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Treated like a criminal
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- We reserved a suite on a private floor, but when we arrived they informed me my room "wasn't available", but they could not offer an explanation. They could only offer us a queen bed on a regular floor. My husband is an EARLY riser, and he likes the freedom of a suite so he can get work done in the early morning without bothering me. We tried to call other hotels, but no one had any vacancies. We finally took the room, and as we were getting settled in, they called to say they'd at least found us a king bed.

After finally getting to sleep, we learned our neighbor had a sick baby who cried all night. From 11:30 until 3 AM, we caught 20 minute "naps" between the baby's crying. At 3, drunken neighbors came home to find they were locked out of their room two doors down. Their noise in the hall kept the baby awake for the next hour. Our calls to security were not taken seriously, and the folks in the hall were aggressive, claiming WE were the ones causing the noise, not them.

We called for our car, packed, went downstairs to complain to management, and we were shocked to hear there was "no manager on duty". They offered to "comp" the room we didn't want and in which we'd gotten little sleep. My husband was irate, and security decided HE was the problem. They harassed us for almost 50 minutes, because that's how long it took the valet to find our car. By then, Starwood's security had poked and prodded at us for so long that I, too, was raising my voice.

Where were they when we'd called so many times about the noise in the hall? They accused my husband, the only sober person within a mile, of being drunk (he doesn't drink!). The "guard" escalated the problem by following us around and watching us when all we wanted was to get our missing car and get the hell out of Fort Worth. I will never stay there again - or at ANY Sheraton, if I can avoid it!

Lousy wedding catering service at the Sheraton Brookfield, WI 10/10/09
By -

BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN -- I had my reception at the Sheraton in Brookfield, WI recently. It's a nice facility inside and has great modern decor. Their service and food quality is a different story. I decided to have my wedding reception there and so did my wife as the facility really was nicer compared to others. We worked with ** the catering manager there and she set up the food taste and took care of the small details on their end.

When we went to the food taste, it was awesome and we were glad we picked this place as the food blew us away. We had citrus-chicken stuffed with a gouda-type cheese inside - everything was fresh and so good. On our wedding day, this was about to change.

Our chicken was dry, no cheese; the asparagus on the side was done on a charcoal grill and tasted like charcoal lighter fluid. The dinner rolls were tough like they overworked the dough, and the wedding cake we purchased was for 180 and we had 160 show. The cake was cut into slivers about a 1/4 inch and the remaining cake that ** was instructed to box up for our 1-yr anniversary was either eaten by the employees or thrown away. ** refuses to return our phone calls as to the whereabouts of the cake top. The coffee creamer delivered at the tables was sour and curdled your coffee.

My guest that had the prime rib loved it, the guests who had the chicken were disappointed. Some were asking for gravy for their chicken as it was so dry and were given Au Jus from the prime rib. My final bill for the reception there was almost 9k and it was not worth it. ** was aware of the problems the night of my reception but did not do anything to make up for it and does not want to return out calls about these issues. I do not recommend using this hotel for any wedding reception in the Milwaukee area.

False Info
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- During 5th-10th April 2009 I attended a student conference at Sheraton Hotel 7th Ave./51st street in New York City and I was very disappointed with the service offered. During our stay we were at no point provided the service of a 4-star hotel. Coffee would some days not be refilled and condiments for coffee were completely missing.

What disappointed me the most, however, was the fact that our room was billed $48.34 for a two-minute long phone call to Europe while the information leaflet with telephone prices clearly stated differently. Long-distance direct calls at the Sheraton cost "a surcharge of $1.80 plus 110% over operator-assisted day rates per minute" according to the information leaflet. AT&T charges $0.33/min. Therefore my call should have cost something around $5.

I complained to the receptionist, who was very unfriendly and advised me not to make any long-distance phone calls, because they were expensive. When confronted with the fact that their billing information leaflet contains other prices, she called her colleague who made a 50% adjustment. After paying my bill I received no print-out whatsoever proving that I have actually paid. Seeing me obviously dissatisfied, another employee, who introduced himself as the operations manager, gave me his card and assured me he was going to investigate the issue.

I have contacted the "operations manager" and still received no answer and do not expect any answer soon. All in all I can say I am very disappointed by the Sheraton experience and hope no "regular" Sheraton clients have to repeat it. I believe it's unjustifiable to advertise for one price in the information leaflet and charge another price upon check-out. Additionally, I was disappointed by the lack of professionalism of the staff, who instead of solving the problem seemed to wait for me to go away.

Not too great then excellent!!!!!
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Rating: 4/51

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- When upon arrival, after 30 min. of check-in time, our rooms were not ready. The hotel was booked so there should have been more housekeeping on job. There was a long line for check-in. Then one of our rooms were given away, the guest was given $20.00 of room for inconvenience. No one else received anything.

Now for the great part, the rooms were awesome. Plenty of room, neat, clean, tidy, except we had to kill 3 wasp in our room. The beds were wonderful, so comfortable. The bathrooms were clean, enough towels, etc. Other than the first part, it was pretty great.

StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- They kept charging for car parking when we had no car. We were there from 5/17-5/29, 2012. Besides charging for parking when we informed them we had no car, after the 6th day, they kept saying to come down and clear this charge or that charge. Although we went and kept paying because we were on vacation for no stress, I feel this could all have been avoided 'til we signed out. We would be there till the 29, so why the stress? We paid cash $1,300 at sign-in. $200 was to be returned at sign out.

This had been 1 of my worst experiences at any Sheraton. Been to them in NYC and in California with no problems. After all this overpayment, they discovered they owed us $614.00. I just feel that some Sheraton are not up to par. Maybe it's time for a change of venue when going on a no-stress vacation.

