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Poor Customer Service & Return Policy at Signature
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ERLANGER, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a copper mirror for our new basement bathroom on 5/29/11 from Signature Received packaged very well (inside 2 boxes). Clearly no damage in shipping. We did not open it immediately, but when we did, we noticed a slight "flaw" on the upper arch of the mirror. I waited about a week, and called Signature Hardware and talked with one of their customer service reps. She sent me an e-mail that I could used to send them pictures of the mirror, which I sent that Monday. The same day or next (not sure), she responded that she talked with her customer service manager and they would take mirror back less $50 to cover shipping. I got a quick quote from my work's UPS ground shipping and found it would probably only cost me $20 to ship myself. I offered to do this and meanwhile found out they told me I could NOT return the mirror because I had 5 days to report any DAMAGE (I never knew about this policy), and clearly the mirror was not technically damaged, there is a flaw in the workmanship/craftsmanship of the piece (and the way it was created). They reiterated that there was nothing they could do, and then today I find out that they told me I MISUNDERSTOOD and that I would have to PAY them an additional $50 for a new mirror and I'd have to keep the mirror that I have (meaning NO refund of any sort, and I'd have to pay an additional $50). I told them I'd just go to the Better Business Bureau to try to work this out. Meanwhile I filled out their on-line survey that I found in my e-mails from a week ago, so at least I hope someone higher up in the company finds out about this. An hour or so ago, I get another e-mail from their customer service manager stating that they would send me a new mirror (she is now "authorized" to do so) if I would pay to ship the old one back. How am I to know if the new mirror is going to be any different than the old one? And quite frankly, after the 5-6 e-mails and phone calls and pictures taken, etc., I am BEYOND aggravated with this company. They're trying to hide behind their fine print on their website, which clearly states you have 30 days to return any item, less a restocking fee of 10%. I was perfectly willing to do this. But as soon as I said the word "dent," they told me it was damaged, and I could not return it (for a refund). Well who is supposed to stand behind this--they should, they are the seller. If that means collecting from their manufacturer, I have to believe that's the cost of doing business. And they kept trying to blame it on the shipping (so that they could then file a claim with UPS/Fed Ex or whomever shipped it). I just cannot, in good conscience, say it was damaged in shipping, because it wasn't. So bottom line, BEWARE, because now I'm stuck with a mirror I cannot use until I get to the bottom of getting a refund (and I will). I AM going to contact the Better Business Bureau. I spend thousands on-line each year with various on-line sellers and quite frankly have never come across anything like this. And it's not as if I'm being unreasonable ... I agreed to pay for the return shipping and even a restocking fee ... even though the mirror came to us with this flaw (I just do not want another mirror--I want a refund). Had I "lied," and never told them of the flaw, I could have returned the mirror within their 30 day return period (which isn't until 6/29), and nobody would have been the wiser. I guess that's what you get for being honest and trying to work things out!!!
Resolution Update 06/16/2011:
The merchant worked with me to allow me to pay a 10% restocking fee and pay to ship the mirror back, for a partial refund. I felt that was fair.
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Alain on 06/16/2011:
It sounds like the new mirror offer is the best you're going to get out of them. In the meantime, thanks for warning your fellow consumers about your experience in dealing with this company.
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