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GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Window Lift Ticket Prices are a Rip off

Last Sunday I took the family to Skibutternut in Great Barrington.
Paid $240.00 - ticket window price: $60/ea for 4 tickets.

I learned that afternoon, most skiers paid;
$30 - $40 for the same Sunday ticket Big 32% Difference.

Here's how the Skibutternut, com scam works.

Ski Butternut has an inflated retail window ticket price.
Ski Butternut then Discounts from this Inflated Price.

Ski butternut ticket pricing has nothing to do with Costs or Value.
It’s a tricky Marketing Scheme – plain & simple!

I learned they’re many groups you can join for FREE
and get a $40 ski butternut weekend ski ticket.
(32% discount). Wait there’s more…

There are many gas stations on route to Ski Butternut
giving away (with $10 gas purchase)
Free (BOGO) Buy One - Get One Vouchers
(50% discount) $30 ticket.

Paying Ski Butternut’s Window Price is a “Terrible Family Rip-off”!
== Butternut IS NOT A Family Friendly Mountain ==

This SCAM reminds me of the Bankrupt Retailer
Circuit City. They too had a similar Pricing Scam.

Circuit City routinely jacked up prices on popular items.
Merchandise sat cold on shelves for weeks.
Then Circuit City would run a big 30% - 50% Sale.

Innocent buyers thought they got a great deal.
In reality, Circuit City gave them a raw deal.

When buyers found out they were ripped off
They stopped shopping Circuit City. Tickets are really worth $25 - $35.
Butternut is a cute hill not a real ski mountain.
If you Pay Butternut's Full Window Price and you got Ripped Off.

Skibutternut's Marketing Manager, Matt Sawyer defended
his inflated weekend rates, claims “we give great value”.

I dispute this, and compared Matt Sawyer’s claim to:
A Belleayre Ski Ticket - only $47 from
Click Here:

Belleayre is 4x Larger than (more trails)
Belleayre ski lifts are faster and newer then Ski Butternut’s.
Belleayre has a longer ski season: Nov – April
$60 vs $47 Belleayre offers 22% more family value.

My Review on in Great Barrington, Ma

Thumbs Down No Family Value Here!

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User Replies:
Old Timer on 01/09/2013:
Bealsi, you have valid concerns and complaints. Don't let anyone wishing you the best of luck to offset telling you that you were in the wrong try and convince you otherwise.

Far to much of that goes on, telling you you're the one that did wrong then trying to close with a warm fuzzy.

SkiButternut needs to take a look at how they are charging and treating the very people that are paying their bills.

Very good review.
Anonymous on 01/09/2013:
Sounds like your are upset because you weren't aware of the discounts before you went. This is a good reminder to always do your research on discounts before going anywhere. I always research to see what I can use my AAA discount and employee discount for.
At Your Service on 01/10/2013:
I can sure appreciate being frustrated at paying one price for a lift pass only to find out there were ways of getting the pass even cheaper.

However, one might be upset to any product that offers a discount through the use of special cards or coupons. With that said, just because you're the one without the coupon doesn't make the product any less enjoyable.

Both Butternut and Belleayre offer a great deal of fun and, frankly, neither one is really skiing on a mountain. With all due respect, if you want to ski a mountain you visit Utah.

The great thing is that you've found a way to visit the resort later at a much better price. $30 for an all day lift pass is a great deal for either an individual or if you were to take an entire family.
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