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Worst Customer Service Ever!
Posted by Cantbelivesirius on 04/03/2010
This place is a horror show. No wonder they went into bankruptcy. It was the hassle of a lifetime just getting the radio installed up and running. The most fustrating thing was dealing with customer service. It was like getting an audience with the Pope just to speak with a representative I had to because they kept rejecting their own product code on the website hook-up.

The representative was, and I say this in all the charity I can muster, a absolute dolt. He had no idea of the product or plans available. There is an obvious culture of rudeness where he works. I can just imagine the working conditions this creature endures in that he feels that he has to take his work fustration out on paying customers. The experience riviled Kafka- he asked me about rate plans and installation and was angry that I didn't know. He accused me of wasting his time and not reading numbers correctly. He "had it with stupid people" like myself.

After spending numerous hours and expense just installing their product I was desperate to see the project through. I asked for another representative I got silence and cut-off. I called again- going through the torment of their phone prompts again and waiting one hour for another representative I explained the situation to this representative She listened, without acknowledgement to my ordeal, and asked what I wanted her to do. She was smug but at least was coherent. I asked for the radio to be activated and gave her my plan. At this point I just wanted the transaction over. I choose a year because I didn't want to deal with these people again.

Fast forward a year. The radio works and I really don't think about Sirius. I listen to Southern Gospel radio in the car and it just becomes a small part of my life. The radio suddenly goes out.

I discover from Sirius web reviews that indeed, Sirius had called me twice about my account. They use an 800 number and leave NO message. I don't pick up 800 numbers thinking they are telemarketers. If these jerks just would have left a message I would have called back.

So today, I try and contact Sirius. No luck as usual. Cut-offs and prompts that just go to dead space. The web installation is no better. I've decided to not throw good money after bad. I'll buy an ipod adapter for my car and listen to tunes that way.

It's obvious that this company just doesn't care. The reps have chips on their shoulders because they hate their jobs. Management can't take a customer base of millions and turn a profit.

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Beware of Unscrupulous Billing & Collection Practices
Posted by JFW on 03/31/2008

After prepaying $144 for one year of Sirius Satellite Radio, I decided not to renew my subscription. Sirius disconnected my service. Then the calls and letters from NCO Financial, Sirius' collection agency, started. I found out that Sirius had "automatically" renewed my subscription for a year without even notifying me and was now seeking payment in advance for a year's worth of service even though my service had been disconnected for months.

I began receiving one or more harassing calls from NCO Financial each day. I also received a letter from NCO Financial demanding $239! (I still don't know how they came up with that ridiculous figure).

I called NCO Financial and got their voice mail box. It was full the first time I called, so I couldn't even leave a message. The second time I called, I was able to leave my name and number. No one ever called me back.

I called Sirius and threatened to file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office. Sirius agreed to back off and expressly admitted that I did not owe the $239 that NCO Financial was seeking. Instead, Sirius now claimed that I owed $31 for the service provided between the subscription expiration and the disconnection date. In order to protect my good credit rating, I sent the $31 to NCO Financial and said goodbye to Sirius.

It's a shame that Sirius has so little faith in its product that the company feels it must resort to unethical business practices to bring in revenue. Just Google "Sirius" and "collection agency" and you will find the same complaint over and over again. I will never deal with Sirius again. You shouldn't either.
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Posted by xeony2k on 2008-09-19:
Similar story with me... canceled and they continued billing me. Near as I can tell, this is what happened without my knowledge and/or approval. Service continued and they disconnected me after two months of obvious non-payment. Then my service somehow got reconnected for another month and a half before they turned it over to NCO.

I am presently in the process of disputing the debt with NCO via a certified, return receipt letter stating my case requesting debt validation. If I have one piece of advice, if and when you do cancel, ask for something in writing. In fact I may take that lesson with me for any other sort of service like this.

