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Don't Have Shasta Build Your Pool
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My husband and I had a Shasta pool built when we built our home. When we went to the design center we met with a consultant. We explained that we travel quite a bit and need a pool and is relatively maintenance free since there will be weeks we would not be able to maintain it. We were sold a pool with a Shasta Q interior and were told the pool companies warranty is the best in the business. Well our pool is a year old and the interior looked like hell with stains. We called Shasta and they sent someone out to look at it. The guy showed up when no one was home and went in our yard. We ended up receiving a letter saying it was our fault for improper maintenance and basically it was too bad. We just spent 9200.00 to remodel our year old pool and the service we received was horrible. I have attempted to contact management of Shasta and received a call to "gather information" with the promise of a cal back. We never got a call back. They tell you they will be there and don't show up. No one calls to let you know when they will be there. They come to your house and don't bother to ring your bell or knock...they just wander into your yard.

I would suggest you stay far away from Shasta and their Shasta Q pools. If anyone else has had this problem we should consider a class action suit.
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Slimjim on 02/26/2008:
There is no such thing as a relatively maintenance free pool, (although some argue salt water pools are at least closer). Pools have to be cleaned and balanced with proper chemicals weekly or so. You need to hire a pool service to take care of your investment.
jktshff1 on 02/26/2008:
Slim's right, you should have had a "pool maintenance" contract with someone in your area to keep it up while you were gone.
greatwhite on 05/22/2008:
The correct terminology should be low-maintenance pool. This indicates quality cleaning, sanitizing, and interior finish products have been used to lighten the maintenance load for the pool owner. However, anybody representing an interior other than Pebble-tec as being low-maintenance is misleading the consumer. Whether the comment was made out of ignorance or you were intentionally misled, the salesperson shouldn't have represented any plaster product (ShastaQ being a plaster product with additives to prolong life) as low-maintenance. The above advice from other USERs is probably right-on for a pool owner who travels often. If you're away for more than a week at a time, especially in the warmer months--get a pool guy.

If you'd like to know why the salesperson didn't recommend pebble up front, continue reading...I'm speculating here, but this is my guess; Since you purchased the pool through a homebuilder partner program the salesperson was aware his price was going to be $3500 or more than the regular Shasta price, which realistically is another $4000 + more than any other builder in the area to begin with. So he's starting off in the hole $7500 to the guy down the street. What he does to counter this is get creative to make his price look more competitive. In your case, it's possible he did this by talking up a plaster product over a pebble product which would have added another $2000 or more to the price of your pool. What he's hoping is that he reaches your budget number and you go with him. These may not be the exact circumstances, but this is a common tactic.
bassmaster on 06/17/2008:
I clean and maintain pools for a living. You were lied to if in fact the words "maintenance free" were uttered. I am not advertising or looking for business, I have plenty, but you should have someone as least come by once a week and check your chemical levels, empty your pump basket and skimmer, and brush the sides and steps when you are away. I have seen pools go from perfect to hell in less than a week.
Becky57 on 12/16/2008:
I just got my pool built by Shasta and I had a completely different experience. The crew was wonderful and my pool came out better than expected. They finished on time, listened to what I wanted and worked with me the entire time. I had a great experience with Shasta. I love my pool and would recommend them to anyone.
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