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Skyauctions Hints and Problems
By -

I have been using SkyAuctions from early on. And if you are prepared, you can get deals but be careful. First read the terms of each auction carefully. There are always hidden charges. Once you add the hidden charges on to your bid it may not be a bargain. We have an apartment in Manhattan so theater is something that interests us. SkyAuctions sells theater tickets but unless you research the shows you may get tickets to something you will regret. We look for what we call pre-openings. Pre-openings are performances that take place before the Scheduled opening.

Often these become available at large discounts to ticket brokers as the show is untested and not yet reviewed. We have purchased many of these tickets from SkyAuction and sometimes we find great shows at very low seat prices. The seats have generally been good. We try for Orchestra seats but you need to read the auctions to get an idea of what your seats will be. If you are willing to go on off nights you can find great bargains. We have always had our tickets arrive within a week or so of the auction end and have never had a problem.

Restaurant certificates, we have stopped buying restaurant certificates for two reasons. SkyAuction sends the certificates promptly. However, the restaurants have been problematic. On two occasions the restaurants were closed and would not open in time for us to use the certificates. The restaurants knowingly sold the certificates to Brokers that sold them to SkyAuctions and although we were offered an exchange to another restaurant, they were not places we wished to go. Skyauctions terms are clear that they will exchange but not refund. So you need to physically check each restaurant prior to bidding.

Hotel nights... Our first experience was when we purchased five nights for the Luxe in Los Angeles. Nice place, great customer service and no issues but the actual price we found out later was only a minimal savings. There have been other Hotel situations that have had problems. Recently we bought five nights for a Hotel in Zurich and paid immediately and supplied dates. It's been ten days and although we do get a response from SkyAuction, we still have no confirmation of our dates. Our intention was to combine this with a Paris trip. We know that SkyAuctions does not always come through with RESERVATIONS.

If you expect great bargains you will need to plan in advance and hound SkyAuctions until you get a commitment for the dates you want. Be prepared to have moveable dates as when you Win an auction, if your dates are not available, best is to ask WHAT is available and mold your trip to the available dates. I do pay now play later with the Hotels that SkyAuctions sells regularly because I know I can arrange later dates.

Weekly resort stays, usually seven day packages, can be a problem and although you are told that times are available, often they are not. I have friends that won't use SkyAuctions because they do not have the patience required to get the deals which are available.

I have had several deals with huge savings and some that have not been good at all. I look at it as an average. If you get one great deal out of three, it balances out those that may not be so good. Unlike the others that have complained, I have always received a response via e-mail, not always what I want to hear, but I do get responses to e-mail within 48 hours of my e-mails.

Biggest tip, wait until four minutes before the end of the auctions before bidding because there are those that will run your bid out of spite. It's happened to me, when I Win an auction at a low price, if I try to buy the same auction a second time, others who see my username will run my bid. So it's best to wait until the end to bid.

Not Honoring Contract
By -

Buyer beware: contact Better Business Bureau!!! After my mother won a trip to Cancun for my daughter's graduation present, I thought I would try My first trip I won (and paid for immediately in July 2007 via credit card) was supposed to be good through June 30, 2008. I won a couple more and paid immediately. I booked the additional trips (waiting to book the first trip I won until after I came back from the smaller ones I had won because I wanted to see how long I would truly want to stay there).

Upon arriving at my destinations (on the smaller trips), I was told my "all inclusive" didn't cover certain items because I won the trip/did it via internet (This was not what the auction listed! It was all inclusive!). Upon returning home I tried to book the first trip I won (mind you it was supposed to be good through June 30, 2008). So, I submitted my dates for that one along with another "add on" auction that I won.

Well, they declined/cancelled my first trip saying it is no longer available (not "the dates" are not available, but the "trip" is no longer available). But they charged me and booked me for the "add on" that I had tried to schedule at the end of this trip they just cancelled on me. I called them, spent 40 minutes on hold, was transferred and disconnected twice and then hung up on because they "did not want to deal with that!"

