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Shell denies responsibility for hold on debit cards
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- This sticker was found on the gas pumps at a Shell station stopped at recently. I took issue with Shell denying any responsibility for a $75 hold placed on your account. Stating the BANK is responsible for the hold, not Shell. These kinds of actions/deceptions by corporate America are commonplace today. People need to take exception to these practices and complain LOUDLY to these corporations. I sent the following email to Shell:
Date: 5/6/2010 7:57 AM
Subject: Debit card funds hold notice sticker on the pump

While fueling at the station at 1099 S. Willow St. Cookeville, TN on May 5, 2010 I noticed a new sticker on the pump warning customers that a hold will be placed on the account which may exceed the actual purchase. It further states this is something the financial institution is responsible for and that Shell is not responsible for this hold or its release.

Let me state here I despise being lied to. It ABSOLUTELY is Shell that is responsible for a $75 hold being placed on the account. I am sure you are aware (but just don't care) what this can do to a customer's finances when they need $20 worth of gas and only have $50 in their account. Between the greed of the oil companies and greed of the banks the poor guy living paycheck to paycheck hasn't got a chance.

What is even worse you don't state the hold will be $75. Oh well, let the unsuspecting customer use your pump and take their chances. In addition to the greed displayed in your gas prices do you also get a kick-back from the banks when you create unwarranted (but legal) overdraft problems for your customers? That is a rhetorical question.

Despicable. Shell used to be my preferred stations. Those days are over.

Date: 5/6/2010 8:33 AM
Subject: SHELL Apology

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx,

We appreciate your patience while we completed a comprehensive review of your recent experience at a Shell branded station. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience you experienced.

We determined the situation you described is a standard practice by financial institutions when debit or credit cards are used to make purchases and pre-authorization is required. This is a common occurrence when checking into a hotel or, in this case, when purchasing fuel.

The "hold" placed on the account is temporary. The number of days that the "hold" is on the account is determined by the policies of the financial institution that issued the bankcard. Unless you are making more than one purchase during the "hold" period, only one "hold" is placed on your account.

Shell accepts bankcards for the convenience of its customers. However, the customer is actually billed by the financial institution or bankcard center. Our review of your complaint did not reveal any manner that we could provide assistance. You may wish to contact your bank.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We value your patronage and hope you will continue to choose Shell's quality products.


Shell Solutions Center
Customer Care
1(888) 467-4355

Date: 5/8/2010 8:15 AM
Subject: Debit card funds hold notice sticker on the pump

"...we completed a comprehensive review of your recent experience..." - It appears I have been lied to AGAIN.

It is obvious by your response you paid little attention to the REAL issues I was bringing to light.

1. You did not acknowledge that you (Shell) places a hold on the
account without warning the customer it will be a $75 hold. Effectively
concealing that piece of information.

2. "Shell accepts bankcards for the convenience of its customers."
- come on - get real. You do it because much business would be lost if
you did not.

3. Then you insinuate that I did not know how the financial institution
handles these transactions. Let me reciprocate: The financial
institution does not "bill" a customer for debit card transactions. It
is simply a deduction from existing funds. I would think you knew that.

4. "Our review of your complaint did not reveal any manner that we could
provide assistance." - I guess I should not have assumed it would be
obvious. Let me state it plainly: Replace those stickers on the pump
with one that clearly states Shell will place a $75 hold on the
customers account and this could result in overdraft fees by the bank if
you do not have at least $75 in the account.

5. "We value your patronage and hope you will continue to choose Shell's
quality products." - one more indication your reading comprehension
skills may be somewhat limited. Did you miss my last line?: "Shell used
to be my preferred stations. Those days are over."

In all fairness, however, your response is typical of what can be
expected from corporate America. To actually acknowledge problems is
probably prohibited by your legal staff.

No response was received.

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Dreadful Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAKE OSWEGO, OREGON -- Young male attendant snarled that I'd driven to the wrong side of the pumps. How was I to know they fill from one side only? I've never stopped there before. He could have asked politely. He mumbled when he spoke and didn't seem too happy to take my retailer Rewards card. He also fumbled around, trying to get the gas cap back on and couldn't be bothered to say "Thank you". Really poor attitude. If he were my employee, I would have fired him the day before yesterday. NOTE: this is the station at 608 N. State Street.
Rude Manager/Needs to Be Fired
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I was at the Shell Gas Station at 1625 Marketplace, Caledonia, Michigan when a rude manager yelled at me and reprimanded me for no reason. The clerk was new and she tried to charge me for someone else's gas. I had to wait a few minutes for them to fix it while she got her nasty manager, Chelsea. This Chelsea woman puts her hand out and yells, "Give me the ten, come on!" It wasn't even ten it was $8. When I tried to explain this to the ugly googled eyed woman, she said, "you need to be patient! There are other customers!" It shocked me because I was being patient, I sat there quiet as a mouse while they kept screwing up. I reported the idiot, but the company still has her on the payroll. There are so many nice people who need a job, yet this idiot gets to keep hers. Life isn't fair.
Cleaner gas but..for the rest of the Shell's restrooms
Posted by on
STATE OF CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- It's ridiculous for Shells to claim its gasoline is cleaned, but what about its restrooms?
I suppose if the Shell's gasoline is cleaned, its restrooms are cleaned too, right? Wrong! Those Shell's restrooms are so nasty, many of its restrooms are very dirty, those you can't even describe. Does it make sense if the Shell's fuel is cleaned?
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