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Seviroli Cheese Ravioli - Che Bello!

We'd planned on dinner out tonight, nothing fancy, dollar beers and a burger dinner at Fuddruckers. The bat phone rings - the wife's got to stay late saving the world and I get an eyeful of 120.00 barrel crude on tele. That conspicuous concoction of inconvenience and woe compel me to "go to the bullpen" and see what I can prepare at home for dinner - heck I did have a cooking class or two in college (to meet girls but that worked out as well as my souffle.)

So I'm digging through my freezer and spy a pizza - but a tombstone ain't going to get it on a "I worked out today and need a stick 2 your ribs meal" and want something better than a 3 dollar pizza night. I see the same "face" staring up at me that's been doing the same for a month or so that the wife bought and stuck in there when she was bored and bought something neither one of us had ever had, or tried before- but bought because she was bored and wanted to go shopping at Costco or Sam's.

Cue violins and Dean Martin singing "On an Evening in Roma". I grab this bag of frozen Seviroli frozen Cheese Ravioli and consider this for dinner - heck how hard can it be to boil some water and heat some bottled spaghetti sauce? The picture on the bag sure looked appetizing, if the product sucked, I could just eat the bag.

So I boil some water, kind of followed the directions, heated some bottled pasta sauce, added some ground beef and some herbs and spices - come on, admit it, who doesn't doctor bottled sauces? The wife comes home to a dinner that will go down as a great one in memory. The pasta simmered for about 10 minutes - longer than recommended but I never follow directions that much in the kitchen - look where just "going for it" has gotten Emeril? I simmered the ravioli's until they puffed into little pillows of heaven filled with molten cheese - good thing I worked out today because the saturated fat content is enough to send any cardiologist to the ICU.

I ladled on a splatter of my doctored up pasta sauce, poured a glass of merlot and had a surprisingly great meal at home and didn't have to tip some schmo at a restaurant where I have to wait for bad service, pay double the amount for dinner and triple or better the amount for a glass or 3 of wine that set the whole thing off as something worth writing about.

If you're a fan of Italian - I'm not really as like "Mexican" I think it's composed of the same 4 or 5 ingredients mixed in different orders and shapes - plus that Italian girl I dated for a while left me years ago and I never was successful "finding America" if you will, then consider giving this Seviroli Cheese Ravioli a try - it's not like a weekend in Rome, but taste and calories enough to make you wonder if you went there. UFP.

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