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Deceptive Sales Practices
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Thumbs down!!!! Skillings and Sons misled us into replacing a perfectly good under-sink arsenic filtration system by telling us the filter manufacturer went out of business and that the whole system had to be replaced because of it. So we did - $299 later, and ended up with stinky water! Two service calls later and still had stinky water! A box full of filters later, still stinky water! So I am into this thing for over $700 with no resolution. Called someone else - US Water Consultants out of Windham, NH, and within one FREE visit and the addition of 2 STANDARD filters, I have perfectly good drinking water! Finally! Contacted the BBB about Skillings - two notices and NO response from the company. I will now make it my mission to let everyone know how much Skillings does NOT care for their customers!
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