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Line Through TV Screen
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Purchased a TV in late June of 2008 for close to 800 dollars. In July of 2009 (actually it was probably June) a line appeared across the screen. I thought it was a connection issue or something and I was busy with an ill family member and I was way too busy and consumed to deal with a TV matter. Finally call Sharp and send pictures. The problem is not fixable. They want me to buy a new TV for 290 dollars. TVs are so marked down at this time. I do not consider this a fair compensation.

Update on Sharp Service
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I wrote a letter to Sharp and faxed it. I received a phone call from the marketing department the next day. They were very pleasant and offered to compensate me for my troubles - they would send me a new drum and 3 new toner cartridges. I am pleased that they responded so quickly.

Purchased a Defective TV and Sharp Won't Make It Right
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FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Just experienced my first purchase/ownership experience with Sharp and it will be my last. In short, as a consumer, I have been taken complete advantage of and left with no recourse to make things right. I purchased a 60" Sharp Aquos Smart TV - LC60EQ10U through Sears. I paid nearly $400 for the 3 year extended warranty through Sears (MPA - Master Protection Agreement). The TV sat on a stand and wasn't overly used or had gaming devices connected. Just DirecTV. 10 months later, the screen began to flicker and eventually went out a few days later.

After notifying all parties connected to the warranty/MPA they scheduled a technician to determine the issue. 7 days later, the technician confirmed my initial suspicion that it was a defective unit and said Sharp would contact me within 7-10 business days with a resolution. 8 days later, I receive a call from Sharp and their solution to my issue was to send me a refurbished unit that (in their words) can have aesthetic imperfections but should work as new. I declined and requested a new unit, as I purchased mine new. Sharp referred me to the Sears MPA department.

Sears declined to assist as it was within the 1 year manufacturers warranty and referred me back to Sharp. During my discussion with Sharp it was disclosed that by accepting their offer of a refurbished unit, I would be accepting only a 90 day warranty from them. Obviously, at this point I'm disgusted by their unwillingness to make things right. They declined my request for a 1 year manufacturer's warranty and will not move any higher than 90 days. I contacted Sears MPA department and was informed my extended warranty could not be transferred to the refurbished unit because it's not considered new.

Nothing they can do about it, I requested a refund on my useless MPA and will only receive a portion of it returned. I have been without a television going on a month now and have been forced to accept a defective television that was returned to them, that they repaired and cleaned and oh by the way - they will only guarantee will work for 90 days. Sharp suggested I purchase an extended warranty through them if I was concerned about it failing after the 90 days.

Are you kidding? Pay more money for a warranty on a used product that is replacing a new product that I purchased and wasted money on the initial extended warranty through Sears? This, my fellow consumers, is how large corporations feel about the people that keep them in business by buying their products. I can assure you that not only will I never visit a Sears outlet, store or website nor purchase a Sharp or Hi Sense product, but I will share this story with anyone seeking to purchase a TV, audio or any other electronic device. Beware of the fine print.

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