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Not Worth The Shipping
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Upon ordering this product I had heard the commercial over a period of several months. I decided to order the product to assist my son who is a 'B' - 'C' student and thought maybe there is something to move him up to 'A' - 'B' student status that I am unaware of.

After a good 10 minute talk with the customer service representative to cover specifics about the design of the product. Meaning I want to know if this was something that was could be used right away with my sons homework completion or is it going to involve days or hours of learning a process before the simple way to an 'A' program could be used.

She assured me it was based on NLP, (neurolinguistic programing. Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic learning system identification) and that the simple way to an 'A' could be used with my sons' homework upon receipt, and she added ... HER SON ALSO USES THE PROGRAM AND IT HAS BEEN BENEFICIAL TO HIM.

Only to receive the 8 pound package requiring signature and receiving a 4"_ 3-ring binder with multi-colored 3" X 5" note taking cards, Blank Ruled Agendas, subject dividers, A DVD, and a stack of cello-wrapped instruction.

WELL, this package is entirely what my son uses at school. He notes down the keep words of the topic studied, keeps class agenda, we have already identified that he is a 'VISUAL LEARNER' as his retention model.

They wanted $400.00 for this, then upon calling to return the program after 12 days, unopened cello packaging, I was on hold 1 hour the first day, 20 minutes the second day, 10 minutes this morning.

The representative advised me there was a sale on the product now for $179.00. I advised her I only wanted the RMA# so I could return the product. She then asked if I watched the DVD, I told her no, and then she went into a sales speech, and asked if there was any amount of money I would pay to keep the materials?

I told her 'based on the fact we are already using this very same learning - retention method I did not feel necessity to pay for what I am already doing, AND I understand she was giving me an opportunity to pay THEM, although it was my best decision not to pay for what I already HAVE.

PLEASE know, if you order this product, they will make it extremely difficult to return it. If you give a credit card for payment, which they will direct debit your account. BE PREPARED TO CANCEL YOUR CARD IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID UN-AUTHORIZED DEBITS THAT WILL BE PULLED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT.

Also You must follow there strict return product marking on 3 sides of the box for their warehouse to accept your return. Give them the UPS tracking number and send that information to them by mail and email. This will help you with your credit reporting to have a paper trail showing documentation when you received the package, when you returned it and the UPS tracking # along with copy of your paid receipt to return their 8 pound package.

BE SURE TO MAKE electronic archive files of your letter to them along with a copy of this complaint so assist you with your credit correction information should they put you in collection which will be advised to you if the materials are not returned according to the way the package needs to be marked. Have your dates and documentation!!!!

This product attracts your 'kinesthetic" system, because, as a parent you want to do the best for your child, and the way it is advertised you want to believe you and provide more than you are, or you wonder "Can I be doing more to help my child."

If you are having any thoughts similar to this. YOU definitely do not need this product. The very fact that you've taken time to think, "can I be doing more?" is an indication you are already doing what is needed.

Simple Way to An A
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- Don't order this product unless you want to lose your money! My 74 year old mother saw an ad on the TV for A Simple Way to Make an A. The ad said there was a 30 day trial period and you only have to pay for the shipping. She ordered the product for my 12 year old son.

Once it arrived I reviewed it with her and told her to return it since I had already paid for a summer school study skills class. She called the return number for a week and never got a live person on the other end of the phone. She's retired so I can assure you she didn't call just once a day, she sat for hours hitting redial. She was afraid of missing her return window so she called customer service and was told she had to get a special number in order to return the product. What kind of scam is this?

You can't just return it, you have to get a special number and of course the number you call to get this magic return number just rings - she never got an answer at that number. Afraid of missing the return window she sent the product back and the company refused to accept it twice because it was missing the RMA number. My mother put a stop payment on her credit card but continues to be harassed by people from the company. The company has a record of her phone call to customer service so they know she was trying to return the product but they have told her "too bad".

She will gladly return the product that they refused TWICE but the company doesn't want it back. They just want to keep billing her. Buy this and you will be sorry!!! The product doesn't offer much more than a notebook and the return policy traps you!!!

Product Return
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased this product but it took so long to arrive that I had actually forgotten about the purchase and had already purchased another software. I refused the package when it arrived but I received a letter that they were trying to debit my account anyway. When I called to ask why (luckily for me my bank had issued me another card because a merchant had informed them that the card may have been compromised). They stated that since the product did not have a RMA number they did not know it was my return. How is that possible when the package has my name on it? No one even mentioned the need for an RMA number when I made the purchase because they assume that every one will open the package and read the instructions. Then they tried to force me to pay a $15 restocking fee for a product that I never even opened. Two weeks later they start sending me collection notices for the entire amount of the product that they have in their possession. What type of business is this anyway? Stay away from this company. The software cannot be worth the poor customer service.

