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Don't buy skeleton hoodies
Posted by on
Well I looked on their site, liked the look of the merchandise and placed my order. It came within a week. Well, Wow, I thought, what good service. Then I opened the bag.

The hoodie I ordered did not look AT ALL like the one on their website. It looked so cheap!!!! And the graphics were just TERRIBLE, not to mention the wrong colour. I guess their interpretation of the color white is grey and speckly. Also, the quality of the hoodie itself was questionable. The seams and edgings were sort of frayed; I don't know if that was how it was supposed to be, but that's not what the web pics looked like and that's not what I wanted.

I wrote them back stating all the reasons I was disappointed in their product, and that I deserved a refund. Their response: "we usually don't get any complaints about the quality, so I don't think we'll do that."

Wrong color, different graphics than advertised, poor quality hoodie...yeah, I think you will. But to no avial. Also, Skeleton hoodie .com threatened to take me to court if I complained about their poor service! Very nice. They even stooped so low as to say I probably wanted my money back because I was mad it didn't fit. Very mature company.

I had a hell of a time trying to find the actual mailing address, and I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but even they couldn't find them. There's 89 bucks I'll never see again.

Don't buy from Skeletonhoodie, they have baaad service and their products don't look like the ones on their website!!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 04/18/2008:
Their responses are clear enough this is not a serious professional business, but probably some fly by night two man outfit screening these hoodies in a basement somewhere. You can always try disputing the charge if you paid with a credit card.
Suusan B. on 04/18/2008:
Under the "Shipping & Returns" link on their boot-up page it clearly states "We do not sell on a return basis" and "All of our hoodies are custom make to order, by hand, one at a time, and therefore we cannot accept returns". It is particularly important to understand return policies when ordering from on-line vendors you aren't familiar with and in this case, they made it very clear they don't accept returns. Live and learn.
heaven17 on 04/18/2008:
I agree, Sussan B.
Read it or you eat it.
bargod on 04/18/2008:
Probably what Slim says. Just a couple dudes working out of their parents basement. From their responses they sound pretty imature. I'd tell you what I think of those hoodies in general but,I'm sure my comment would be removed.
Slimjim on 04/18/2008:
That return (or lack of) policy Susan found says it all. What custom order? They popped an image on a hoodie. No custom sizing or colors. It's the same shirt the sell over and over. A $10 cheap hoodie with a lousy screen job done in a garage and shipped out for $89 with a no refund clause. I wonder if they are paying and/or collecting proper taxes? Maybe another request for a refund is in order, specifying your next move is to contact their state's consumer protection office.
old fart on 04/18/2008:
Maybe a note to the state tax office wherever they are would give some satisfaction...Slimjim is onto something...
jktshff1 on 04/18/2008:
Just as plain as the nose on your face. The stated policy is "we cannot accept returns"
Anonymous on 04/18/2008:
Send it back Priority USPS so you have proof they got it back but as they probably would not sign for an Express Mail return. Then dispute the charges with your CC company showing them proof you sent it back.

A blanket no return policy will not hold up because returns can be for any number of reasons. They can't (but will try) force you to keep something that they sent in error.

If they sent exaclty what you ordered that is a different story, But it sounds like you did not get what you ordered.
*Brenda* on 04/18/2008:
I'd dispute it with the credit card company also.

I'd like to know how they can call those custom!
Suusan B. on 04/18/2008:
Slim's on the right path - - I just went to the website, put one of those lovely hoodies in my cart and when I went to check-out - - - sure enough - - it doesn't appear that they charge sales tax - - and their shipping for one sweatshirt is $25.00.
Anonymous on 04/18/2008:
All of the advice above is good if the poster is in a state in the USA. From the spelling, syntax, and grammar, either the person is posting from the UK, NZ, or Oz...or is a native of one of these places living in the US. Sad as it can be, if the poster is in the UK, NZ, or Australia...fixing this problem may not be possible via 'the state consumer protection' office. If this hoodie was purchased with a CC...that may be the only option for this, clearly, ripped off poster. Good luck.
Skeletonhoodie on 05/12/2008:
I am the owner of and here are the answers to all of your objections.

