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HORRIBLE Customer Service!
Posted by Lsc1015 on 03/31/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- These folks' customer service is the worst I have experienced of any company in the past 10 years. I keep getting transferred from one person with an accent I can't understand to another person with an accent I can't understand. All of them read from a script, and do a pretty horrible job at that.

When I asked to speak with someone in the States, they said it was impossible to get me to a person in the States, because the calls are randomly routed.

They totally suck.

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Posted by ok4now on 2013-03-31:
Oh my mistake, I thought I was reading a review about Dell Computer's customer service. They also out source and read from scripts. I'm starting to see a common link now. You're right...they do suck. Good post.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-03-31:
I try my best to avoid doing business with any company that outsources their CSR's and products if possible. It's getting hard to avoid them though, corporate America loves saving a few dollars at the expense of losing a few good customers.

When I find out a company has outsourced its services and products I do my best to find a USA replacement. I will send an email to corporate letting them know they lost another customer due to their quest to save a buck. 99.9% of the time they don't care and just send back a C&P answer.

When I have no choice but to deal with "Peggy", I am far from nice about it. I force them to slow down and repeat themselves until I am 100% sure I got it right. I have even asked them to close the notebook and get me a real answer a few times.

"Outsourcing remains a difficult issue, but it does remain. Virtually no one, on any side of the argument concedes that outsourcing can be eliminated completely. There are those who feel that corporations are evading taxes and depriving the government of needed money and suggest corporations should be taxed for outsourcing, and rewarded for keeping jobs within the US"
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For a SIRIUS good time
Posted by Ship teeth on 03/10/2013
Correct dialogue for a serious XM good time.

If you're frustrated with dealing with serious XM as I am I've decided to make this trip to India my last trip to India. From now on when I set up a plan I will ask for the future deactivation date (a closing date for the account so it will not reactivate and charge my credit card some crazy amount without notifying me (they won't notify you, only after the new rate charge) [The big print gives it away the little print takes it back.] The deactivation date lets your radio notify you- by turning off -then you call in THE NEXT DAY -not before-and ask , "is my service off? " I would like to make a one time credit card payment. I would like my my username and password so that I can verify the transaction. they have to read you a disclosure that says the plan will be on a recurring basis (don't get upset they have to read that )just say I would like to set a future deactivation date. If your vehicle is on the trial the last day of the trial is the last day of the trial still set up a plan for a follow on plan by asking for the six for 25 plan for the six for 30 plan for the $95 year plan was at $86 your plan( all select plans)call back the next day after the trial even if you've set up a plan and ask for a future deactivation date. As long as you continue getting a future deactivation date from now on you won't need to go to India. Unless you call back before your plan date is over then you'll go to India. Don't call back tell the next day after your future deactivation date. Wait till the next day after your future deactivation date then you're a new customer asking for the plan that YOU want. For instance:

Agent /Hello this is bob, May I assist you in renewing your serious XM radio service today.
(U) Ewe/Yes I was calling about your six months for $30 plan with no activation fee that I received an offer for could I get that. I would like to make a one time credit card payment for this transaction and I would like my card removed afterwards and a future deactivation date set and could you tell me what that date is ? also I would like my username and password so that I can verify what we've gone over today can I get that?

