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Sirius Will Not Be Around For Very Long!
By -

IN AUGUST 2010 I bought 2 new Fords, an Explorer and a Mustang Convertible. Both came with 3 months "free" Sirius radio. Every three days from that date on I received, not one, but TWO "renewal notices" from Sirius. What a deluge of mail and a waste of trees and postage.

I finally called them to place an order for not ONE but TWO lifetime contracts. I then learned that there was no discount for TWO lifetime accounts for the same person and since one cannot drive 2 cars at once, I did not see any value whatsoever in paying $495 plus tax a grand TOTAL of $576.49 for 2 vehicles (2 times $576.49).

So after some consideration of telling Sirius to F Off, I decided to sign up for coverage for my Explorer for $495 plus taxes to total $576.49, which I DID (on record and tape recorded) on Nov 13th at 9:15 am EST...on my Amex card. So imagine my surprise when coming home from a busy day at work on Nov 17th, I have NO SIRIUS RADIO!!!

So I call the number annoyingly flashing on my screen in my lovely Ford Explorer, only to reach an idiot in Sirius customer service who advises I have no account... ** the "genius" cannot figure it out or help me, so finally I tell him to F Off and hang up. I get home and thinking I had just by chance gotten an idiot on the phone, I call again and get another idiot who after about 15 wasted minutes disconnects me by accident.

I call back again and ask for a supervisor...I get ** who although nice is unable to help me, tries to charge me even MORE MONEY $616 for the lifetime membership, asks me to hold while he gets his manager who when the: "manager" picks up he cannot hear me and hangs up. I have now wasted over an hour with these buffoons.

These folk are idiots who will NOT BE AROUND TO SERVICE YOUR ACCOUNT. RUN AND HIDE...DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Use your ipod instead. These incompetent jerks will be GONE during this recession/depression and they deserve to GO UNDER. Idiots can't even process a lifetime membership. Good riddance, I will dance on the grave of your dead business!!!

Poor Customer Service
By -

We allowed the sat. service to terminate following the introductory offer from purchasing our 2010 Jetta TDI. My wife and I enjoyed the service however could not justify the cost considering the limited time spent in our car. A representative of Sirius called our home and solicited a promotional offer to reactivate.

The wife being in a wonderful mood that morning thought it would be a nice thing to do for our son and I to activate the service. She proceeded to set up an account and of course provided credit card information. She was then told to go out to the car for the activation portion.

During this process a problem was discovered and the service could not be activated due to possible technical problems. The representative then informed my wife she was being transferred to someone who could resolve the issue. After waiting on the phone for 2 hours (the credit card was already billed) a technician answered and quickly found account information was not entered correctly and told my wife she would be transferred to someone who could help.

After waiting on the phone another hour someone answered to which the wife explained her situation and considering all the problems would like to just drop the whole matter and cancel all orders. She was told that would be no problem and all billing were suspended and any payments processing would be canceled. Three days later the charges appear on our bank statement at which time I called Sirius. I offered the account number given to my wife by the Sirius representative and was told our name was not on that account and no charges were processed to that account.

I provided our credit card information to the person on the phone which enabled him to locate the account which our information was listed on. We were not the account holders: names, addresses, and personal information did not match however the representative refused to offer the account holders name. The only information that matched was our credit card information. I then proceeded to instruct the representative I would like to cancel the future billing and was told that was not possible as we are not the account holders.

To end this long story we eventually notified the bank contesting the charges and had to cancel our credit card and reissue. The excessive wait time to speak to someone coupled with the clear inability of Sirius reps to address possible fraud of poor performance is upsetting. This company knew the billing information was incorrect, knew the mistake was made on their part however refused to address the problem.

This company wilfully and knowingly allowed charges to be leveled against someone knowing they were not the account holders. Beware of situations such as this while the features offered by the company are nice it is nearly impossible to get something corrected as you are likely to wait on the phone for hours.

Billing and Customer Service Nightmare
By -

Run away from this company. I've been a customer of 5 years and have made numerous incidents of overbilling my credit card/checking account. Was always able to resolve problem until now. Paid by subscription of $97.98 on 8/21/10. Company took $397.00 out of my account (4 X 97.98).