Taxes : Internet sales are only taxable if the item destination is the same as the origin.

Custom : We sell hundreds of these items customized in different ways, with corporate logos, slogans, on different cuts/styles, and in a rainbow of colors.

Fly-by-night : We sell tens of thousands of these every year. They are in stores all over the world. In the northeastern USA check out Newbury Comics. In NYC check out Pulse and the Beez Neez. In the midwest check out Jeans West. We are in Canada, Australia, England and Brazil.

Returns : We will gladly take returns if we screw up and send the wrong item or the wrong size. YOU did not get a return because there was nothing wrong with your hoodie other than it was too tight around the waist. Once we informed you of the return policy all of the sudden you found a laundry list of made up reasons. You became belligerent, hateful, and threatening so we ended contact with you. Of the thousands of these items we sell every month we might get 1 or 2 complaints.

Reputation : Six straight months as the number 1 t-shirt seller in the WORLD on eBay (uber-hot) with a 99.8% positive feedback rating of over 30,000 speaks for itself.

Hearing one side of a story is not always the best way to form an opinion.
jktshff1 on 05/12/2008:
skeleton, thanks for coming and posting your side
DebtorBasher on 05/12/2008:
To the poster: You posted a quote from them: Their response: "we usually don't get any complaints about the quality, so I don't think we'll do that."

I think this is more of the way you "interpreted" their should no use quotation marks on a quote that was not stated.
DigitalCommando on 05/12/2008:
With the exception of halloween, who would want to wear these silly things? I have never seen anybody wearing one. I think Dick Cheney would look great in these though.
GothicSmurf on 05/12/2008:
I would wear one in a heart beat!
DebtorBasher on 05/12/2008:
Those are pretty neat...but expensive.

Gothic...Boy London used to have some awesome stuff that you'd love! Don't know their website, but I used to get their catalogs.
Kihiw on 05/12/2008:
Debtor Basher, I quoted EXACTLY what was written in one of the e-mails I got from the company.
Kihiw on 05/12/2008:
"We will gladly take returns if we screw up and send the wrong item or the wrong size. YOU did not get a return because there was nothing wrong with your hoodie other than it was too tight around the waist."

I said it was a different colour than the one I ordered, and I said it straight off. I ordered white and got GREY.

Also, as for the fit, I said it fit fine and I meant it. It was the company that brought up the issue, not me. You don't need to guess the reasons for my disappointment, I told you plainly.

For a company that keeps boasting about having you product "in stores all over the world" you aren't very honest. But maybe it's true, and maybe it's the fact that keeps you from caring at all about a customer's disappointment.
Kihiw on 05/12/2008:
"You became belligerent, hateful, and threatening so we ended contact with you."

Oh I spotted another bending of the truth on the part of skeletonhoodie. I asked them TWICE to stop e-mailing me before they actually did; I knew by the second e-mail that the company wasn't about to act honourably and give me a deserved refund, or even an exchange.

And that second e-mail wasn't actually to me by the way, but a carbon copy of one sent to the company's lawyer informing them of the customer threatening tortious interference. Wasn't that nice of them!
Slimjim on 05/13/2008:
"we usually don't get any complaints about the quality, so I don't think we'll do that."
That's the quote that gets me. A very strange way to deny a refund. Again the owner claims to sell tons of these things and regardless of what "custom" things they make for others, the poster seemed to have ordered an off the rack variety.
I'm usually against that customer is always right nonsense, but here I think the company is handling this the wrong way. They are wasting more time answering these posts and dealing with the bad press than the profit on that one stupid hoodie was worth. Poster said he got the wrong color. Did they ship grey on a white order? If in doubt, accept a return for crying out loud. Not the best business practice.
Donna on 11/08/2012:
Glad I read this. Intended to buy one for my daughter, but company sounds like they are unprofessional when there is an issue. I will keep shopping.
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