The agents happy because you know what you want your happy because you're getting a cheap price he's happy because he can just go through the things that he needs to tell you and then you can just say no stick to what you want and he's happy because you know what you want and you're happy you're getting a good deal. The agent still has to tell you some stuff but just say no because you know what you want and he's happy you know what you want nobody's going To India, nobody's having to cancel, there's no dickering about the price we just set things to start and set them to close and we handle our business with our credit card (one time payment credit card off ) Your teaching them to serve you and they're serving you with what makes them feel good you're getting a good deal serious is getting what they want To screw people around with fast talking words except it's them .... how ironic for them and sooner or later the little turd behind the desk will think up new ways to change the wording. Can't we all just get along and listen to the good music? We don't have to greedily send teenagers To steal from grandma and grandpa In their golden years with lies of omission, running a bunch of fast talk past them, calculating that they won't remember their credit card is on file or the plan date that renews Out of their price range and screws their budget over and sends them to India to figure it out. Dad and Mom are embarrassed to admit their faculties are faltering and it's not like it's a SIRIUS mistake because people fix mistakes SIRIUS ships you off on the train to the Chinese water torture in India or the Philippines That's the little management turd behind his desk again. He Never sees his grandma and grandpa Being objectified as the Means to his Ends only the money. Doesn't It say somewhere that you going to hell for laying in wait for people like that? who said that? Oh yeah that was the Lord's voice in the Bible and we'll be talking to him again or he will be talking to us. He promised that. As for that type of behavior didn't didn't he say something like ,"Wo, Wo, Wo," isn't that usually what somebody in your vehicle yells just before you get T-boned in an intersection?

After thinking about my review:
Apology to Sirius:

In my arrogance and pride I made a mistake again. In Proposing different ideas to deal or try to deal with issues of the huge company I fall very short of an understanding of what it Must take to govern with balance and mercy to respect a responsibility to the existence of the company and what bottom line decisions Are necessary. I was only focusing on Colluding to a sinister Endeavor , Power thrusting in isolated incidents. A greater good in how a huge company serves people Both in the USA or other lands Furthers me thinking ."How Dare I medal with their jobs?What would it mean to have a job Then not have a job ?Does that hurt any less wherever I am ?I think it has the potential to hurt even more . I want to emulate People who are struggling to learn a different language as they're responsible for their needs. The unrealistic cuts that my haphazard ideas would impose are lacking Knowledge In the system of finance to be responsible to shareholders ,and people that invested ,are invested for a company's success. My father said,"Always give people just a little more than they paid for " and he also said that you had to present things differently otherwise people would be angry and wouldn't want to pay you For your work trying to chisel you Beyond their understanding of what it takes to stay in business Taking care of your help right but not letting them overrun you beyond their understanding . had they understanding they may be at the start of many other issues they would have to deal with running their own business .. Learn What you need to survive longer than the other companies that price cut each other's throat and eventually their own". Just as quick as I am to become enraged at things I notice where I see some damage done , I am Grasping a glimpse of Some of the greater good From a great service of people working with a huge responsibility With this tiny Epiphany I know I've been quick to judge something that I thought I would just reach my little hand into and haphazardly tinker with ," I am wrong."And in knowing this I know my behavior needs to be toned down ,not be prideful , I am grateful .So in Reverence to my own haste what I can really do is think more before I jump For the thrillseeking pleasure of rash judgment. Not forgetting a principle Balanced value system but realizing more of what balance of this system within another system ,especially of the company so huge, And realities of what must continue for success within that company . That is where I need to decide if I can afford the Luxury of the product, And the terms of use and my responsibility to react and act within those terms as part of that agreement Disclosed each time that I call Sirius. With that again I apologize and I will be removing my comments after I leave it up for a few days to show My mistake. Is There a website for realistic ideas for customer concerns? It's so easy not to have enough empathy . To become complacent and overwhelmed Attempting to justify being further irresponsible just in a different way but to impose that on others I become part of the problem I would like to help.

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Another Bait and Switch
Posted by Dpford on 01/22/2013
MICHIGAN -- I received a 1 year trial subscrption for Sirius Radio with my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. A few weeks before the trial period ended Sirius sent me an offer to get internet radio free for one year if I renewed my subscription. I listen quite a bit and was planning to renew anyway. I renewed my subscription one week before the trial expired and got used ID and password for internet radio.

The day after the trial period ended my service was shut off. I paid for the renewal with a debit card so I checked my bank account and found that the transaction had net been processed nor was it pending. However, the internet radio was still working. I called customer support and they still had a record of my previous call to renew; the CS gave me the date I called and the last 4 digits of the debit card I used.

