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Skype Outrageous Charge of 40 Pounds for Phone Support!
Posted by Iritjobs on 08/24/2013
UK, HAWAII -- I needed some support with 2 accounts which was impossible to do by yourself. I called the free UK Skype support line.They wanted to charge me minimum 40 pounds per account (total of 80 pounds or higher).

I believe it's outrageous!

I spend on my Skype calls hundreds of euros over the years, and as a loyal paying customer I expect you (Skype) to give me assistance without asking anything for it!

Apparently the phone line is operated by a 3rd party company, hence the charge.

Microsoft now owns Skype (in a $8.5 billion deal). Therefore my complaint is toward Microsoft's behavior here.

This is the truth.

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Non-Renewal of Subscription
Posted by Info5406 on 06/30/2013
I have has Unlimited European subscription for several years with automatic renewal. Yesterday I found that my service no longer works. Apparently the card on my account had expired and so as the renewal payment did not go through my service was ended without any warning or notification of a problem.

I contacted Customer Service - haha - and was told to add the subscription to my account again and that my telephone number would be renewed as it was already part of my package. Last year I paid £33 - this year it cost £58 and the number was NOT included. The system wanted me to pay about another £35 to renew the number as well!

I contacted Skype again and was told there was nothing they could do. Skype numbers are no longer included in the Subscription and because mine had lapsed it cannot be renewed and I have to pay for both services. An increase of over 100% in a year. A formal complaint by email got an initial standard reply that had nothing to do with my complaint and the second reply was basically 'tough luck'.

I have cancelled the subscription renewal and will transfer the number to another provider.

What can anyone do about the mighty Microsoft organisation? - well I can certainly publish this story on as many sites as I can to warn others.

I think this is just a way to get people onto the new more expensive packages.
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Skype Is Useless Waste of Much Time
Posted by Arizonasteve63 on 05/28/2013
INTERNET -- I eagerly dowloaded and installed Skype with the need for videoconferencing. I am having all the problems I see others have. The operation of this App appears to be designed for programmers and hackers, as although I have used Mac OS since its inception, this is truly the worst implementation of a non-intuitive interface for a well-hyped App I have seen.

The reports are true. Download, install, be instantly lost and confused. Go to their "help" site forums, and blogs and find that there is no help there. Try googling or searching their site for customer service contact and discover there is no contact available. Try posting questions to the help boards and find the system will not even accept your post of a question or comment effectively cutting you off from any support whatsoever.

Skype is a useless waste of time. Colloquially speaking, I fully agree: SKYPE SUCKS.
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Posted by NAZ on 2013-05-28:
Skype works fine if you have a good internet connection. But its really best at personal commutation not web conferencing. I've never been confused with its interface since day one. so maybe you were expecting something more mac like. for teleconferencing I recommends something like gotomeeting or adobe web conference. these are built for work type meetings.
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Skype Doesn T Give Credit After Payment
Posted by Hh.smit on 03/13/2013
After paying Skype, I have not received the credit. There is basically no customers service (unless you are premium member). Unreliable, better only use the free service, they are unreliable

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Skype Sucks
Posted by Gabrielbengabriel on 02/28/2013
I bought Skype credit trying to use it to make cheaper calls, but it never worked, the line was always busy.
There is no one to talk to and the blogs don't help much on this issue.
I don't like when they make things so complicated and there is no response.

The worst part is they are ripping people off. Me included.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-28:
Since buying Skype in 2011, Skype has taken the same customer service route as Microsoft has always had. Hide from your customers and make it impossible for them to talk to a CSR. Don't respond to emails and never give up a phone number for anyone to call that may have a problem with the product or service.

Make it super easy to talk to someone in sales and take our money. Then run and hide if they need help or support.
Posted by sabletaz on 2013-03-01:
You got that right Old Timer!
Posted by John on 2013-09-06:
I agree on anything you said here. Skype customer service has been declining these past few years. It is hard to find a REAL person to talk on the phone, in fact none are offered now. The only option is relying on chat that repeatedly disconnected when the CSR is reviewing your case. Totally unacceptable customer service.
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NO Custmer Service, Charges You More,You Can't Get Your Money Back
Posted by Awami1983 on 01/04/2013
Very bad is not enough. No customer support, it is all a lie, a forum trying to keep people busy. I recommend to use the free service only, although privacy is an issue, as your calls may be monitored or recorded.
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Skype - Stop Ripping Consumers
Posted by Helloleeusa on 11/25/2012
SKYPE failed to put WARNING or any link on its site... so click by error... NO REFUND... Tried 2+ hours to reach Customer Services... not a customer services - it is a joke...

