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Deceptive Sales Practices
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Thumbs down!!!! Skillings and Sons misled us into replacing a perfectly good under-sink arsenic filtration system by telling us the filter manufacturer went out of business and that the whole system had to be replaced because of it. So we did - $299 later, and ended up with stinky water! Two service calls later and still had stinky water! A box full of filters later, still stinky water! So I am into this thing for over $700 with no resolution. Called someone else - US Water Consultants out of Windham, NH, and within one FREE visit and the addition of 2 STANDARD filters, I have perfectly good drinking water! Finally! Contacted the BBB about Skillings - two notices and NO response from the company. I will now make it my mission to let everyone know how much Skillings does NOT care for their customers!
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Ytropious on 04/18/2011:
Are you sure the WATER is stinky? My mom had a problem with her remodeled bathroom where the sink smelled of rotten eggs whenever the tap was turned on. It wasn't the water though, it was the actual drain. Only smelled when water was running because the bacteria making the smell would get riled up. Some drain cleaner fixes the issue.
Anonymous on 04/18/2011:
good review, very helpful, you did the right thing contacting the BBB.
Venice09 on 04/18/2011:
I don't understand why you had to replace a perfectly good system just because the filter manufacturer went out of business. Did you try to find the filters from another source?
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