After giving me the price for 1 year of service (which had not changed) the CS asked if I wanted internet service added. I explained that I had already taken advantage of the one free year of service offer. I was asked to wait while the CS checked something. She told me that the only way I could get Sirius internet was to buy some sort of all inclusive package for an additional $50 dollars or so.

It's not so much the $50 as the fact that I thought I had been promised the service for a lower price; that they went ahead and shut my service off and tried to jack the price up when I tried to renew. I know everybody would like to make an extra dollar, but I don't like to be lied to.

I told them not to renew. I'll be back with another review if they turn the service back on and bill my debit card.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-23:
This could be inadvertent. Some companies (eg Dell) are so large and poorly run that promotions aren't known by one department but offered by another.

This is a good warning for others. Good luck.
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Sirius Has Stolen Money From My Account
Posted by Rickcollum on 01/14/2013
TEXAS -- Dear Mr. Zarella
I am a very dissatisfied customer of your company, and here is the short story. I purchased a 2012 Mustang for my wife in November 2012, it was a Christmas present for her. I had the car loaded with everything Ford offered including Sirius. The Sirius program came with the car and was to run for 12 months, in March of 2012 I purchased a 2012 Ford F150 STX for myself and it came with 6 months of Sirius.

Then fun started, immediately I begin getting calls for late payments for both account as well as bills through the mail, along with marketing material asking me to join, when I was already a customer. Each time I explained to your customer service people the situation and it would stop for a while then pick up.

In September of 2012 Sirius took 93.61 out of my account, I immediately ask to see any authorization given to Sirius to make withdrawals from my account. Verbal or written, that request has been made to your folks as resent as 4 weeks ago and I have yet to receive a copy of the authorization, that is illegal!! Both of the accounts have now been canceled, without allowing the Mustang to receive its full 12 months of service.

What do I want? I want my 93.61 back or a copy of the authorization, I want the service to the Mustang restored for 6 months, and I want your people to stop calling me with threats of service termination for accounts that are no longer in service and I want your marketing department to stop sending me materials.

We have a group here in Texas called the PUC as well several consumer protection groups each of them will receive a copy of this letter
I am a very serious man, the kind of man who when he washes his hands he washes up to the elbow that means I follow through on everything I start, so don’t just think I’m someone to blow off, I would recommend you take this letter and me very serious.

You have 10 days to respond!!!

Rick Collum

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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-01-15:
How did they get your account information if you didn't provide it to them? If you did give it to them in order to activate the accounts, you did in fact give them permission.. it's all there in the fine print. If you can get through to a sympathetic ear in their CS depoartment, you should be able to get it back. You just have to get someone who wwill listen to the whole story.

After I bought my car I began to get calls from Sirius to activate my 'free' account. I know what their racket is, so I would play dumb and say 'go ahead and turn it on... you need a credit card? Why? It's free, isn't it... why do you need a card?' After I tied up their sales people 3 or 4 times for an hour doing that, they got the message and stopped calling me.