Simple My ***
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- What a rip off system. My wife and I, concerned about our sons reading abilities decided that we would try The Simple Way to an A System.

What a mistake!!

It is the most convoluted, difficult and unhelpful you can imagine! We returned it just as the instructions called for: Calling for an RMA (return merchendise Authorization) number, insured it and sent it off. A few days later it was back at my door with stamps all over it saying we didn't write the RMA number on the box. I guess it was too much trouble to flip the box over and see the number big as day!

This was over a year ago and we are still fighting to get them to take it back and stop collection action against us.


How To Get Sucked In
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I read the review from earlier and wanted to post because the same thing happened to me. My wife's account was tagged for another payment after they had already received their merchandise before the allotted time. 2 payments came out and after a phone call it will take 2 weeks to post back. Is this bull? They took my money after the fact and it takes that long to get it back? where is the justice? We need to call the owner and stick it to him! simple way to screw consumers.

I am so po'd about this and I'm sending a notice to the attorney general for Ohio.

Simple Way 2 An A
By -

Our child's grandmother bought this for our daughter from an infomercial. After 3 months dealing with this organization I turned them into the CA Attorney General's office. There are 2 things wrong with this company. First the material is just a few pads of printed columns with names like class, date, book & chapters to read. Not even close to worth the hundreds they try to soak you for. Next, just try to return the product to get your money back, they make it almost impossible, refusing the box once it gets back to them. I even tried to drive it back to them. At the end we had to cancel the credit card and we are dealing with their collection agency.

My recommendation - these chuckleheads get an easy F.

Company Went Back On Their Agreement
By -

TEXAS -- I ordered this for my child, paying $89.95 per month on my credit card. We received it went through it and didn't think that it was worth the money for the age of my child. I called to request an RA # to send it back, the gentleman at the company talked to me and said that he would discount it down to a total cost of $120 as opposed to $359.80. I thought about it and said okay. Not once did he tell me that I had to call back and let them know that I was accepting the agreement. They charged my card the first month $89.95, and he said that the next charge would be $30.05. I said fine. I opened my credit card statement and there was another charge on my card for $89.95. I called, and they stated that I was supposed to have called back and told them that I agreed to the agreement to get that discounted price. The supposedly listened to my conversation with the guy and said that I agreed to call them back but I didn't agree to accept the price difference.

How's that for customer service!!! Buyer beware!!! Customer Service isn't for the customer anymore it is for the seller!!

Do Not Order Anything From Simple Way To An A
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I ordered this product in October to try to help my son. They said it would be an 89.95 Charge for four months if I kept the program after 30 days, which was fine. I returned the product within the 30 days, it was not worth $400. They have charged my credit card three times for this since it has been returned. I have called multiple times to get them to take the charges off, every time with "we will take care of this". They have not. I have now filed fraud charges with my credit card company. This is a worthless company that is out ripping people off who are trying to help their kids.

Do not do business with them! I have also contacted my lawyer regarding this and starting a smear campaign. Let's shut them down!!!!

Very Upset Over The Service And Product
By -

SURING, WISCONSIN -- I wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing this product. The exact same thing is now happening to me. We bought the product, followed all the instructions and just weren't happy. We followed all the return instructions as instructed. Trying now to get my money back from this company has not been easy at all. I keep getting the run around. They have already charged me my initial payment, which my product was already returned. Now today they charged me my 2nd payment. Which should have never happened. I'm extremely upset and when I call I get no where. NO Manager to talk to, nothing. They won't give me my money back, I feel like this is a complete scam just for your money. I wish I knew where to turn. I have emailed my bank to see if they can stop payment.

Whatever you do, please please don't purchase this product. You will never get your money back.

Completely Dissatisfied
By -

BOSTON MA -- I also fell for the ad I heard on my way to work. I agreed to the $12.95 shipping cost & was told if I wasn't satisfied I could return w/in 30 days. I received the product promptly, but after reviewing the materials decided for a # of reasons that it would just not help my child, who has several learning differences. I called to get a return # & spoke to a nice gentleman, who offered me the product @ 1/2 price if I agreed to keep it. I told him it was still too expensive, at which time he became quite short & told me I had 5 days to return the product. I followed the directions to the letter & returned the package 5 days later via USPS, delivery notification. My credit card was charged $89.95 on 12/22; the package was received by them on 12/26. (I spent $17 returning it, too!) So, so far I've spent $119.90 on a "Free Trial". I've sent them 2 emails to which I've received no response. I'll give the company a call, but am not expecting much.

I will then contact the CA Atty General. I will also contact the radio station I heard the ad on & ask that they pull it due to false advertising. Bottom line: there is NO simple way to an A, and if your child has learning differences as mine does, your time (& money) is better spent fighting for services in school!

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