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Posted by DOrtiz on 07/08/2006
I'm not sure if all my text can be entered here, so here's my blog where I have this complaint posted with supportive images of this incident:


Any information, suggestions, advice, etc .. will be most humbly appreciated. I'm hopeful someone else doesn't go through what we're going through with this company due to their unethical business practices.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-08:
I read your blog. You should make the picture's bigger, picture speak louder than words. In addition, you do not rely on the "recommendations" posted on a company’s website, as they may be shills. Second, If you'd gone to the BBB website and checked their profile (for free) you wouldn't be in the problem your in now. Next check the BBB for a fencer to repair the problem (shop around!). 4/ Report Service Magic to the Attorney General in your state, because they are fraudulently representing their services indicative of their BBB report. Click on the "My Consumer Tools" and select "Contact the Attorney General" carry on. If you want to get NASTY - contact the building inspector in your city and the contractor’s licensor in your state too. You were close in your steps to success but you did them backwards, keep the board posted. Jah
Posted by DOrtiz on 2006-07-09:
Thank you Mrs. Manischewitz. I will make the pictures larger as you have suggested and will also contact the AG's Office.

I relied on the company's rating system because it "appeared" to be an honest one. How wrong I was, but now we're taking this ordeal as a learning experience and our objective is to spread the word about ServiceMagic so such doesn't happen to anyone else. After all, (for me) $5,300.00 didn't come easy.

Thanks again for your valued feedback and suggestions.

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-11:
Good luck, I like the looks of the fence!
Posted by DOrtiz on 2006-07-12:
You "Like the looks of the fence"? Well, never judge a book by its cover. Looks CAN be deceiving.

Posted by HelloKitty on 2007-05-14:
They hung up on me!

I recently called Sevice Magic to ask for an appointment with a blinds/shutters company. But the customer service guy told me that company does not serve my area. Then he asked me if I'd like to look for someone else. As soon as I said no, he hung up on me, without a second word.

Can you imagine if I tried to complain when something went wrong? I would definately think twice and check out BBB reports and references.
Posted by Hanna007 on 2008-03-12:
I received bogus leads. I knew if should have been too good to be true. After paying an initial $99 sign up fee with Service Magic, leads were rolling in sometines 2-3 times per day, however, the majority of the leads turned out to either have the wrong number, an email that bounced back, a prospect who stated they never asked for my service, and a lead that was not even in my category. Nonetheless, you pay Service Magic whether they are good leads or not. An in-house credit is there solution. How good is a replacement lead if it is just as bogus. I spent $174 and received nothing in return.
Posted by kevinA on 2008-03-17:
I also receive bogus leads. Icalled to speak to a supervisor and they will always tell me they are in a meeting. The last call I told them to stop sending me leads until the supervisor calls me back. I will not be waisting my time calling them any more. I gave them one hour. I then called my Credit card and told them to stop excepting bills from service magic. I continued receiving leads with threats that they will spot if I don't pay. But they just kept coming. Now they are send it to collections. This company is a joke. They also cohoarse people into asking for estimate in things they realy don't want just so they can bill us contractors. A Georgia contractor. Ahearnconstruction.net Good Luck
Posted by aj923 on 2009-03-31:
Check out ringmydoorbell.com. It is much better then service magic.
Posted by Red Beacon Hater on 2012-08-02:
You guys should check out this new company BidsList. They really helped me out. The have a live human handle the entire construction process.

