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Unordered Sample
By -

Yesterday I received samples of Silkies Enriche Ageless Moisturizer. They say I will receive more in 4 weeks at a cost of $14.99 plus S&H.

I never ordered this sample and don't want the other but I can't get in touch with them no matter what I try.

I know for certain I did not order the sample as the address is not my normal address.


Sent Product That I Didn't Order
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I received an offer for a free Eye Wrinkle Stick which indicated that more products would be forthcoming if I chose to get them. I am under the impression that there was no mention of them sending a tube of their moisturizer. When the package came both products were in there along with a bill for $19.94. The product was offered as being free. Now, I didn't order their moisturizer and don't want it. What should I do?

I feel like it was false advertising using the U.S. Postal Service to sell their product in this way.

I noticed that there are a number of complaints for this company and please advise me of my rights because now I don't want either one.


Did Not Order Product, But Continue To Be Billed
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ordered a free sample of their product, which I did not use.

I next, received a larger amount of the product, which I DID NOT order. I called the company and told them that I did NOT order and would not use, but would be happy to return, but not pay the postage at my expense.

I was told that a postage label would be sent to me within two weeks, so that I could return the product.

It has been a month and I have no label, But I do have a bill for over $25.00. I have, today, attempted to contact by phone, with NO success.

By ordering a free sample, one will be sent other products with no way to stop the billing.

Bilking Seniors
By -

My 84 year old mother received unsolicited product from Silkies and a bill showing PAST DUE for $19.94. I noticed that a couple of other reviewers had a similar experience with their senior loved ones. I sent an email thanking them for the "free gift".

Shame on this company for taking advance of senior women, probably mostly widows and on fixed incomes to boot!

It is marketing ploys like this that give the entire industry a black eye. How many old ladies in the USA have freaked out getting a past due bill for $19.94 for a product they did not want much less order. I hate to say it but I would be willing to bet that most senior ladies probably pay the bill.

Next step the BBB and TV consumer reporters, this company must be stopped from deceiving seniors!

Unordered Merchandise
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CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- In March I requested and received a sample of Silkies enriche. About 3 wks. later a second item of the same arrived (same size). I have been billed several times for this 2nd unordered product. I could return it, but refuse to pay the postage and go to the trouble of packaging it. A telephone # included with the bill is an automated message that does not give me the option of addressing the problem. How can I get them out of my hair???

Mail Order Scam
By -

RICE LAKE, WISCONSIN -- This company is a scam!! If you send for a sample, in a week or 10 days you will receive another package UNORDERED with an invoice for payment and further orders will be sent. If you try to contact the company it is all automated telephone service and their guarantee states they will pay the postage... with no info on how that is done. Then the customer has to pay or continue to be billed and receive future shipments.

By -

PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- I e-mailed you yesterday, 4/15/08, to tell you I
DID NOT receive my invoice. Well, I just found
it so you DO NOT have to send me a new invoice.
I told you to mail it to Wanza L. Sapienza
10917 Federal Drive
Port Richey, FL 34668

Unsolicited Products
By -

Today I also received skin products from this company that I did not order. I do not intend to use them nor to spend postage sending them back. Some years ago after receiving many complaints from citizens complaining about getting unsolicited products in the mail demanding payment for such,the Government declared the receiver was not obliged to return nor pay for such products.

If they send a letter demanding payment I will ask them to send me the postage if not I will keep the product for 2 months and if no compliance I will throw the box out.

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