The best Sirius can do for me at this point is say they are sorry... which doesn't change the fact they made a mistake and I've got a dept collection agency breathing down my neck. Thank you Sirius!!
Posted by KingMav on 2009-01-12:
As I have stated already in a previous post about XM, satellite radio is a service. Like all other services, it has terms of service and preferred payment method. Satellite radio is an auto renewing service, billed in advance, and a credit card is preferred. Actually it is required you are paying less than a year at a time. Once more, Sirius' terms state that much clearer than XM's. Bottom line is, don't get a service unless you agree to the terms of that service. Your cable company charges you in advance for your service. You don't have to call them every month to renew. Why do you believe you should do that with satellite radio then? This is a new business, satellite radio. Its still in its infancy and the way of the future. Might as well count on it. It has its terms just like any other service and you have to learn to live with it or be stuck in the dark ages when FM becomes just as obsolete as analog TV.
Posted by jasonhaynes96 on 2012-04-01:
I agree. I could not believe these people. Their customer service is some of the worst I have ever delt with. I would never subscribe to their radio. I am thinking about videoing me shooting their radio with me 12 gauge shotgun and posting it on youtube.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-04-01:
Read the terms and conditions for anything you use a credit/debit card completely.
While I had Sirrus I was totally satisfied with their service and selections.
It is in the terms and conditions that if you don't opt out, you will be automatically renewed.
Many companies are doing this where used to you had to select to be auto renewed, now you must select to opt out of it.
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Don't subscribe
Posted by Wockster on 01/18/2011
After buying a car equipped with ability to get satellite radio, I got bombarded with mail and phone calls advising me that I had a trial subscription. I tried to use it and found that I had 3 channels, all promotional. I don't drive all that much, so ignored it. Then I got a phone call asking for a subscription. I told them I wasn't all that interested and really didn't get to try the system. I got a promotional rate of $7+ a month if I provided a credit card for 6 months. I consented and gave them the card. I couldn't get service (in a large metropolitan area) and called and emailed for weeks. On two occasions I drove for an hour or so trying to get the satellites to track. Finally one day I got service and I must say there were some interesting channels. A day or two later the service was gone, and I couldn't get it and decided to give up. Mind you I paid by credit card for 6 months. Then I get collection letters and threats to suspend service. I call them and ask what's going on and get people who are real idiots, one of whom tells me I need to reset the satellite reception every day due to my location! I say when I did that it took me an hour and my drive is like 15 minutes, and I got the rudest answer, causing me to officially terminate. I can't tell the difference between terminate and not terminate as I had no service anyway. Well, they are trying to get $14 out of me with endless statements and phone calls while I am driving. The people who call are kids, who follow a script, trying to talk sense is like talking to a wall. I cannot see how this company can succeed. I guess I'm glad that they lost my credit card as I am sure I would be getting billed forever. Unless you love the service and get consistently good reception, don't bother with this company.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-19:
Seems Sirius is fine as long as you don't have to deal with their customer service.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-19:
The couple of times I've had to contact Sirrus CS, I did not have any problems.
Mornin' Alain
Posted by Alain on 2011-01-19:
Mornin', Jkt. I've never dealt with them, so your experience is better than my speculation!
Posted by Alain on 2011-01-19:
That didn't sound right. Your experience is better than my speculation!
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The complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius!
Posted by Zzzhuh on 01/17/2011
The complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius!

After reading complaint after complaint about Sirius Radio billing dept. on various internet forums, I decided to subscribe, but pay by "MAIL INVOICE ONLY". That way, if they were as bad as people say, then they wouldn't have my credit card number to bill without my permission.

Later, I called to Cancel my subscription about a month before the renewal date. They asked for my telephone number, and then told me that I couldn't cancel my account because I didn't have an account.

Then I got a bill in the mail that had my account number on it. I called just before the renewal date, and specifically canceled by providing the account number.

A month later I got an email saying that I owed them overdue payment. I called and spoke with a supervisor: He said that he saw the record of my earlier call requesting to cancel the account, but that I had failed to ask for the "Cancellation Department" and that until I spoke with them, the overdue amount would continue to increase, and that they would hand the bill over to a collection agency. Then he hung up on me. (That was a Sirius supervisor!).

I called back and spoke with a different supervisor. I explained that I had been trying to cancel over and over, and he said that I didn't really have to speak to the cancellation dept. He said he would cancel the account and delete the balance due. (Thank You Pedro for at last canceling the account!) He also said I could verify that he had cancelled it and deleted the balance due by logging into the website, with a new ID and password that he provided.

Finally, I'm done with Sirius, and my advice is the complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius!!!

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Customer Service Nightmare
Posted by Jensavings on 11/12/2010
I was contacted about renewal to one of my three subscriptions. What a racket! I asked very specific questions about each of my subscriptions, such as cost of each, renewal dates, etc. I couldn't get a straight answer to save my life!!!! I was even told at one point that I had a credit on each account, which proved to be false! I was offered a three month renewal to include ALL three accounts for approximately $35 at one point. When I proved to be too challenging to this particular rep, I was transferred to another who basically negated everything stated by the first rep!!!