Here is an article from Yahoo News.
Posted by SID on 2012-12-09:
Got a handyman through Service magic who took 100% payment in advance, did a shabby job and when we asked him to correct the leaking tiles, refused. Then he threatened us to write positive reviews otherwise he will send his lawyers after us if we write a bad review. Not having time to battle it out, we approached Service magic and after one call from them -- NOTHING happened.
Will not recommend Service magic to anyone and will also spread the word of the scam-esters they promote.
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Beware of ServiceMagic.com
Posted by Ehayes818 on 08/01/2008
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- My elderly parents needed to find a reputable door repair and installation person. I went online to ServiceMagic.com and entered the information so they could match my parents with the appropriate handyman. He repaired one door, replaced another. First the work looked truly horrible. He managed to damage the framing and chip paint off the wall. The door he installed did not open properly. It required much effort to get the door open. This is a safety issue. My father is disabled and having a door that sticks could have been disastrous. When my mom called him to complain, he hung up on her. I called him, he screamed at me. I contacted ServiceMagic.com believing they would help. Instead, they simply say that all they do is verify the contractor has a license and they do a criminal check. They in no way are suggesting that the contractor does quality work. If you look at their site, you would get the impression that they are providing a service to find you a quality repairman. They protect the contractor and add insult to injury. Their policy is that if the man did a horrible job, you are required to have the same man come back out and redo it. If he could have done a good job, wouldn't he have done that the first time around. My parents paid this man almost $900 and then had to pay another repairman $300 to re-install the door properly, so that it opens correctly, and he repaired the frame damage the original contractor damaged. Do not use ServiceMagic.com
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-01:
Thanks for the heads up on ServiceMagic.com. Sorry that you got a bad contractor but I'm sure they have good ones too. ServiceMagic.com should have done more to help you. Sounds like something an A&E repair guy would do.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-01:
You should consider using Angie's List - we've had some luck with this. Regardless - ask for references on completed jobs in the past 6 mos.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-01:
Ah', I see my shadow is back again.

Carry on...
Posted by cherpep on 2008-08-01:
I've use ServiceMagic in the past with great results. Be sure to check their reviews, and post your own.
Posted by Grahamkrackah on 2008-08-25:
I work for servicemagic.com. The reality is we do a prescreening requirment making sure all contractors do not have an extensive background. We really look for any felonies, assault, and theft as these are liability issues for SM. We also make sure that contractors carry general liability insurance (protecting the homeowner) and state level licensing for each and every job category available. Based on the fact that I call contractors everyday, there is only a minimal amount of business that carry insurance.
It is then up to you to decide which contractor is the best for you. At some point the good contractors tend to stay in the service because they win jobs and do good work. The bad ones usually cancel becuase they do not win jobs or have bad ratings and reviews. At some point the good contractors level out at the top. Take this for instance, if you were to buy a used car would you pruchase the car before looking at a carfax history report. The answer is no. Too many homeowners laxidasically choose a contractor on short notice versus doing the research and that means looking at pictures of their work and also verifying references! Do it homeowners it is only going to protect you and things that the problem this guy is having will not happen!
Posted by john C, Pa on 2012-06-17:
I have been with service magic for several years, I should have got rid of them long time ago...they are in the business of taking the contractors money. They do not care in what leads are sent to the contractor. They take your money and the dead lead is your problem....this has cost me several hundreds in wasted money and the time to follow up with their bad leads. I truly believe that they resell the same leads over and over and knowingly send you a dead lead in the mix...it would be like mixing a few bad apples with some good ones into your bag and charging you by the pound for that bag. STAY AWAY FROM SERVICE MAGIC!
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Bogus Leads
Posted by Hanna007 on 03/12/2008
ATLANTA -- I wish I had done my homework as I am doing now to find a forum to voice the terrible experience I recently encountered with this company. I purchased leads from Service Magic which many turned out to be wrong numbers, the wrong lead name, and emails that bounced back. The Company's policy, is to charge you for the lead anyway and "if" they deem it to be legitimate you pay, if not, you still pay. How ethical is that?