I have sent numerous e-mails and they have replied that they would be happy to charge me another "fee" and cancel out my "add on" reservation. Or, they will add days to my "add on" for an additional charge plus my winning bid/night price. For my auction they cancelled on me, they offered a replacement at an additional surcharge plus a change fee.

Even better though, 2 days later my same offer that they cancelled on was back on the website up for auction. (They still haven't answered why that happened yet!)

We Have Won 46 Auctions Since 2001
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

While you must be careful with bidding, the auctions do have great value at times. We have been customers since 2001 and have been overall very satisfied with our purchases. Make sure you read the small print and understand exactly what you are bidding on. Our last auction just used was for a luxurious spa villa unit for $1 per night plus fees which made it $60 per night. Came with wine hour and breakfast. About half the auctions we have won are for restaurants which now are seldom available on Skyauction. Had a couple problems along the way but were always cleared up.

Will Never Do Business With Them Again
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Having used the site successfully for over 5 years, after my last interaction, or better lack of interaction, I am finished using them ever again. Had an upcoming reservation for a hotel. They sent me an email stating the reservation could not be honored. They did offer to make other arrangements. After 4 emails, two phone calls over two weeks, I have had zero response from them. They make it virtually impossible to get any type of contact information nor are they responsive when you do try. My advice, spend the money and use a more reliable company such as luxury Link.

I Got What Was Advertised, and What I Paid For!
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Rating: 5/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have been the successful bidder in 3 auctions. 2 of the 3 included round trip air and lodging at all-inclusive resorts. I had no trouble whatsoever in scheduling dates for flights or lodging. These were truly bargains!
The third auction that I won I had to cancel the trip; could not get the time off work that I had anticipated. Skyauction gave me no trouble about it; they simply cancelled the purchase.

This organization came to me through the recommendation of a friend who had used it several times, also with excellent results. Yes, there are surcharges that sometimes apply, but none of that is concealed. Travel dates are also clearly shown on each bid package site. So don't be an idiot and complain about Skyauction if it was YOU who were too stupid to read the details clearly posted for each auction. I will definitely use Skyauction again. It's a great deal!

Write a Letter to the NY Attorney General
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I have been dealing with SkyAuction for the last few years and I have fed up complaining about their product. Often they sold me items that the restaurants were either closed or were not operating regular hours. Since I travel I had to be disappointed several times. Twice at least they sold me gift cards while the restaurants were closed or not accepting the gift card. They offered to give me the credit for the price but not for $10.00 they charged for sending me $10 that I spent to send them the gift certificates. I just bought a few gift certificates and before I could complete the information, they had charged my account in excessively and sent me to review.

Now two things: one, I did not even accept the terms and did not complete the whole form. Secondly, they took my money from my debit card and asked me to review and the review does not open to anything. It is very bad business and I will never go back and deal with them. I called the NY attorney general. They have asked me to send them a letter at NY state attorney general, consumer fraud business, 120 Broadway, NY, NY 10271.

Company Response 3/11/2011:

Dear Customer,
It is unfortunate that our current economic times has made it very difficult for us to offer a local based restaurant program that is stable and without a potential for closures and transferals of ownership. has been around since 1999, saving people money on purchases of every kind all along the way. We would have been long gone if our business was based on fraud or if we didn't care about our customers satisfaction in regards to the product they purchase. No one is more dismayed then we are when we are unable to deliver the products our customers expect, regardless of the cause. We take painstaking care in the selection and inclusion process of all suppliers when it comes to our auctions. It is impossible to know when and if a local establishment becomes insolvent and decides to not live up to their obligation to provide services to our customers at the agreed upon discount levels.

We truly regret your negative experience. We offer customers a full and complete refund when they don't receive what they have paid for so some of the details of your post don't make sense to me. We NEVER charge shipping fees or service fees in cases like the one you are describing. If you contact me directly, I will rectify this situation immediately if it is as you have described.