Now that I'm talking to someone about cancelling ALL of my subscriptions, I am getting great service!!! Imagine that!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-11-12:
Sounds like you got a rookie there and got moved to more knowledgeable reps once they started fumbling up.
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Cannot get money back
Posted by Deegirl on 05/06/2010
Be very careful in dealing with these people. they offered us a free 3 month subscription when we tried to cancel our service and we accepted. then they charged our credit card for a 2 month fee. when we contacted them to get a credit issued, they processed it against our account but would not put the money back to our credit card. in addition, I have not been able to access my account information online so I cannot cancel my credit card so there are no more charges. 3 weeks and 4 phone calls later we are still trying to get our $77 back. I have no choice but to file a dispute with our credit card company to block payment of this charge. XM makes it very difficult to cancel service so beware of handing them any credit card information.
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Sirius Has The Worst Customer Service Of Any Company
Posted by Tennisailor on 11/13/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I would give a half star if offered. Sirius by far has the worst customer service of any company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The average time on the phone is 30 minutes plus, for simple issues...such as turning off the wrong radio, activating the wrong radio, trying to blame a car dealership for Sirius errors. I would also love to talk with someone who has a decent understanding of the English language. Some of their CS reps will hang up on you mid conversation.....especially if the issue is above their pay grade, which almost certainly it is. My guess is that they work at Sirius because their intelligence level will not be sufficient to work in a fast food environment. I have 3 vehicles with Sirius...when their contracts run out, I will be 100% with Pandora...

I am in hopes that finally Sirius will get enough competition to either put them out of business or at least make them aware of what real customer service is all about.....
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Clueless Customer Service - Sirius XM
Posted by Bruklis on 10/30/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I had a subscription and traded in my car..easy enough I was supposed to get a year free on my new car and then upgrade to a paid package. I spent hours on hold, they billed my old account, billed me for the free year, then credited my account, then set up the wrong service on my new car, they gave me a free upgrade, then took away the free upgrade. I had to make 5 or 6 different calls, each new person had no idea because they "did not see the account notes."

Now they are supposedly going to upgrade me to Premium and "auto-renew" next year. Any bets how badly they will screw that up???? The government needs to break up their monopoly if they can't service the customers!!!!!

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HORRIBLE Customer Service!
Posted by Lsc1015 on 03/31/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- These folks' customer service is the worst I have experienced of any company in the past 10 years. I keep getting transferred from one person with an accent I can't understand to another person with an accent I can't understand. All of them read from a script, and do a pretty horrible job at that.

When I asked to speak with someone in the States, they said it was impossible to get me to a person in the States, because the calls are randomly routed.

They totally suck.
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-03-31:
Oh my mistake, I thought I was reading a review about Dell Computer's customer service. They also out source and read from scripts. I'm starting to see a common link now. You're right...they do suck. Good post.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-03-31:
I try my best to avoid doing business with any company that outsources their CSR's and products if possible. It's getting hard to avoid them though, corporate America loves saving a few dollars at the expense of losing a few good customers.

When I find out a company has outsourced its services and products I do my best to find a USA replacement. I will send an email to corporate letting them know they lost another customer due to their quest to save a buck. 99.9% of the time they don't care and just send back a C&P answer.

When I have no choice but to deal with "Peggy", I am far from nice about it. I force them to slow down and repeat themselves until I am 100% sure I got it right. I have even asked them to close the notebook and get me a real answer a few times.

"Outsourcing remains a difficult issue, but it does remain. Virtually no one, on any side of the argument concedes that outsourcing can be eliminated completely. There are those who feel that corporations are evading taxes and depriving the government of needed money and suggest corporations should be taxed for outsourcing, and rewarded for keeping jobs within the US"
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For a SIRIUS good time
Posted by Ship teeth on 03/10/2013
Correct dialogue for a serious XM good time.

If you're frustrated with dealing with serious XM as I am I've decided to make this trip to India my last trip to India. From now on when I set up a plan I will ask for the future deactivation date (a closing date for the account so it will not reactivate and charge my credit card some crazy amount without notifying me (they won't notify you, only after the new rate charge) [The big print gives it away the little print takes it back.] The deactivation date lets your radio notify you- by turning off -then you call in THE NEXT DAY -not before-and ask , "is my service off? " I would like to make a one time credit card payment. I would like my my username and password so that I can verify the transaction. they have to read you a disclosure that says the plan will be on a recurring basis (don't get upset they have to read that )just say I would like to set a future deactivation date. If your vehicle is on the trial the last day of the trial is the last day of the trial still set up a plan for a follow on plan by asking for the six for 25 plan for the six for 30 plan for the $95 year plan was at $86 your plan( all select plans)call back the next day after the trial even if you've set up a plan and ask for a future deactivation date. As long as you continue getting a future deactivation date from now on you won't need to go to India. Unless you call back before your plan date is over then you'll go to India. Don't call back tell the next day after your future deactivation date. Wait till the next day after your future deactivation date then you're a new customer asking for the plan that YOU want. For instance:

Agent /Hello this is bob, May I assist you in renewing your serious XM radio service today.
(U) Ewe/Yes I was calling about your six months for $30 plan with no activation fee that I received an offer for could I get that. I would like to make a one time credit card payment for this transaction and I would like my card removed afterwards and a future deactivation date set and could you tell me what that date is ? also I would like my username and password so that I can verify what we've gone over today can I get that?