The in-house credit is worthless if the replacement leads are just as worthless.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-03-12:
If you have to purchase anything from the company you are working for,in order to sell, you are getting the short end of the stick.
If it looks too good, it is.
I have never purchased a lead in over 40yrs of commission sales.
Ya gotta work.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-03-12:
So these weren't the Glengarry leads I take it. 90% of these lead brokers out there today sell the same rehashed unqualified dreck. It's rare to find a good source that qualifies and filters properly anymore. You'd have better luck picking up a phone book and just randomly calling sometimes.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-03-12:
Slim, you are right. I used to take the copy of the yellow pages in the hotel rooms and use it for leads.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-03-12:
When I sold pots and pans, we would stand downtown at lunch hour and pass out cards for a drawing for a prize. we only gave them to young ladies who might be in the 'hope chest' market. About two weeks later, we would go through our cards and pick a name to call for a third prize or so. The prize was a cheesy package of six plastic tumblers, but it got us in the door to show our wares.
Posted by WolfAtRest on 2008-04-10:
Yeah, I tried the Service Magic ripoff. Most of the leads were from people who didn't want to do anything right now but were just "looking" for a free estimate. What really pissed me off was the leads that are supposed to be especially tailored for you and that cost more. What they do is if you are the only contractor in the area signed up to accept that type of lead, they charge you extra for it since they can't charge 3 or 4 other contractors anything. It's a total ripoff.
Posted by CarpenterDave on 2008-06-30:
I started Service Magic last fall, had great hopes for its success and quickly found out what it was all about. I started receiving leads, and, to their credit, some were fair. I had to adjust my target area, but that was about it. But what really burned me is that I would get bogus leads, get charged for them and then the burden was on me to get reimbursed. I did on a couple of occasions, but some others I started to become suspicious. On one, I checked on Map Quest to see if a name matched an address. No such person by that name lived there. But because the person could be left a voice mail and their email address didn't bounce SERVICE MAGIC WOULD NOT REFUND MY MONEY!! Does this smell or what?? Sounds like possible FRAUD to me! I believe they call that wire fraud and it is a Federal offence.

I am a free market proponent and don't have any problem if a company figures out how to legally make a buck. But Service Magic needs to be publicly exposed for selling a product, leads, that suck! If another company sold a product that sucked and wouldn't give you your money back you would complain, right? Same for Service Magic! Stay the hell away from them unless you like flushing $$ down the toilet!
Posted by jacketized on 2008-10-24:
Service Magic is a scam.We received false leads,charged to much and when confronted with this was very dishonest.We have an electrical company and our friend has a heating an air company.We live in different counties and they sent him the same fake lead.It was stupid on their part,but I'm glad it happened.It has just given me more proof to persue this legally if they will not completely refund me my money.STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-25:
ServiceMagic is an online marketing and advertising company, not a "lead" service. It's not ServiceMagic's fault if you don't know how to market your company. You receice the customer's information for anyone who submits information on their project, it's up to you and your company to reach out to the howeowner and get them to select your company. They provide you with plenty of tools to help promote and market your company, it's not their fault if you are too ignorant to use a computer and actually build a relationship with the potential customer for life. Some of these complaints are coming from guys that know how to swing a hammer but don't have a clue how to run a company, much less market their company. SM reached out to 4.2 million homeowners this year, guess what, some of them are full of crap...SM knows this and credits for mistakes like that. If you don't like it don't use it, but to come on here and bash an advertising company shows your lack of professionalism!!!
Posted by tony on 2014-02-25:
They give you many bad leads(wrong info. and non existing info.) and charge you. I started researching every single lead I got and was appalled at wrong info. on so many so called leads. And they wont give a credit if a phone 3 rings, thats all neede for a denial. SCAM!
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Service Magic Stinks
Posted by Gmbjr on 02/25/2009
LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I used to be a Service Magic Contractor. I had great reviews and earned them. I am saddened but not surprised that I am reading about Service magic doing unethical things. They abuse the contractors in a big way financially. Basically they are a huge ripoff to small contractors even if they are good ones such as myself. Repeat leads, people who have no intention of doing any work, people who ask for return visits for new estimates on the same work, people who do not return phone calls and emails....and an absolutely horrible system for making good on bad or mistaken leads.

