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Defective Skechers Shape Ups
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I recently purchased a pair of Skechers shape up sneakers. I have worn the sneakers about 10 times. One would think that the sole of the sneaker should not deflate and that is exactly what happened. I went online to the Skechers website to read about the warranty. There is none, it stated "as is" If you have the receipt and the original box you would be able to return the product. Thinking the shoes fit well, I did not feel the need to keep the box or the receipt.

So now what, it took me a long time to decide to spend a $100.00 on a pair of sneakers and for what to have the product be defective with no possible way to get my money back or exchange for another product. This is my first and last time that I will ever buy a Skechers product.

Twinkle Toes Stop Twinkling Soon After Purchase
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I purchased a pair of Twinkle Toes shoes for my 7 year old daughter at the beginning of the school year. She wears them to school once a week at most. Six weeks after I bought the shoes, the lights along the side of one shoe would not turn off. About 3 weeks ago one of the lights on the toe of a shoe would not turn off. This morning my daughter was devastated because one of the shoes doesn't light up at all anymore. Are you kidding me? The rest of the shoes have very little wear and tear, and the feature my daughter loved most has already fallen apart? I won't be buying anymore Skechers; I recommend you do the same.

Defective Shape Ups Caused Foot Pain
By -

A few months ago I purchased the white leather Skechers Shape ups. They were comfortable at first, then my right foot started hurting and I found the shoe was twisting and turning inward causing me to not walk properly. It got to the point I couldn't walk with these shoes on.

I got several my old New Balance shoes out and wore them and my foot got better. I have not had foot pain at all since I started wearing my old sneakers. Then I bought a pair of the black Skechers shape ups thinking they would be better, at first yes, they seem to be fine. About two weeks my right foot started hurting again and it in both shoes the insides felt as if they had deflated somewhat. I am not back in my old New Balance shoes and will never again buy another pair of Skechers.

I was talking with my daughter on the phone this evening and she told me about having to buy a new pair of New Balance because of problems with the right shoe of her Shape Up Skechers, and lo and behold it was the same issue that I had experienced. Which let me to check online to see if there had been a recall or other problems with Skechers Shape Ups. Feeling so strongly about having wasted two hundred dollars approximately in Skechers, I felt compelled to let others know that apparently there is some defect with these shoes.

Watch Out
By -

I bought 2 pair of Skechers for $109.00 each. I really like the fact that my posture really improved. After about 6 months I started noticing pain in my left knee, so I watched the video to make sure I was positioning myself to walk correctly and I was. I bought flat shoes and wore them for about a week, with NO knee pain!!! I am very disappointed in the making of these shoes, I think they did not get the formula correct.

Good, quality shoes.
By -

Just because the majority of posts on this site are negative, I like to try to balance it out a bit. I'm on my second pair of Skechers shoes in three years. My first pair I paid $40.00 for and wore for two years. When they started looking a bit worn, after about a year and a half, I got my second pair. I've been wearing the second pair now for about a year and a half, on a nearly daily basis. They still look as if I bought them only a few months ago. I'm impressed that a $40.00 shoe would hold up as well as they do. If you're looking for a (relatively) cheap, good quality shoe, get yourself a pair of Skechers. I'm pretty sure my next pair will be as well.

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