I wouldn't even take their service for free...and I haven't ever regretted it.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-15:
When I bought my last new car it also came with Sirius service for one year. When I drove out of the dealership it was working. After 11 months had passed I began receiving requests to renew my service which I ignored. After the 1 year it quit working and life went on. They must have changed their way of doing business. The OP should contact the dealer he purchashed the vehicle from because they also share some blame in this. After all they were the agent for Sirius.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-16:
With respect, I would contact them directly as there is no reason to believe they will ever read this. I'd be interested to know what takes place.
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No Customer Service
Posted by Jpduffy3 on 05/14/2012
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Sirius does not have a customer service program. It has a program that is designed to discourage all but the most persistent who have lots of time on their hands. After a very long hold, the person you speak with takes all sorts of information before deciding that you have to be transferred to someone else. Then there is another long hold (if the call does not get dropped), and the process starts all over again and ends with another transfer.
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Posted by Frustrated on 2012-05-16:
I Purchased a new vehicle that came with a 3 month Trial Subscription. At the End of the 3 Months the radio disconnected. I called Sirius to Sign up for a yearly subscription and gave them my info and payment with credit card. they turned in the radio and all was fine for a month when they disconnected my radio. I called them up to see why and they said hat I never signed up for a subscription after the trial period. I explained that i did and they should check the records. I checked with my bank and they never charged my account. so Again i called them up and signed up for the yearly subscription and gave them my payment info. they statred my radio up again. another month went by and again my radio was disconnected. i again called and they gave me the same story as last time. i argued that if i had not paid the bill they would not have restarted the radio. Again i checked my account and they had not charged my card. I checked to se if they had made an attempt and the banked turned it down, there was no attempts. so again i call them up and think i am resolving the account. i explain what has happened and i was assured this would not happen again. 2 days later my wife gets a call from them wanting payment or they will turn me over to collections. I again call them up and try to explain what was happening and they were only interested in my payment. i requested a supervisor. in my attempts to explain to Nancy the supervisor what was going on, all she wanted to do was chastise me for not paying my bill. at this time i demended to speak to her supervisor and she hung up on me. nice customer service policies they have there.
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Lifetime subscription cancelled
Posted by Glenn.anstead29 on 12/05/2011
I have been a Sirius XM subscriber since I purchased my new car in 2007. At the time I purchased a lifetime subscription to XM Radio and also a annual subscription to Nav Traffic.
Last year (2010), Sirius XM discontinued the lifetime subscription plan. They also changed the Nav Traffic to require a monthly subscription plan in order to subscribe to Nav Traffic. Sirius then proceeded to cancel my Nav Traffic, since there was no monthly radio sibscription.
I called customer service (absolutely worthless) and they escalated to corporate. I was told over the phone that their new combined system (Sirius & XM merged) could not allow NavTraffic without a monthly radio contract. According to my notes, Sirius XM told me they would setup a nominal monthly billing of $1/month for the radio service in order to keep NavTraffic.
I now have learned that without my consent, they refunded a portion of my lifetime service (approx 1/3 of the original cost) and initiated a quarterly credit card charge for radio service.
I called back today (12/5/11) and the customer service manager told me that if I didn't like what they were offering, I could cancel and refused to escalate my case to corportate. She told me if I didn't like it, sue us.
Well, now that she has suggested it, perhaps I should...
I wonder how many others have been victimized by their illegal billing practices? This smells like a class action suit...now I need a hungry attorney :)
Bottom line...if a company has no competition, subscriber beware.
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Changed our account to a Lifetime subscription WITHOUT our approval!
Posted by Uiteaj89 on 12/04/2011
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Oct. 2 - I called 'Listener Care' after they debited my checking account $149.65 AND a $65.00 charge. The first charge was an 'automatic' yearly renewal after our three-year paid up contract expired on our vehicle. The second charge was for an 'automatic' yearly renewal after a one year contract expired on our second vehicle. No notice, no bill, no renewal contract, nothing...............they just helped themselves to our checking account and renewed both of our accounts. While talking to a representative in 'Listner Care', I agreed to a second three-year contract of 'Mostly Music' on vehicle 1. The three-year charge minus what they had already deducted from our checking account left an agreed upon balance that was to be paid in three monthly installments, beginning on Dec. 7. The charge on our second vehicle ($65) was to be refunded as vehicle 2 was in storage and we did not want to renew the contract. They would have been advised of this if they had sent a renewal notice rather than just helping themselves to my checking account. This call took 45 minutes.

On 10-20 another charge was taken out of our account even though nothing was due until Dec. 7! I called and a representative promised to have straightened everything out. Again on 11-9 another Sirius XM charge was taken out of our account even though nothing was owed until Dec. 7. On 11-11, I called 'Listner Care' only to discover that someone there had changed us on Oct. 18 to a Lifetime contract and we now had a balance of $797.03! This was done without our permission and there were no notes on our account as to why or who changed our account. When you call in, you must give several pieces of personal information in order to access your account. However, it seems someone (probably a Sirius representative that works on commission) easily accessed our account and charged us for a Lifetime contract! The representative kept quoting me 5 monthly payment amounts that did not equal the balance due. She couldn't figure out why the computor kept giving her a different balance than what was really owed. She promised me that she would review my account with her supervisor and call me back later that afternoon. This call took 35 minutes. She never called me back.

