THEY HAVE THE PART! Thank you for your time and I hoped this helped.

Seek Other Estimates First
By -

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I used to find a reputable contractor to replace my kitchen cabinets and laminate countertops. Sears responded to my inquiry by calling within ten minutes of completing the request. The operator was adamant about setting up a time for an estimate as soon as possible. I was told by the operator that the consultation would last about two hours.

A few days later, a couple of salesmen, not contractors, showed up to do the estimate. We sat at the kitchen table, which I figured was to talk about my intentions of the remodel. Not quite, the salesmen asked about my personal life and broke the ice with small talk and jokes for the first 45 minutes. One of the guys didn't even do kitchen remodels and was an HVAC salesman. Why he was there, other than to laugh at the kitchen salesman's jokes, I don't know. After the kitchen salesman was finished measuring, he had me decide on the materials to be used in the remodel. The brand of cabinets he offered were the same as what I was offered by three out of the five local contractors I had already met with. While the kitchen salesman was figuring out the price, the HVAC salesman piped up and reminded him of the huge $250 limited time discount. The kitchen guy boasted about how great of a savings I was going to receive and how great Sears' construction workers were and how nobody should ever refuse their work. This was after he had told me they weren't there to pressure me into buying anything.

I patiently waited for an hour and a half to get the estimate. The kitchen guy spun the paper around and said he would take an additional $1,600 off the price if I signed the dotted line right then and there. He said if financing was a problem, he could set me up with a Sears charge card to finance the work if I didn't already have one. Finally, after I acknowledged that the $1,600 would be a great savings and that I wasn't interested in a charge card, the salesman got to the price. My estimate came to a whopping $16,000! After gaining control of my adrenaline and urge to go off on these two salesmen, I politely told them I wasn't interested. The kitchen guy reiterated, “if you don't sign today, the $1,600 discount walks out the door with us.” I once again held my composure and asked them to leave.

Until Sears was suggested by, I had never heard of the construction side of the company. If you're ever tempted to use them, I suggest getting other estimates first, just in case the price is actually within reason. I don't know about their quality of work, but I choose not to use Sears because my five other estimates were between $3,600 to $4,300!

Department Manager Unwilling to Resolve Delivery and Installation Issue!
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Rating: 1/51

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- We recently purchased a gas range from Sears. This range was going to replace an electric range, however, the gas was already plumbed in to the spot so it was going to be easy to install!

We paid extra to have it installed.

Up to the day of delivery everything went well: salesman was professional and helpful, email and phone updates regarding delivery were very well orchestrated. Then the Range arrived.

We had already moved the electric range so the space was completely clear. The technicians told my wife that they did not have the correct fittings to connect the stove. When I talked to them (by phone) I asked what can we do to rectify the situation. They indicated that there was nothing they could do. They also made it very clear that they run into this situation all the time with Sears and even told me that the Sears sales personnel lied constantly in order to make a sale!

When I got home I spent two hours (with reading the instructions, going to the store to get supplies and actually installing the stove) completing the installation. All I needed was some tools (which I had) and some pipe dope to seal the threaded connections. No special fitting was missing for the install!

Additionally, the stove was supposed to be in packed by the delivery team. They dropped it in the kitchen and left without setting it up as was indicated in my paperwork!

The saga continues when I attempt to contact the store. The large appliance Manager was not there the first time I called. The second time I called, I vented on a sales associate, who put me in touch with the store Manager (who called back the next day). He listened to my tale and agreed that the issue needed to be addressed but wanted to have the department Manager contact me. He promised a call back in two days. Two days came and went. I attempted to contact the department Manager who never seemed to be on duty, till Today (a week later!). I was unable to provide him with a full explanation to him as he spent most of the conversation providing me with excuses and indicating that the fault was not with the store, rather with the sub contractor they use. He even indicated that it would be the responsibility of the sub contractor to compensate me for the issues.

Now, I am also in the service industry. I use sub contractors all the time. I do hold my sub contractors accountable, but not at the expense of my customers! I bought a product and service from Sears! I did not hire the services of their sub contractor! Sears bears the responsibility of addressing the issue directly with me not passing me off to a sub that they hired and directed!

I am not sure where this is going for me, but buyer beware for the rest of you!

Poor home service and customer service
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Rating: 1/51

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- Sears has the worst product and customer support that I have ever encountered. I have a Craftsman riding mower and needed repairs. I called to schedule a home visit, but was told next available appointment was 5 weeks out. I decided to accept it and was told a service person would arrive between 1:00 and 5:00 pm and the minimum cost would be $135. I took off work and waited between 1:00 and 5:00 and no one showed up or called me. I called Sears at 5:00 and was told the service person was running late but would be there. At 6:30 pm, I received a call from a serviceman and he said he was not going to make it.
I called Sears the next day and told them what happened.

I asked them to schedule someone in the next couple of days because I needed my mower fixed. I was told I would just have to schedule a new appointment and it would again be over 1 month before someone was available. I spent over 1 hour on the phone trying to contact a manager to resolve the problem. I never got to speak to a manager, and was simply “bounced” from one department to another. Every single person I spoke with was rude and condescending. In spite of the fact that the entire problem was that Sears never showed up or contacted me during the 4 hour repair window, everyone I talked to was incredibly unprofessional. These people were actually being antagonistic towards me.

It is by far the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I will never purchase another Sears product.

By the way, after giving up on Sears, I contacted a local lawnmower repair service. They picked up the mower, fixed it and dropped it off for $90. They could not have been any nicer or more professional. Shop local and stay away from Sears, they are horrible.

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ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I really wanted to give Sears a chance, I was referred to your company by a friend, and not sure my friend will even use you guys again. However, this is my last resort; after this experience I do not think that Sears is the best place for me or my family to shop for our needs. I am no longer frustrated, but disappointed in the way that Sears handles business and it's customers. All I want is my money back for the range $452.60 on my Sears credit card for the stove that I canceled and the other that I returned that was broken beyond repair. On 2/17/14 I purchased a dishwasher and stove from the Sears Outlet Store at 4600 Park St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709. As soon as I got home I realized that the handles on the stove were askew and after installing the dishwasher it leaked from the door. I called Sears immediately and waited close to three weeks for a repairman to come. The repairman confirmed that the stove could not be repaired, he did fix the dishwasher and I had to pay an additional $100.50 for him to do an extra installation of the dishwasher. On 3/10/14 I spent an hour on the phone with your company in the end they expressed that they could not help me since I bought it from a Sears Outlet; on 3/11/14 I called the store, and the assistant manager Antonio attempted to help me by finding me a different range on line from the company. The stove that Antonio found had the knobs on the back and would not fit in the space provided. I called on 3/14/14 and canceled delivery of the new stove. Now I can not get a refund for the stove that I purchased on my Sears charge card. On 3/15/14 Antonio did a refund to my charge card in the amount of $154.82 supposedly the difference of the two stoves (the one I initially purchased and the one that he purchased for me) and my warranty for the first stove. If you refund the amount charged to me of $452.60 what I was charged for the new stove, I will have right at $377.86 in the dishwasher.

Company Response :

Hi chamor,

We appreciate you taking time to post about what you have encountered with your recent appliance purchases. We realize the quality of products and services you have been afforded has caused your disappointment. My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I have read your post and I would like to take this time to offer our assistance. We would be happy to provide further assistance concerning your appliances and refund. Please send your contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name (chamor) to reference your post to and a case manager will contact you directly. Again, thank you for posting about your recent shopping and member services experiences. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Brian R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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