Service Magic stinks all the way around.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-25:
Sounds like these guys are ripping contractors off at a time when they can least afford the loss. Probably just another MyFreeEstimates.com type scam.
Posted by gmbjr on 2009-02-25:
For a larger contractor, with a secretary to answer the phone immediately and schedule the lead immediately , it's not quite as bad. They can get in first and make an impression first, and can afford a higher lead cost due to the fact that their getting more of the jobs because so many folks dont check around but use the first caller, making the bad assumption that any contractor Service Magic has will be good. Eventually it ends up being a lower % of their marketing budget at the end of the year, where for a small guy like me it was the most expensive way to generate leads. I did better with newspaper ad and postcards to recent homebuyers.
Posted by Tony on 2014-02-25:
I had been with them for 9 years, I have become frustrated with bad leads (wrong info., no response from leads, ,etc.) and there refusal to give credit for these bad leads. It works but its also expensive.
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Service Magic Is A Scam Rude Fraudulent
Posted by Dseabaugh58 on 02/17/2012
GOLDEN, COLORADO -- My company was contacted by Service Magic YEARS ago. They claim to offer pre-qualified screened leads for services that we offer in our area. They charge up front for the name and phone number of the lead. Years later we are still getting emails, phone calls and many spam faxes from this company for very iffy maybe leads hundreds of miles away for types of work our company does not do, nor ever has done. The more I email them and tell me to take me off their email and fax list, the more they call, fax, email and harass. Their office help is nice an polite, but insist you talk to their sale staff who are pushy, nasty, rude, loud, hateful. I have had to resort to threatening to have a cease and desist order placed against them to keep them from filling my fax machine with a dozen pages of unqualified leads hundreds of miles away that are probably phoney on top of it. When I talk to other contractors at contractor meetings they tell me of similar experiences, hundreds of dollars in draws from their checking accounts for leads that no-one ever answers the phone. I just got a lead that said they were considering buying a house and want to know how much a fence would cost before the placed a bid on one. This was 130 miles away in an area that has 74 fence contractors by my count in the yellow pages. what kind of lead is that?
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Posted by bigal on 2012-02-17:
I don't know yet if that is a good lead or not. I'm still on the fence on that one.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-02-18:
I tried using them to find a contractor about a year ago. They connected me with 3 contractors. One with many complaints and two 100+ miles away. It became quickly apparent these were not reliable or reputable people to deal with. They were totally disinterested in helping.
Posted by Mandy Black on 2012-02-21:
Good morning "dseabaugh58" -

I am sorry to hear about your concerns with the leads and your account. We can help you adjust your account to better target your zip codes and do offer lead replacements on a case-by-case basis. I'd like to get a chance to speak to you about your frustrations and see what we can do to help. You may reach me directly at 303.963.8066 or at mblack@servicemagic.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black
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Accountability and Customer Service
Posted by Earthangel7156 on 12/13/2011
GOLDEN, COLORADO -- This company monopolizes the search engine when consumers try to search for reliable contracting service. They talk a good game at first, they bombard you with contractors that supposedly can handle the job. But they fall very short in delivering qualified, reliable, dependable, and honest contractors. The contractor they sent to us, which is who we hired, is taking 4 months to finish our renovations. He does shoddy work, leaves debris outside, doesn't show up on time, and sometimes doesn't show up at all. Service Magic hasn't tried to help us resolve our issue and they will ignore your calls until you mention that you will be contacting consumer affairs about their practices. Whatever you do, do not use this company. They are just as shady as the contractors they send to you.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-15:
You may want to file an official complaint about this at: http://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/departments/consumer_protection
Go to "Consumer Protection" on the left side, and click on "File Consumer Complaint".
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Don't use Service Magic-waste of time and money
Posted by Tara.shea.holcomb41 on 12/05/2011
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I am a small business owner trying to make it in this economy. I was delighted to find a company like Service Magic who would send me real leads. I started using Service Magic 10 months ago. The first 3 months I only received a few leads and got some good ones so it paid off. After that all I receive are useless leads, and hundreds of them. 3 a day or more. I haven't gotten one lead in 6 months. Service Magic will not turn my account off. I have $500.00 in overdraft fees from this company. They make up these leads, you get one or two real people and the rest are phony. Don't use this company, it will hurt you in the long run.
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Posted by Mandy Black on 2011-12-06:
Good afternoon "tara.shea.holcomb41" -