11-12: I called in and requested to talk to a supervisor. I received the run around and I finally demanded to talk to a supervisor. Supervisor(Kristen (ID 337PH) reviewed our account and because there were no notes on our account about us changing to a Lifetime contract, she believed me and said she was correcting our account and we agreed to the corrected balance. Kristen gave me a $54.11 credit for all my trouble. With the two additional debits on my account, we agreed to the unpaid balance.

11-22: I received a bill for over $400! I called and briefly explained that I was didn't want to talk to anyone except a Manager. I was put on hold for 35 minutes and then hung up on. I called back and demanded to talk to a Manager and told the representative NOT to put me on hold while she got me a Manager. I talked to Manager Ray (ID 676AC). He could see from all the notes on our account that everyone had royally messed up. He worked and worked on our account and could not get it to reflect the credits due us. He then said he was closing out our account and opening a new one. The new account reflected a balance due of $100, which I agreed was correct. Ray said if I would pay it in full during our telephone call I would end up with a paid up three-year contract. I told him I WAS not paying another cent until the agreed upon due date. He then offered me a $50 credit for my trouble and if he could process the other $50 during the call I would owe nothing. I agreed, he had me sign back in to my account to see that it carried a. 00 balance, which I did. I had originally requested Ray to call me back when he got our account straightened out and he informed me that they cannot make outgoing calls. I said if one of your employees has a heart attack are you telling me you can't dial 911? He said they could do that, but make no other outgoing calls. Therefore, I was forced to stay on that call for an hour until he straightened out our account.

12-3 I received two bills, one for $102.00 and one for $487.89 on two different accounts! I have now called in 9 times and had many, many long conversations with as many promises to correct our account and now two months later it has not been done. I have emailed 'Listner Care' and told them if I don't get a call from them by the end of the next working day (Dec. 5) I was cancelling my service and demanding a full refund.

The moral of the story is that 'Listner Care' does not listen, nor do they care, nor do they do what they say they are going to do. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO SIRIUS XM RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-05:
Thank you for some good advice.
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Horrific Customer Service
Posted by Tinyconsumer on 09/18/2011
I paid for a 5 year subscription that was to begin after the 3 month trial expired on my newly purchased Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have been contacted several times recently about renewing my subscription, which technically hasn't begun. On 9/17/2011 (yesterday) I was contacted once again, this time by phone, about renewing my subscription. I explained my situation and was routed to another representative who flat out hung up on me. When I called back, I spoke to a supervisor who assured me that everything was worked out. Tonight, while out with my wife and another couple, I noticed that my service had been disconnected and, of course, the listener service center is closed.

I have spoken to representatives on three different occasions, not including today's conversation with them, and I've been assured each time that my situation is worked out. Currently, I have no service, but they've had my $750 payment since July 1st!!

My five year subscription is to begin on 10/08/2011. Why is my satellite service turned off??? I'm still in my trial period and, additionally, I've paid for a five year subscription. No matter how you look at it, I should have service right now!!

