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Hotel Booking System
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Rating: 4/51

With time running out to reserve a room in a named hotel in Dublin, Ireland, I found that all my usual internet booking sites showed the hotel to be fully booked. I then found As it showed availability at a very good price I immediately booked. I then read reviews that criticized the website and immediately feared the worst. Within an hour of making my Skoosh booking I phoned the hotel and was delighted to receive confirmation that my booking had already been logged with the hotel. Maybe Skoosh has sorted out any troubles that other customers experienced. I can only comment on today's experience and Skoosh delivered the service as advertised.

Booked Hotel With New Website Skoosh
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Rating: 5/51

HOTEL -- I was worried after I booked my hotel on new website Skoosh as they were so much cheaper. I ran the hotel to check if they had my booking and they confirmed they had. So happy, as they were so much cheaper.

No assistance from Skoosh
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I booked a room over the internet from Skoosh website for Edison hotel in New York in March-08. I paid for the booking online at the time of booking and I did so with the credit card of my partner, who was accompanying me for the stay. Skoosh sent me an email with the confirmed reservation number, both guests' names on the email and the details of the room. As I was at an internet cafe at that time where they did not have a printer, I could not print out a page but I noted down the reservation on my diary.

When we arrived at the Edison hotel, they notified us that there wasn't any booking under my partner's name (which we thought we provided for tax purposes as the room was paid by his card). We provided the hotel with the reservation number but they said that there isn't any reservation under that number either. We were asked to keep a credit card imprint so we can go back to our room and they can sort out the issue hopefully by the next day when we were to check out. As we were tired, we agreed and went to bed for the night.

The next morning during check out, we were notified that they could not find the booking and therefore the credit card number we provided the night before were being charged for our stay. They told us to get in touch with Skoosh and to get Skoosh to contact them so they can sort out the issue. Upon contacting Skoosh they looked into the issue and informed us that they can not refund us the money as the booking was made by me and therefore was on my name.

I feel that Skoosh had both of our names on their record (both as guests and the credit card) so they should have provided both names to the hotel. Besides, their reservation number was not a valid number and the hotel staff could not locate the booking. Skoosh should have provided more info to the hotel and try to resolve the issue by refunding the money as they did not provide enough information to the hotel. I would be very interested to hear anyone else's bad experience with Skoosh and also any basis for a legal complaint for this event.

A Ripoff Company
By -

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- BEWARE Skoosh is a company in the UK that our gov. can't touch. There is many complaints about them. Please do not use this company or their FL based Tourico Holidays. They couldn't care less after they get your money. I made a resv. through them my first online booking and upon arrival at my New Orleans dest., they had a room but not with two beds as confirmed through Skoosh and I did print copies. The hotel said Skoosh only confirmed a one bed room. It took me until the second day of our trip to get through to Skoosh's # that is provided on hotel voucher and they said it wasn't their problem.

The hotel had a room open up with two beds and we made it through the rest of our trip. However my first night was spent on a loveseat - no sleep for the first night. When I returned and emailed back and forth to Skoosh a person named ** said "Read the fine print. We don't guarantee anything, sorry but we'll give you 5% off your next booking through us." As if that will ever happen! BEWARE AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

By -

I used to book a hotel reservation in Colchester VT. I was skeptical, having never heard of prior. However, hotels in the area were booked up and I was desperate for a room for this specific date. After book the hotel, a month prior to the date, I was nervous so I called the hotel. The hotel had no reservation in my name and was booked up for the date intended. I then called Skoosh customer service. The kind woman on the phone assured me that the hotel would not have my name until 72 hours prior, although they had the room reserved.

Three days prior to my hotel stay, I again attempted to confirm my reservation with the hotel. They did not have my reservation. The reservation number that had given me was not valid either. I emailed and did not receive a reply for 36 hours, after several calls. I called the Skoosh booking agent in NY who did contact the hotel and eventually was able to clear up the mess and get us a room. There was no one available at the customer service phone number in the off hours. I was extremely disappointed with customer service and failed execution of my hotel reservation.

Overpaid for Bookings
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- In late February 2008, my wife and I decided to take a driving trip through the Southwest. We decided to do all the booking on our own rather than take a tour. We booked online reservations for Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Sedona and Las Vegas, When we went online; we found a company called that claimed they could provide bookings for us. They advertised that they will beat most prices offered either online or direct so we didn't question the price they quote ($252.00 / night).

When we arrived at the Grand Canyon Maswik Lodge, the desk clerks claimed we had no booking under our name. They search for twenty minutes and found nothing. I suggested they look for variation on our last name and 10 minutes later they came back to tell us that we did have a booking with a really screwed up last name. They then asked us why we were charged $252.00/night when the highest rate ever charged in season was $163.00 + tax. They couldn't fathom that anyone would charge that much money. Clearly they implied that we were ripped off.

Subsequent discussions with the Reservations resulted in a lot of apologies but no financial remuneration. I even offered to meet them halfway but they refused. I am in the process of taking the matter up through various agencies both State and Federal to get some relief in this situation. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU BOOK WITH THESE FOLKS AND MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY ARE NOT OVERCHARGING YOU. Xanadu, the primary booking company for the National Parks will not uplift the prices charged the parks. P.S. They are based in London but you would never know it. They apparently book through an organization in NY.

This Place Is A Fraud. We Have Been Charged Numerous Times For Bookings That Never Went Through.
By -

I believe this company is a fraud. Although they claim to have a US phone number, they don't provide customer service. Their website stalled on us 3 times when we wanted to make a booking. We were charged each time, although we never got an email to confirm. We will have to dispute the charges through the credit card, since their phone number goes straight to voicemail with nobody calling you back.

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