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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SPARKS, NEBRASKA -- Did not even want to give them one star but had no choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have cease and desist orders against them, the be BBB site!!
HORRIBLE COMPANY, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. This is what I have received from them:

1. Not covering an item that is in the covered items unless I produce maintenance records for 3 years, this was not specifically stated in policy coverages. They hid it under legal ease, under "maintenance protocol". This is how it works: If you do not produce the maintenance records to show that you have had a company to come out and service the unit as per the recommendations of the manufacturer, they will not cover the item. That is how they get out of covering items. I wonder how many times a day do they have to explain that to people. Also, if you have mismatched HVAC units they do not cover it. They do not cover icemakers in the fridge, that is extra.
2. My elderly tenants waited 3 weeks for someone to fix the unit. Finally the technician who eventually came out stated that he knew that Sesnible Home Warranty would not cover the item (he spoke from experience) but he would give me a "Good Deal" when I figured this out. He was right, he knew that they would not cover the item.
3. I cancelled the policy within the 30 days that the policy took effect but they stated that it was over the 30 days because they counted the DAY I CALLED to put them in place. So, it COST me over $340.00 just to CANCEL the policies that I JUST put into place AS WELL AS the prorated charge for the month I had them in place..
4. So get this, they offered me $300 towards the repair if I kept two warranties in place that are really useless. I had to pay over $1200 to repair the items AND have to pay their 25% penalty and prorated charge. ALSO, they actually have a "retention" dept that tries to manipulate people into keeping these worthless

THEY ARE HORRIBLE AND IN MY OPINION ARE PROFESSIONAL CON ARTISTS. The absolute worst experience I have ever had. I have had American Home Shield home warranties for years on my several rental units and never had this kind of thing happen. They have unreal rhetoric in their policies that you will not understand until you need something fixed and then they will be happy to explain it to you which will translate into the fact that it will NOT BE COVERED. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!
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Customer Service Story
Posted by on
Although I cannot comment on their service when dealing with a broken item in my home, I can comment on their customer service.

Yesterday I signed up for home warranty coverage with Sensible Home Warranty. They had a very good plan and were offering a great, limited time deal to start.

I made arrangements to pay the yearly premium of $465.25 (and only $45.00 service calls..!) for their "Complete System Plan" and two additional "Optional" items. They had an option to pay the premium in 3 equal monthly installments, which I took advantage of.

However, due to a billing error, they mistakenly took the entire yearly premium amount from my account all at one time. Since that account was attached to a debit card and I did not have sufficient funds, I fell into an overdraft condition. 3 subsequent debits on that account incurred 3 overdraft charges of $35.00 each, for a total of $105.00.

I immediately called my coverage specialist (Alan) and he agreed that the problem was created on his end. He offered to refund the entire premium payment, which he did within an hour.

I then contacted the customer service email address and expressed my dismay at losing the $105.00 in overdraft fees. Within minutes I was contacted by their Client Service Team Supervisor (Chris) where he informed me that an additional $105.00 would be wired to my account on top of the premium refund...!!!

These acts of uncommon care for the customer and high ethical standards changed my mind about canceling my coverage and I reopened my original arrangement for home warranty coverage.

Again, I cannot comment on their service when I need them for covered home equipment problems yet, but with what I have seen so far, I look forward to the same stunning customer service without hesitation.

Mike Moravek
Mesa, Arizona
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User Replies:
memoryx57 on 01/14/2010:
That IS unusual just based on the complaints for other companines on this site. If and when you do have to use them for a repair, come back and let everyone know how the experience was. Hopefully it's as good as your initial contact was.
Ponie on 01/14/2010:
Good review, Mike. I'm with memoryx57 on this. If you ever need them for repairs, I hope the transaction goes as smoothly. Is there a possibility that subsequent payments could be made by check? Just a thought...
jrhdsgrl on 02/14/2011:
I can speak to the "repair" process for this company. My husband and I had very many detailed discussions with the sales team at Sensible prior to purchasing SIX warranties from them (one for our personal residence, and five for rental properties we own). The day after our warranty became "official", the dryer in one of our rental properties stopped working. We had coverage on all these properties prior to contacting with Sensible (HMS -- another terrible organization, although they didn't start out that way). We called for service, and a technician showed up the very next day. We were very satisfied, until it took them almost three more weeks to tell us that the dryer was "rusty", and therefore it would not be covered. I'm not entirely sure what rust they were talking about, since until two years before that my husband and I LIVED in that house and I never saw RUST in the dryer... the warranty company even went so far to say that it was "too bad" this call happened so "soon" after our warranty started.

Clearly this was yet another "reason" to not provide a service that was paid for. We immediately requested a refund (we were within the initial cancellatio period), and both the "sales person" and his "manager" dilly dallied for weeks before they FINALLY got around to refunding the money.

Bottom line... we took that money and put it into a savings account. We add to it every month, and the goal is to now SELF insure. I've not heard of ONE SINGLE warranty company that is worth the money or the trouble. I suggest anyone who is considering "covering" their home with a warranty strongly consider self insuring.

On the other hand... if anyone ever decides to run a warranty company that is actually truthful, reasonable and reliable, they will make more money than they know what to do with.
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Sensible Home Warranty is a scam!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Sensible Home Warranty is a total scam outfit. I bought a 3-year policy in September, 2012 for $900, and used it twice. The first time I ended up getting my hot water heater replaced, which was good, but found out later that the plumbing company had enormous difficulty getting reimbursed. They ending up calling Sensible Home Warranty multiple times a day for weeks on end until they finally managed to get paid, and of course vowed never to do business with Sensible again. The second time an electrician fixed a wiring problem, but again wasn't getting reimbursed. The electrician sent letters to me and other Sensible customers he'd done work for, threatening to put a Mechanics Lien on our properties. He didn't want to do that, but felt he had no choice; if he had waited any longer the legal deadline would have passed. After enormous efforts, including me making numerous calls to Sensible to demand they pay him, they finally ponied up.

At that point I cancelled my policy which had two years left on it, and asked for a pro-rata refund as specified in my contract. After several email exchanges, their salesman agreed that I was due the money. But of course they never sent it. I called and emailed repeatedly, and was told it was on its way, or that it would take 10 business days, or that the service representative would contact the billing department, but nothing ever happened. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the supervisor was always at lunch or on break and would call me back later but never did. I'd be given the billing department's phone number and always get it's voicemail and never a call back. I considered filing a small claims court lawsuit, but would have had to try to serve notice in New York (I'm in California) at considerable cost. And even after winning such a lawsuit I probably couldn't have attached any assets to get Sensible to pay the judgment.

So it looks like Sensible Home Warranty will get away with screwing another customer (me). I can only hope that they will quickly go bankrupt before they rip off too many more people, and perhaps one day the company officers will go to jail for fraud. In the meantime, I'll add my voice to the many other warnings, so that potential buyers will know the mess they will be in for and potential contractors will know to avoid Sensible Home Warranty like the plague.
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