This company is too big to care. I was horrified when I began searching for complaints about Sirius; there are thousands! Something needs to be done about the way Sirius handles their business and how they treat their customers.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-09-19:
You can make a complaint at both
Given the lack of service you've experienced, you probably want to consider cancelling with Sirius, as well.
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Intermittent service
Posted by Seapopey223 on 07/21/2011
223 MANHATTAN ,AVE. OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE -- I have installed from the factory, unit 00180002 in a 2011 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, bought it new, It was initially set up by a sales representative at Ted Russel Ford in Knoxville Tn. After the free trail period, we were billed, @ 129. bucks for a years renewal. Twice since then I have been back to the dealership to have it re-installed. When I call or the dealer calls this number 1-866-584-7474, you are talking to some one different every time, and they aren't to smart. Mostly Canadians. I paid for a years subscription and have enjoyed @2 months since my renewal check was cashed 4/25/2011. The car has not been worked on nothing has changed electrically. I am completely dissatisfied with it. I refuse to continue the hassle. I am canceling out. you have a very poor system, for modern day electronics .
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Posted by seapopey223 on 2011-07-21:
I have a letter from Joe Zarella Chief Service Officer Sirius XM radio. There's no address on his letter , not one of the E-Mail address on his flier works . Not even that 1-866-564-7474
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-07-22:
Maybe it's a problem with the car? I have XM/Sirius in my Honda and it works great. Hybrids are pretty new tech and there's always problems with new tech.

Just a thought.
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Don't Expect a refund if you sell your car ( worst customer support ever! )
Posted by Xcustomer4ever on 07/13/2011
First let me start by saying we don't normally complain but this deserves to be heard!! Six months ago we sold our car equipped with a Sirius Sat Radio. In the beginning we did enjoy the service for many years. We always paid yearly in advance.

So we called and cancelled. They said we had a refund of $113.00 coming since we only used a few months of the service this time around. They said it would be 8 weeks to process the request and to expect a check.
So 8 weeks came and went no money.
So we called again. They said sorry we will put in another request for refund. Another you guessed it 8 weeks.. Again nothing! Nada Zip!

In the meantime we started getting bombarded with 3 to 4 calls a day trying to sign us back up for a service for a radio we don't have anymore.
It got so bad we had to threaten them in order to get the calls to finally stop.

Meanwhile no refund again. This has been going on for 6 mos now. So we just called again this evening. Same run around. Seems no one can give us a straight answer. They even tried to tell us theymay have put it back on a CC we cancelled two months before we called them the first time. We told them prove it.. of course they can't!! It's impossible!! So we asked for a supervisor and they transferred the call to a bigger idiot than the last one. This guy Promising he would put in another of many trouble tickets.

Here's the rub... They will just keep giving you the runaround till you just give up and they keep your hard earned money for FREE!! The Worst part is they now have pissed us off so bad that we will never do business with them again.

They have Lost two loyal customers and we will tell everyone STAY AWAY!!! Imagine how much money they keep off hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting clients this way. It makes me sick!!! No honesty and No integrity... that sums up Sirius Radio! Just hot air!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-14:
Paying a year in advance seems like a bad model, at least for the customer.

How many things do you pay in advance for an entire year? Myself, only my motorcycle insurance - it is yearly.

Sorry you are going through this - by the time it is over you will get paid $15 an hour for your time, with your own money.
Posted by azRider on 2011-07-14:
Seems to be a standard move for this company. they are very hard to leave and tight when you want money back. I use to think they may have a good business model. now its clear its just trying to hold on to funds before they go out of business. Thanks for the heads up. Oh I pay lots of things yearly, so your not alone.
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-07-14:
I didn't even know you could ask for a refund back when you paid in advance and took the discounted rate.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-07-14:
I pay a year in advance for a few services so I'm not troubled monthly, plus I receive a discount with those payments. Terminix..both pest and termite contracts, MSN Premium, Virgin Mobile and something else that I've forgotten right now. I pay my insurance with State Farm 6 months in advance, some policies also within the company a year in advance, no discount for that but I'm not charged the small extra fee for the privilege of monthly or quarterly billing.

I would think even if one received a discounted rate a refund would be in order, pro-rated. I've not yet attempted to cancel any of the above services. I'd be as sore as could be if I cancelled something and didn't receive a refund for unused services. No contract that I have states I will loose my pre-payment if I cancel before the period end.
Posted by FlitteringFirefly on 2011-07-14:
I just got rid of my XM and received a refund for a prorated amount. It went right in to my checking account and I never had an issue. I was nervous about cancelling though.
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