Just as an aside, in order to register with our company, you did have to acknowledge your acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale or you would have been prevented from taking any action. Perhaps you didn't review them and simply clicked to acknowledge like so many of us do when we use the web.

We are not a company based on fraud, we are a company based on value that is the reason for our longevity.

Sal Esposito
Chief Operating Officer

Good Price if You Are Careful - Extremely Poor Service Always
By -

I have booked 6 trips with SkyAuction over the last 6 years. The company used to provide service and cared about its customers, but no longer. The company has changed - they now farm out services, and take no responsibility for problems. They have no phone number available and do not respond to emails sent to their customer service email address. When you make a booking they send you a confirmation and it has a place to accept or deny the trip. But they do not respond to this action, and charge you for the trip anyway. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

Resolution Update 03/16/2011:

Wow!! 99 cents for I was contacted by SkyAuction within 3 hours of this complaint. I had looked for their phone number for 4 days on the internet. The Chief Operating Officer Sal Esposito contacted me via my3cents and sent me his phone number 212-486-1250 ext 122 which is no where on therir website. I know I am a webmaster of two national websites. I called Sal the next day and talked to his represenative Maxine and she was very helpful and concerned that my emails were not answered or addressed. SkyAuction quickly resolved my issues and I am very happy. I hear people say that you have to watch the fees on this site, and yes you do, as you do on most. I will tell you I save almost 1/4 on all trips I take via SkyAuction but then you must know when to quit bidding. You know the fees in advance and if you know what others charge you can save money on this site. The only downside is you do not get to select your departure and arrival times, which was my complaint.

I am very happy with SkyAuction and will keep their phone number safe and a special thanks to Maxine.

Company Response 3/15/2011:

Dear Customer,
We do indeed have a phone number to contact our Customer Service department, it is 212-486-1250 x 122. You can also feel free to contact me directly at that same number.
Without specific details I can't really comment on the situation you are describing in the above complaint, but I can tell you we don't farm out services for any travel related product. Also, if we are offering you an option of accepting travel dates outside of your request, we never charge you if you are unsatisfied with the alternatives. If this is the case, call us today and it will rectified immediately.

Sal Esposito

Great Way to Book a Trip While Getting a Great Deal.
By -

I read a bunch of mixed reviews about this company and was a little weary when I booked my vacation with them. I have to say that they were very efficient and I would most definitely use them again. I won the bid, was charged the exact amount I had calculated, submitted my information on a Thursday evening (of a holiday weekend) and had my reservations confirmed by Monday! If you have any questions when you're booking with them I encourage you to email them, they respond very quickly.

One of the biggest complaints I read was about "surprise" additional charges. Before determining what your highest bid will be, be sure to read EVERYTHING because there are surcharges, taxes, etc. If you don't do this, it's your own fault because everything is laid out for you in plain sight on the vacation that you're bidding on.

Waste Of Time!
By -

This company is a waste of time to deal with. I won an auction after bidding on different ones for about 2 weeks. I tried to book my vacation and they kept telling me the dates I selected were not available (despite not being mentioned in their blackout dates!) I kept asking for help in figuring out what dates were available and they did nothing to help me. Their customer service is non-existent! I'm glad I found out now rather than actually booking something and then needing help when something went wrong.

** UPDATE ** This experience got much worse in the last couple weeks. Rather than focus on the bad though, I wanted to stay positive. I managed to contact "the main guy" at the company and he helped me resolve everything. He was wonderful and very understanding! Because of this, I will give SkyAuction another chance in the future.

Scam - Auction Bidders Beware
By -

I won a bid for a cruise to Alaska through the Inside Passage on 8/21/09, only to find out that the advertised dates were booked out and no longer available and my bid had been withdrawn. They then had the hide to threaten me with a administration fee of $95 if I didn't accept the offer within 72 hours. How can they offer a product / service if it's not really available. This must be false advertising and a fraudulent activity. The response from their poor customer service department showed me the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. I will not be using this crummy mob again in the future, so please BE AWARE!!!!!

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