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Scam, unprofessionalism, crimes, cheating in Shenzhen's Luo-hu Area
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SHENZHEN-LOWU ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT -- Shenzhen is a new growing city in China bordering Hongkong. Business and economy is booming in this city.
Tourist,visitors who travel to this part of city needs to be very careful specially if they want to spend their night life here in different bars, pubs, discos, clubs in LuoHu area close to Shenzhen Railway station.
Lot of cheating practices are reported where police, mafia, and bar owners are involved in the business- where all sort of illegal activities are happening. Clients are cheated with money, they are robbed, women are treated with no respect due to hands in glove league with police.
Basically I would say they are all illegal joints indulged in organized prostitution, drug peddling, and other crimes,robbery and misbehaving with customers. Staff has little regards for customers.
Don't get fooled by glamour and beautiful hostessess standing as statues to welcome you, but they are trained to robb you.
Even when you report for poor service,ill treatment, overcharging by their staff & security --no body really cares, rather they will threaten you by police who operate parallelly in their business.

Foreigners must strictly avoid such joints. Ladies are most unsafe in these joints too and utmost care needs to be taken to avoid such places.Your wallet is no safe too, you will be overcharged for everything. Never ever pay by credit card (soft target for frauds) and passports needs to be kept safe.
Be careful of such clubs, bars located in luoHu district, no matter even they are housed in five star hotels. to name few in this area FACE CLUB , CLASS CLUB ETC.

Always opt for good places in adjoining city Hongkong or places away from Luo-Hu if you really want to have good time.
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User Replies:
Onyx on 03/27/2006:
This is so not true!!
There is crime and cheating all over the world! LA, New York, Miami, Ex....
Why would you point your fingers at these two clubs?? There are clubs in Shenzhen that are 100 times worst!
Onyx on 03/27/2006:
I live in Shenzhen and I know both venues very well, I never had a single problem at any of those venues. Face Club used to be the best club in Shenzhen until Class Opened, Class is one of the best clubs in China!! They have had so many international Super DJs play there and in terms of professionalism... they are professional!! Do you think that a club that have had Digweed, Danny Howells, Adam freeland, judge Jules, peace division, Christian smith and now Tiesto is Playing there on April 6’Th is unprofessional??!!
If the venue was that bad no other DJ would want to spin there... and I say that you are the unprofessional here.
Onyx on 03/27/2006:
You can check the website of Class club and you can be the judge yourself!

Also, why would you post such bulls*** without mentioning any incident that imprinted that impression in your mind? Did you get mugged? Let me know what happened!
dwk777 on 07/21/2007:
dwk777 on 07/21/2007:
Man.....I live in Shenzhen and frequent the clubs you mentioned, the gross exageration of the situation you portray is criminal in itself. Yes there's a little BS that goes on with foreigners but nothing to lose a minute of sleep over.

Maybe you should consider staying in Hong Kong and paying 4x for the convenience and alleged safety it offers.
Anonymous on 07/21/2007:
I've decided not to got there.
Anonymous on 07/21/2007:
or go.
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