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Sharp Does Not Stand Behind Their Products
Posted by Wmuboy on 11/16/2007
MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a Sharp microwave (R530DK) from SEARS when I worked there. Just a few years later, the microwave quit working. We called Sharp to see if we could fix it ourselves. After spending hours on hold for a WEEK and after Sharp's false promises to call back, we gave up and threw the microwave away (Sharp doesn't even offer a way to recycle it.). Sharp never even apologized for their customer service's rudeness. I eventually contacted the customer service manager, and she told me Sharp will not stand behind its products.

Then, I contacted Sharp's Group Manager of the Product and Marketing Group. He too refused to send a working microwave. Sharp eventually said they would sell us a new microwave at a discount! If they did not stand by their first micro, why would we buy a second from them?!

Does Sharp really believe people should purchase a new microwave every few years? When you purchase a microwave, you expect it to last a little while.

This has been an ongoing headache going on for weeks now. I am writing a letter to the editor to my local newspaper to warn consumers to stay away from Sharp products. This is ridiculous.
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Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-16:
I currently have a GE microwave that we got for a wedding present. It really stinks that you had such horrible service. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that a microwave last longer than a few years.
Posted by madconsumer on 2007-11-17:
as fast as tecnology changes, a few year old microwave would be outdated. today, many items are made to be replaced instead of repaired.

unless the warranty was still active, asking for a 'few years' old oven to be fixed is far fetched.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-17:
I am sorry, but you purchased it, "a few years ago", wanted to fix it, couldn't and now want them to send you a working one?
That's what is ridiculous!!
Your local government should have some kind of recycle program.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-17:
I agree with jktshff1. You have an appliance that is 'a few years' old. Which probably means 5. They offered you a discount. That is more than reasonable.
Posted by moneybags on 2007-11-17:
Do your LIGHT BULBS burn forever? NO!!! So the next time one burns out, demand that the MFGR tell you how to repair it or replace it for free! Get real!
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Sharp Products Are Awful And So Is It's Customer Service
Posted by Luvchasenjordan on 02/01/2010
Hi! I am the very unhappy owner of a Sharp Aquos & Sharp Blueray player.

Have you ever bought a TV and within a year, had it get those wonderful black blobs in the screen?? Well I have. Did it take about 2 weeks to get a replacement from the company you bought it from even though it was under warranty?? Then with the replacement… you were pleasantly surprised to have the screen completely go out after only a year of having it?? Only to be told that your warranty has expired and they would get back to you as soon as they had time to look over the pictures they requested that you send. You wait, and wait, and wait. No call.

Because you are no longer a warranty customer, they don’t need to make you happy anymore. You are no longer a priority. I guess they don’t ever want you to buy another one of their products again or to tell a friend that they have a great product.

To add to the frustration, we also have issues with Sharps Blueray player. We have not been able to use it for months because it needs an update that can only be done through the internet. We were not told that when we bought it and at this time with money tight.. we don’t have internet at home. Now what???

So now we’re supposed to buy another TV (with the money we don’t have) because we were never offered the opportunity to get a new warranty or given a extension with the replacement TV. I don’t even know if the replacement was new. I was told it was… but why would it die so quickly??

Does Sharp believe so much in it’s product that it wouldn’t offer me some kind of guarantee or warranty with my replacement??? Was it even new or did I get someone else’s broken TV that they tried to fix?? Do they want to lose customers because of their terrible customer service and questionable products??

Word of mouth travels fast. These are the only Sharp products I have ever owned. I have never had any problems with any other companies products or customer service. I know I won’t be recommending any Sharp products to any of my family and friends. Will that travel to the rest of their family and friends???

We all deserve a better product and customer service for the money we pay to keep these companies going. I demand it. I will be working on what else I can do to get the word out. I will spread the word .
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Digital Clock
Posted by Consumer6 on 10/29/2007
Purchased brand new inexpensive Sharp digital clock. Product worked for one hour than displayed partial numerals while blinking wildly. All subsequent tries to make this product work failed.

Junk-in-a-box. Beware.

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Posted by chris513 on 2007-10-29:
what is the return policy on this? if you got a defective clock and you realized this the same day you purchased it, then you should be able to get a refund.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-30:
We will need more info. here… Did you return the item? Did you get a replacement?
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-10-30:
I think if you took it back for another and that one failed quickly, I'd be more inclined to shy away from one.
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Oxymoron - Sharp Customer Support
Posted by Franbus73 on 12/17/2013
MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY -- Buyer Beware of the Sharp Aquos 60" Quattron. Within 8 months of purchasing it brand new, the power board on this TV expired. That was on 11/25/2013. That was the easy part. Now we have to navigate Sharp's many misleading, mistitled departments - such as Customer Relations, Customer Support, Exchange Dept. On 12/6/2013 we were notified by a Sharp authorized repair technician that they had been directly notified by Sharp to come and do what needs to be done; however the power board for that model was "backordered," and to cross the line of absurdity - they "had no ETA on it." They never even knew when it would arrive.