Took 2 days, 12 phone calls and 4 hours to get anyone on the phone who would not disconnect me. On 8/23/10 @ 9:15 PM CT, spoke to a supervisor who agreed to refund my money plus $60.00 in overdraft charges. He told me it would be refunded within 3 days. On Thursday, 8/26, I spent several hours and many phone calls. I could not get anyone on the phone.

Finally, called the corporate NY office and spoke to Corporate Customer Care. Was told my refund would be expedited. On Friday, received refund for all my money PLUS $60.00 overdraft. Later that day, XM charged by account for $60.00. Called NY back and was told that they don't pay overdraft charges.

Finally, on 8/28 I called to cancel my subscription. Service was disconnected and was told I would receive refund of $62.16 in 7-10 days. I called on Fri. 9/3 to check on status, was told refund would be processed that day. No refund. Called on Sat. 9/4 - was told then that company doesn't process refunds from the 1st to the 5th as they do billing, but refund should be in my account by 9/7.

Today, 9/8 still no refund - called NY again. Now told refunds take 2 weeks to process. Asked to speak to supervisor was told there isn't one. I just want my money back - I love this product but this customer service is horrible. Called my local TV station's customer reporter who told me she has a "drawer full" of billing complaints on Sirius XM. Do not do business with them. I will be a walking talking advertisement against this company.

You go to collections for only 30day of not paying invoice??
By -

My name is Robert **. I live in Tampa, FL and the Sirius Satellite Company is wanting to send me to Collection Agency for an amount of a 3 month service. The amount due is $70. The Collection agency representative contacted me at 8:30 am first attempt and then a second attempt I answered at 9:30 am very persistent 30 day late bill collecting **.

My complaint is that with my last contact to Sirius radio, was with a sales representative that only after I speak to my girlfriend to help split the cost, then I would continue till then let me have a number to call back to get this done or not use the service. At this point I talked it over to my girlfriend and decided to not use or call back to the representative so that the service would not continue as we spoke about.

Now it is May 29 and I get called about collecting the debt for something that I truly didn't use or want a service to continue. Informed the collections representative this and as all of them reps are mostly ex-cons in New Jersey (representative truly didn't care to help pay off the debt) didn't want to help with getting this resolved to understand that this was a misunderstanding of my continued service when I was not even using the DAMN thing during this 3 month period it was on!!!

So here I am to voice that granted you can enjoy for a huge fee for 3 months of service and be sent to a collections agency only after a month of not paying an invoice when other companies offer you 90 days before you're sent to collections agency? Do I expect that Sirius cares about my complaint? Probably not! Why, because I was a customer to them for some time but had stopped the service and apparently they have it on an auto renewal hence the 3 months that wasn't paid for because I didn't know it was needed to be paid, I was not wanting the service to continue. Thank you for your time in reading my venting. Have a great Memorial Day weekend ALL!

Sirius Refuses to Correct Their Own Error
By -

I had an annual service contract with Sirius from March 2009 to Feb 2010. On February 6th, 2010 I called Sirius and cancelled my subscription for the following year, making sure I called with sufficient time so I wouldn't be automatically billed for an additional year. The cancellation of the subscription went through fine and I was not billed for the next year's service. However the phone agent did not enter the correct cancellation date and their system showed that I owed them $75 for an early termination fee.

I was never notified of their error until I received a collection notice from EOS CCA collection agency stating that Sirius had turned my bad account over to them and I now owe $80. I immediately contacted Sirius to resolve this issue and they admitted that they had made the error. It showed that I did everything correctly on their system, however they could not do anything because it had gone to the collection agency. So now after wasting several hours with Sirius to get someone on the phone, I try to contact the collection agency.

Three hours later now of trying to contact someone there, they won't pick up the phone. So I thought that I would send an e-mail to Sirius customer service. Surely if I explained that it was their error, they could verify the information on their system, recall and cancel the collection account and remove the negative information from my credit report.

Their reply e-mail was more of the same, "We cannot do anything because it is at the collection agency. We apologize for the error but we cannot do anything". How can companies operate with total disregard for people and consequences. Stay far, far away from Sirius. Even if you follow their rules, they will find a way to complicate your life.

Sirius WORST Customer Service & Fraudulent Return Policy
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Sirius Satellite Radio is one of the absolute worst companies I've ever had the misfortune to deal with – second only to the contractor who destroyed my home instead of remodeling it! I purchased a NEW Stratus 6 radio from their website, after the previous (very expensive) Sirius radio I'd had less than 2 years died. I had the radio professionally installed at a large retailer, one recommended by Sirius. Then the nightmare began. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with 7 different people, was disconnected 3 times just to try to activate my radio. I finally gave up out of frustration & exhaustion. Only 2 of the people I spoke with were even remotely friendly &/or concerned.