Policy, policy is all they said, but NEVER WARNING or LINK on the site...


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Posted by Tezrien on 2012-11-25:
What specifically is your complaint? Skype is generally free to use unless you are calling landlines and mobile phones. And even then their rates are clearly displayed.
Posted by Benchkey on 2013-06-02:
I've used Skype for several years and liked the clarity of the calls. HOWEVER paying for them with a credit/debit card can take literally hours of time trying to find where to insert those numbers. I understand that Skype is operated by the same people as Ebay. Both make it difficult with which to do business or make complaints. Since I habitually change bank cards, it means a new set of numbers must be entered yearly. Took more than an hour each time to find where to put them. This year I gave up and will no longer use Skype. Google has a system that friends say is free and easy. Going there.
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No Satisfaction for Erroneous Loss of Service
Posted by WaynesboroAfterDark44 on 10/21/2011
Because of an unspecified "technical glitch" my 12 month renewal fee was not applied properly to my online number and my phone service was cut off on September 21 in the middle of the busiest time for my seasonal ghost tour business. I was not notified in any way (except, of course that I continue to be billed, and to pay, for voicemail and call forwarding for the deactivated number)and I lost thousands of dollars worth of business when my customers couldn't reach me for a month. Once I was told about the problem (by a friend who was trying to make reservations and called my cell number), I got the number reactivated and the erroneous applied funds refunded, but got no satisfaction on my losses or explanation of why I wasn't notified. I am furious and will continue to post negative comments in every possible venue until something is done.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-21:
I doubt Skype has any obligation regarding your losses, which are likely hard to quantify.

How many days did it take for you to realize that your phone was not working? You state you were without service for a month. Do you have a website that customers could have contacted you at?

I'm thinking of a land line, and what happens when it stops working. I call for service, and if I am real lucky the phone company refunds a prorated amount of my monthly bill.
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Worst Customer Service or Any Company
Posted by Rr1984 on 02/25/2011
Ugh. Skype's customer service is the worst of any company I've ever done business with. And if someone is about to chirp "free service," just hold on one second. I pay between $300 and $500 a month to run business telephony through Skype Manager. Maybe the product should work...?

Don't even bother with their live chat. It's just poorly trained Philippinos selecting canned responses from a list. Most of the time they aren't even listening to you. Can I speak to a manager? Nope. After you waste an hour or two (because their response time is so slow and they are so stupid) on the chat they want to shuffle you over to their email "support."

Email support is the same crummy waste of time extended over days or weeks. I almost forgot that a save button is grayed out and not functioning until I get an email response from Skype a week later instructing that does nothing to solve the problem.

I could go on forever about the problems with Skype Manager. If the company had any sense they'd take opinions of heavy Skype users into account or at least offer semi-intelligent customer support. Hopefully Google or someone else will develop a platform not so riddled with bugs, and I'll be able to get away from Skype forever.
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Posted by The_Jeecheroo on 2011-02-25:
I find that software/tech companies provide the worst customer support service. I've had the same problem with Deltek when trying to fix some bugs on it.
Posted by Mike on 2012-11-20:
Thankfully I just read your review, having experienced a problem trying to secure a UK-wide online number through SKype manager, when the same numbers are working fine for individual accounts.

The idiot tech support just kept telling me to try a different browser, and then after I told them in no uncertain terms IT ISN'T THE BROWSER, then just started throwing other canned responses at me. Complete waste of time, and fortunately I've only put 25 Euros credit on it.

I'll be looking for a better alternative.
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Credit Card Co refusing to pay Skype (Skype will not help)
Posted by KrisintheOC on 07/13/2010
I have two credit cards (one through Chase and the other through Citibank) I have called both when my payments to Skype were denied.

They have told me they refuse to make payments to Skype (because of rampant fraud).

I have two Skype accounts (one personal and one business) Paypal will only allow me to pay one Skype account. Thus the other has to be paid "with something else"

After sending this information and asking for help - I only received "canned" emails prompting me to check the infomation I put in and/or my credit card balances. Customer service denied it was a "widespread issue" and suggested I get a prepaid card. So I did and it worked!

After no less then 3 hours spent on this issue. I paid a $20 fee to activate the pre paid card - a $5 service fee and $2 convenience fee and FINALLY!! got a $10 payment through to Skype - so I am out $37.00 for $10 in Skype credit. I feel cheated and wish Skype would let other customers know this is happening...that credit card companies will refuse to pay Skype. (NO-my info wasn't wrong and YES I had plenty of money available to pay Skype) Come on Skype-treat us better than this. And what is up with NO PHONE number to call.

Signed....Totally Skyped OFF
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