At this point, shouldn't we have been given a replacement? Hows about a loaner even - just like your warranty mentions. Let's practice fair trade - you have my $1500., and I gots plenty-of- nothin'. During the period 12/6/13 to 12/14/13 we had case numbers given us; promises of a "replacement number" to be issued to us so that we could present the TV to the dealer for replacement. Today 12/16/13- we are told by the ever vague and seemingly misinformed or downright deceptive "Customer,Wahoo Dept" that no "replacement number" could be approved for that dealer! And so that means to me, just what!!??
Now we are waiting for this customer services rep's manager to contact us.

I'm 70 years old, and if they know that, they're probably waiting for me to predecease the resolution of this problem by first, going the way of the Sharp Aquos 60" Quattro power board.
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Customer Service Problem
Posted by Thetruthteller on 03/22/2011
What Sharp needs to know is that it doesn't. take a rocket scientist to figure out why their customer support is so terrible. Companies like Sharp hire their customer support via outside contracted companies, these companies have all types of accounts they represent for customer support. In order for these outside companies to profit they have to make sure their customer service reps keep a very short call time with the customer which in turn causes Customer Service Reps to pretty much say whatever to get the consumer off the line so they don't lose their job for having too long of a call handle time. The other thing Sharp needs to know is that sure Sharp makes visits to their contracted customer service company to listen in on calls and make sure they hear these CSR's giving good support for the Sharp Company, but what Sharp doesn't know is that company pre-picks the CSR prior to Sharp listening in and tells them their call is going to be being monitored so do everything perfect. These CSR's aren't just taking Sharp calls but could be taking all different types of support calls for other companies as well. Does Sharp realize the company they hire to take care of their customers is also taking support calls for 7 or 8 other companies??

How can a Sharp customer get the support they deserve if the CSR that is suppose to be helping them is answering other calls all day for a bunch of other companies. Sharp your customer support should be CSR's who are there to provide only support for you not you and a bunch other companies at the same time. Sharp needs to wake up and see that the wool is being pulled over their eyes and if it continues they won't be in business long. Toshiba woke up and took notice maybe Sharp had better too!!
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Posted by Miles on 2013-08-16:
After reading through that... I fail to see what your actual issue with the company was
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This company sucks
Posted by Grannyinthewoods on 01/19/2010
We live on SSI and got a TV a little over year. It's shot fire out the back, we was lucky we was home and we leave dogs inside. Our house would have caught fire. Those TVs suck and we will never buy any more things made by Sharp. They're not worth the money. I hope the company go's under.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-19:
I'm glad no one was hurt. Was your dogs hurt? I hope not too. I'd tell everyone I knew if I was you but hoping they go under is a bit overboard, imo.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-19:
Sharp sells cheaply made products,this doesn't surprise me
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Posted by Consumer814 on 12/02/2009
Purchased a TV in late June of 2008 for close to 800 dollars. In July of 2009 (actually it was probably June) a line appeared across the screen. I thought it was a connection issue or something and I was busy with an ill family member and I was way too busy and consumed to deal with a TV matter. Finnaly call Sharp and send pictures. The problem is not fixable. They want me to buy a new TV for 290 dollars.