The rest of them were total idiots, condescending or indifferent & did nothing to try to help. I called again the next morning & thankfully finally spoke with a tech that realized that my only problem was that I was tuning to the wrong radio station, which he figured out within 2 minutes! Perfect! In less than a week, my radio stopped working again. I spent over an hour on the phone with 4 people, who finally came to the conclusion that my antenna was faulty & the unit needed to be returned for a replacement. I finally made my way through the phone maze to a lady who stopped passing me around to useless other departments.

She actually took the time to help me. She arranged for a return and an install card so I wouldn't have to pay to have the non-working radio removed & a new one installed – AGAIN! Yesterday, I got the replacement radio. Guess what – I received not a NEW radio, which is what I purchased – but a “reconditioned” radio! I couldn't face endless hours on the phone again, so my husband dealt with this one. He had the same experience. He was on the phone for over 2 hours, passed around from department to department & was disconnected (or was it hung up on?) numerous times.

He was told that it was “company policy” to replace any radio purchased online with a reconditioned model. I'm sorry, but I consider that fraud & theft! He did finally get someone to agree to give us a $20 credit (which is the amount their reconditioned radios are discounted online), but we have to pay for shipping the return back to them! What a load of crap! I'm now waiting on a callback from the “Install Card” activation, to see when I can get an appointment to pull out the old & reinstall my reconditioned radio. Yeah, right! This is the last time I do this. NEVER again will I order anything from Sirius online, and I may cancel my service altogether.

Sirius Ly Avoid This
By -

Yeah... Sirius had me hooked. Till this latest endeavor that is. I had 5 cars and a marine application with them. In all I have been spending nearly $1000 a year. Last August my wife and I sold our VW Tourag back to Mid Western Auto Group as it was in the shop more in the 364 days we had it than in our garage. I canceled Sirius service on August 27th, 09. On September 6th, 09, Sirius auto billed me for $110. Just found out about it March 29th, 10. No refund given.

This is not the first time I had an experience like this with Sirius. After a conversation with a supervisor it was resolved the last time. This time after sitting on hold for 47 mins, I was called a liar and charged $75 for canceling that service and $15 to transfer service from another car I just sold to one I just bought. I requested to speak to supervisor. After 15 more minutes on hold and a lengthy conversation this was reversed.

I previously had asked not to have auto renewals as I change cars out a lot. After reviewing my account I found 2 other charges for someone else's accounts (nearly $300). Another hour on the phone to straighten out. Could barely understand guy on other end as he had thick accent and kept breathing heavily into his mouth piece. Also, if I hear one more JAZZ song while on hold I am going ** POSTAL!

Now I have found out that their marine program does not cost $149.99 a year as I was told by the dealer. In all, it cost $321.02 a year! My boat is in the water (Lake Erie - Ohio) from May 15th-Sept 15th and is used 20 hours a season. That is about $16 an hour. The real problem is their satellite only works about half the time and weather is ALWAYS WRONG!

But what pisses me off every 5 minutes is the commercials we SUBSCRIBERS are PAYING to listen to. Sirius was supposed to be commercial free... Guess not. Screw your clients - screw yourself. I will not be renewing any further and have closed the credit card they have on file and that they would not remove unless I gave them another good account. Goodbye Sirius.

Why Do the Call It "Customer Care"?
By -

I was convinced to buy a lifetime SIRIUS subscription on a leased vehicle, with the promise of the ability to transfer it to other leased vehicles up to three times at no charge. Guess what? That's not true at all. In fact, when I called to stop the service on my OEM radio, I was told that they could not turn it off - EVER! Also, was told that I should have read the terms and conditions, not listened to their sales representative.

They also told me that the terms were read to me and they have it on tape. I asked them to produce that, since I would never have agreed to buy a lifetime subscription that I could only use for two more years, before I turned in my leased vehicle. They can't do that, since it never happened. My new vehicle (exactly the same make & model as the old one) now has XM, so they can't/won't help me. The very nice, non-English speaking customer service representatives are all very sorry that they can't help me.