I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with your leads. I would like to get a chance to speak with you in regards to your account and leads to see what we can help with. You can reach me directly at 303.963.8066 or mblack[at]servicemagic.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black
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Service Magic Rip Off
Posted by Mcc5088 on 06/23/2011
They charged me for leads that were people wanting to ask questions they didn't want any work done they wouldn't stop charging me for a web site they were supposed to build for me that they never built after calling them numerous times and being put on hold for between 15 and 20 min I would hang up and call again and get the same thing.

If you are trying to make clients don't use them they charge me more than I made from their leads. Awful service but they are never late to charge my credit card.

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Posted by Mandy Black on 2011-06-24:
Good morning "mcc5088" -

I apologize that you experienced these frustrations with your web site process and call times. I would like to get a chance to speak to you more in detail and see what I can do to help. You can contact me directly at 303.963.8066 or mblack [at] servicemagic.com.

Thank you for voicing your concerns.

Mandy Black
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Still charging on cancelled contract
Posted by Armymom8088 on 04/17/2011
ELYRIA, OHIO -- Have been a contractor for 25yrs. I always worked by my reputation. A salesman from Service Magic talked me into taking ONE lead. If it worked out, I would take more. The first lead was a dud. I called the salesman to cancel, of coarse he was not in. Meanwhile, more leads kept coming in. I called back again to cancel. By the time I finally talked to my salesman, they had my account to $800.00. I only made 2 calls to 2 leads and no one ever called me back on either calls. I closed my checking account before they could take any of my money for any of the leads. The funny thing is they stopped giving me leads because I owed them money. It was the only way I could get them to stop giving me more leads. They refused to cancel my contract of One lead. Now I owe them even more because of attorney fees. As the saying goes, LET THE BUYER BEWARE.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 04/18/2011:
Hi Armymom8088,

My name is Chelsey Richey and I am the Online Customer Liaison here at ServiceMagic. I am very concerned to hear about your experience and would like the opportunity to speak with you in regards to the issue. If a mistake is made on our part we gladly accept the responsibility and adjust accordingly; please contact me directly so that we can go over your account together. I can be reached at crichey@servicemagic.com or at 303.963.8145. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you kindly,

Chelsey Richey
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Posted by Alain on 2011-04-19:
I took a little web trip and found a lot of complaints about this company. For what it's worth, they even have their own website, http://www.ServiceMagicComplaints.com so you can directly inform the company of your problem with them.
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Routinely attempts to make unauthorized charges
Posted by Jimbutler on 06/01/2010
1. Their leads are predominantly bad, unqualified leads. Over and over again they charged or attempted to charge us for leads that were wrong address, wrong phone number, and wrong email addresses. Often the "customer contact" didn't even own the property in question, and had no authority to make any improvements to it.

2. When we finally gave up on these losers, they refused, yes REFUSED to stop sending and charging us for leads after we told them several times that we no longer would be using their service. I finally had to change my credit card number so that they couldn't charge it anymore.

3. They routinely sent and billed for more leads than we authorized to be sent each month.

4. They continued to try to charge us for leads even after I changed the credit card number, then have continued to send threatening emails and make threatening phone calls if we don't pay for leads they sent literally MONTHS after we discontinued their service.

Under NO circumstances would I recommend that ANYONE do business with these crooks. You literally do better going door to door than using their leads, and you won't have the aggravation of having them try to steal from you the entire time.
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