TVs are so marked down at this time. I do not consider this a fair compensation.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-02:
I'd take the offer if I were you, $290 seems like its been discounted for you.
Posted by CSD on 2009-12-02:
I assume you didnt have a warranty?
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Searching to request a basic minidisc user Manual
Posted by Mack junior on 07/08/2009
I have searched hundreds of electronic good suppliers in the past 15 years, like. for instance, bring an electronic engineer & a hobby being citezen band or ham radio appliances that anyone who knows this type will also know that we can come across never before heard of radios & after rebuding to working order from a market place gets the success thaTVtge once shabby & over used transciever is now renewed & worth triple it's value!! But in getting to certain frequencies etc tajes certain switchings to get there, so we type in the name. I.e- cobra 148GTL DX, with Add on switches to go to frequencies either on (limited)FM band, to AM. SSB, CW, split frequency(which in my time has taken me to places that many enthusiasts of the CB alone(not my licenced amatuer radio that allows talk like a telephone call).But I stress that I use this as a typical example that I can go online, type in a brand & model & request user Manual Just to see the basics then the added potential & ALWAYS get this info. Yet! My friend hands me a perfectly new condition Sharp Minidisc player/recorder & leaves it to me to solve required uses.& I type the model number & only get what I don't need!! A diagram of parts etc. When all I ask is for the user guide to get completely familiar with it's multi button functions, as it was given for a very special use in recording certain content to further the success of our Internet project, yet all I get is technical diagrams (which I do not require as I can strip it & rebuild it without diagrams),but certain Stupidly simple user guide things sometimes can cause a headache when under a schedule to do the job in hand.(I will even name this as being an Internet radio station with great success so far, but the appliance handed in one unit with nothing else, when a million things of more importance is on my head, yet typing in model number & requesting quick user guide only gives me what I gave said. A schematic diagram of parts, that, with electronic engineering equipment I own makes it like an Electronics school 101.I can strip it to nothing but parts & a lot of over added solder links.& build it like putting a bulb, lens, switch,$ adding batteries to make a torch(which I already exceeded the TORCH brand, by creating within 15 minutes a Torch like!! Beam that blinded people 300 yards away from my location. Yet I type in the Sharp minidisc model number & request the operators guide or user manual & get a list of hundreds of Sharp appliances many pages long, except a basic user manual for the Sharp-MD-SR505SE(s)minidisc & only get schematics unessesary.(I am so busy with so many electronic appliances etc that all I wanted was a quick & easy user guide.& between searching & more, I now know how to add mire than it's user capacity & user guide. Now, Its a toy. But I feel for the unknown users who come up with this user question & get cuircutry. diodes, transistors, capacitors etc etc. Poor knowledge given to a sharp buyer of aged items. I can obtain ant info in many brands like Sony, technics, denon, goodmans, pioneer, to samsung, panasnonic, THE LIST IS ENDLESS. in obtaining simple quick required user manuals that to a lit may seem strange that I can strip & rebuild appliances but can't get basic user functions. But my needs in the businesses I'm involved in, requires immediate user knowledge NOT trial & error etc.& out of all Internet electronic assistance I have requested Sharp has taken me on a tour of unesserary linked websites which in seeing them I have closed on them as I want the brand makers not affiliate sites. like maybe this???
I suggest upgrading user guides before maybe, warranty breaking component info that makes warranties unclaimable. Or ? Is this the aim?? Just a thought. A concerned dependant electronic appliance user. Not a "Build it myself",person. A purchased item with all/any info required on brand/makers website. From Johnny. ace54@yahoo. co. uk
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-07-09:
Are Mini Discs even made anymore? Mini Disc was one of those long lost formats for music that allowed you to play the contents of a CD in a much smaller package...this was before the first MP3 players and iPods came out. How old is this Mini Disc player? I think Mini Discs became obsolete about 10 years ago.
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Poor performing CD player
Posted by ICC on 01/25/2008
POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a Sharp five cd player, radio and cassette player so that I might play cds given to me by my children as a gift. I loaded the player, played the cds infrequently over a period of two years and was finally unable to get the device to work. I dismissed the problem and, because the unit was out of warranty, did not pursue the matter with Sharp. Of recent I tried to get the cds to eject from the unit without success. I called Sharp and spoke to know fewer than four sypathetic customer service workers. The first worker gave me the name of a local authorized service center, and I took the unit to them. The owner of the establishment met me at the counter and said they would not work on the product.

And, he further stated the these players have a very poor performance history with his factory authorized center. Cost of parts and repair costs would exceed the the initial price paid, and the tech recommended that I aggressively tear into the unit to recover my cds. I returned home and called the Sharp customer service workers to provide them with the information provided me by the service center. I was asking them to assist me with my dilema. At their suggestion I went to a second service center and they echoed what the first center tech had said, indicating that the cd player was a piece of crap.

Finally, I spoke with Everett, a supervisor with Sharp who summarily dismissed me. A word to the wise, stay sharp and avoid same.
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Posted by ICC on 2008-01-26:
I'm sorry to say that I didn't research the Sharp model# XL-HP737. In the future I will do my homework; I usually buy brand names like JVC,Panasonic, Sony and the like; however many of the brand names are now made in China and their quality is always an issue.
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Update on Sharp service
Posted by Lucybelle on 12/03/2007
I wrote a letter to Sharp and faxed it. I received a phone call from the marketing department the next day. They were very pleasant and offered to compensate me for my troubles - they would send me a new drum and 3 new toner cartridges. I am pleased that they responded so quickly.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-03:
Great to hear!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-03:
It's amazing how these companies will work with you if you follow the proper path to report problems and do not come off as argumentative.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-03:
It's all about being polite and nice. More important, getting the right piece of paper in the right person's hands to get it handled.
Be sure to let us know if they follow through with the promise.
Good Post.
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