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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I "won" a hotel stay in Florence Italy and although I have contacted the fulfillment dept. and been charged on my credit card for the 2 nights, have not received confirmation of the dates or received the travel voucher online as I have done on another bid won. I am leaving the country in a couple days and having no response from email and voicemail messages left, I am frustrated that I am unable to complete travel plans for the rest of my trip to Europe, which hinges around those dates and city.
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MDSasquatch on 09/18/2012:
Hate to break it to you; if you "win" something and have to "pay", it's probably a scam. You should contact your credit card company and try to get your money back
madconsumer on 09/18/2012: is not a scam. it is a place to bid on or buy now travel deals. since 1999 they have provided over a half million deals to travelers.

use this link to their customer care section.
madconsumer on 09/18/2012:

Over 1,093,138 auction winners since 1999
Slimjim on 09/18/2012:
Have to agree with Mad. Winning an auction isn't exactly the same as winning say a contest or sweepstakes.
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Posted by on
This company is a waste of time to deal with. I won an auction after bidding on different ones for about 2 weeks. I tried to book my vacation and they kept telling me the dates I selected were not available (despite not being mentioned in their blackout dates!). I kept asking for help in figuring out what dates were available and they did nothing to help me. Their customer service is non-existent!

I'm glad I found out now rather than actually booking something and then needing help when something went wrong.

** UPDATE **
This experience got much worse in the last couple weeks. Rather than focus on the bad though, I wanted to stay positive. I managed to contact "the main guy" at the company and he helped me resolve everything. He was wonderful and very understanding! Because of this, I will give Skyauction another chance in the future.
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Scam - Auction Bidders Beware
Posted by on
I won a bid for a cruise to Alaska through the Inside Passage on 8/21/09, only to find out that the advertised dates were booked out and no longer available and my bid had been withdrawn. They then had the hide to threaten me with a administration fee of $95 if I didn't accept the offer within 72 hours. How can they offer a product / service if it's not really available, this must be false advertising and a fraudulent activity. The response from their poor customer service department showed me the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. I will not be using this crummy mob again in the future, so please BEAWARE !!!!!
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Buyer Beware!
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I enjoyed this site and spent much $$ for years. However, if you have a problem...forget it! They do not answer direct emails, they do not get on the phone when you call (212 355-3660). I purchased about 10 items separately, recently. I paid $20 for shipment of each, and the postal cost was about $2.34 per item. I had one sent directly from them across country, rather than to me. Instead of shipping separately to me as paid for they sent several together, deciding THEY had that option (I wanted the separate boxes and, besides, had paid $20 each for shipment and if they were to combine then I felt justified in getting some postal money back. As for item across country, they combined with other items to me and I had to re-pack and to take to FedEx and pay to ship again. They profited handsomely from me. They are a poor company to do business with if you have any problem whatsoever.
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Resort Closed
Posted by on
I was high bidder on a trip to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. When we arrived at the resort, Occidental Allegro, we were told it had closed the day before. We were not even allowed on the property by the security at the gate. He told us to try the resort next-door as they were sending some guests there. The resort next-door was kind enough to get in touch with Occidental Allegro and we were told our reservation was changed to Holiday Village another Occidental resort. No one at Sky Auction contacted us prior to our trip to inform us of the change or okay it with us. It turned out to be a very nice resort, but it was very distressing and unacceptable to travel for 9 hours only to find your resort closed with no explanation.

We spent the entire afternoon trying to find out where we would stay after having confirmed reservations at Allegro. Sky Auction is severely lacking in customer service.
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User Replies:
Mrs. V on 05/26/2009:
You should always call and confirm reservations 24 hours in advance.

This is for all types of reservations be it hotel, car, air travel or what not.

It will save you a lot of trouble if you always do this ^_^
PepperElf on 05/26/2009:
When did this happen?

I just looked it up online and apparently for a while tourists were being re-routed into the Domincan Republic due to swine flu fears. They may have been swamped by the sudden rush of clientele

The staff may have been silent on this to not cause a panic. (let's face it, a lot of people in the states went into panic mode if you even *mentioned* swine flu)
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Not Honoring Auction
Posted by on
I won a 4 day cruise for 84.00 dollars plus service charges of 223.00 dollars. I elected the pay now-book later. I attempted to book and was told the allotted rooms were sold out and my money was being refunded, no alternate dates were offer.

I checked the site, and sure enough the same cruise was offered, this time, twice the starting bid,166 instead of 1.00. I email them and accused them of fraud, for saying there were no rooms available. they stated that they would look into it.

They again stated no inside cabins were available, but they had a window suite for an additional 200.00 apiece, I withdrew..I was very disappointed.
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Ripped Off
Posted by on
OHIO -- After bidding and winning I found that there were no resorts available anywhere that I would want to vacation so since it was valid for 1 year I decided to wait until the end of the year when I wouldn't mind settling for something that I might not normally choose. My time to take the trip is up in March but I have been unable to find a webpage to even start looking for something and after emailing Skyauction several times I finally received a response that they are seeing what is available in the new year.

I have also been unable to reach anyone by phone. I am now assuming that my money is gone and I should just take my loss and not do business with this company again!
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Not The Deal You Think
Posted by on
We have used Sky Auction for several trips.... Number 1 you can find the same or better deals through most web sites... primarily because of all the add ons (4) they and the vendors included in fine print!

Seasonal charges, taxes and services fee, administrative fees auction fees etc... It may look like your getting a deal but your not. Plus when you show up at your destination your travel voucher is given low priority in MOST cases!

Finally should you have a problem SKY AUCTION will not help. They booked the wrong dates for us and then blamed the airlines for penalty all this after we told them three time and three days prior to confirmation of airlines tickets they had the wrong dates!!

Needless to say this situation is not over....
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Skyauction good value
Posted by on
I've bought couple tickets for broadway shows and dinner n it has never disappointed me. I bought gift certificates an I have save over 50 percent in one of them and 37 percent on the other of retail value. I think is great savings. Not so much for buying airline tickets though.
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Alain on 08/25/2010:
Glad you enjoyed the shows.
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Customer Service Or Lack Of It
Posted by on
Have been dealing with them many years. This is first time with problem. called and emailed customer service they never replied.

Received mdse. that was damaged. Just want it replaced. Last time I will deal with them.

Will have to dispute charge with my credit card company.
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