Starwood Preferred Service

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I have had too many problems as Starwood Preferred Guest members and we are very upset. First, we occupied 70 rooms for our wedding block at the Sheraton Rittenhouse Square Hotel, November 9-11, 2001. I chose the hotel because I liked the location, the environmentally friendly concept and the staff I initially dealt with. In the end, it was a big mistake.

The front desk was so poorly managed that messages, items left for myself and guests, and our wedding cake were lost, hidden, left out to spoil, or never received. The management staff did not communicate well. Many of my wishes and information were not passed on from one staff member to another. The valet staff was rude and slow. At times my mother and I had to get our own bags out of the car because their response was nonexistent. Phone calls went through to our room when we asked them to be blocked.

One of our guests and the host of our 150 person Sunday brunch at the hotel was locked out of their room time and time again because of a faulty door lock. Rooms were not ready on time when we checked-in. The mother-of-the groom had to wait hours and she had traveled a great distance. She didn't get into her room until 5 pm and our rehearsal dinner was at 6 pm. A great inconvenience.

There were many problems, too many to include in this letter. Many of these problems disrupted my wedding weekend and caused me, the bride, great stress that could have been easily avoided. I spoke to the manager at the Sheraton Rittenhouse Square Hotel and he was attentive, but all I was given was a free night in the future and 4,000 points to another hotel.

First of all, I would never stay at the Sheraton Rittenhouse Square Hotel ever again so while that's nice, its useless. 4,000 points is insufficient, its enough for a Category 2 hotel. The Sheraton Rittenhouse Square Hotel is a Category 3! It's not even enough points to stay there again. Our wedding block was the largest amount of rooms blocked at one time in the history of that hotel. There would have been more rooms, except the reservation desk screwed up and said there were no more rooms, but there were at least 30 rooms still available on our block so the rest of our guests stayed at another hotel in the area.

For that much business, we deserve more than what we were given. My own parents stayed there a week and did not receive a free night, a fruit basket, anything for their troubles. The problem gets worse. My husband and I asked that the 4,000 points be applied to my husband's account so that we could stay in Los Angeles over the holiday season. We had to call twice to remind the Sheraton Rittenhouse Square Hotel to honor their offer for the points and post them to his account. Finally, they did.

When we tried to use those points on New Year's Eve, we called the Preferred Guest Reservation Number and were told about availability, there was plenty. I said I would call back later when we made our decision. When I called back, the office was closed. I was never told initially that they would be closed that evening. I called in the late afternoon, Pacific Time, why would they be closed???? The regular hotel reservation number was open, why would the PREFERRED GUEST number not be? After all, what's the point of being preferred?

We had to PAY for a room at the Sheraton LAX Hotel instead of using reward points. It cost us $100 and then some. The staff on the phone at the main reservations number and when we checked in were shocked that the Preferred Guest Reward staff were not working. After all, they were. This is unacceptable. We are so disappointed. We plan on thinking twice when making hotel plans at any of your properties in the future.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I think we are entitled to at least 25,000 points. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Sheraton Downtown Phoenix
By -

ALABAMA -- This place is less than brain-dead; the manager of convention services is a total fool who knows next to nothing and he couldn't care less to find out how to provide real service. Why pay $250 a night here when you can get a real world-class stay at the Encore in Vegas for the same money? Most of the staff do not have a clue. Gee, you would think after blowing 1 billion on the convention center and hotel, they could hire better.

Inexcusable Service
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We were at the Boston Sheraton on Dalton Street for a four-day weekend. Hotel security blew a small situation into a large problem by calling the police, then calling again for reinforcements, when no action of any kind was requested or needed. We were thrown out onto the street during an AARP convention. The only rooms in town were $510.00 per night. We ended up staying an hour and a half away from town in a very bad area. We were then charged on our credit card for leaving our reservation early! Hotel management did nothing to help and turned a deaf ear to our problem. I guess this ends any further trips to Boston.

What a lousy hotel & staff
By -

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I couldn't even "Share Your Story" on the Sheraton website because they limit the characters and want some kind of photo or video. There is no complaint department or company contact information. Here's what I tried to write to them.

We stayed at the Sheraton Waterside Hotel in Norfolk back on November 3rd and 4th of last year to attend a wedding. I just wanted to write and tell you what an awful facility you have: the room had very poor ventilation, the faucets leak, the bathtub is stained, there were no condiments for the coffee service, the toilet seat is broken. There is no continental breakfast which even cheap hotels now offer. We had to eat breakfast in the restaurant which had poor service. To get a cup of coffee, we had to walk several blocks downtown.

The security latch is broken. The robe hook is broken, the carpet is torn, the mattress is lousy. Your parking lot is insanely stupid; cars were driving up on the sidewalk to pass each other after the drop off point. Only one of our door cards worked the lock and the one that did needed several tries each time. We have to pay to park and only get a small discount from the city in a lot that is quite some distance from the lobby. Baggage handlers refused to let us use the carts (which were available) to retrieve the luggage from our room. They insisted we had to tip them. Just thought you'd like to know.

Talk About Delivering WOW Service
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I was in Washington DC. I have 2 brain tumors so my vision is worse at night. It was raining, I was lost, and I was panicked. I called the Four-Points Sheraton Hotel where I was staying that night to ask for directions. I was transferred immediately to the concierge desk where a gentleman started asking me questions to determine where I was--streets and landmarks. He was patient and helpful. He remained on the line with me for between ten and fifteen minutes, until I drove right to the door of the hotel. Talk about impressive.

My stay at the hotel was near perfect as well. Everything was just super. I contacted the hotel manager as well as the corporate office to let them know that the staff at this Four-Points Sheraton had earned 4 gold stars from me. The gentleman who assisted me was recognized for his excellent care and service to me as well.

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