I should have just continued as a monthly customer, as I was from the inception of SIRIUS, since it would have saved me over $100. Oh, and by the way, NEVER ask for refund, b/c apparently their software is unable to process a refund. Money only seems to go into this company, but they are not using it to hire anyone who actually can or wants to actually help customers. You'll have to really want to contact them via email, as they will provide you the wrong email address to customer care. Intentional? Not sure.

I do know that I tried to send an email via the customer service portal on their website. Unfortunately, that form sends to a extension, which does not work. Customer service provided me with, which does not work. I looked on their website and found Guess what? Doesn't work. I finally found the address, but it is only listed if you want to advertise with them. This address does work: I find it interesting that all addresses for them don't function, unless you are trying to provide them with revenue. Good luck getting any actual customer service from them, at any contact point.

Sirius Radio are THIEVES
By -

I received a 1 yr subscription under the terms of purchase for my new Jeep Cherokee. After the one year free subscription ended, I hemmed and hawed about buying into a new subscription. Eventually, I decided to go for it. So I detached the coupon and sent in the payment.

After a few weeks, I noted that the radio had not been reactivated. So I called. They said they would not activate until they received payment for an additional $18 for music royalties, which was not indicated anywhere on the payment coupon. Since I was hesitant anyway, I told them I was no longer interested. I had just lost my job, and decided that paying $160 for subscription radio really wasn't essential. They agreed to refund the money I paid.

Weeks go by, and I receive nothing. Phone call after phone call, I get a different reason why my money is not in hand. Excuses and multiple promises, and still nothing. Every time I call I get another reason why the entire amount I paid would not be refunded. They hold me off by telling me it could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks before I will see my money. Then they continue to urge me to log onto their website to monitor my account for an "event" which will indicate payment is being made.

Since I am suspicious anyway, I read their "terms". No wonder they want you to log onto the website, because just by doing so, you passively agree and are "bound" by their dictated terms, which are geared toward never holding Sirius accountable for any perceived wrong-doing. There is so much more to this story but am so exhausted by this ordeal, I can't stand hearing it myself! I'm assuming that they are holding all of us consumer off by stalling and lying to us that they will send money owed, while robbing others by tapping into their credit cards. This is INSANE, and I cannot believe the FCC is not looking into this.

They are clearly holding our money while they prepare for Chapter 11. It's all over the internet. Their stock is in the dumper, and their customer service clearly is told to flat out lie to their customers. I guess this is what we have to look forward to in this country. Passive leadership relying on "oops, I did it again" attitude, while us taxpayers are being robbed blind. I will NEVER purchase another Jeep, or knowingly purchase or do business with any of Sirius advertisers. It's not much, and won't make a difference anyway, but at least I can say I made a stand. And next time, I'm voting Republican.

In Sirius Trouble

From the New York Post: "Nearly two years to the day after announcing a plan to merge, Sirius XM Satellite Radio is plunging headlong into bankruptcy, The Post has learned. Two sources familiar with the situation said Sirius XM is favoring a Chapter 11 filing over a deal with satellite-TV operator EchoStar, whose CEO, Charlie Ergen, has been buying up Sirius XM debt in a bid to take control of the company. Sirius XM is working with restructuring firm Alvarez & Marsal and law firm Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett on the potential bankruptcy filing. Investment bank Evercore Partners is also providing advice.

A spokesman for SiriusXM declined to comment. Ergen and Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin are two of the media industry's most adroit dealmakers, and news of a potential bankruptcy filing could be nothing more than brinkmanship on Karmazin's part in order to negotiate with Ergen.

"This is a negotiating posture for someone like Mel, who doesn't want to give up control over his own destiny," said RBC Capital Markets analyst David Bank. "It's like a company preparing an initial public offering while simultaneously trying to sell themselves. They're probably just getting the documentation in order if they choose to go that route."

But chicken is a risky game to play with Ergen, a fearless, stone-faced poker player known to see right through a bluff. As of now, Karmazin's only leverage is a bankruptcy filing, which effectively puts Ergen in the driver's seat. Sirius XM doesn't have enough cash to make a $175 million debt payment due next Tuesday, and bankruptcy isn't the most attractive option for shareholders, including Karmazin himself, who all would get wiped out.

A better alternative for investors would be a deal with Ergen, though Karmazin last year rebuffed an offer from the EchoStar chief to inject cash into Sirius XM to help the company meet its debt obligations. peter."

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