The agents happy because you know what you want your happy because you're getting a cheap price he's happy because he can just go through the things that he needs to tell you and then you can just say no stick to what you want and he's happy because you know what you want and you're happy you're getting a good deal. The agent still has to tell you some stuff but just say no because you know what you want and he's happy you know what you want nobody's going To India, nobody's having to cancel, there's no dickering about the price we just set things to start and set them to close and we handle our business with our credit card (one time payment credit card off ) Your teaching them to serve you and they're serving you with what makes them feel good you're getting a good deal serious is getting what they want To screw people around with fast talking words except it's them .... how ironic for them and sooner or later the little turd behind the desk will think up new ways to change the wording. Can't we all just get along and listen to the good music? We don't have to greedily send teenagers To steal from grandma and grandpa In their golden years with lies of omission, running a bunch of fast talk past them, calculating that they won't remember their credit card is on file or the plan date that renews Out of their price range and screws their budget over and sends them to India to figure it out. Dad and Mom are embarrassed to admit their faculties are faltering and it's not like it's a SIRIUS mistake because people fix mistakes SIRIUS ships you off on the train to the Chinese water torture in India or the Philippines That's the little management turd behind his desk again. He Never sees his grandma and grandpa Being objectified as the Means to his Ends only the money. Doesn't It say somewhere that you going to hell for laying in wait for people like that? who said that? Oh yeah that was the Lord's voice in the Bible and we'll be talking to him again or he will be talking to us. He promised that. As for that type of behavior didn't didn't he say something like ,"Wo, Wo, Wo," isn't that usually what somebody in your vehicle yells just before you get T-boned in an intersection?

After thinking about my review:
Apology to Sirius:

In my arrogance and pride I made a mistake again. In Proposing different ideas to deal or try to deal with issues of the huge company I fall very short of an understanding of what it Must take to govern with balance and mercy to respect a responsibility to the existence of the company and what bottom line decisions Are necessary. I was only focusing on Colluding to a sinister Endeavor , Power thrusting in isolated incidents. A greater good in how a huge company serves people Both in the USA or other lands Furthers me thinking ."How Dare I medal with their jobs?What would it mean to have a job Then not have a job ?Does that hurt any less wherever I am ?I think it has the potential to hurt even more . I want to emulate People who are struggling to learn a different language as they're responsible for their needs. The unrealistic cuts that my haphazard ideas would impose are lacking Knowledge In the system of finance to be responsible to shareholders ,and people that invested ,are invested for a company's success. My father said,"Always give people just a little more than they paid for " and he also said that you had to present things differently otherwise people would be angry and wouldn't want to pay you For your work trying to chisel you Beyond their understanding of what it takes to stay in business Taking care of your help right but not letting them overrun you beyond their understanding . had they understanding they may be at the start of many other issues they would have to deal with running their own business .. Learn What you need to survive longer than the other companies that price cut each other's throat and eventually their own". Just as quick as I am to become enraged at things I notice where I see some damage done , I am Grasping a glimpse of Some of the greater good From a great service of people working with a huge responsibility With this tiny Epiphany I know I've been quick to judge something that I thought I would just reach my little hand into and haphazardly tinker with ," I am wrong."And in knowing this I know my behavior needs to be toned down ,not be prideful , I am grateful .So in Reverence to my own haste what I can really do is think more before I jump For the thrillseeking pleasure of rash judgment. Not forgetting a principle Balanced value system but realizing more of what balance of this system within another system ,especially of the company so huge, And realities of what must continue for success within that company . That is where I need to decide if I can afford the Luxury of the product, And the terms of use and my responsibility to react and act within those terms as part of that agreement Disclosed each time that I call Sirius. With that again I apologize and I will be removing my comments after I leave it up for a few days to show My mistake. Is There a website for realistic ideas for customer concerns? It's so easy not to have enough empathy . To become complacent and overwhelmed Attempting to justify being further irresponsible just in a different way but to impose that on others I become part of the problem I would like to help.

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